10 BEST Places for Shopping In Berlin [January 2020]

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Germany’s capital, Berlin, has transformed into a liberal, international and cosmopolitan paradise that largely appeals to youth-  despite its unsettling past. This is due to its thriving fashion, nightlife, and creative industries!

What we particularly love about shopping in Berlin, Germany, is its cost-efficient nature. Nothing is overpriced and you get ant value for your spending.

Yet, where do they get these fashionable items from? Surely they don’t order them online. In fact, Berlin has one of the greatest shopping experiences worldwide. And its clothing ranges are extremely diverse. The department stores Berlin has to offer are to be admired too!

Best Places to Stay for Berlin Shopping

The large city is dispersed with many different shopping outlets, be it malls or department stores. This means that in virtually any area of Berlin, you’ll be able to find a decent store without hassle, and within walking distance too.

Yet, there are specific areas that are esteemed for having the finest shopping experience, as well as high-grade and famous clothing stores. The avenue of Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s largest retail area, spanning a total of 20-hectares, is where we’d suggest you stay close to!

What’s more is that at the end of the shopping boulevard, you’ll reach Bikini Berlin. This is also another luxury haven for Berlin shops, so you’ll be in the best shopping area in the city!

Here are some of the best accommodation choices for shoppers in Berlin.

#1 – Selina Berlin West

Best Budget Hotel in Berlin

Selina Berlin West

Selina Berlin West is our pick for the best budget hotel in Berlin

If shopping is what you came to do in Berlin, and you want your money to be saved for those desired items, then Selina is your best bet!

Situated only 200m away from the renowned Kurfurstendamm, this Art-Nouveau themed hotel even has a restaurant, bar and 24-hour reception.

And, it’s all extremely well-priced for those who wish to save money on accommodation and rather explore the entire day.


#2 – Kurfürst am Kurfürstendamm

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Berlin

Kurfürst am Kurfürstendamm

Kurfürst am Kurfürstendamm is our pick for the best mid-range hotel in Berlin

The name says it all here! Just a few paces away and you’re at the city’s most popular boulevard. With an extensive and scrumptious breakfast buffet that is provided every morning, this hotel really gives guests great value for money.

What’s more is that this hotel is pet-friendly, which is ideal for those who simply can’t separate from their animal lovers!

Each room is also adorned with a flat-screen TV and lots of space to unwind in after a long day of shopping (and to keep all the packets you’ll have!).

#3 – Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Best Luxury Hotel in Berlin

Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Waldorf Astoria Berlin is our pick for the best luxury hotel in Berlin

This elegant, chic and ultra-modern hotel is also situated in close proximity to the shopping boulevard, in Western Berlin. It contains 31 floors and this means that each floor in this high-rise building has magnificent views that overlook the city.

Our favorite characteristics of this high-end hotel are the rejuvenating Guerlain spa and pool, gym and Mediterranean restaurant! It even has a stylish bar to celebrate the end of a successful shopping day.

Berlin Shopping Guide – Best Shopping in Berlin

Berlin’s size is to be admired. It is 9 times larger than Europe’s other shopping-hub, Paris and actually has more canals than Venice and Amsterdam! This means that the shopping lifestyle here is plentiful, and that the Berlin shopping malls are colossal.

Read below for our favorite, diversified picks for where to shop in Berlin (in no particular order)

#1 – Mall of Berlin

Mall of Berlin

Mall of Berlin

Flocks of people head to this mall, a prototype for the city that only opened in 2014! Boasting over 300 stores, this modernistic yet simple mall is one that you certainly don’t want to miss!

Its central location in Mitte grants tourists and locals alike with convenience as it is also in close proximity to the major transport modes.  Its roof is glass.

There is no shortage of luxury stores here, with international chain stores interspersed throughout the center. Some top-picks are Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld and Armani! But we also love its massive food court on the second floor.

Yet, what we particularly love is the cheerful energy that circulates in the center! This is because every day, at 18:00 pm, the center has varied dance workshops at no cost!

Insider Tip: buy the Berlin Tourist Card, which permits you with discounts between 25%-50% at 200 shops in the mall! You can purchase it on the first floor of the mall.

  • Location: Leipziger Pl. 12
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00, Monday to Saturday

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#2 – Kurfürstendamm


Kurfürstendamm (Photo credit – theculturetrip)

If designer and high-end brands are what you’re after, then you’ll never want to leave this 53-meter Western-Berlin shopping paradise! It’s one of the most famous streets in the entire city. This boulevard is characterized by almost 4-kilometers of flagship stores, including Versace and Gucci.

Outdoor shopping has never felt so elegant! However, this is exactly what adds to its charm and flare. In the winter, when the snow covers the city, this broad thoroughfare is extremely picturesque!

And in the summer, the simple act of walking in an open space and not being confined by walls or a roof will add some relief to your shopping experience.

More colloquially referred to us Ku’Damm by the locals, this shopper’s oasis also has lovely German street cafes and restaurants to take a break during your spree.

Yes, the luxury stores are all located here, and don’t apply to everyone’s budget. Yet, we still recommend you to at least window-shop here and gain the experience.

  • Location: Kurfürstendamm
  • Opening Hours: The street is always accessible to visitors, but the shops are predominantly open between 10:00-20:00 Monday to Saturday

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#3 – Humana Kaufhaus

Humana Kaufhaus

Humana Kaufhaus (Photo credit – www.humana-second-hand.de)

Humana is a vintage and second-hand retail chain outlet that is a favorite among locals. Their objective is to sell sustainable clothing items at a low price – this is ideal for hipster shopping!

Berlin possesses 16 different Humana stores, yet the largest one brags having 5 spacious floors to explore for any desired clothing item! This means that you’ll never be too far from a Humana store wherever you are in the city.

The outlet brands themselves as having ‘first-class second-hand’ products due to their well-maintained items. Yet, they don’t only sell clothing, household items can be found here too!

So who knows, maybe you could decorate your home in a chic manner, for a cheap price. Here, you’ll find the sweetest textiles for sale such as unique table-cloths and curtains.

  • Location: Frankfurter Tor 3
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00, Monday to Saturday

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#4 – Kaufhaus des Westen

Kaufhaus des Westen

Kaufhaus des Westen

Typically abbreviated to KaDeWe, this massive international department store contains roughly 6-hectares of shopping space! It lures and gains almost 50 000 customers daily, and is said to be Europe’s second-largest department store, following Harrods in London.

It’s so popular among tourists and locals that you can even purchase a loyalty card that is available in Premium, Superior or Royal privileges.

You’ll even get invited to pre-sale events to have a first look at some of the most sought-after items. For each Euro spent, you retrieve one point to your loyalty card, so get spending!

The items sold consist of clothing for kids, men and women as well as cosmetics, as well as household items. And, due to its colossal size, it has some of the finest food places too.

You’ll have to trek to the sixth floor to get there, but it will be worth every second spent on that elevator! Take-away options are also available.

Insider Tip: If you plan to go here during Christmas, note that customer intake doubles to almost 100 000 people on the 25th! So be sure to arrive early.

  • Location: Tauentzienstraße 21-24
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00, Monday to Saturday

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#5 – Mauerpark Flea Market

Mauerpark Flea Market

Mauerpark Flea Market (Photo credit – afar.com)

Occurring every Sunday morning, this massive market is ideal for a full-day experience as it offers so many different options! There are abundant food stalls throughout the market that all cater to different pallets.

Along with the food stalls, there are clothing, jewelry as well as arts and crafts stalls! The wide range and array of items on sale make this flea market one that requires an entire day dedicated to it!

It is also a lovely alternative for an activity to do on a Sunday/morning when most shops are closed in the city. The stalls at the flea market are all operated by private salesmen and women.

And just like the Mall of Berlin, this flea market isn’t any typical market – it attracts a huge crowd due to its hosting of a karaoke session that takes place in the afternoon!

  • Location: Bernauer Street 63-64
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00, every Sunday

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#6 – Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin (Photo credit – www.stilinberlin.de)

If you go to Kurfurstendamm, then you’ll certainly pass this shoppers paradise too! But it definitely deserves its own mention because it offers an entirely separate shopping experience.

It’s regarded as a conceptual shopping mall, and the objective is to provide locals and tourists with an upmarket central hub. This center has some of the coolest shops in Berlin!

The Berlin stores contained here are spacious, new and distinct from one another. They each offer the customer a different experience entirely. Some include Scotch & So

The mall also holds art exhibitions and fashion events on a regular basis, each with a different motif and theme. But what we particularly love is the Kantini – an advanced food market that recently opened in 2018, which isn’t your typical food court.

Rather, you’ll indulge in almost 15 different nationalities’ cuisines and embark on a gastronomic journey, after (or during) your extensive shopping spree.

  • Location: Budapester Street 38-50
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00, Monday – Saturday

#7 – Arkona Platz Market

Arkona Platz Market

Arkona Platz Market (Photo credit – TripAdvisor)

Centrally positioned in Berlin’s Mitte, this miniature version of Mauerpark Flea Market should definitely be visited too!

Fresh produce is served here, along with other market stalls. Despite the cold, in the winter this market does not close! Rather, it caters to visitors with different stalls selling hot meals such as fish soup. It takes place all year!

This market is one of the more upscale ones, where the items you’ll be buying will be neatly stored and well-maintained.

You’ll be able to buy anything here, ranging from antiques to leather shoes, to homeware! Its smaller size allows for this to be a morning, lunch-time or afternoon experience because you won’t need too much time exploring here, because everything is compact!

  • Location: Arkonaplatz, 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-16:00, every Sunday

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#8 – Hackesche Höfe/Market

Hackesche Höfe/Market

Hackesche Höfe/Market (Photo credit – gettyimages.com )

This stunning courtyard complex that is centrally located in Berlin’s Mitte, is a fantastic alternative to mainstream shopping! With eight courtyards that are unified in a labyrinth, this architecture resembles the scarce Art Nouveau building design in Berlin.

Presently, it has become the site of leisure and cuisine for locals and tourists. With its red-brick facade buildings that arch over the market stalls and outdoor seating, you’ll be transported into a totally different world here!

Young Berliner designers are promoted in the shops here, so be sure to support them.

There are many street vendors in the courtyard square selling different items, as well as pop-up stalls. These are all accompanied by vibrant bars and restaurants. And to enhance the great and lively energy, there are often street performances here!

But what we most love about this market is its convenience – it is located in close proximity to the S-Bahn railway!

  • Location: Am Zwirngraben 2, 10178
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00, Monday to Saturday

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#9 – Alexa Berlin

Alexa Berlin

Alexa Berlin (Photo credit – passionfruit)

One of the only malls to be open every day of the week, Alexa is perfectly located in the bustling and busy area of Alexanderplatz. There is a wide range of stores here, from pharmacies to high fashion stores!

It is relatively new, due to its opening in 2007. It also spans an area of 3-hectares and has a total of a whopping 180 stores!

So, you’ll surely find anything and everything you’re searching for here, because it is one of Berlin’s largest shopping malls, which comprises of 5-storeys.

There are also different food shops in the food-court, most of which are fast-food outlets, including a vegan fast-food store!

In 2019, the mall began to open stores at selected times on Sundays, an innovative move for stores in Berlin which are predominantly closed on Sundays.

  • Location: Grunerstraße 20, 10179
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00, Monday to Saturday, 13:00-18:00 Sundays

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#10 – Maybachufer Turkish Market

Maybachufer Turkish Market

Maybachufer Turkish Market (Photo credit – www.urban75.org)

Yes, we’ve recommended you go to a few markets already, but if the others didn’t tickle your fancy, what about an outdoor one on the river? And where you feel as if you’re in a bazaar in Turkey? Well, then you’ll have a blast here.

It’s a street market that sells the finest and tastiest spices and fresh produce. It occurs every Tuesday and Friday, irrespective of the weather!

Household decor is also sold there and while you’re doing your shopping you’ll be right on the banks of the beautiful Landwehr Canal. Also, the Turkish cuisine here is incredible!

  • Location: Maybachufer, 12047
  • Opening Hours: 11:00-18:30, every Tuesday and Friday

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Staying Safe in Berlin Malls

Fortunately, Berlin does not pose any threats to travelers, yet this does not entail that travelers should not be vigilant. Pickpocket thieves here thrive just as in any other European city. They tend to prey on tourists in busy areas, which would encompass a shopping mall, and flea market.

So you should always ensure that your valuables are securely stored whether on yourself or in a bag. We suggest putting the bag on your chest when walking through extremely crowded areas. Berlin clothing stores should not be ruled out for crime occurrences either; always ensure your belongings are safe.

Also, be sure to find out the opening and closing hours of the stores you visit to avoid hassle and possibly getting lost. Check above for the opening hours of our suggested stores and malls.


Final Thoughts on Berlin Shopping

There’s a reason why Berlin is so loved among tourists, and its locals. Its diversity in every faculty of life is admirable, and this is evident in its shopping lifestyle!

Here, you are afforded with a distinct range of places to shop, whether it be in the city’s enormous shopping centers such as Alexa or at the riverside Turkish Market, you’ll definitely find items of the best quality here.

And, whether you only buy designer brands of the highest standard, or you choose to save money on a tight-budget by thrift-shopping at department stores, Berlin includes all your needs and wants. And, you’ll land up looking super stylish after shopping at any of these stores!

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