21 BEST Tours in Dubrovnik [July 2019!]

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21 BEST Tours in Dubrovnik [[date]!]

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city in Croatia situated on the Adriatic Sea that has long been known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. This fortress city originally called Ragusa was established in the 7th century by refugees fleeing from Epiduaram. Dubrovnik’s long history makes it a fascinating walk through time as you visit its architectural marvels, dine on traditional Dalmatian cuisine and splash around in its crystal clear waters.

Now the famed filming location for Game of Thrones, its tourism industry is booming providing a multitude of options to discover the city and its surrounding regions. That means there is a tour specifically designed for whatever adventure suits your fancy. Here are some of the best tours you can find in Dubrovnik.

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#1 – Old Town and City Walls Walking Tour

One of the best walking tours in Dubrovnik!

Old Town and City Walls Walking Tour

  • Visit the city’s most interesting places and fortifications
  • Learn how the city reached prosperity
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 3 hours

Old Town and the city walls are the most iconic landmarks in Dubrovnik. Built in the 13th century the walls surrounding old town served as a defense for the city through many wars. During this tour, you will learn the sordid history of this city and how it became the most prosperous and advanced city of all the historic maritime republics.

Hear the stories of its inhabitants 1,400-year history, while marveling at Orlando’s Columns, the Franciscan Monastery, and D’Onofrio’s Fountain. You will be able to take in the stunning views of the city’s port and structures from atop the ancient walls.


#2 – Sunset Sea Kayaking Tour

A fantastic kayaking tour in Dubrovnik!

Sunset Sea Kayaking Tour

  • Sunset views over the Elaphiti Islands
  • Visit caves and favorite snorkeling spots
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 3 hours

You are sure to be awe-inspired as you take in a magnificent sunset from the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. During this tour, you will paddle from the Port of Pile in Old Town, under the city walls to the hidden cave beach of Betina.

Here you will be able to take a short break to swim or snorkel along the island’s coast. A trip to Lokrum Island will offer awesome exploration of its caves and on the way back, you will be offered a phenomenal view of the sunset over the Elaphite Islands.


#3 – Sunset Cruise with Dinner

Boat tours are great in Dubrovnik!

Sunset Cruise with Dinner

  • Cruise along in a 16th Century Karaka ship
  • Delight your tastebuds with Dalmatian cuisine
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 2 hours

There is nothing more alluring than a majestic sunset over the water. This relaxing tour will give you a front set to the magnificent colors as the sun sets over the city while you dine on traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

The historical Karaka ship will add to the romantic atmosphere as you glide through the waters soaking up panoramic views of the islands and the twinkling lights of the city at night. Let your senses take over as you take in the amazing sights, smells and tastes that this fantastic tour has to offer.


#4 – Full Day Total Game of Thrones Experience

The perfect tour for die-hard fans of Game of Thrones!

Full Day Total Game of Thrones Experience

  • Visit some of the most famous sites from the show
  • See oldest arboretums in that part of Europe
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 7 hours

In 2011 Game of Thrones made the decision to use Dubrovnik as their main site for shooting some of its most iconic scenes. On this tour, you will be treated to some of the most recognizable locations from the show.

You can stroll along the Walk of Shame, take over the Iron Throne and feel like royalty as you wander through the gardens of King’s Landing. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones this tour is the most comprehensive guide to make you feel like you are a part of the show.


#5 – Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Tour

A great full day tour!

Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Tour

  • Travel along the beautiful coast of Croatia
  • Marvel at the views of the tufa cascades
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 10 hours

Mostar is a unique historic town in the southern region of Bosnia Herzegovina that offers interesting intermingled cultures between multiple religious groups.  During this tour, you will see what makes this small town a jewel in its nation. Walk along the cobblestone streets of the bazaar admire the stunning 16th-century mosque, and enjoy authentic dishes from the wonderful local restaurants.

Once you have become familiar with the city you will be guided to the gorgeous Kravice waterfalls and tufa cascades along the Trebizat River.  This amazing full day tour will leave you feeling fully immersed in this fascinating region.


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#6 – Culinary Getaway & Lokrum Island

The perfect tour for foodies!

Culinary Getaway & Lokrum Island

  • Get a taste for some local dishes from the top 3 restaurants
  • Learn of local legends and curiosities
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 4 hours

When you are getting to know a new area, the best way to start is through the food. This tour will guide your taste buds through a culinary journey of both traditional and modern cuisines. You will visit the top 3 restaurants in old town while you listen to the stories that brought the dishes to existence.

You will get to visit the green market where your fresh produce was handpicked before ending up on your plate. Learn how the fresh seafood is procured from the Adriatic Sea and end on Lokrum Island to enjoy dessert surrounded by peacocks and bunnies.

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#7 – Montenegro Day Trip from Dubrovnik

The best tour discovering the natural beauty of the region!

Montenegro Day Trip from Dubrovnik

  • Impeccable views of the Montenegro coast
  • Dive into the past of the historic towns Kotor and Budva
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 11 hours

A short hour drive outside of Dubrovnik and you will find yourself in the wondrous natural beauty of Montenegro. Enjoy your trip along the Croatian and Montenegro coast before stopping to take in the views of the old city, a UNESCO historic world heritage site. From here you will continue on stopping at multiple charming towns while uncovering their histories.

You take in the gorgeous views from the famous St. Stefan’s peninsula before ending your leisurely road trip at Budva, the hub of Montenegro tourism. Here you will be amazed by the beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious structures that reside within the city limits.

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#8 – 1- hour Buggy Safari Tour

A great adventure tour for outdoor lovers!

hour Buggy Safari Tour

  • Visit rarely seen wilderness just outside the city
  • Discover the typical Dalmatian ranch lands
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

Just outside of Dubrovnik’s old town lies the amazing landscape of hills, fields and pine woods of Srd Hill. Through this tour, you will be driven by buggy through these landscapes and traditional ranches to uncover various wildlife and hilltop fortresses of old rarely seen by tourists.

This safari will is a fun way to get a better idea of what is like for Croatian citizens outside the city walls of Dubrovnik. For added beauty you can schedule your tour at the time of sunset to get an even more stunning experience.


#9 – Wine Tasting Tour from Dubrovnik

A fantastic tour for wine enthusiasts!

Wine Tasting Tour from Dubrovnik

  • Relaxing drive to the Peljesac peninsula
  • Taste test globally renowned wines from multiple wineries
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 6 hours

A couple of hours away from Dubrovnik lies the Peljesac peninsula which is a hotspot for internationally recognized wineries. During this tour, you will be able to try a variety of award-winning wines paired perfectly with traditional foods in an outstanding seaside atmosphere.

You will be taught the traditions of how your favorite wines are produced and get the freshest taste possible, sampling straight from the barrel. This tour will guide you three of the most popular wine producers in the area, learning, and sampling the whole way through. Afterward, you can wind down further as you take the scenic drive back to your hotel.


#10 – Market Cooking Experience with Wine Tasting

The perfect tour to bring out your inner chef!

Market Cooking Experience with Wine Tasting

  • Hands-on culinary session with wine
  • A drive through the Dubrovnik countryside
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 7 hours

This is an amazing tour for those looking to increase their culinary expertise while learning to cook like a local. It starts with a walk through the delicious smelling Market in Gruz, while you look over the fresh produce and sweet fruits that you will use to make your meal.

Get to know the local merchants and get tips on how to make a traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Afterward, you will resign to a traditional farmhouse where an expert chef will guide you through whipping up a decadent Croatian dinner while you sip on wine and enjoy the views of the surrounding hillsides.


#11 – Round Trip Cable Car Tour

A tour with some of the best views in Dubrovnik!

Round Trip Cable Car Tour

  • Take in stunning panoramic views from 405 meters above sea level
  • Easy forest trail hike
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: valid 1 day

Located an easy 5-minute walk from old town, the cable car station waits to take you to the best views in all of Dubrovnik. Once you disembark, you will be guided up 405 meters above sea level for panoramic views of the city, islands and Adriatic Sea.

Once you reach the top, you will be delighted with a number of tourism activities such as forested hiking, panoramic restaurant, souvenir shop and the Museum Dubrovnik which tells the tale of the Homeland War of 1991-1995. This is a fun tour option for people of all ages that want to get the most out of their trip to Dubrovnik.


#12 – Elafiti Islands Day Cruise

A perfect boat cruise!

Elafiti Islands Day Cruise

  • Sail to three different islands  
  • Visit the local fishing villages
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 9 hours

Sail through history aboard this unique ship that will transfer you to three different Elafiti Islands. Enjoy the gorgeous pine forests that cover the island of Kolocep. Explore a 16th-century villa on the island of Sipan. Learn about the long naval traditions of Lopud and hear the tales of its famous captains and sailors.

And after discovering these beautiful islands history have a relaxing lunch and sunbath on one of Lopud’s many beautiful sandy beaches. This tour is the best way to explore these islands and uncover the history that has allowed them to thrive.


#13 – Night Walking Tour

An awesome walking tour in Dubrovnik!

Night Walking Tour

  • Discover the magnificent architecture of the illuminated landmarks
  • Stroll along the most well-preserved street in the old town
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1.5 hours

Dubrovnik comes alive at night as it’s fascinating historic structures are light up against the stark black sky. Here you will begin at the Pile Port as you take in the views of the moonlight twinkling against the gentle waves of the sea. Walk along the paths of the ancestral inhabitants as you are guided down Stradun Placa, the oldest most well-preserved street within the city.

Enjoy the stories of the old fort and understand Dubrovnik’s culture better through tales of local behavior and social life. You will be amazed by at the beautiful architecture of Dubrovnik’s most iconic landmarks that come to life in the night.


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#14 – A Story About the War Walking Tour

A fantastic tour for history buffs!

A Story About the War Walking Tour

  • Learn about the Balkan Peninsula’s troubled past
  • Hear about the effects of war from ancient to modern history
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Balkan Peninsula was considered the “restless corner of Europe”. They were plagued with conflict that many found difficult to understand. During this tour you will learn the history that brought about these troubles and how it affected the community within Croatia and Dubrovnik.

While strolling through old town you will hear real-life stories of the citizens during the fighting and gain a stronger understanding of the nation from ancient to modern times.  This tour lays many misconceptions to waste while giving you a stronger understanding about Dubrovnik and its inhabitants.


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#15 – Folklore Show in Konavle

A great tour to discover folklore culture!

Folklore Show in Konavle

  • Traditional folklore dancing
  • Visit the village of Cillipi and wander its local shops
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 3 hours

Folklore is so much more than the stories passed through the generations. It is the culmination of all of life’s phenomena and traditions that are handed down. During this trip to Konavle, you will get a feel for the folklore of the region and you pass in and out of the small village of Cillipi’s shops and boardwalks.

Feel the traditional mixed with the modern as you sample the local cuisine and watch the traditional folk dances in the square. This experience will make you feel like you are a part of a different time through the folklore of its residents.


#16 – 1- Day Scuba Diving Tour

An awesome water tour!

Day Scuba Diving Tour

  • 2 dives in the majestic Adriatic waters
  • Receive your scuba diving certificate
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 1 day

The Adriatic Sea is filled with a rich marine life and spectacular corals just below the surface. This experience will give you the opportunity to see it up close and personal. You will learn from an expert instructor before you dive below the depths to discover the beautiful world below.

This tour includes two separate dives in different areas to give you the most out of your experience, and you will end with confidence as you gain your scuba diving certificate. All people over the age of ten with every skill level are invited to enjoy this truly unique marine experience.


#17 – Private Tour to the Konavle Valley

A phenomenal private tour!

Private Tour to the Konavle Valley

  • Experience the culture, history and domestic produce of the region
  • Travel in a modern vehicle with free Wi-Fi
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 6 hours

This tour is the perfect combination of luxury and history.  A knowledgeable guide transports you through the countrysides outside of Dubrovnik while filling you in with tales of the region and the small towns you will be encountering on this trip. You will be amazed by the natural highlights, be offered the best photo opportunities, and visit picturesque places like the spring of the river Ombla and Mt. Srd.

You private guide will escort you through historic city centers while giving you the history of each place before being whisked once again in your luxury car to some of the most important cities and ruins in the region.


#18 – Secrets of Dubrovnik

The best tour for getting off the beaten path in Dubrovnik!

Secrets of Dubrovnik

  • Uncover the hidden gems and secrets of Dubrovnik
  • Learn the history behind the sites from a knowledgeable guide
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

Every city houses secrets, and during this tour, you will learn of Dubrovnik’s. Here a knowledgeable guide will escort you on an hour-long tour pointing out the various monuments and attractions will fill you in on their history and hidden secrets few other travelers get to hear.

This tour is both scenic and exciting as you walk the streets of Dubrovnik learning about the less discussed tales of the regions past and present as told from a locals perspective. You won’t want to miss this tour if you love getting off the beaten path and hearing about what really makes a city tick.


#19 – Private Tour of National Park Plitvice

A great tour for nature lovers!

Private Tour of National Park Plitvice

  • Be mesmerized by the beautiful waterfalls
  • Learn about the varied plants and animals that call Plitvice home
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 12 hours

Plitvice National Park is both the first and largest park in all of Croatia. Named after the Plitvice lakes that are the unique staple that makes this park so special, this park holds beauty that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The 16 lakes connect to a number of cascading waterfalls and Travertine Barriers that were created over a period of about 10,000 years. Your local guide will take you through the park informing you of the wildlife and making sure you see the best sites that the park has to offer.


#20 – Sunset Hike and Gourmet Picnic

A phenomenal tour for hiking enthusiasts!

Sunset Hike and Gourmet Picnic

  • Climb to the top of Srjd Mountain
  • Delicious dinner on a ridge overlooking the city and surrounding islands
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 4 hours

This spectacular hiking tour is a must do in Dubrovnik. Here, you will 1.5 hours hiking to the top of Srdj Mountain where you won’t be disappointed by the bird’s eye view of the region. You will get views from the entire coast of Montenegro to Bosnia Herzegovina on the other side.

After you have worked up your appetite, you will be treated to a pres-set gourmet meal as you stare over the ridgeline and take in the sight of the setting sun over the Adriatic Sea. A truly magnificent way to spend a day in Dubrovnik.


#21 – River Tara Rafting in Montenegro

A phenomenal water adventure tour!

River Tara Rafting in Montenegro

  • Pass through the longest canyon in Europe
  • A thrilling full day of rafting down the River Tara
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 13 hours

Adventure and natural beauty await you on this amazing rafting tour. Starting at the rafting camp on the banks of the River Tara you will be given safety instructions while eating a traditional Montenegrin breakfast. Then you will hop on the raft that will usher you down the river and through natural wonders such as the Tara River Gorge, the second largest canyon in the world.

You will get to see waterfalls and wild springs as you rush along the river, stopping every once and while to take a break and have a leisurely swim.  



How do I book a tour in Dubrovnik?

Many tour companies offer multiple ways to book, whether by phone, in person or online. Our favorite is booking online through getyourguide.com, as it allows you to schedule in advance so you don’t miss out when the tours are full or hassle with long lines.

How much do tours in Dubrovnik cost?

Due to the recent tourism boom and relatively low cost of living in Dubrovnik most day tours are surprisingly cheap generally ranging from $20-$50. The more in depth private tours or those that take you far outside the city are going to be more expensive running around $200-$300.

How long do tours in Dubrovnik last?

Dubrovnik offers many full and half day tours that let you discover the regions outside of the city. These will generally last 8-12 hours depending on where you are going to explore. However, the walking tours within the city are much shorter and usually last between 1-3 hours.

What should I pack?

You will definitely want to pack a bathing suit and other swimming gear as much of your visit will be spent by or in the water. However, you want to be aware of the weather at the time you intend to visit as it can be pretty chilly in the colder months.


Dubrovnik is a magical city with 1,400 years of history to explore. It’s beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes and delicious Dalmatian cuisine are just some of the pieces that will amaze you during your trip. There is so much to explore both within the city as well as its surrounding regions, you will never have a lack of things to do.

This fortress coastal town houses so many spectacular adventures, fascinating folklore, and mixes of cultures, it is easy to see why people are now flocking to its phenomenal shores.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next trip and uncover all of the beauty and history that Dubrovnik has to offer!

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