What is Miami Known For? [13 MUST KNOW Things]

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Miami is a coastal, cosmopolitan city in Southern Florida. The city possesses an extremely diverse population, which makes for a wonderful infusion of cultures and an eclectic range of attractions!

There’s just something about Miami; even the mention of the name is sure to spring up images of palm trees, sunshine, and serene coastlines! It’s the ultimate vacation destination and there’s truly never a bad time to visit!

If you’re thinking of traveling to Miami, or just curious about its culture, we’ve compiled a list of the top things Miami is known for! There are also a few fun facts about Miami sprinkled through this article! 

#1 – Gorgeous Beaches

Gorgeous Beaches

Gorgeous Beaches (Photo credit – timeout.com)

There’s a reason Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State. With a gorgeous sun-blessed coastline and year-round agreeable temperatures, Miami is very much a beach city!

From low-key and leisurely, to energetic and eventful, there are many words to describe Miami’s epic beaches!

South Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Miami. It has a trendy,quirky vibe and is surrounded by endless entertainment options, like nightclubs, beachfront restaurants, and fashion shops!

85th Street Beach is one of Miami’s hidden gems when it comes to its beaches! It offers a quiet beach experience away from the hordes of tourists.

For families traveling with children, Crandon Park is especially popular. It has shallow, clear waters and features a nature center and a family amusement center!

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#2 –  The Nightlife Scene

The Nightlife Scene

The Nightlife Scene (Photo credit – miamiherald.com )

For vacationers looking to let loose, Miami is home to a thriving nightlife scene! The best clubs in Miami are also considered some of the best clubs in the world! 

When the lights are low and the music is up, the city comes alive with a newfound excitement! Whether you’re looking for a casual night with cocktails or an allnighter with friends, Miami is a city with endless options for nightlife!

Sway to rhythmic Latin tunes, turn up to techno, or relax at a beachside bar. You’ll find that partying after the sun goes down is something Miami does best!

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#3 – Latin-American Cultural Influences

Latin-American Cultural Influences

Latin-American Cultural Influences (Photo credit – theculturetrip.com)

Miami is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”. The Miami culture has a strong presence of various Latin influences, the most prominent being Cuban and Mexican. The prevalence of these cultures gives Miami its vibrant character!

Miami and Cuba have close cultural connections which are reflected strongly in the Miami neighborhood of Little Havana. This is the place to visit for authentic Cuban cuisine, cigars, live music, and Latin festivals!

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#4 – Tasty Cuisine

Tasty Cuisine

Tasty Cuisine (Photo credit – timeout.com)

Miami’s cuisine is heavily influenced by both the Latin culture and the Atlantic ocean. The city has quite a few staple dishes it’s known for. We can’t list them all, but we’ll name a few we recommend trying out!

Possibly the most famous Miami meal of them all is the Cuban sandwich! Pork, ham, Swiss cheese, sliced dill pickles, and yellow mustard are all stuffed between fresh Cuban bread. Yum!

Chicharrón is a staple of South American cuisine that consists of fried pork skin, and as you can guess, it’s a heavy meal, but very popular in Miami! For something lighter, try ceviche. It is made from raw fish that has been cured in citrus juices and spiced with chili peppers!

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#5 – Wonderfully Warm Weather

Wonderfully Warm Weather

Wonderfully Warm Weather (Photo credit – aroundtheworldl.com)

The city of Miami is known for its enjoyable weather year-round! Even during the winter months, the average temperatures stay between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 24 degrees Celsius).

Miami is actually the United States’ warmest location during the winter season (add that to your Miami trivia)! It has snowed only once in the history of Miami’s official meteorological records. Flurries were recorded on January 19, 1977.

It’s no wonder Miami and beaches go hand in hand!

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#6 – Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee (Photo credit – miamiandbeaches.com)

During the morning hours in Miami, you could probably follow your nose to find one of the city’s many breakfast nooks selling Cuban coffee. This fragrant and deliciously rich blend of caffeinated goodness is usually double the strength of regular American coffee!

In the morning, the locals like to pair it with a slice of pan Cubano (Cuban toast) and dunk it in their coffee. For an energetic start to the day, a cup of Cuban coffee, or as the locals call it, a café Cubano, is the way to go!

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#7 – Live Music Scene

Live Music Scene

Live Music Scene (Photo credit – timeout.com)

Miami is a city with a passion for music! No matter the day, or time, you’ll find live music playing around the clock at various venues throughout the city. Miami draws its musical inspiration from the city’s lively spirit and various cultures. It’s a hub for diverse musical genres, from rock to jazz, to Latin, and more!

For excellent live music, Ball and Chain is both a local and tourist favorite! It’s one of Miami’s hottest and most historic nightclubs; the venue dates back to the 1930s! It has live music day and night with a strong Cuban influence. This club is an iconic Miami attraction!

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#8 – Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco Architecture (Photo credit – theculturetrip.com)

Art Deco architecture may have debuted in Paris, but it’s Miami that contains the largest and most well-preserved collections of Art Deco-style architecture in the world! There are more than 800 Art Deco buildings in Miami, and all of them are uniquely fantastic!

From candy-colored paintings to bright neon light-infused exteriors, these buildings are some of the most famous things in Miami! Cardozo South Beach is among the most prominent of these buildings. It has made cameos in Hollywood hits like The Birdcage and There’s Something About Mary. 

The McAlpin is another great example of Miami art deco and is one of the most photographed buildings on the South Beach stretch!

#9 – Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive (Photo credit – insidemiamibeach.com)

Ocean Drive is Miami’s most iconic street! It has been featured in countless Hollywood movies and represents quintessential Miami! From its pastel-hued, Art Deco buildings, to its endless rows of palms trees and its lanes brimming with fancy cars, this area is hands-down the most happening area of Miami!

Ocean Drive is located in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach and is 1.3 miles long. It contains one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco buildings in the world! It also boasts all sorts of dining options, souvenir stands, hotels, bars, and nightclubs.

#10 – Countless Outdoor Activities

Countless Outdoor Activities

Countless Outdoor Activities (Photo credit – sailo.com )

Miami is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and there are countless activities that can be enjoyed year-round! For a bit of adventure, tourists can take advantage of Miami’s prime location on the Atlantic ocean. From scuba diving and snorkeling to surfing and sailing, you name an aquatic activity, and Miami has it!

For a bit of outdoor leisure, bird watching, boat cruises, casual hikes, and seaside yoga classes are all very popular.

#11 – Museums and Galleries

Museums and Galleries

Museums and Galleries (Photo credit – timeout.com)

Miami’s wide offering of museums and galleries proves, yet again, the city’s status as a cultural capital! The Pérez Art Museum Miami features contemporary exhibitions with an emphasis on Latin American works.

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a science museum with state of the art technology and an impressive planetarium. For a fascinating insight into the city, there are all sorts of interesting facts about Miami and lots of hands-on exhibits at the History Miami Museum!

Miami isn’t widely regarded as a place for museum-lovers and gallery-goes, however, the city is loaded with learning institutions that constitute some of the most important places in Miami!

#12 – Large Green Space

Large Green Space

Large Green Space (Photo credit – timeout.com)

Miami contains more than 800 parks, further adding to the reason that outdoor activities are so popular! Oleta Park is the largest urban park in Florida. It stretches along the Oleta River and offers plenty of activities, both on water and on land.

Bayfront Park is possibly the most famous park in Miami. It’s located in downtown Miami and offers stunning waterfront views and a plethora of tourist activities! 

Another fun fact about Miami, Florida: it’s the only US city to be surrounded by two national parks: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park!

#13 – Shopping


Shopping (Photo credit – 10best.com )

Miami has a long list of shopping malls and shopping areas! From high-end to budget, and everything in between!

The Bayside Marketplace is one of the most visited attractions in Miami! This two-story open-air shopping center has everything you can think of, from your typical retail brand stores to sit down-eateries. The banks of Biscayne Bay also wrap around the shopping mall, providing gorgeous waterfront views!

The Design District of Miami contains all the ritzy and luxury retailers, from Marc Jacobs to Cartier to Louis Vuitton, and more! This area is known for its sleek modern architecture, it’s also a great place to keep an eye out for celebrities!


Miami is a melting pot of different cultures, influences, and attractions. From sunkissed coastlines to flavorful food to endless entertainment options, there are many things that Miami is known for! 

The ultimate trip to this coastal city will see travelers experiencing everything we’ve included in this list! Since all the things we’ve mentioned are extremely popular, that won’t be hard to do!

This city in the Sunshine State has enjoyable weather year-round, so all of the things Miami is known for can be enjoyed regardless of the season! It’s a destination that everyone can appreciate, from beach-goers to art-lovers and adventure seekers! Now you know just what Miami is known for!

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