10 BEST Beaches in Split [January 2020]

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The second biggest city in Croatia, Split has been a popular beach holiday destination for years and it’s easy to see why. With more beaches than you could count on one hand, this Croatian summer sensation is the place to be.

The mixture of sand and pebble beaches makes for an interesting visit but it’s the clear blue Adriatic waters that bring so many to Split’s shores year after year. There’s nothing quite like cooling yourself in the perfect Croatian waters during the sticky hot Mediterranean summer months.

In a city like this, finding a new spot to unwind and enjoy the summer sun can be as easy as it is confusing. Split has more than a few spots to enjoy a dip, from busy beaches to quieter summer spots there’s something for everyone! With so many different options, picking your favorite spot to enjoy a dip can get pretty complicated.

To make things easier here is your guide to the ten best beaches in Split.

#1 – Bačvice Beach (Sandy)

Bačvice Beach

Bačvice Beach (Photo credit – putovnica.net)

  • One of the few sandy beaches Split has to offer
  • Home to the invention and perfection of Picigin, Splits very own watersport

Only 1km from the city center, this beauty is one of the few sandy beaches Split has to offer.

The most popular beach in split, it is perfectly located for those looking to enjoy Bačvice’s famous shallow waters. The area is a great daytime promenade for relaxing and at night it’s a fantastic entertainment hub!

Often regarded as the best beach in Split, Bačvice is a must-see for travelers looking to experience the best Split has to offer.

Bačvice is also home to the Zbirac cafe, allowing visitors to catch a break from the sun and enjoy some refreshments. Combined with parking lots, rentable lockers, beach chairs and sun umbrellas and an outdoor gym in the western half, Bačvice is not to be missed on any trip to Split!

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#2 – Firule Beach (Sandy)

Firule Beach

Firule Beach (Photo credit – adriatic.hr)

  • Much less crowded than some of Split’s other sandy beaches
  • A local fan favorite

As one of the best beaches in Split, Croatia is home to the stunning Firule Beach. This stretch of sandy beach is around 5 to 10-minutes from the busier Bačvice beach is quite popular with locals as well as those looking to beat the crowds.

The fact that it is almost as wide as Bacavice and the shallow water is perfect for easing oneself into the mesmerizing Adriatic blue sea, which is one of the reasons why Firule is so popular!  With several nearby cafes,’ this is the perfect beach to spend a day enjoying the sun and stunning Split views. Anyone looking to experience some high-quality dining might enjoy a trip up to Dvor, a Michelin-recommended restaurant and one of the best Split has to offer!

The fine sand, shallow water and protection from the winds mean Firule is very popular with young mothers and their children. For those looking to take a dip, the beach also offers showers to wash off the sand, salt and sweat.

Fans of sport may also enjoy this as a chance to cool off after enjoying a visit to Split’s main tennis center.

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#3 – Trstenik (Pebble)


Trstenik (Photo credit – tripadvisor.com)

  • Great for anyone looking to get away from busy, crowded bars
  • Incredibly clean and well maintained

One of the most highly rated beaches in Split, this fine pebble-laden beach is one of the cleanest and well-organised beaches in the city!

With great protection from the wind, calm waters and rentable deck chairs and umbrellas, this is beach is popular with all sorts. From romantic couples looking for some quiet time, to families looking to escape the hummingbird activity of many of Splits beaches in summer. The turquoise waters of this awesome pebble beach is a spectacular way to enjoy your time away in Split.

Part of the beach is managed by Radisson Blu Split which means that section is for exclusive guest use. Nonetheless, the entire beach is worth a trip to for those looking to cool down in peace.

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#4 – Kašjuni Beach (Sandy)

Kašjuni Beach

Kašjuni Beach (Photo credit – holiday-link.com)

  • Home to two delightful cafes where you can catch some shade and enjoy a refreshing drink and some snacks
  • Perfect for capturing photos of some of the most stunning sites in Split

One of the most beautiful beaches in Split, this natural feeling sandy beach has a no-frills feeling about it! This can be quite refreshing compared with increasingly commercialized beach scenes around the world.

Combine this with protection from the Yugo winds, beach bar and more private feeling than other, more urban beaches in Split, this is a great way to spend the day. For the more active travelers, a great way to get to the beach is a beautiful hike from Varos.

This route has a viewpoint not to be missed and a must-see on any sightseeing expedition in Split. These idyllic, green surroundings against which the beach is set makes it a nature lovers paradise.

Kašjuni also offers a variety of sections with something for every taste. From the bar inhabited end to more child-friendly areas and even a nudist section at one end of this vibrant beach!

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#5 – Kaštelet Beach Pebble

Kaštelet Beach Pebble

Kaštelet Beach Pebble (Photo credit – hr-cro.com)

  • Nearby parking makes this one of Splits most accessible beaches
  • Filled with a variety of drink and snack options

One of the best beaches in Split to cut loose and enjoy great beach cocktails and awesome music, Kaštelet is the place to be if you love a beach party.

Showers, changing rooms and toilets are all available with only umbrellas and lounging chairs unavailable. For those looking to lay back and enjoy the sun, this is definitely something to keep in mind!

The further end of the beach is also a nice respite for kids or the elderly sd it is a bit quieter than the part with the bar. The pebbles, clean beach, translucent seas and warm weather is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the Split at their own pace.

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#6 – Bene Beach (Pebble)

Bene Beach

Bene Beach (Photo credit – putovnica.net.com)

  • Perfect for travelers looking for a non- touristy beach
  • Offers great shade in the hot summer months

Bene beach is a great example of the many hidden gems split has to offer.

Located at the bottom of Marjan Hill, Bene is a much quieter and laid back beach than any of the other Split beaches! Despite this decrease in crowds, experienced lifeguards are still on duty for increased peace of mind.

This, in addition to a nearby playground and plenty of natural shade, makes Bene the perfect spot for families looking to enjoy the Croatian summer.

Bene is also situated directly in front of a sports center, for the more athletic travelers looking to get some exercise in. With looming pine trees providing much-needed shade during the summer and a variety of food and drink options available at the beaches kiosks, Bene has everything you could need to relax under the Croatian summer sun!

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#7 – Žnjan (Pebble)

Žnjan (Pebble)

Žnjan (Pebble) (Photo credit – split.offbeat.guide)

  • Accessible
  • Contains a large parking lot, making getting to this fantastic beach easy as can be

Another one of the best beaches Spit has to offer Žnjan is one of the most fun beaches to journey to year-round.

With something to offer both the young children and adults, an abundance of onshore entertainment, Žnjan beach has something for everyone, year-round! From trampolines, bouncing castles, scooters and indoor tennis to some of Split’s best bars, there’s no shortage of entertainment to be had.

In terms of beach activities, all the usual things from skipping stones, tanning, swimming and more are available to help keep the Croatian summer heat at bay. Žnjanha has also recently improved its sea access to make it more accessible to people with disabilities, meaning more fun for everyone!

The usual array of outdoor showers, changerooms, rentable chairs and umbrellas as well as public toilets are all available. For lunchtime snacks, a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants are not from this stunning beach!

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#8 – Jezinac Beach (Pebble)

Jezinac Beach

Jezinac Beach (Photo credit – adriatic.hr)

  • Home to popular high wall jumping point into the Adriatic
  • Is a popular local youth hangout

This lesser-known gem of a beach is well-known in Split. It’s home to a popular wall used as a jumping-off point for teenagers as they leap into the Adriatic! Often overlooked, for those craving a break from the crowds, Jezinac is a fun way to spend the day away from some of the more popular beaches.

Known for being one half of the “Obojena Svjetlost” after the well known 360-degree bar and club found along its shores, this exciting bar is well worth a visit.

Enjoying a romantic, sunset walk from one end of this stunning coast is perfect for those exploring Split with their partners.

#9 – Kavana Ovčice (Pebble)

Kavana Ovčice

Kavana Ovčice (Photo credit – putovnica.net)

  • A great place to catch a live music performance by local bands
  • Home to some of the best ice cream in Split!

Another of Splits pebble beaches, Ovčice is one of the best beaches in Split to enjoy a leisurely day out with the family! Whether you’re enjoying the many sumptuous flavors of ice cream from nearby restaurants and vendors or soaking up some sun, a day at Ovčice is never wasted!

The perfect place to enjoy a quiet day out, when compared to many of the other bigger and busier beaches. At night, the local beach bar offers music galore which makes this is as good a place as any in Split to enjoy a night out.

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#10 – Zvoncac Beach (Rocky)

Zvoncac Beach (Rocky)

Zvoncac Beach (Rocky) (Photo credit – hr-cro.com)

  • While the walkway is a bit too narrow o spread out towels, nearby rocks are the perfect spot to lay down and enjoy some sun
  • Perfect place to take some brag-worthy photos

One of the most beautiful spots to take photos for that Instagram profile you’ve always wanted to show off with, Zvoncac is not to be missed. The numerous rocks are a perfect spot to leap into the Adriatic for some photo-perfect finishes. Just remember to look before you leap!

Between the beach and the nearby playground, Zvoncac is a great place for those wanting to enjoy a day out and keep their kids entertained while they take in the view.

Not only is Zvoncac a great place for kids, the nearby restaurant that overlooks the beach and ocean is a great place for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious meal.

Final Thoughts on Split Beaches

Split is one of the most popular places to spend the summer months in Croatia for good reason!

Over the past couple of years, various beaches along Split’s magnificent coastline have borne witness to a fantastic cleanup effort. The result has been an increase in the water quality of the many beaches in the area, so now is the perfect time to enjoy a Split summer holiday!

A visit to any of Splits spectacular beaches is guaranteed to be fun for all! Each one has a different and unique vibe and appeals to it, allowing for a different experience at each one should you decide to go beach hopping. Enjoying a dip into the perfect Adriatic waters of Costa Rica is a great way to beat the summer heat, no matter which one you opt for.

With a variety of excellent beaches, both sand and pebble kinds, Split has a kind of beach for everyone! If you’re there with your family and looking to spend time relaxing with your favorite book as the kids play in the sand, or looking to enjoy time alone, there’s something for everyone.

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