21 AMAZING Museums in Prague [July 2019!]

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21 AMAZING Museums in Prague [[date]!]

With cobblestone alleys and gothic spired cathedrals, Prague is a fascinating city steeped in history. However, the capital of Bohemia is known for more than it’s historic architecture and picturesque views. Prague is also home to some of the most interesting museums in all of Europe.

You won’t find just any average gallery or museum in Prague. Instead, you’ll discover grandiose galleries, quirky underground institutions, and ancient libraries. Of course, this is completely expected for a thriving city that’s equally as eclectic and diverse as the museums it houses. Also, if you are staying in Prague, you should check out our post about where to stay in Prague.

So grab a pint of freshly poured Czech beer and read on to find out more about the best museums Prague has to offer.


#1 – Národoní Muzeum – National Museum

History Museum

Photo credit - Prague-stay

Photo credit – Prague-stay

  • A natural museum, history museum, and theater 
  • Objects from the 10th century
  • Cost: 250 CZK (adults), 170 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 4 – 6 hours

With over 14 million items and artifacts, Prague’s National Museum is an impressive collection of Czech Republic’s history. The museum is separated into six smaller museums, covering all aspects from anthropology, medieval history, and even mineralogy and botany.

You could easily spend an entire day exploring every department the museum has to offer! There are also numerous rotating exhibitions that change each month. Národoní Muzeum dates back to 1818 and is set inside a stunning neo-renaissance palace atop Wenceslas Square.


#2 – Franz Kafka Museum

Biographical Museum

Photo credit - Atlasobscura

Photo credit – Atlasobscura

  • Small museum dedicated to Franz Kafka
  • Personal objects, books, and letters
  • Cost: 200 CZK (adults), 120 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Prague is known for giving the world numerous artists and writers, and Franz Kafka is no exception. At the Franz Kafka Museum, you find dive more into the life and impact of the writer himself.

Many of his first editions books are on display, as well as his diaries, manuscripts, and his personal letters. Although it may seem out of place, you can’t miss the David Černý statue outside of the museum. Once you see it, you’ll know why it’s appropriately named Piss.


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#3 – Židovské Muzeum (Jewish Museum)

History Museum

Photo credit - Prague

Photo credit – Prague

  • Jewish history in the Czech Republic
  • Withstood WWII
  • Cost: 350 CZK (adults), 250 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

With a history of over 100 years, Židovské Muzeum is a landmark institution in Prague. Located in four different synagogues, the museums include exhibits on both the history of Jews in Bohemia as well as artifacts for traditional Jewish customs and practices.

It also happens to be one of the largest museums not just in Prague but in the entire world with over 40,000 objects and 100,000 books. Besides visiting the Židovské Muzeum, you can also book tickets to tour Prague Jewish old town and synagogues.

After visiting the Jewish Museum, explore more of the neighborhood on a 3 hour guided walking tour.


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#4 – Muzeum Komunismu (Museum of Communism)

History Museum

Photo credit - Radiomuseum

Photo credit – Radiomuseum

  • Objects from the communist regime
  • Dioramas from life during the mid-1900s
  • Cost: 290 CZK (adults), 250 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

The Czech Republic may be a fairly new country, but its previous life as Czechoslovakia is steeped in history. At Muzeum Komunismu, you can learn all about the post World War II communist regime that changed and impacted the future of the country. Inside the museum, you’ll find artifacts, paintings, and photographs from this crucial turning point for the Czech Republic.

Dive even deeper into the Museum of Communism with a tour by a knowledgable guide! After you both visit the museum, the guide will also take you on a short walking tour of the city.


#5 – Sex Machine Museum

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - Fotostrasse

Photo credit – Fotostrasse

  • Worlds first and only museum of sex machines
  • Old erotic cinema on-site
  • Cost: 250 CZK (adults), 150 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Prague might be home to one of the most unique museums on the planet. And yes, that’s the Sex Machine Museum! Inside the museum, you’ll find objects, machines, and equipment that were built for erotic pleasure.

Although it’s not for the faint of heart, the museum is more educational than it seems at first glance. Some of the machines date back to the 16th century and were used in the Ancient world by royalty and prostitutes alike.


#6 – Národní Technické Muzeum (National Technical Museum)

Science and Technology Museum

Photo credit - Radiomuseum

Photo credit – Radiomuseum

  • One century of technological history
  • Electronics, transportation, and design
  • Cost: 220 CZK (adults), 100 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

You might not know a lot about Prague’s technological impact and advancements, but I guarantee you will after visiting the National Technical Museum! Funded by the engineering school, the museum includes exhibits on everything related to technology.

This means railways, industrial design, motorcycle manufacturers, and even a science and technology fine arts gallery. But most importantly, you won’t want to miss the 1911 aircraft that was designed by aviation extraordinaire, Jan Kašpar.


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#7 – Museum of Public Transport

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - Zlatapraharestaurant

Photo credit – Zlatapraharestaurant

  • 40 different carriages, buses, cars
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Cost: 50 CZK (adults), 30 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Automobile collectors and train lovers can’t miss their opportunity to visit the Museum of Public Transport in Prague. There are over 50 different vehicles that have been used one time or another throughout the city, including trolleys, trains, and antique cars. And, the best part about the vehicles? They’re all open, so feel free to climb inside and take some photos!


#8 – České Muzeum Hudby (Czech Museum of Music)

Music Museum

Photo credit - Meatspace

Photo credit – Meatspace

  • Art and design of musical instruments
  • Watch live musical performances weekly
  • Cost: 120 CZK (adults), 80 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Fans of classical, jazz and even popular music will love visiting the Czech Museum of Music in Prague. There are over 400 different instruments to view, from harps and violins to guitars and pianos.

You can even see a real piano that was played by none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself! Besides housing the instruments and objects, the museum also has an on-site theater, where you can purchase tickets to live music events.


#9 – Mucha Museum

Art Museum

Photo credit - Tresbohemes

Photo credit – Tresbohemes

  • See the infamous Four Arts Cycle
  • The only museum dedicated to Alphonse Mucha
  • Cost: 240 CZK (adults), 160 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Located near Wenceslas Square, the Mucha Museum celebrates the life and artistic works of local Czech, Alphonse Mucha. His beautiful art nouveau style has made an everlasting imprint on not just contemporary art, but on Czech culture as a whole.

There are seven different exhibits that walk you through the different styles and works of Muncha. You’ll find his early oil paintings, personal photographs, and even a documentary about his life.


#10 – Karel Zeman Museum

Cinematography Museum

Photo credit - Prague

Photo credit – Prague

  • Interactive cinematography museum
  • Explore the life and works of Karel Zeman
  • Cost: 250 CZK (adults), 160 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

For a truly out of the world experience, head to Karel Zeman Museum. Here, you can explore the life and the cinematic fantasy world of Karel Zeman, one of the Czech Republic’s most explorative filmmakers.

This interactive museum lets you see how movies and special effects are created behind-the-scenes. Jump in front of a real working green screen, learn about cinematic techniques, and take as many photos as you can! You’re the star of the show at Karel Zeman Museum!


#11 – Uměleckoprůmyslové Museum (Museum of Decorative Arts)

Art Museum

Photo credit - LifeStyle.Luxusni-bydleni-praha

Photo credit – LifeStyle.Luxusni-bydleni-praha

  • Everything dedicated to the arts
  • Dozens of rotating exhibits
  • Cost: 300 CZK (adults), 180 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 3 – 4 hours

If you want to learn more about Bohemian arts, stop by Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts. You’ll find every type of art under the sun here, like jewelry, textiles, fashion, decor, and graphic design.

Of course, there is also a traditional art gallery that showcases traditional Baroque and Renaissance art. And that’s just naming a few! The museum is also home to the largest art and design library in the country, with almost 2,000 books.


#12 – Apple Museum

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - TripAdvisor

Photo credit – TripAdvisor

  • Explore the life and vision of Steve Jobs
  • See rare computers and equipment
  • Cost: 230 CZK (adults), 180 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

No matter what side of the Mac vs. PC debate you’re on, you’ll still get a kick out of visiting the Apple Museum. The museum houses the largest collection of Apple-branded products in the world!

That means you can see almost 500 different objects from early computers to modern day iPhones – and everything in between. And you’ll come away with a little more information on the life and history of the one and only, Steve Jobs.

Purchase your tickets ahead of time in order to beat the crowds for the Apple Museum.


#13 – Museum Kampa

Art Museum

Photo credit - Czechtourism

Photo credit – Czechtourism

  • Czech and International artists
  • Located in beautiful Sova Mills
  • Cost: 250 CZK (adults), 130 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Showcasing the private collection of Jan V Mládek and Meda Mládek, Museum Kampa is a fascinating insight into contemporary art start in the 19th century. Although the majority of permanent exhibits focuses more on Czech artists like František Kupka andOtto Gutfreund, you’ll see plenty of world renown international artists on display.

The museum is also part of the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation, which promotes the education and research of art history.


#14 – Muzeum Kávy Praha (Prague Coffee Museum)

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - Prague

Photo credit – Prague

  • Production equipment of coffee
  • Delectable cafe with coffee and cake
  • Cost: 80 CZK (adults), 40 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

If you need a boost of caffeine during your trip, don’t head to any ole coffee shop! Check out the Prague Coffee Museum instead! Here, you can learn everything about the world’s most popular beverage starting from the bean planting and harvesting.

There’s also a vast collection of coffee brewing devices, such as grinders, pour-overs, and roasters. And of course, there’s a cafe inside where you can get your fill of this tasty drink!


#15 – Hrdličkovo Muzeum člověka (Hrdlička Museum of Man)

Natural History Museum

Photo credit - TripAdvisor

Photo credit – TripAdvisor

  • Skulls from humans a related species
  • Celebrity death masks
  • Cost: 40 CZK (adults), 20 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Funded by the Science Charles University, the Hrdlička Museum of Man uncovers nature’s most intriguing topic – human evolution. Although the museum is small, you’ll come away with a better understanding of human biological and physiological development.

Learn more about your own history and body by viewing the skeletal remains, skull collection, and many other bones and body parts found all over the world. Being surrounded by mummies and skeletons may sound spooky, but it’s a fascinating insight into the world of evolution.


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#16 – Letecké Muzeum Kbely (Kbely Aviation Museum)

Aviation Museum

Photo credit - Praguecityline

Photo credit – Praguecityline

  • Military jets and aircrafts
  • Soviet-era history
  • Cost: Free
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Let your imagination take flight at the Kbely Aviation Museum! Located at historic Kbley airport, you’ll find over 275 life-size aircrafts on display. And we’re not talking about your average commercial planes.

The museum has WWI and WWII fighter jets, military helicopters, and air force bombers. The hangars have one of the most complete and unique collections of aircrafts in the world. 10 of them are still used in production today!


#17 – Magical Cavern

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - Prague

Photo credit – Prague

  • Magical and colorful art paintings
  • Dream-like building and house
  • Cost: 70 CZK (adults), 50 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

If you take a walk through the Magical Cavern, you may feel like you’re wandering through a strange and bizarre hallucination! Local artist Reon Argondian built the museum in a three-story house (or has he calls it, the realm of Argondia) in the shape of a cave to display his 80 psychedelic paintings.

The paintings are worth seeing, but the cave itself is the real treat. Tree roots jet out from the floors, and the walls are angular and colorful. If you want, you can also take an alcoholic drink with you while you explore the world of Argondia.


#18 – Muzeum Miniatur (Miniature Museum)

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - TripAdvisor

Photo credit – TripAdvisor

  • Must use a microscope to view the art
  • Guinness Book of World Record winner
  • Cost: 130 CZK (adults), 70 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Big things do come in small packages! At the Miniature Museum in Prague, you can see one of the largest collection of micro-miniature figurines and scenes. But what exactly is micro-miniature art? Well, they are sculptures, designs, and figurines that you must view through a microscope in order to see.

The designs can be done on pieces of hair, grains of sand, or even on tiny threads. The 29 exhibits contain handmade and hand painted figurines from three different Czech artists.


#19 – Speculum Alchemiae

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - TripAdvisor

Photo credit – TripAdvisor

  • Excavated alchemy laboratory
  • UNESCO World Heritage building
  • Cost: 200 CZK (adults), 150 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

Channel your inner wizard or witch and visit one of the oldest alchemical laboratories at Speculum Alchemiae. The laboratory was used in the 16th-century by scientists and chemists who desperately tried to create healing elixirs so King Rudolf II could remain youthful.

If you take the underground tour, you’ll learn about the alchemistic history of Prague and even see original recipes of the concoctions they used to prepare!


#20 – Muzeum Piva (Beer Museum)

Specialty Museum

Photo credit - Prague

Photo credit – Prague

  • Beer tasting in a museum!
  • History of traditional Czech Beer
  • Cost: 280 CZK (adults)
  • Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

The Czech Republic is known for some of the cheapest and tastiest beer in all of Europe, so it’s no surprise that Prague has an entire museum dedicated to the delectable beverage. At the Beer Museum, you can learn about the history and production of traditional Czech Beer.

Of course, no visit a beer museum would be complete with a tasting at the end of the tour! You can even bottle your own beer for a one-of-a-kind souvenir.


#21 – Lego Museum

Toy Museum

Photo credit - Reddit

Photo credit – Reddit

  • Largest Lego Museum
  • History of the company and vintage Lego bricks
  • Cost: 250 CZK (adults), 180 CZK (reduced)
  • Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

Family and children of all ages will love a visit to Europe’s largest Lego exhibit, the Prague Lego Museum! With over 3,000 models and figurines of all sizes, you can see how artists and designers use legos to bring art to life.

There’s even a vintage exhibit where the parents can reminisce about the toys they used as kids! Besides the museum, the Lego Museum has an incredible toy store selling, you guessed it, Legos!

Make sure you get your 4 beers sample and the chance to bottle your own personalized beer with advanced tickets!


How many museums are in Prague?

There are many different types of museums within the city limits of Prague. While we don’t have an exact number of how many museums exist, we do know that there’s more than enough to keep you occupied and coming back to the Czech Republic!

How many free museums are in Prague?

There are a few museums that are free to visit in Prague. However, most museums charge some sort of entrance fee to get in. Some museums offer free entrance a few days out of the year. Check the website of the museum you’d like to visit for exact prices and days.

What are the hours of the museums in Prague?

Most museums in Prague open around 8 or 9 in the morning and close around 5 or 6 in the evening. It’s common for museums to host late hours, where they extend visiting times until the late evening.

What can I bring into Prague Museums?

Some museums allow photography, while others strictly prohibit any use of a camera or cell phone. You might also be required to check in or leave your large purse, backpack, or suitcase at the ticket booth before visiting some museums.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Those are just some of the many museums that Prague has to offer. Whether you’re interested in the rich and tattered history of Czechoslovakia or wanting to explore the bizarre, out of this world artistic culture, we’re sure you’ll find something that sparks your interest in Prague.

And while it might be difficult to peel yourself away from the monuments and landmarks, just realize that there is an entire world of culture and information tucked away amongst the narrow streets of Prague. Because if it’s unique and quirky, then Prague has a museum for it!

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