15 BEST Things to do in Prague [July 2019!]

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Prague is a must-visit European city filled with history, cobbled streets, and a truly underrated food scene!

You could spend weeks in this one city and never run out of new things to do, from niche museums to hidden restaurants, to hidden corners of the city away from the typical tourist haunts.

There’s almost too much stuff! How do you even choose what to pick?!?

Don’t worry. We are here to help.

Written by our expert-travel panel, this insider guide of the coolest things to do in Prague will show you everything you need to know. Looking for top attractions? Or how about some hidden local gems? Whatever your style and needs, this ultimate guide is here to help – no matter your budget!

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Here is our list of the absolute best things to do in Prague!

Some of them will definitely surprise you…

Things to do in Prague

Quick Answer – Best Things to Do in Prague


Fun Things to do in Prague

When passing through a city as exciting as Prague, you can be sure that you will never be bored, nor will you spend a long time looking for something to do. But just in case you’d rather arrive with an itinerary than wander the city in search of activities, we’ve got you covered for some of the most fun things you can do in Prague!

Top Fun Pick!

#1 – 3-Hour Walking Tour of Old Town & Prague Castle


Our top pick for fun things to do in Prague is the 3 hours walking tour of Old Prague

  • History
  • Walking
  • Views

Bring some comfy shoes and a bottle of water, because this walking tour is no joke! For three hours, you’ll be guided through some of the most famous sights in Prague’s Old Town and its castle grounds, such as the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge (where you can get some gorgeous shots of the cityscape and the river).

Over the bridge you go, and into the Prague Castle grounds, where the tour will finish with a history lesson on the castle and stories of the city. From the elevated grounds, you will be granted some of the most jaw-dropping views of the city.

What better way to end the tour than gazing out over the rust-coloured rooftops and church steeples of this magical city?

#2 – Half-Day Tour to Kutná Hora & Ossuary


  • Unusual
  • History
  • Architecture

You might want to have a strong stomach for this one!

Sometimes, the coolest things to see are a bit of a trek outside the city limits. On this half-day tour, travellers will be carted to Kutná Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where a medieval Bohemian town awaits you.

Sites such as the imposing St. Barbara’s Church, boasting late Gothic architecture sure to send excited shivers down your spine, will be part of your day here.

For those who take a liking to the outrageous and the gory, the Ossuary of the Cemetery will likely be a highlight of the trip for you! Here, you will see a chapel decorated quite intricately with thousands of human bones—some even artfully arranged to form furniture and décor such as a chandelier! 

#3 – Best of Prague by Foot and Bus, and 1-Hour River Cruise


  • Bus Trip
  • Boat Ride
  • Sightseeing

The best parts of Prague aren’t only in one place!

This walking tour incorporates both land and sea to bring you the best possible tour of the city you could ask for. Beginning with a walking tour, you’ll get to explore the landmarks that have put Prague on the map, such as Old Town, New Town, the Astronomical Clock, and the Jewish Quarter.

You will be told backstories and historical tales of each area to really soak in the feeling of timelessness that inhabits these magical places.

A bit of a break comes in the form of a riverboat cruise, where you can rest your feet as you take in the scenic city views as the boat cruises down the water.

With so much to see in a city like Prague, it’s no wonder that there are such wonderful walking tours to help travellers see as much as they can! 

Romantic Things to do in Prague

Romance is in no short supply, even in a city steeped in history. Here are the quiet cobbled streets of tucked-away cafés, intimate museums, and photogenic alleyways – all the elements that make a stroll arm-in-arm or a spur-of-the-moment date night an absolute must. But there are also a multitude of planned dates you can organize that will have you wistfully wishing you could stay forever!

Top Romantic Pick!

#4 – 3-Hour River Cruise With Dinner


  • Boat Trip
  • Romantic
  • Dinner

What better way to have a date night while travelling than a delectable 3-course gourmet dinner with your partner? Not to mention, you can indulge in each course as you cruise down the Vltava River.

Imagine sipping on a crisp, refreshing glass of wine as you gaze out at the city skyline, dotted with the twinkling lights of a town settling in for the night.

With a luxurious à la carte menu and soft piano music behind an evening of cozy conversation and panoramic views, this will probably set the bar pretty high for future date nights!

#5 – Konopiste Chateau Tour


  • Architecture
  • Photography
  • History

This next one is a perfect option for every kind of traveler: the history buff, the photographer, and the architecture lover. Konopiste Chateau is located a short, but very scenic, drive from the city centre of Prague, and boasts an impressive collection of tapestries, weaponry, antique furniture, art, and hunting trophies from its days as a hunting retreat.

Originally the residence of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination in 1914 spurred a chain of events that subsequently led to World War I, this hunting castle is made up of some seriously regal interiors. Some of which include red carpeting adorning the floors, endless suits of armor standing guard against the walls, and a lengthy hallway whose walls are populated entirely with antlers!

A unique date, to be sure, but ultimately unforgettable as you take in the incredibly unique site with your partner!

#6 – Classical Concert at St. George’s Basilica


  • Classical Music
  • Architecture
  • Romantic

Nothing says “date night” like a little live music!

The oldest church within the castle grounds, St George’s Basilica offers a stunning spot in which to sit back, get close together, and listen to beautiful classical music. With its vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, stone brick walls and symmetrical staircases, you’ve probably never had a date night in such a beautiful place.

Acclaimed musicians from the national symphonies and orchestras will present works by famed composers Pachelbel, Vivaldi, and Händel (and more!), filling the basilica with sounds of ancient melodies that will make you both feel as though you’ve stepped through a portal back in time. 

Things to Do in Prague with Kids

The family that travels together, stays together! Don’t let traveling with kids make you think your options for sights and activities are limited. In a place like Prague, there is tons of creative daytime fun that will not only keep your kids happy and entertained, but Mom and Dad too!

#7 – Old Town, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour


  • Unusual
  • History
  • Gruesome

While much of Prague’s claim to fame is in its castles, churches, city squares, and food, the reality of its past lies several stories below the streets; so get ready for a tour that allows you to explore an entirely different side of Prague (literally!).

Discover an intricate rabbit warren of rooms, corridors, and prison dungeons that sit quietly beneath Old Town, and learn about the life that existed at the time the city came to be.

If you’re into fascinating gruesome history, then don’t miss out on this. There’s even a torture chamber tour showing the different methods of torture devices that were available at that time in history! Morbid, but undoubtedly fascinating and sure to keep your kids engrossed.

#8 – Prague Aquapalace Water World and Sauna World


  • Water Activities
  • Spas
  • Relaxation

Sometimes, you just need a day of totally uncontrolled fun – and in this case, that means a waterpark!

Great for families traveling together, the Prague Aquapalace Water World is a day of fun just waiting to happen. The largest waterpark in Central Europe, the park offers a variety of water-themed activities for all, from white water rafting, to themed water zones, and even Finnish or Roman spas for those who just want to relax for the day.

Whether you prefer a zen-infused day of relaxation or a wild adventure in the water, get ready to get wet because this is a waterpark unlike any other.

#9 – Don Giovanni Traditional Marionette Show


  • Traditional
  • Puppets
  • Show

Puppetry might seem like a thing of the distant past when it comes to entertainment, but in today’s world it speaks of older and simpler times and provides insight into entertainment before the modern world emerged.

This performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni uses the traditional, very tall, javajka marionettes, dressed in their own period clothes, to weave an intricate story using only the puppets and original mechanical stage effects. The opera will be brought to life before your very eyes as you sit mesmerized by the movement of these intricate characters, and lose yourself in a story told by the master storytellers of the past.

Though it might not seem an obvious choice, this is a date night out that you definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

Free Things to do in Prague

While many things have admission fees or require a little investment, there are still a litany of things to do in any European city that won’t cost you a dime. Here are just three of the endless things you can do in Prague without opening your wallet!


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#10 – Visit the Lennon Wall


photo credits:romanboed (Flickr.com)

  • Art
  • Music
  • Pop Culture

This wall is probably now famous worldwide, thanks to Instagram!

What was once a normal stone wall has morphed into a wall of arful graffiti, beginning most notably with a large portrait of John Lennon. Over time, endless Beatles’ lyrics were added to the wall and it became a grievance between law enforcement and those who opposed them in favour of messages of love and peace.

Today, even though the wall is still in a state of constant change and new paint additions, it remains a wonderful and relatively quiet part of the city to snap some cool photos, and go for a walk.

#11 – Wander through Wallenstein Garden


photo credits:Prague.eu

  • Outdoors
  • Peaceful
  • Architecture

If you’ve been craving some greenery, along with a more serene place for some peace and quiet and find that cafés aren’t really your thing, then this is the spot for you.

Wallenstein Palace Gardens is a rare lush oasis within a city build with brick and stone. Gargantuan archways, gardens featuring fountains, bronze statues and vibrant green gardens and fruit trees, this is a paradise where Arabian opulence meets Mediterranean charm.

So this is definitely the place to grab an icy drink, and settle into total bliss…at least for a couple hours.

#12 – Visit the Church of our Lady before Týn


  • Architecture
  • Views
  • Culture

Standing resolute and towering stories above the highest point in the Old Town Square, this domineering structure is a staple of the city of Prague.

The Church of our Lady before Týn marks a must-visit, especially for fans of history or architecture (or both!). With her sharp spires, dark brick exterior and golden adornments, she is a Gothic masterpiece not afraid to hide and sparkle for her visitors.

The interior will give you a quiet place to think and reflect, or even just sit and rest your feet after a long day of city exploration.

Best Things to Do in Prague at Night

Like so many bucket list cities, Prague is a place that comes alive at night, with a personality that differs from her casual daytime vibes. Between world-famous bars, city streets alive with twinkling lights, and plenty of late-night restaurants for a laid-back evening, there’s something to do for everyone when the sun goes down in Prague!

#13 – Ghost and Legends 1.5 Hr Walking Tour


  • Quirky
  • Eerie
  • History

There’s just something about a haunting that most people can’t help but love, and there’s a fascination with that which we can’t explain.

On the Ghosts and Legends 1.5 hour walking tour, you will wander the quiet, eerily-lit streets of Prague and learn about the ghosts of its past, the secrets of its alleyways and the stories that have survived the passing of time.

Have you ever noticed the skeleton who stands on the Astronomical Clock? Tonight, you’ll find out their story, and so many more.

Bring a jacket, because you might just get goosebumps!

#14 – Prague Pub Crawl & International Party


  • Bars
  • Social
  • Beer

In a country known for its beer, how can you not do a pub crawl?

This is a great chance to mix and mingle, and meet other travellers who have come from far and wide to explore this incredible city. And when you embark on a pub crawl in Prague, you’ll always have a full glass – especially since, with each new bar on this pub crawl, you’re generously offered an on-the-house shot!

End the night at Karlovy Lázně, Prague’s largest club with 5 themes floors! Get ready for a crazy night of letting loose, because when it comes to drinks and fun, Prague is an expert.

#15 – Medieval Dinner with Unlimited Drinks


  • Themed Dinner
  • Unusual
  • History

It certainly seems like Prague is the city for those who want to immerse themselves in history and really get a sense of going back in time.

This incredible 3-hour experience will make you seriously feel like you’ve time traveled back to medieval times, especially with the endless menu options that all reflect the time period. Combine that with unlimited beer and wine, and you’re sure to feel like you were born in the wrong year.

So kick back, fill your belly, and spend the evening pretending you live in the distant past.

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Closing Thoughts on the Top Things to do in Prague

From architecture and art to quirky sights and historic hotspots, Prague is a visual treat. Throw in scenic cruises, captivating concerts and shows, family-friendly activities, ghost walks, and delicious dining and you’ve got a fabulously varied vacation.

What do you thing of our list of the top things to do in Prague? Let us know in the comments below 🙂


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