15 COOLEST Day Trips from Dubrovnik [August 2019]

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With its stunning Old Town jutting out into the sea, UNESCO World Heritage Site status and Mediterranean climate, it’s no wonder that Dubrovnik is a huge destination nowadays.

The affordable city sees its fair share of tourists and cruise ship stop-offs, so getting out into the surrounding area means escaping the bustling crowds – and seeing more of Croatia, too.

We’ve rounded up the best day trips from Dubrovnik to help you get the most out of your holiday to this coastal city. From cheap island hopping to family adventures across the border to Bosnia & Herzegovina, there’s a lot to do.

So have a look below and see what Dubrovnik day trips sound best for you…

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Quick Answer: Best Day Trips from Dubrovnik

#1 – Korcula

Romantic Day Trips from Dubrovnik City for Couples


  • Pretty road trip
  • Boat ride
  • Medieval old town

Head from the historical city on this really romantic day trip from Dubrovnik as you get to spend the day with your partner in a world of historical wonder.

Make the road trip up the coast, along the twisting road that takes you through pretty vineyards and through lush valleys of the Peljesac Peninsula. Your first stop is at Ston, a monumental town with medieval walls and interesting buildings that date back to the 14th century.

After exploring Ston, head on to very small but very sweet Orebic where you’ll be hopping aboard a boat that will whisk you to Korcula Island.

On the island, you can spend time romancing your partner in the wild vegetation on the Adriatic coastline and enjoy an afternoon together in an amazingly well preserved medieval town.

Korcula is jammed full of intriguing culture and traditions. There are some fun games to learn about, including the moreska – a type of fighting dance that involves swords that has been practised for over 400 years.


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#2 – Splitz


  • Roman architecture
  • Diocletian’s Palace
  • Amazing old city lanes

Split is the scenic and historic coastal town that is popular in the summer with holidaymakers. Laden with Roman ruins and an amazing old town, it’s the perfect romantic day trip from Dubrovnik for couples.

Start the day by getting picked up from your hotel and being driven from the city all the way to Split for a day filled with cultural adventures.

The old town is dominated by the Diocletian’s Palace which was built by the Roman emperor 1,700 years ago. It’s well worth spending an hour or two at the incredibly well-preserved palace.

Afterwards, make your way to The Peristil, otherwise known as Emperor’s Square, and take in more sights from the Cathedral of Split and the bell tower of St. Duje to the Mestrovic gallery.

Enjoy an afternoon walking the narrow lanes of the old city that burst with all of the life of the Mediterranean. There are some great places to stop off and try out some local food, too.

#3 – Konavle Valley


  • Amazing scenery
  • Medieval ruins
  • Wine tasting!

Just 30 kilometres southeast of Dubrovnik, the Konavle Valley is an area of picturesque villages, sweeping valleys and lush countryside, which all adds up to a nice little romantic day trip from Dubrovnik for couples.

You’ll get to see views of the River Ljuta snaking its way through the charming landscape and visit the amazing medieval remains of Sokol Tower – a block of a fortress on a backdrop of pine trees and steel grey mountains – as you drive with a knowledgeable guide through this charming region.

But that’s not all. Nope. On this fun couples’ day trip from Dubrovnik, you’ll also get to taste a lot of Dalmatian wine. That’s right: there are many vineyards and wineries in Konavle.

You and your partner will have a lot of fun going from one winery to another, sampling the best wine this region has to offer – as well as some delicious local food, too.

I’m sure you know a bit about Split, but we have a few history facts you might not have heard yet.


#4 – Scuba Diving


  • Underwater adventures
  • Amazing dive sites
  • Lunch by the sea

You might not think it, but Dubrovnik is a pretty good place to scuba dive – so if you and your partner are into diving this will be a really romantic day trip from Dubrovnik for you both.

Take this tour and you’ll be able to dive into the Adriatic Sea with some fantastic divers who’ll guide you to the best diving spots along the coast.

The sea here is clear with great visibility and there’s plenty to see beneath the waves. Explore the best sites in Croatia on this full day spend diving around various spots, you will be able to see plenty of fish and interesting underwater life.

After all of the action, head for the shore where you can have a break and a spot of lunch next to the sparkling sea before making your way under the water once more for some incredible diving adventures with your partner.

#5 – Mostar

Day Trips from Dubrovnik with Kids


  • Unique Ottoman influenced city
  • Beautiful architecture
  • History lesson

It’s possible to take a trip across the border into neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina when you’re staying in Dubrovnik. Which is great news since there’s a whole load of interesting places to visit in this once war-torn region – not least the city of MostarThis picturesque place is a great place for a family day trip from Dubrovnik.

Previously a part of the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic influences in Mostar are plain to see – from the 16th-century mosque to its famous bridge; this 400-year-old bridge was rebuilt after being badly damaged in the Balkan Wars of the 1990s.

You and your children will learn a lot about Bosnia’s past – medieval and modern – from this unique city. Grab a Turkish coffee and eat some local food as you take in the Mediterranean-Ottoman surroundings of Mostar.

#6 – Elaphiti Islands


  • Island hopping
  • Boat cruise
  • Beachside barbeque lunch

Croatia is a pretty beautiful place that is blessed with miles of stunning coastline, so why not make the most of being so close to the sea? Go on this day trip from Dubrovnik with kids and have a day out together island hopping.

Cruise with your kids to the famous islands that stretch along the northwest coast from Dubrovnik and enjoy a relaxed day out. Jump on the galleon which will be cruising you and your family around the islands that feel like they have been stuck in the past.

The lush green islands are full of scenic places to stop off for a swim along the shore. You’ll get to explore the three main islands of Lopud, and Šipan, famous for their small local communities, fishing and amazing sandy beaches.

Relax on the beach as a barbecue lunch of fresh fish is prepared for you and you sip wine while being serenaded by local musicians.

Editor’s Note: One of the best ways to get to know Split is through its museums.


#7 – Vjetrenica Cave & Zavala


photo credits:TripAdvisor

  • Go inside a cave
  • Amazing karst landscape
  • Charming village

Another family day trip from Dubrovnik that ventures into Bosnia & Herzegovina next door, a day out to the Dinaric Alps – where you’ll find the cool Vjentrica Cave – is bound to be a fun experience.

The cave itself is set in one of the largest karstic landscapes in the world (with similar features and made of similar rock to those of Guilin, China and Halong, Vietnam), and a drive through this region will be one of wonder and awe as your children have their noses pressed to the windows.

Vjentrenica Cave is actually home to the richest fauna of any cave in the world: there are over 200 different species living here!

A tour is the best way to experience this, as the guide will lead you around the safest trail through the cave – and will, of course, be full of information about the cave and the surrounding area.

Away from the cave itself, the nearby village of Zavala is a charming place to stop off at for some refreshments.


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#8 – Neretva River Safari


photo credits:Wiz tours

  • Amazing ecology
  • Traditional boat cruise
  • Beautiful waterfalls

Look no further if you are searching for an amazing day out from Dubrovnik for kids surrounded by natures. The stunning Neretva valley is located about 70 kilometres north of the city and is a fun packed day out with a wide choice of activities for all ages.

There’s a lot of choice of activity along the valley from windsurfing to hiking but making a trip on the river itself is the best way to see the amazing ecology of this part of the country.

Along the river, you can catch a traditional boat called a ladja (small) or trupa (large). Enjoy floating down the Neretva River, where you can discover the lush ecology of the river delta and stop off to explore as you please.

Take a turn along the smaller Norin river where you can picnic on the river bank completely surrounded by untouched nature. You can even swim in the river in the summer months which is always a special part of the day.

With the river gorges overflowing with greenery, a journey down this river is like exploring another planet.

#9 – Kravica Waterfalls


photo credits:TAILORMADE TRAVEL Tour Operator Rijeka Croatia

  • Explore another country
  • Beautiful nature
  • Swim in waterfalls

For a simple, low-key day out from Dubrovnik for kids, you can’t go wrong with heading to Kravice Waterfalls. The chilled out scenic surroundings of the waterfalls are the perfect antidote for tourist crowds and they also mean you and your family get to have an adventure to another country too!

Kravica Waterfalls are a fairly simple journey from the city, hire yourself a car and cross the border into Bosnia & Herzegovina to discover them located near to the village of Studenci roughly a two-hour drive Dubrovnik.

The area surrounding the waterfalls are lush with winding streams and water rapids creating beautiful landscapes which are always interesting to explore.

You can spend a few hours here hiking around the area, enjoying a picnic surrounded by natures or even swimming in the falls themselves.

This is a really special and adventurous day out that is off of the well-beaten tourist track.


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#10 – Kolocep Island

Best Cheap Day Trips from Dubrovnik


  • A breath of fresh air from the busy city
  • Explore beautiful Mediterranean city
  • Hidden beaches

For an affordable way to escape the crowds of Dubrovnik and its Game of Thrones enthusiasts heading to the nearby island of Kolocep is a great option.

It’s a simple, local ferry ride from Gruz Harbour on this cheap day trip from Dubrovnik. Having a local guide will be best as they take you on the best trails across the picturesque Kolocep Island, allowing you to soak up the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes without getting lost.

A visit to this lovely island really comes into its own as the perfect Dubrovnik day trip when your guide shows you some of the secret beaches and cliff diving spots – worlds away from the busy city beaches back on the mainland.

A breath of fresh air for anybody a little tired of tourist crowds, this really is the alternative beach day trip from Dubrovnik you were looking for.

#11 – Dubrovnik Day Cruise


  • Learn about Greek history
  • Explore tiny fishing villages
  • Walk in lemon groves

Take a step back in time on this top cheap day trip from Dubrovnik and spend the day hitting the sea and cruising around the coast. It’s all aboard an iconic galleon as your tour takes you across the high seas to explore the Dubrovnik archipelago and its ancient history.

Land on the islands and hear about the Ancient Greeks who lived here; you’ll also learn about hunting for deer ( the island was previously named Deer Island). Spend time walking among the lemon groves and walking along the seashore.

Make a stop off at the charming traditional villages with their picturesque streets and rustic houses, meet the local fishermen and step inside the small local chapels as you see a different side of Croatia you won’t see otherwise.

#12 – Sveti Jakov Beach


photo credits:TripAdvisor

  • So close to Dubrovnik
  • Secluded beach
  • Lack of tourists

Not far from the centre of Dubrovnik itself, the location of this glorious beach is the best thing about this cheap day trip from Dubrovnik. It’s far enough away to keep tourists away, but close enough that you can actually walk it, being only around a mile away.

Of course, you could also get the bus (No. 5 or No. 8).

But once you’re on this beach, the Old Town – jutting out into to sea in the distance – feels far away, and so do the tourist crowds. It’s not a wilderness beach, but it’s also hardly busy, making for a chilled and secluded feel.

One of the things that’s bound to keep tourists away is the lack of access. Steep stairs lead down to the sand and the turquoise water from the church. It’s fine going down, but getting back up can be tiring!

#13 – Mljet National Park


photo credits:Absolute Croatia

  • Fun catamaran ride
  • Amazing national park
  • Swim in a lake

Be wowed by amazing nature on a cheap day trip from Dubrovnik. Mljet is within easy reach of the city, just hop on a local ferry and cross the channel.

The fast catamaran ride is inexpensive and takes around two hours from the city dock. Arrive in the national park just before 10 in the morning and be greeted by a world of remote beauty in the gleaming turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea.

You can spend the whole day here being wowed by the nature inside the national park in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Make sure you go prepared with plenty of drinks, snacks and sun cream as there aren’t many shops on the island.

You can spend your time walking along the islands charming pathways, along with gentle hiking routes where you’ll come across undulating hills and views out across the various island scattered in the still blue of the sea. Take a refreshing swim in the calm lake and relax in the heavenly stillness of nature.

#14 – Sunj-bay


photo credits:TripAdvisor

  • Explore the island of Lopud
  • Beachside fun
  • Easy to get to to

Looking for an easy way to get a slice of beach goodness away from the cruise ships that constantly rock up at the city? Take a 50-minute ferry to the nearby Dalmatian island of Lopud for a decidedly cheap day trip from Dubrovnik.

To keep things budget friendly you could make the half an hour walk to the southern beach of Sunj-bay, but there is also a buggy service that will cheaply whisk you there if you’re not feeling up to a hike in the heat.

The beach itself isn’t completely out of the way, so thankfully you’ll be able to get some food and refreshments here.

Ferries don’t return to the mainland until early evening, so make sure you’re prepared for a full day at the beach at Sunj-bay. Alternatively, you could hike around the island of Lopud looking for your own hidden beach.

#15 – Trsteno Arboretum


photo credits:The Dubrovnik Times

  • Amazing gardens
  • Great for Game of Thrones fans
  • Easy bus journey

If you want a simple, cheap day of from Dubrovnik then visit the Trsteno Arboretum. Situated around 20 kilometres from the city, you can easily reach the gardens by public transport on the local (and cheap) bus.

Trsteno itself is a small village but is home to the 15th-century arboretum, which is the oldest in all of Croatia.

The gardens have actually seen a rise in popularity in recent years since they were featured in Game of Thrones – great for fans of the series, of course – but they still remain a charming place to spend a few hours surrounded by nature.

There’s also so good hiking opportunities in the hills around Trsteno with some pretty spectacular views.

That’s it!

We hope you’ll find something on our guide to the best day trips from Dubrovnik to help you get out of the touristed city and into the fascinating towns and villages that dot the surrounding area.

Not only is it simple to find a more secluded beach for fun and relaxation on a cheap day trip from Dubrovnik to a nearby island, but it’s easy to cross the border into Bosnia & Herzegovina for caves and crossover culture.

So if you’re looking for a way to leave the beautiful but busy streets of the city behind on a day trip from Dubrovnik, and you’re not sure where to go, we’re sure there’ll be something for you in our guide. Plus, if you’re heading around Europe, read our 131 amazing things to do in Europe to save you more time and money!

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