Whenever traveling abroad, one of the most basic necessities we look for is a comfortable hotel room. After a long day filled with walking, shopping, and sightseeing, who wouldn’t want to nestle up in a soft bed, relax in a spacious bathtub, take full advantage of amenities, and be served with world-class room service?

But, with numerous options available on the market, it could be challenging to find an accommodation that best fits your needs. Thankfully, Hotel Jules is here to help simplify the whole process.


Hotel Jules is an internationally acclaimed review site that rates the best hotels across the world. 

We also provide past guests with a platform to share their personal experiences and assess a particular hotel according to the aspects stated above. After this, we collate all the data, summarize it, and present it to the public in hopes that it helps readers make more informed decisions.

One thing we truly take pride in is being a strictly objective website. All our reviews are made for hotel guests, by other hotel guests. You can be certain that all assessments you encounter are candid and organic.

our mission

Our main mission is to serve as an additional source of credible information for establishments and guest alike. We want this to be an avenue where prospective guests can learn more about a particular accommodation and read about other guest’s feedback as well. 

If you’re planning your next vacation and are looking for a quick and easy way to browse through hotels, please read through some of our articles and learn about what each one has to offer.

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