Wondering Where to Stay in Split? [September 2021!]

Split is one of the most underrated destinations in all of Europe. The architecture is gorgeous, and when you set it against the blue waters of the Adriatic sea, you get a once in a lifetime combination.

But with beauty comes cost – and Split can be shockingly expensive! Which is exactly why we made this bargain neighborhood guide for where to stay in Split.

Our expert travelers break Split down by different neighbourhoods, so you know exactly where to stay in Split based on what YOU want to do.

So whether you are looking to have a few drinks, save a few bucks, or just find the coolest neighbourhood in Split, our guide will show you everything you need to know (plus some hidden gems!).

Let’s jump into where to stay in Split, Croatia.

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Where to Stay in Split

Table of Contents

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Split

At A Glance: Where To Stay In SPLIT

Where to Stay in Split

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Split.

htjltbl-table__image BEST Air BnBBEST Air BnBDavor & Marina’s BnB
  • Laptop-friendly workspace
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wifi
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Budget HotelBEST Budget Hotel Split City Breaks
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Outdoor pool
  • Cosy bedroom
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Mid-RangeBEST Mid-RangeGolden B&B
  • Swimming pool
  • Coffee Bar
  • Restaurants
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Luxury HotelBEST Luxury HotelHotel Park
  • Bacvice Beach
  • Sun terrace
  • Swimming pool
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Best Air BnB in Split – Davor & Marina’s BnB

Davor & Marina's BnB

Davor & Marina’s BnB is the best Air BnB in Split

Don’t just stay in a regular boring apartment or hotel room in Split. This unique flat will have you calling a building with a history stretching all the way back to the 4th century your home while vacationing in Croatia. Although it may be old, you will still find all the comforts of home and a boutique design in this one of a kind BnB!


Best Budget Hotel in Split – Split City Breaks

Split City Breaks

Split City Breaks is the best budget hotel in Split

Located in the heart of Old Town, these studio apartments could not offer greater value for money if they tried. As the best budget hotel in Split, Split City Breaks offer guests whole apartments complete with a kitchenette, living room area and a cosy bedroom. The local staff are really knowledgeable about Split.

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Best Mid-Range Hotel in Split – Golden B&B

Golden B&B

Golden B&B is the best mid-range hotel in Split

Golden B&B is a little gem. Located in Veli Varoš this is the best mid-range hotel in Split. Some rooms offer views of the ocean, others of the beautiful terracotta rooftops of Split. The rooms are simple, homely and have ensuite bathrooms. Breakfast is included in the room rate and gets great reviews!


Best Luxury Hotel in Split – Hotel Park

Hotel Park

Hotel Park is the best luxury hotel in Split

Grand, ornate and the very definition of beachside splendour, the best luxury hotel in Split is Hotel Park. Within a short walk of Bacvice Beach, Hotel Park offers beautiful rooms and excellent facilities. There is a beautiful swimming pool and sun terrace. The in-house restaurant is divine.


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Split Neighbourhoods Guide

Split Croatia

This is the definitive guide of where to stay in Split, Croatia

Split is a vast city but when it comes to travel there are only a few neighbourhoods of great interest. They all centre around the Old Town or the iconic beaches of the Dalmatian Coast.

Hotel Jules Insider Tip

Although there is a lot to love about inner-city Split when it comes to first time travellers, budget backpackers, party people and even families, it is the southern districts of Split that spark those feelings of wanderlust.

The Old Town is the most famous neighbourhood in Split and understandably so.  With row after row of vibrant terracotta roofs leading eventually to the glistening ocean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a view every morning of their stay! You can get these kinds of views in sleepy Veli Varoš too.

When it comes to the beaches of Split you have a choice on your hands. That said, both Bacvice Beach and Žnjan Beach are within a 10-minute drive of each other. You can walk from one to the other in less than 45-minutes. Bacvice Beach is where the cool kids come to hang, Žnjan Beach is a little more laid back.

Whether you are a culture vulture seeking to tick off all the iconic historical landmarks, or a beach bum seeking to bask in the sun for days on end, there is a neighbourhood in Split to suit every style.

Even better if you like to mix up your travel experiences. Incredible architecture, beautiful food, picturesque beaches and a great nightlife scene. Split is a winner all round!

Looking for some great nightlife? Check out our guide to the best nightlife in Split.

Split’s 5 Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in

Now let’s take a look, in greater detail, at the best neighbourhoods to stay in Split. Each is a little different to the last so be sure to check out which is right for you!

Neighborhood #1 - Old Town

(Where to stay for your first time in Split)

Old Town

Old Town is our pick for where to stay for your first time in Split

Old Town is the best place to stay in Split first time for it is home to the most iconic landmarks and landscapes the city has to offer.

The most famous landmark in Split is, of course, the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace. This opulent palace was built in the 4th-Century AD and the whole complex takes up a huge portion of the Old Town neighbourhood. It can get pretty hectic here in the summer months. Be sure to arrive early in the day if you want those people-free photographs!

If Diocletian’s Palace doesn’t satiate your appetite for awesome architecture then move on to The Cathedral of Saint Domnius. This majestic cathedral is the second jewel of the Old Town and is not to be missed.

Away from architectural gems, you can simply take some time to saunter through the cobbled streets of Old Town. Imagine yourself in the footsteps of the people who built this city all those thousands of years ago.

Top Things to Do in Old Town

  • Explore the most iconic landmark in all of Split, Diocletian’s Palace.
  • Expand your architectural appreciation at The Cathedral of Saint Domnius.
  • Take a lay stroll around Fruit Square, stop for refreshments at one of the al fresco cafes.
  • Travel back to the 3rd-Century at Old Jupiter’s Temple. Find the Egyptian sphynx for a selfie or two.
  • Learn about the history of Split in the most fun and interactive way, at the Live Museum.
  • Enjoy art from the 14th-Century to the modern day, from across Europe, at the Museum of Fine Art.

Where to Stay in Old Town

Best Air BnB in Old Town – Zlatka’s BnB

Zlatka's BnB

Zlatka’s BnB is the best Air BnB in Old Town

Putting you right smack in the heart of the old town, there is only one thing that could be better than staying near all the best sites in Split: staying in an actual heritage building! This BnB has its original stone structures, wooden beams overhead, and a romantic atmosphere that will make each and every night special!


Best Budget Hotel in Old Town – Split City Breaks

Split City Breaks

Split City Breaks is the best budget hotel in Old Town

Cheap, cheerful and offering near unrivalled value for money, Split City Breaks is the best budget hotel in Old Town. This cute and cosy hotel offers genuine Croatian hospitality and an awesome location. Guests can walk to the major landmarks and get to stay close to some of the best restaurants in Split.

Interested in Split? Read up on the history of Split!


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Old Town – Palace Tartaglia

Palace Tartaglia

Palace Tartaglia is the best mid-range hotel in Old Town

Offering modern, whitewashed rooms and a sense of romance, Palace Tartaglia is the best mid-range hotel in Old Town. With only five rooms available Palace Tartaglia affords a personal service to all who stay and the staff are really lovely. An airport shuttle can be arranged on request.

Not trying to go 100mph? The top museums in Split are great places to slow down and appreciate the city!


Best Luxury Hotel in Old Town – Antique Split Luxury Rooms

Antique Split Luxury Rooms

Antique Split Luxury Rooms is the best luxury hotel in Old Town

Antique Split Luxury Rooms are simply beautiful, not to be missed. They are surprisingly affordable considering that they are the best luxury hotel in Old Town.

The rooms have rustic decor and a homely feel. The in-house restaurant is amazing. Previous guests have been hard pressed to find anything to complain about!


Do you like to ‘boutique’? Split has the best boutique hotels for all types of visits!

Neighborhood #2 - Ferry Port

(Where to stay in Split on a budget)

Ferry Port

Ferry Port is our pick for where to stay in Split on a budget

It may not be the most picturesque area of the city but Ferry Port is the best place to stay in Split on a budget. Within a short walk of the Old Town and Bacvice Beach, this limbo land actually offers the best of both world, for a fraction of the cost!

Ferry Port lies to the east of Old Town and is home to some of the cheapest accommodation options in the city. There are heaps of tour companies in this area so you are bound to find a great deal on day trips to the islands. Being so close to the dock means you don’t need to fork out on a taxi either!

There are a few great bars in the Ferry Port area. If you want to get pre-drinking before you hit the main nightlife scene at Bacvice Beach, the streets of Ferry Port will see you right!

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Top Things to Do in Ferry Port

  • Walk along the water’s edge admiring the boats and chat with locals about their life in Split.
  • Book on a day tour to the islands, you’re in the perfect starting point for the adventure.
  • Dare to gamble your travel funds at Admiral et Club casino
  • Snack on nibbles al fresco style and share a shisha pipe with friends at Shisha Bar Aktuell.
  • Party like there is no tomorrow a inBOX nightclub.
  • Grab a bite to eat at the most popular place in the neighbourhood, Bakra Steak & Pizza Bar.

Where to Stay in Ferry Port

Best Air BnB in Ferry Port – Snježana‘s BnB

Snježana's BnB

Snježana’s BnB is the best Air BnB in Ferry Port

Not only will you be located near the Split ferry port from this gorgeous BnB, but you will also have the famous Diocletian Palace and the Peristyle Square just a few minutes away from your door! With its wooden beams, charming white decor, and boutique-style, you will feel right at home in SPlit!


Best Budget Hotel in Ferry Port – Hostel Split Backpackers

Hostel Split Backpackers

Hostel Split Backpackers is the best budget hotel in Ferry Port

Offering a great selection of private rooms and dormitories for the super scrimpers, the best budget hotel in Ferry Port is Hostel Split Backpackers. This is a humble, homely place to stay. Fantastically clean and tidy, and with plenty of space to spread out, this is a great shout.


Tired of making plans? Our favorite tours in Split remove the stress from the equation!

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Ferry Port – Hotel Villa Diana Split

Hotel Villa Diana Split

Hotel Villa Diana Split is the best mid-range hotel in Ferry Port

Hotel Villa Diana is a gorgeous little hotel that features a garden with palm trees! Easily the best mid-range hotel in Ferry Port, Hotel Villa Diana boasts 3-stars and excellent levels of service. The rooms are rustic and have everything that you could need; air conditioning, ensuite bathroom and free WiFi.


Best Luxury Hotel in Ferry Port – Horizon Luxury Suites

Horizon Luxury Suites

Horizon Luxury Suites is the best luxury hotel in Ferry Port

If you want your own indulgent space in Split, be sure to book Horizon Luxury Suites. Offering amazing city and coastal views and modern decor, this is the best luxury hotel in Ferry Port without a doubt. Guests can relax in their in-suite living room or at the hotel’s swimming pool.


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Neighborhood #3 - Bacvice Beach

(Best area to stay in Split for nightlife)

Bacvice Beach, Split

Bacvice Beach is our pick for best area to stay in Split for nightlife. Photo credits: Erica Kraus (Flickr)

Bacvice Beach is the beach of choice for many travellers to Split and as such, there has been a great deal of investment in facilities, cafes and bars in the area.

If Bacvice Beach seems a bit crowded there are plenty of secret spots nearby where you can sunbathe in peace, enjoy ocean views and not even get sandy. Park Pomorace offers a peaceful retreat and great views of the crystal blue sea.

In terms of nightlife, you are spoiled for choice in the Bacvice Beach neighbourhood. Tropic Club is one of the most famous clubs in Split and it kicks off after dark.  Oceanside Club Black & White is another firm favourite. With a myriad of beach bars and swanky cocktail clubs to visit you’ll barely have time to laze on the beach!

What makes Bacvice Beach that little bit more brilliant is that it is only a 15-minute walk to Diocletian’s Palace. That’s if you’re awake during the daylight hours!

Top Things to Do in Bacvice Beach

  • Just relax! Sunbathe, swim and simply enjoy being by the sea at Bacvice Beach.
  • Enjoy a sand free, quieter sunbathing session at Park Pomorace overlooking the ocean.
  • Party hard and then party some more at Tropic Club.
  • Dance to local cover bands at the super popular Chillton Bar.
  • Stray a little further east towards Žnjan Beach for a more relaxed drink at Cox Bar.
  • Forget about the party for just one evening and kick back at the Bacvice Open Air Cinema.

Where to Stay in Bacvice Beach

Best Air BnB in Bacvice Beach – Tanja’s BnB

Tanja's BnB

Tanja’s BnB is the best Air BnB in Bacvice Beach

If you are wanting to feel just like a local in Split, this BnB will have you staying in a spacious yet homey BnB just a few minutes away from Bacvice Beach and the city center! With its cozy bedroom, living room, and sunny balcony, you will be vacationing in Croatia in style!


Best Budget Hotel in Bacvice Beach – Hostel Vila Mikica

Hostel Vila Mikica

Hostel Vila Mikica is the best budget hotel in Bacvice Beach

For night owls exploring Split on a shoestring, the best budget hotel in Bacvice Beach is Hostel Vila Mikica. Offering a range of rooming options, including super cheap dorms, Vila Mikica is simple but ample. Ideal for unfussy travellers looking for a place to crash out and cool off from the sun.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Bacvice Beach – Aspalathos Apartments

Aspalathos Apartments

Aspalathos Apartments is the best mid-range hotel in Bacvice Beach

Set in a traditional Croatian townhouse, Aspalathos Apartments is an authentic B&B. Being the best mid-range hotel in Bacvice Beach Aspalathos Apartment offers great value for money. Breakfast, WiFi and access to the hotel swimming pool is all included in your room rate. An airport shuttle can be arranged on request.


Best Luxury Hotel in Bacvice Beach – Hotel Park

Hotel Park Split

Hotel Park is the best luxury hotel in Bacvice Beach

Hotel Park is the best luxury hotel in Bacvice Beach, one of the best in Split in fact! Offering guests access to their fitness centre and sauna, Hotel Park has everything you could need and more. Hotel Park goes above and beyond, they even have a limousine service and valet parking.


Neighborhood #4 - Veli Varoš

(Coolest place to stay in Split)

Veli Varoš, Split

Veli Varoš is our pick for the coolest place to stay in Split. Photo credits: Flickr

If you want to explore all of the wonders of Split but feel like you’re having a more authentic living experience look to stay in Veli Varoš. Easily the coolest place to stay in Split, Veli Varoš oozes charm in the most nonchalant of ways.

This seemingly sleepy side of Split is, in fact, anything but. Veli Varoš is a neighbourhood alive and thriving. You just have to look a little harder to find it.

You can spend your days wandering through the labyrinth of cobbled streets, stopping to chat with locals about whether to turn left or right. This is an incredibly photogenic area of Split and you will feel like you are walking through a scene of Game of Thrones. In fact, some of the GoT episodes were filmed in Croatia; few scenes were shot in Split.

If you want to get to grips with real Split, to understand the rhythm of the city and to hang with the cool kids, Veli Varoš is the best place to stay.

Top Things to Do in Veli Varoš

  • Leave the city far behind and step into a whole new world. Lost yourself in Marjan Forest Park.
  • Treat yourself to a coffee at Vidilica cafe when you get back down from Marjan Forest Park.
  • Visit the humble, crumbing St Magdalene Church.
  • Wander through the winding streets, take yourself on a self-guided photo tour.
  • Dine like a locl at Konoboa Duboka Ladovina.
  • Take in incredible views of the city at Prva Vidilica Na Marjanu observation deck.

Where to Stay in Veli Varoš

Best Air BnB in Veli Varoš – Ratka’s BnB

Ratka's BnB

Ratka’s BnB is the best Air BnB in Veli Varoš

No matter if you are looking to check out the historical sites, eat at delicious restaurants, or party till the wee hours of the morning, this BnB will have you staying in the heart of Varos and near all the best places to visit in Split! Complete with an airy room and a kitchen, there is no better place to base yourself out of in the old city!


Best Budget Hotel in Veli Varoš – Villa Matejuska

Villa Matejuska

Villa Matejuska is the best budget hotel in Veli Varoš

Gorgeous, authentic, rustic, there is a lot to love about Villa Matejuska. What makes it the best budget hotel in Veli Varoš is the great value for money. The staff are incredibly kind and will make you feel right at home. There are studios available complete with little kitchenette and private bathroom.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Veli Varoš – Golden B&B

Golden B&B Split

Golden B&B is the best mid-range hotel in Veli Varoš

Golden B&B is, unquestionably, the best mid-range hotel in Veli Varoš. Offering views over the famous terracotta rooftops, some all the way out to the ocean, Golden B&B is a real treat. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom and private balcony complete with a table and chairs.


Best Luxury Hotel in Veli Varoš – Vida Boutique Hotel

Vida Boutique Hotel Split

Vida Boutique Hotel Split is the best luxury hotel in Veli Varoš

Exceptional in every sense of the word, Vida Boutique is the best luxury hotel in Veli Varoš. The rooms are fresh and modern, spacious and bright. The staff are wonderful and can help you to plan your whole itinerary in Split. With only 8-rooms there is a sense of tranquillity to Vida Boutique.


Neighborhood #5 - Žnjan Beach

(Best neighbourhood in Split for families)

Žnjan Beach

Žnjan Beach is our pick for best neighbourhood in Split for families. Photo credits: Flickr

A little off the beaten track but not extradited from all the fun, the best place to stay in Split for families is Žnjan Beach.

A little quieter and more spacious than Bacvice Beach, Žnjan Beach is a wonderful place to enjoy a family holiday. What makes Žnjan Beach so great is that Old Town, Bacvice Beach and Ferry Port are all within a short walking distance. That said, taxi’s are generally very reasonably priced so bundling the brood into a taxi and heading off to Old Town is not an expensive affair.

This is a quieter side of Split, seldom explored but the party people and the budget backpackers. Staying in Žnjan Beach offers you the opportunity to explore Split like a local and enjoy more beach space for yourselves.

If you want a little bit of fun at Žnjan Beach, head to Watersports Split at the western edge of the neighbourhood. They can arrange everything from parasailing to scuba diving.

Top Things to Do in Žnjan Beach

  • Head to Žnjan Beach early and stake your claim on your patch of sand for the day.
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear shallows of the Adriatic Sea. It’s always the perfect temperature for a paddle.
  • Get the adrenaline pumping and book a parasailing session with Watersports Split.
  • Feast on pizza at the best Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood, Dalmatino.
  • Take a gentle stroll down to Bacvice Beach, to see what all the fuss is about!
  • Explore to the east of Žnjan Beach and discover a little-known gem, Plaza za pse beach.

Where to Stay in Žnjan Beach

Best Air BnB in Žnjan Beach – Zrinka’s BnB

 Zrinka's BnB

Zrinka’s BnB is the best Air BnB in Žnjan Beach

When staying at this stylish and homey BnB you will be staying just a few minutes away from dipping your toes in the water on Žnjan Beach! We know we have you convinced with the location alone, but what will really make you fall in love is cozy rooms and sunny garden where you are sure to be spending most of your time!


Best Budget Hotel in Žnjan Beach – Hotel More

Hotel More Split

Hotel More is the best budget hotel in Žnjan Beach

Hotel More ticks all the right boxes and is deservedly the best budget hotel in Žnjan Beach. There is even a swimming pool. Hotel More is a family-friendly option and they can even arrange packed lunches for your day trips. How lovely is that?!  Hotel More is humble and homely.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Žnjan Beach – Hotel Fanat

Hotel Fanat Split

Hotel Fanat is the best mid-range hotel in Žnjan Beach

A little piece of luxury for a reasonable price. Hotel Fanat is the best mid-range hotel in Žnjan Beach. Guests can enjoy coastal views from their private balcony or escape the roasting heat in the indoor swimming pool, relax in the sauna.  You can hire bicycles at the reception.


Best Luxury Hotel in Žnjan Beach – Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort is the best luxury hotel in Žnjan Beach

Radisson Blu Resort is the perfect place to stay in Split for families. They have everything you could ask for and then some more! As the best luxury hotel in Žnjan Beach, Radisson Blu offers family rooms, kids club, kids pool and babysitting services. There is a spa where parents can relax to the max!


Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Split

Split is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With its amazing architecture, stunning landmarks, crystal clear blue waters, this Mediterranean flower is not a destination to be missed. Whether you’re young or old, looking to dance the night away or lounge on the beach, there’s something for everyone in Split.

To recap; our favourite neighbourhood for where to stay in Split is Veli Varos. Nestled between the Old Town and nature, this lively and vibrant ‘hood oozes charm and authenticity around every cobbled street.

Our top pick for the best hotel is the Golden B&B. Tastefully decorated and conveniently located this charming three-star property boasts unforgettable views and great food all at an awesome price!

If you’re heading around Europe, read our 131 Amazing Things to do in Europe to save you more time and money!

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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