11 BEST Day Trips from Prague [July 2019]

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11 BEST Day Trips from Prague [[date]]

Prague is famous for its charming old town, vibrant culture, its beer, and being a bit of a place for stag and hen parties to congregate.

In that case, why not take a day (or a few) to explore the area surrounding the Czech capital? It’s a great way to escape the crowds of the city and discover the fascinating history and landscape of this country.

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to the best day trips from Prague, from romantic getaways for couples to family-friendly outings. Rail travel in Prague is easy, too – there are some great day trips from Prague by train!

So, what’s on offer outside Prague? Castles, mountains and history await…

Quick Answer: Best Day Trips from Prague

#1 – Kutna Hora

Day Trips from Prague by Train


  • Incredible architecture
  • Macabre interiors
  • Interesting history

For a unique day trip from Prague by train, visit the town of Kutna Hora, a city that is only one hour east of Prague.

Having become an economically important town for the kingdom of Bohemia in the middle ages thanks to its silver mines, Kutna Hora is full of amazing Baroque and Gothic architecture that reflects the wealth of the city, in fact, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On this top day trip from Prague, you’ll get to explore the elegant heritage buildings that Kutna Hora has to offer such as Saint Barbara’s Church, with its dramatic architecture and medieval frescoes.

But the main attraction in this city is the Sedlec Ossuary, this famously macabre attraction features interiors decorated by the skeletons of thousands of people.

Not one for the faint-hearted. The cemetery in Sedlec became such a popular burial site (thanks to some earth taken from the Holy Land) that it becomes overcrowded with the bodies of the dead.

When a new church was built here, there were so many skeletons that they began to be stacked decoratively in the chapel, by a half-blind monk!

In 1870 a woodcarver was employed to put the bones in order, the result being this darkly beautiful chapel.

#2 – Bohemian Switzerland


  • Amazing scenery
  • Delicious local food
  • Interesting hikes

Make the swift train ride from Prague all the way to the Bohemian in Switzerland National Park. Spend the day exploring the beautiful natural scenery with its jutting rock formations and dramatic gorges.

On this cool day trip from Prague by train, catch the train from Prague main station and get picked up from Decin Station and get ready to enjoy a hike in Bohemian Switzerland itself.

Meet your knowledgeable guide who actually lives in the national park itself and will lead you to viewpoints with astounding vistas including Elber Canyon as well as Edmond’s Gorge which is ideal for a hike and a boat trip among the dramatic scenery.

Enjoy a hearty lunch at a charming local cottage with a local beer and some delicious local food. After enjoying your meal, make the trek to the impressive Pravcicka Gate, a natural sandstone arch which is the largest in Europe. Make sure to check out the amazing 19th century Falcon’s Nest Inn built into the canyon next to the arch.

Head back to Decin where you’ll catch the train back to Prague in time for dinner and a well-earned beer.

#3 – Terezin Concentration Camp


  • Important history
  • Educational trip
  • Inspirational human stories

For a slice of WW2 history, a visit to Terezin Concentration Camp will teach you about just how extensive the Nazi regime was all across Europe.

This education and sombre day trip from Prague by train will take you all the way to Terezin. Here you can learn about the history of the concentration camp and the atrocities that were carried out here at the on-site museum.

This was many prisoners last stop before being deported to Auschwitz or other similar extermination camps. However, at Terezin, you can learn about the triumph of the human spirit and how the people imprisoned here actually managed to continue with cultural and religious life including important celebrations and even staging operas and composing music.

The town of Terezin was already transformed into a ghetto and concentration camp by 1940 and in fact, part of the town’s small fortress served as the biggest Gestapo prison in the area of Bohemia and Moravia.

Find a peaceful place to sit think about the sombre setting, this day trip is sure to be one that you will remember and will give a better understanding of both the atrocities and both the strength of people during the Second World War.


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#4 – Český Krumlov


photo credits:Wikipedia

  • One of the prettiest towns in Europe
  • Amazing castle to explore
  • Learn about Czech history

This town in South Bohemia is an easy day trip from Prague by train with a direct train that leaves central Prague and takes you all the way to the UNESCO World Heritage town in under 3 hours – so make sure to leave early!

It’s one of the prettiest towns in the whole of Europe, thanks to the historic district that grew up around Cesky Krumlov Castle that dates back to 1240. Set on the Vlata River, which meanders through the town, this Cesky Krumlov was once the seat of powerful Bohemian families – and which is why it’s castle is unusually for a town as small as this.

A tour of the castle is a great way to get to grips with the history of Cesky Krumlov. The guided tour takes one hour; you’ll get to experience the impressive castle of the Rosenberg family who presided over the city for three centuries until around 1600.

The centre of the medieval town is incredibly well preserved and is perfect for a day trip from Prague spent wandering around, soaking up the picturesque architecture and visiting some of the best historical sites.

Although the town is firmly on the tourist map, it thankfully isn’t overrun by visitors, meaning you can enjoy the beautiful streets and heritage buildings without too many crowds to contend with.


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#5 – Karlstejn Castle


  • Cycle out into nature
  • Amazing countryside views
  • Stop off for local snacks

This is a really fun day trip from Prague. You get to go out into the countryside to explore rivers and castles along the way.

You’ll meet your guide at the edge of the city and start the tour guided along cycle paths that take you through pretty, picturesque nature.

Soak up the peace and quiet as you come across Karlstejn Castle itself, surrounded by beautiful forests and fields. After the ride, you can even stop off for a swim in the river – if the weather’s good enough.

You can take a break along the way at one of the many small and sweet cafes that have been set up along the cycle path for thirsty cyclists – there are even a few bakeries if you need a snack, too.

The guide will be able to tailor your trip for you, to take you on paths that suit you best, and to make sure that you get the best views of the castle, of course. The best views come right at the very end when your local guide will show you to a quiet meadow behind the forest with a stunning vista of Karlstejn Castle.

If you like, you can tour the castle itself. If not, enjoy the easy 40-minute train ride back to the capital, which makes this one of the best day trips from Prague by train.

#6 – Lany Castle and Krusovice Brewery

Romantic Day Trips from Prague for Couples


  • Beautiful Castle
  • Romantic scenery
  • Taste local beer

If you are looking for a charming day out with your partner then this romantic day trips from Prague for couples should be at the top of your list.

You get to leave the city behind as you get whisked away to explore the scenic Lany castle, as well as try out a few local tipples too!

A guide will pick up just after breakfast and take you on the hours drive all the way to the pretty surroundings and the natural landscape of Lany Castle.

The castle is actually the summer residence of the Czech Republic President and still retains much of that same opulence and grandeur from when it was restored in the early 1900s. Incredibly the castle was founded in 1392 and you get to learn all about the interesting history as well as stories of the castle famous residents and recent visitors.

Take a walk around the picturesque castle grounds with your other half before heading off for a spot of lunch together at a traditional Czech restaurant. Afterwards, stop off at some interesting historical sites and then round up your day with a beer or two at the royal brewery in Krušovice.

#7 – Olomouc


photo credits:Wikipedia

  • Escape tourist crowds
  • Amazing old town
  • Fantastic architecture

If you are looking for a romantic day trip from Prague to somewhere that isn’t overly packed with tourists, the small town of Olomouc is the perfect destination. Just hope on the train that runs all the way there and take in the pretty scenery on the way. Olomouc is a vibrant student hub and is almost like Prague in miniature – minus the crowds and the busy streets!

You can enjoy a day out with your other half strolling around Olomouc’s quaint old town complete with numerous large squares; the main one is home to the impressive Holy Trinity Column, which is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is jammed full of sites of historical significance and will romance you with its laid-back lanes and amazing eateries.

You will spend this day trip from Prague soaking up the amazing architecture… and wondering why more tourists don’t know about how incredible this town is.


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#8 – Vienna


  • Visit two capitals in one day!
  • See the best of Vienna
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch

It’s amazing that you can make a day trip from the picturesque Czech capital all the way to the vibrant city of Vienna, but it’s actually fairly simple. A really fun and romantic day trip from Prague, you can be picked up from the doorstep of your hotel and be driven all the way to Austrian capital and back again in a day.

Once in Vienna, you’ll have a whole 5 hours to experience the best of what the city has to offer. You’ll be given lots of information about what there is to do and see in the city.

Admire the UNESCO World Heritage city centre with its magnificent Gothic and Baroque architecture as you visit the huge Hofburg Palace, pose on the steps of the Opera House, snap some pictures at the Austrian Parliament. 

You could also take some time to learn about the city’s history in the Museum Quarter and St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

On this day trip from Prague to Vienna, you can lunch in style at one the city’s world-famous restaurants and hit the boutiques for a spot of shopping along Mariahilferstrasse, before being driven back across the border to Prague.

#9 – Únětice Brewery


photo credits:Prague.eu

  • Walk an old trade route
  • Sample beer
  • Take the train

Take the train all the way from the centre of the city and travel out to the stunning Silent Valley to a charming locally run brewery. This is a simple and easy romantic day trip from Prague and will mean you both get to see more of the Czech countryside and learn more about the culture outside of the capital.

A great way to get to the brewery is by getting off of the train at Roztoky where you can follow the blue signs from the station. Follow the path along a charming creek and through a scenic valley.

The hike to the Únětice Brewery is easy (less than 4 miles away) and will lead you along the same ancient route that merchants from the Byzantine Empire took for thousands of years.

Once you arrive you’ll find a lovely restaurant where you can enjoy a freshly made lunch with a glass of two or their delicious beer.

Afterwards, you can explore the brewery and take a tour around inside if you fancy it.

#10 – Canoe the Sazava River

Day Trips from Prague with Kids


photo credits:Prague

  • Take the train
  • Canoe through gorges
  • Even for beginners

Getting out and about in nature is always fun with your family which is why this canoeing adventure is one of the best day trips from Prague for families. The whole day will be spent together having fun as you leave the city behind and paddle down the river together.

Arrive at your destination via a train ride that cuts through the rocky mountain and along an impressive viaduct. Arrive at the meeting point where your guide will greet you. This is a great activity for families with older children, the guide will make sure everybody feels safe and happy with a lesson and instructions on how to steer the Canadian style canoe.

It doesn’t matter if you have never canoed before, everybody can have a god and there will be plenty of laughs along the way.

The ideal activity for a hot day, you will be lead down the Sazava river through a pretty tree-lined gorge where you can stop off for lunch in a restaurant.

#11 – Aqua Palace


  • Fun for everyone
  • So many different slides
  • Easy to get to

What better way to have a fun day out with your family than heading to a waterpark, especially in the heat of the summer. Aquapalace is just on the outskirts of the city is and is a great day trip from Prague with kids, not only is it reasonably easy to get to, but there is a free shuttle bus from the train station as well.

The large waterpark has a lot on offer, thrill seekers will love the numerous tube slides as well as the open slides and of course, the whitewater river.

For those whole like things a little bit more laid back, you can unwind in the large pool or take a ride on the slow-moving river or just head to the relaxation zone. There’s a wide choice of activities for smaller children from the pirate ship to the water playground.

You can bring yourself a picnic along to eat in the garden areas or enjoy lunch at one of the park restaurants before heading off for more run and adventures.

#12 – Český Ráj


photo credits:ChadBalon

  • Cycle routes
  • Incredible scenery
  • Amazing rock formations

Český Ráj, also known as Bohemian Paradise, is a true slice of beautiful nature for all the family to enjoy. Located to the northeast of the capital city, getting to this national park is simple, making for a simple day trip from Prague with kids.

The landscape here is one that will definitely capture your family’s imagination, Český Ráj being known for its incredible sandstone rock formations that look like something from another planet, taking you away from Central Europe to an otherworldly environment.

The Hrubá Skála, or ‘Rock Town’, is one area where the formations are at their coolest, with hundreds of thin pinnacles jutting up amidst a forest, really making it look like a town made of rock.

Elsewhere on this outdoors day trip from Prague, you’ll see the symbol of Český Ráj itself: Trosky Castle. With two castle towers set on two spindles of volcanic rock rising into the air, it’s bound to take you away right from reality to somewhere more fitting of Middle Earth!

With dolomite caverns to explore, ponds to boat on, and cycle routes through the area, nowhere is more adventurous than this Prague family day trip.

Final Thoughts on the Best Day Trips from Prague

There are some really cool day trips from Prague that will make you want to see more of this interesting country.

There’s the charming countryside with all of its old castles, pretty towns and history which make for a great day trip by train from Prague, romantic places to visit with your other half that will get you trying a locally brewed beer or two together.

Then, there’s all the fun day trips from Prague for kids – because what kid doesn’t want to go to a super fun water park?

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Have fun!

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