Wondering Where to Stay in Prague? [July 2019!]

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 Magical and majestic, Prague is a city that fills the dreams of travellers of all ages. From doe-eyed backpackers to old-school romantics, this charming and colourful city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe.

But with so many amazing areas and neighbourhoods you could stay in – how do you pick just ONE?

Don’t worry. That’s why we put together this insider guide for where to stay in Prague.

Our expert travel writers put together this list of neighbourhoods to help you find where to stay in Prague. No matter your age, interests or needs, this guide was designed to help you find where an awesome neighbourhood – and quickly!

Let’s jump right into it. Here are our top picks for where to stay in Prague. Some of them will absolutely surprise you…

Where to Stay in Prague

Table of Contents

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Prague

  • Where to stay in Prague first time – Old Town
  • Where to stay in Prague on a budget – Malá Strana
  • Best area to stay in Prague for nightlife – Nové Město
  • Coolest place to stay in Prague – Vinohrady
  • Best neighbourhood in Prague for families – Žižkov

Where to Stay in Prague

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Prague.

Best Budget Hotel in Prague – Old Prague House

Old Prague House

Old Prague House is the best budget hotel in Prague

Although there are heaps of budget hostels in Prague it’s difficult to find a private room for a budget price. Old Prague House is the best budget hotel in Prague and sits in the heart of Old Town. The staff are really helpful and the value for money here is incredible.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Prague – The ICON


The ICON is the best mid-range hotel in Prague

A little bit flashy and totally affordable, The ICON is the bed mid-range hotel in Prague. Ideally located in New Town, you can walk to the historical quarters within a matter of minutes. The rooms are bright, colourful and comfortable; all have a mini bar. Breakfast is included too!


Best Luxury Hotel in Prague –  Augustine a Luxury Collection Hotel

Augustine a Luxury Collection Hotel

Augustine a Luxury Collection Hotel is the best luxury hotel in Prague

No doubt about it, the best luxury hotel in Prague is Augustine. Set over the other side of the Danube to Old Town in Malá Strana, the Augustine offers guests complete luxury in the most authentic neighbourhood in Prague. All the rooms are homely, with a subtle sense of class.


Prague Neighbourhoods Guide


Prague is nothing short of magical – and this guide will help you figure out EXACTLY where you should stay

Prague is a timeless city, loved by all who visit. A special place that is high on the bucket list of backpackers on their inaugural interrail trip through Europe, a popular destination for lovers looking to relive their honeymoon romance and, of course, an ever-popular destination for stag parties and hen nights.

Attracting so many different types of travellers it is safe to say that Prague is a truly diverse city, that offers something new around every corner.

No trip to Prague would be complete without a visit to Old Town. This is the real heart of the city and whatever your style of travel, a visit to Old Town will help to give a sense of roundness, completeness to your trip to the Czech capital.

Once you have ticked off the astronomical clock, the Old Town Square and perhaps even the novelty Ice Bar, there is a whole heap of excitement waiting for you a little further afield.  Nové Město, Vinohrady and  Žižkov is just the start!

Hotel Jules Insider Tip

Take a leisurely stroll across iconic Charles Bridge to Mala Strana to enjoy a slower pace of life. Saunter from coffee shop to souvenir shop, stopping perhaps to sample some of the city’s famous absinthe, and be on your merry way once more.

Prague is an incredibly walkable city. This is, in fact, part of its charm. There is no need to rush anywhere. This is a 24-hour, city so take your time. Walking around Prague gives you time to admire, marvel and enjoy the incredible architecture (taxis are super cheap though!).

Prague’s 5 Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in

Now let’s take a look, in greater detail, at the best neighbourhoods to stay in Prague. Each is a little different to the last so be sure to check out which is right for you!

Neighborhood #1 - Old Town

(Where to stay in Prague first time)

Old Town, Prague

Old Town is our pick for where to stay in Prague for your first time

Old Town is the best place to stay in Prague if it is your first visit or you’re on a quick turnaround. This neighbourhood really is the beating heart of the city in all ways. Here you will find the majority of city’s iconic historical landmarks, where all those famous bars can be found and also some of the best restaurants too.

If you like a busy, bustling atmosphere you will feel right at home in Old Town. Don’t be fooled but the beautiful empty streets you see in the guidebooks, this place is pretty hectic the whole day through; then there’s the night too!

There is a real sense of romance to Old Town. Perhaps it’s the exquisite 14th-Century buildings, or perhaps it’s the quaint coffee shops that line the winding streets. There is a vibrancy to this ancient neighbourhood that fuels traveller’s passion to explore.

Top Things to Do in Old Town

  • Wander around Old Town Square. Snap photos, brush up on your history and sip coffee at the quaint cafes.
  • While in the square head to the Astronomical Clock at the coming of the hour to watch the magical machinery come alive.
  • Take a walk to the magnificent St Nicholas Church, one of the most iconic landmarks in the neighbourhood.
  • Cower beneath The Powder Tower, a 15th-Century city gate that was restored after the Battle of Prague.
  • Stroll across Charles Bridge, one of the most photographed spots in the city.
  • Take a boozy tour of the Beer Museum.

Where to Stay in Old Town

Best Budget Hotel in Old Town – Old Prague House

Old Prague House, Prague

Old Prague House is the best budget hotel in Old Town

Set in the very heart of the neighbourhood, Old Prague House is the best budget hotel in Old Town. Offering just 5-rooms this tiny hotel is about as cute and cosy as it gets. The staff are lovely and will help you with travel tips, tricks and directions too!


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Old Town – Hotel Clementin

Hotel Clementin

Hotel Clementin is the best mid-range hotel in Old Town

Hotel Clementin is the best mid-range hotel in Old Town and the whole place has been recently renovated. It’s the little touches that make Hotel Clementin so wonderful; who doesn’t love a complimentary bottle of wine in the room?! The cafe downstairs is super cute and has outdoor seating!


Best Luxury Hotel in Old Town – Old Town Square Hotel

Old Town Square Hotel

Old Town Square Hotel is the best luxury hotel in Old Town

Location wise, Old Town Square Hotel in the best hotel in Prague, full stop! As the best luxury hotel in Old Town, it’s in the heart of Old Town Square; right in the heart of the action. Every need is catered for and more. The rooms are gorgeous and the staff incredibly attentive.


Neighborhood #2 - Malá Strana

(Where to stay in Prague on a budget )

Malá Strana, Prague

Malá Strana is our pick for where to stay in Prague on a budget

Malá Strana is an almost perfect mirror image of Old Town, sitting on the opposite side of the River Danube. This is the best place to stay in Prague on a budget. Offering easy access to must-visit Old Town, Malá Strana offer travellers budget friendly accommodation, food and a whole heap of hidden gems.

There is a community feel to this neighbourhood. You’ll see locals going about their daily business as well as plenty of aimlessly wandering tourists. Many of the shops and cafes are locally owned and managed.

This side of town is a little hillier than Old Town and this is a great thing all-round. Not only does the incline help to keep you fit and burn off those sugary calories from the pints of Pilsner, but offers incredible views of the city! Walk up to Prague Castle and look out over the whole city. The look around and explore this breathtaking cathedral.

Top Things to Do in Malá Strana

  • Hike up to Prague Cathedral, walk around the grounds and step inside to marvel at the 20th-Century architecture.
  • Visit St Nicholas Church  (yes, there is one on each side of the Danube!), it took over 100 years to built and 3-generations of architects.
  • Learn about the life and works of famous Czech writer, Franz Kafka, at the Kafka Museum.
  • Take a leisurely stroll around the gorgeous gardens of Waldstein Palace.
  • Sunbathe and sip super cheap tinned beers at Vojanovy Sady park.
  • Challenge yourself and your travel buddies at the Elixir Mystery Real Escape Room.

Where to Stay in Malá Strana

Best Budget Hotel in Malá Strana – U Zlate Podkovy At The Golden Horseshoe

U Zlate Podkovy At The Golden Horseshoe

U Zlate Podkovy At The Golden Horseshoe is the best budget hotel in Malá Strana

Offering private rooms and affordable apartments, U Zlate Podkovy is the best budget hotel in Malá Strana. The apartments all feature a basic kitchen, lounge area and private bathroom. The pub downstairs is a great place to meet fellow travellers or grab a traditional meal in a relaxed environment.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Malá Strana – The Nicholas Hotel Residence

The Nicholas Hotel Residence

The Nicholas Hotel Residence is the best mid-range hotel in Malá Strana

Receiving top marks all round, The Nicholas Hotel is the best mid-range hotel in Malá Strana, unquestionably. The rooms are really lovely, with exposed wooden beams and cottage-like furnishings. There are studios available, complete with cosy lounge area. Breakfast is included and is hearty and wholesome.


Best Luxury Hotel in Malá Strana – Augustine a Luxury Collection Hotel

Augustine a Luxury Collection Hotel, Prague

Augustine a Luxury Collection Hotel is the best luxury hotel in Malá Strana

The Augustine is the best luxury hotel in Malá Strana. Offering modern rooms with neutral tones there is a homeliness to this 5-star seldom found in such esteemed establishments. All rooms have air-conditioning. The Augustine Restaurant and Refectory Bar have an outstanding menu and great cocktail selection.


Neighborhood #3 - Nové Město

(Best area to stay in Prague for nightlife)

Nové Město, Prague

Nové Město is our pick for the best area to stay in Prague for nightlife

Sitting immediately south of Old Town, and curling up around its north-westerly tip, much of Nové Město is often mistaken for being within the Old Town district. This is an unfair assumption as Nové Město is a busy, thriving and more importantly exciting neighbourhood all of its own. Nové Město is the best place to stay in Prague for nightlife for sure.

There are countless bars, pubs and clubs in Nové Město that serve cheap booze til the early dawn. Depending on your travel style, and your drinking style, there is a boozer to suit everyone.

Away from the nightlife scene, there is a heap of cultural gems to explore in Nové Město too. A whole heap of fun too. Who doesn’t love a game of mini-golf?! You and the crew can have a blast at the Prague Golf & Games Centre! Head to the riverside and hire a pedalo, lots of good old-fashioned fun to be had in Nové Město before you hit the bars!

Top Things to Do in Nové Město

  • Dance from dusk until dawn at Duplex Bar & Club, one of the most popular in Nové Město.
  • Get day drinking at Kayak Beach Bar after an early afternoon pedalo or kayak on the Danube River.
  • Laze the hangover away at the Botanical Garden of Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Imagine you’re in a paradise island under the sub-tropical foliage.
  • Perhaps double your beer money at Casino Ambassador
  • Try a great range of local brews at Vortex Pub

Where to Stay in Nové Město

Best Budget Hotel in Nové Město – Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square

Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square

Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square is the best budget hotel in Nové Město

Although there is a heap of cheap hostels in Nové Město, the best budget hotel in Nové Město is Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square. Offering uniform but modern and comfortable rooms, this Ibis hotel is a great budget option. There is a 24-hour front desk and no lock-out. Stay out as late as you like!


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Nové Město – The ICON

The ICON, Prague

The ICON is the best mid-range hotel in Nové Město

The ICON offers pretty impressive value for money, breakfast is always included. This hotel is the best mid-range hotel in Nové Město for sure. The rooms are modern, spacious and have a private ensuite bathroom. Reception is open 24-hours so you can come back as late as you like.


Best Luxury Hotel in Nové Město – Dancing House Hotel

Dancing House Hotel

Dancing House Hotel is the best luxury hotel in Nové Město

Dancing House is one of the most iconic modern architectural landmarks in Prague. Did you know that it is also a hotel? The Dancing House Hotel is the best luxury hotel in Nové Město. Offering spacious rooms with impressive city views, many rooms offer views of the picturesque River Danube.


Neighborhood #4 - Vinohrady

(Coolest place to stay in Prague)

Vinohrady, Prague

Vinohrady is our pick for the coolest place to stay in Prague. (photo credit: Flickr(

Vinohrady is the coolest area to stay in Prague, even the locals think so. Close enough to Old Town to be able to see the sights but far enough away to be considered ‘authentic’ Prague.  Vinohrady offers trendy travellers the opportunity to drink with locals, see a more alternative and edgy side of the city, and keep costs low too. Win-win, right?

Although Vinohrady is lacking in ancient architecture it certainly makes up for it in modern Czech culture. There’s a great selection of theatres in this neighbourhood of Prague showcasing some of the best grassroots talents in Eastern Europe.

With a strong student population there is always something happening Vinohrady, be it an open mic night, themed event at an alternative music nightclub or a game of football in the park. Sady Svatopluka Čecha is a popular hangout spot, especially in the balmy summer months. Bring a picnic, there is a  wonderful pastry shop on Slezská Street called Moment. Fill your boots!

Top Things to Do in Vinohrady

  • Bring a picnic and find some friends at Sady Svatopluka Čecha Park.
  • Shop til you drop at Vinohradsky Pavilion, a modern shopping mall featuring plenty of lifestyle shops.
  • Go wild at the Thrift Store on Budečská 893/13; go home with a whole new wardrobe.
  • Explore the National House of Vinohrady, this opulent house was built in 1894.
  • Catch a show at Theater U Hasiču or Vinohrady Theater, rarely in English but always incredible.
  • Sip Absinthe with local students at BarFly

Where to Stay in Vinohrady

Best Budget Hotel in Vinohrady – Arkada Hotel

Arkada Hotel

Arkada Hotel is the best budget hotel in Vinohrady

Boasting 4-stars and unrivalled affordability Arkada Hotel is the best budget hotel in Vinohrady. Just a few minute’s walk from the Main Railway Station, Arkada Hotel ticks all the boxes. The rooms are a little dated in their decor but are clean, tidy and bright. Breakfast is included too!


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Vinohrady – Residence Vocelova

Residence Vocelova

Residence Vocelova is the best mid-range hotel in Vinohrady

Offering 8-apartments Residence Vecolova offers you the chance to live like a local in Vinohrady. The apartments are modern, yet homely. All feature a cosy lounge area, private bathroom and basic kitchen facilities. Great for families or groups of friends travelling together. The outdoor terrace is a great chill-out spot.


Best Luxury Hotel in Vinohrady – Deminka Palace

Deminka Palace

Deminka Palace is the best luxury hotel in Vinohrady

With a selection of private rooms and spacious suites, Deminka Palace is the best luxury hotel in Vinohrady. Guests can make use of tours and travel desk. The lovely staff can help you to plan your whole itinerary in Prague. There is free WiFi throughout the hotel and all rooms come with a mini-bar!


Neighborhood #5 - Žižkov

(Best neighbourhood in Prague for families)

Žižkov, Prague

Žižkov is our pick for best neighbourhood in Prague for families (photo credit: Flickr)

The bright and trendy neighbourhood of Žižkov is the best neighbourhood in Prague for families. Although there are plenty of family-friendly hotels in Old  Town, there is something about Žižkov that just appeals to families that bit more. Perhaps it is the lack of crowds, the community feel, or the quieter nights, but Žižkov is great for travelling families.

Staying in Žižkov means that you have the opportunity to explore Prague like a local. Experience some of the best home-cooked food in the city and sip on local’s favourite beers.

For kids, there are a number of playparks where they can meet local kids and explore together. Parkuárka has a great playground that offers views of Old Town in the distance.

For some all round family-fun, you can book into ExitGamePrague. This Sherlock themed escape room offers affordable experiences in both Czech and English throughout the day.

Not just for families, Žižkov is another uber-trendy neighbourhood in Prague with a large student population. Authenticity-seeking backpacker will love this neighbourhood.

Top Things to Do in Žižkov

  • Bring the whole game to ExitGamePrague and solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes.
  • Take a picnic to Parkuárka and play the day away. Look out over Old Town, this is a great sunset spot.
  • Browse the impressive modern art collection at Galerie Toyen.
  • Shop like a local at the Farmer’s Market, take home some home-distilled spirits or chocolate treats.
  • Sample the cocktail collection at The Brutal Panda
  • Explore local cuisines at Restaurace Na Křižovatce

Where to Stay in Žižkov

Best Budget Hotel in Žižkov – Apartment Lucemburská

Apartment Lucemburská

Apartment Lucemburská is the best budget hotel in Žižkov

This is the best budget hotel in Žižkov for sure. Apartment Lucemburská offers guests spacious apartments complete with fully equipped kitchen, lounge area and private bathroom. Each apartment has air-conditioning, WiFi and a TV. The decor is modern, bright and the whole place is spotlessly clean.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Žižkov – Louren Hotel

Louren Hotel

Louren Hotel is the best mid-range Hotel in Žižkov

Set just south of the heart of the neighbourhood, the best mid-range hotel in Žižkov is Louren Hotel. Offering family rooms, or neighbouring rooms on request, they also have a babysitting service too. The staff are wonderfully accommodating and will go out of their way to ensure you have a great stay.


Best Luxury Hotel in Žižkov – Courtyard by Marriot

Courtyard Prague City

Courtyard Prague City is the best luxury hotel in Žižkov

Courtyard is the best luxury hotel in Žižkov and the best family-friendly hotel in Prague. They have all the amenities you could wish for plus a fitness centre and in-house restaurant. Courtyard has a babysitting service and family rooms available. They have outstanding levels of service and attention to detail.

Closing thoughts on where to stay in Prague

Prague is a diverse and exciting city. A timeless classic, it’s where you’ll find historic landmarks, charming streets, and exquisite beauty on every block. From great beer to dramatic ballets, there’s something for travellers of all styles and budgets.

For all there is to know about Prague, check out the 15 coolest things to do in Prague17 unbelievable hotels in Prague, and the 12 perfect day trips from Prague. Have you seen our ultimate guide to 131 things to do in Europe? Compiled by travel writers’, this epic article gives you a whole host of things to do in Europe. Some may surprise you!

To recap our travel guide; Vinohrady is the coolest neighbourhood in Prague thanks to its central location and alternative nightlife. It’s where you’ll find great food, friendly locals, and popular hangout spots.

Our top pick for where to stay in Prague is the ICON. Bright, colourful and comfortable, this mid-range hotel is centrally located and hosts a fantastic daily breakfast!

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below. Have a great trip!

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