13 BEST CLUBS in Berlin [October 2019]

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Some go on holiday to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some go on vacation to learn about different cultures and meet new people, while others go on holiday to party the nights away!

If you’re a party animal traveling to Berlin, you’re sure in for a treat! The nights are filled with activity, so you’ll never be alone with your want-to-boogie vibe all night. You’ll get the chance to experience some of the top clubs in Berlin while exploring the Berlin nightlife scene.

There is a club for everyone’s taste! So here are some of our all-time favorite clubs (Berlin)!

Best Nightclubs in Berlin

Since the Berlin Wall came down, there’s been a cultural explosion that led to the development of many nightlife scenes, including many night clubs in Berlin. Being the partying capital of Europe, we assure you that Berlin doesn’t disappoint! Here are a few of our favorite Berlin nightclubs!

#1 – Berghain


Berghain (Photo credit – discotech.me)

The Berghain nightclub is celebrated as one of the best in the world, and an absolute must-visit for any party animal spending time in Berlin! It has a hedonistic vibe that draws thousands of clubbers every weekend to party until the sun comes up!

The nightclub is known amongst the rich and famous, and although the club is anything but glamorous – celebs like Lady Gaga have been spotted entering Berghain.

The club is located in a former powerplant and has a minimalist design with plenty of exposed concrete.

There is a strict policy about no photos or filming inside the club, so you’ll have to wait and see what lies install for you at a night at the Berghain. Be prepared to wait over an hour at the door before getting in as the lines are always part of the experience! All of this makes Berghain one of the best clubs Berlin has for party animals.


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#2 – Trade


Trade (Photo credit – Trade)

Trade is a happening spot in Berlin that attracts great crowds. It’s a traveling nightclub that is found in a different location every weekend, making it new and exciting every time!

There are a few local DJs that play on rotation, but often international acts show up to blow the crowd’s minds. If you’re looking for a unique nightclub experience in Berlin, Trade is sure to provide just that!

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#3 – Body snatch

Body snatch

Bodysnatch (Photo credit – Bodysnatch)

Bodysnatch is known in Berlin as the club that brings the heat in the wintertime. You’ll find a great variety of music here, with everything from reggaeton and hip-hop to bass-heavy beats. The only music you won’t find at Bodysnatch is techno, which is a nice break from the many techno clubs found in Berlin.

Get ready for a high-energy crowd dancing to high-energy music. This is a great club for those looking to get their groove on!


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Techno Clubs in Berlin

If you love a good techno beat, there are plenty of clubs in Berlin that will get you on your feet!

#4 – Tresor


Tresor (Photo credit – groovety.tv)

Tresor was the first Techno club in Berlin and introduced electro music to the city when Germany was no longer separated by the wall. The name Tresor means “vault”, which is exactly what the club looks like.

The club is an open room that looks like an old factory, divided by cages. Every weekend the club fills up with a tremendous amount of people, all looking to hear the next best techno beat!


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#5 – Weeeirdos


Weeeirdos (Photo credit – Weeeirdos)

This exciting yet strange nightclub is a new addition to the Berlin nightclub scene! It’s a traveling club that chooses new and exciting venues every weekend. You can expect to hear techno sets for some of the hottest DJs in town while seeing the same friendly faces in the crowd every weekend.

Often the club will have a dress-up theme, which adds to the creative and funky atmosphere!


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#6 – Anomalie Art Club

Anomalie Art Club

Anomalie Art Club (Photo credit – rautina10)

Anomalie Art Club features some of the best art and design in the clubbing scene. There’s no club in Berlin that is more visually interesting than this one. Spectacular light shows and pumping music is all a part of the package when you visit this very unique club.

The club has hosted techno DJ’s from around the world and often holds major events that are well-worth attending! If you’re looking for something more than just a club, this is definitely the spot for you!


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Dance Clubs in Berlin

If you’re one to stay on your feet, dancing the night away, there are plenty of dance clubs in Berlin just for you!

#7 – Watergate


Watergate (Photo credit – berlin-enjoy.com)

The Watergate Club is located right in the heart of Kreuzberg and consists of two floors. The lower floor is known as Waterfloor and is where we recommend spending most of your night! It is surrounded in floor-to-ceiling glass that provides you with spectacular views of the River Spree and its famous bridge. It gets its name because it actually looks like you’re dancing on the water below.

During the summer months, you can take a stroll onto the outside deck to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful views.


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#8 – Buttons


Buttons (Photo credit -Buttons )

Buttons has become an absolute classic in the Berlin queer scene. Their parties last well over 24-hours at a time, so this one is not for the faint of heart!

The excellent music and vibrant crowd make this club a consistent success and keep Berliners coming back for more! There is plenty of room to dance and go wild, as well as space outside to soak up the sun while taking a breather from all the dancing.

House Clubs in Berlin

For those looking for a more laid-back vibe, house clubs are the way to go! Here are a few of our favorite house clubs that make Berlin nightlife that much more interesting!

#9 – House of Weekends

House of Weekends

House of Weekends (Photo credit – therooftopguide.com)

The House of Weekends is located on the top floor of an office building that provides sweeping views of the city below. The bar and some furniture are located in the center of the club, and the dancefloor extends all around the room.

The club has a more laid-back feel to it than many of the other clubs in Berlin, and it offers more than just dancing. Take the elevator to the rooftop to catch a magnificent sunrise in the morning! Or make the most of the summer months by joining in on the rooftop BBQ in the evening before heading down the club after dark.


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#10 – SchwuZ


SchwuZ (Photo credit – timeout.com)

SchwuZ took over an old brewery building in 2013 and has kept the industrial warehouse look to it. It hosts a variety of mainstream, as well as underground, events during the week and turns into a house party goers dream come true on the weekends!

You’ll always find a ready to mingle crowd drawn to this club, so if you’re in the mood to get social, this is the perfect nightclub in Berlin for you!

Alternative Clubs in Berlin

If you’re looking for something a little different from your usual clubbing scene, here are a few alternative options that may just blow your mind!

#11 – Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Golden Gate (Photo credit – Golden Gate)

Golden Gate Club is located beneath the brick railway arches in S-Bahn. The club is small and grimy, but never fails to fill up weekend after weekend. There are no windows that hint of the first light of day, so you might just party through the morning without even realizing it!

The front door policy isn’t very strict, so you’ll often find clubbers who were turned away at Berghain partying up a storm at Golden Gate.

There’s an outdoor garden that makes the perfect spot for taking a breather before heading back to the dance floor!

#12 – Sunday Club

Sunday Club

Sunday Club (Photo credit – Sunday Club)

When most people are settling down for the evening and preparing for a busy week ahead, Sunday Club is just getting started. This alternative club allows Berliners to party into the early hours of Monday morning and leave all there cares at the door!

If you love places that challenge the norms of society and go against the grain, this is the perfect place to let your hair down!


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#13 – Sisyphos


Sisyphos (Photo credit – TripAdvisor)

A party at Sisyphos is not for the faint-hearted! It starts on Friday, and just keeps going until Monday morning! If you think you can handle it, it’s well worth the try.

It’s located inside an old dog biscuit making factory, which means there’s plenty of space. The club has made itself famous for providing a festival-like vibe with a good deal of open-air dance floors and a lot of outdoor space!

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