15 Things to Do in South Beach [January 2020]

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South Beach Florida is one of the most exciting destinations to go for a holiday! Of course, visiting South Beach will involve plenty of time under the sun – enjoying the amazing beachfront and inviting ocean. However, there is actually so much more to do and see in South Beach beyond this. 

There are loads of fun and exciting Miami tourist attractions to suit all kinds of people. Whether you are looking for some outdoor adventure, interesting activities, or just want to soak up the unique vibe on the South Beach strip, visitors here have plenty of options! 

Read on to discover some of the best things to do in South Beach Miami! As there are so many great activities here, you will be sure to have an unforgettable time exploring these brilliant attractions in Miami. 

South Beach Accommodation

Now that you know what to do during your time in South Beach, its time to choose the best place to stay! Luckily, there is a wide range of accommodation choices here for all kinds of people. Here are some of the top places to stay in South Beach! 

#1 – Mondrian South Beach

A Great Budget Hotel

Mondrian South Beach

Mondrian South Beach is our pick for a great budget hotel

  • An excellent beachfront location
  • Modern and stylish
  • Huge studio rooms available

Mondrian South Beach is a romantic hotel set right against the sea shore! An absolute highlight of this property is its amazing pool, complete with relaxing loungers and a vibrant bar. 

The rooms here are all very clean, comfortable, and well maintained. The hotel has a real modern feel to it – something that is always welcoming. Of all the reasons to visit Mondrian, the room sizes are a highlight! This hotel has some huge studio rooms, complete with kitchen areas and dining tables. 

Be sure to make use of the excellent spa here during your visit.

#2 – Sense Beach House

A Brilliant Mid-Range Hotel in South Beach

Sense Beach House

Sense Beach House is our pick for a brilliant mid-range hotel in South Beach

  • Panoramic city and part ocean views
  • Close to the beach
  • A great relaxed poolside atmosphere

Sense Beach House is an excellent budget hotel choice in South Beach. This accommodation option is centrally located near the beach – the perfect position for your Miami holiday! 

The accommodation offers everything you would want from a hotel – clean rooms, modern fittings, and plenty of attention to detail. The pool and views here are also particularly great! 

#3 – The Gates Hotel South Beach

An Amazing Hotel in South Beach

The Gates Hotel South Beach

The Gates Hotel South Beach is our pick for an amazing hotel in South Beach

  • Unbeatable central location
  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Brilliant facilities

For the ultimate stay in South Beach, consider checking into The Gates Hotel South Beach. This DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel offers some of the best services, facilities, and rooms available!

You may never want to leave your accommodation with how comfortable this place is. Besides all of the wonderful luxuries throughout the hotel, the pool is the main drawcard here!

Top Things to do in South Beach

South Beach

Photo credit – miamiandbeaches.com

Looking for some of the most popular Miami South Beach strip activities? Here are some great choices for your time here. 

#1 – Soak Up the Sun on the Beach

When visiting the Miami beach strip, the first thing to do is to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand! Miami is a beach lovers paradise, and South Beach is definitely the place to go! The beachfront here is loads of fun, with a constant buzz of fun activity going on. 

Miami Beach is the most popular choice for those looking to enjoy the seaside here. There are plenty of other great beaches too though, including Lummus Park Beach, South Pointe, Haulover Beach, and Sunny Isles beach! 

There are plenty of beach options to explore from South Beach. If you are looking for somewhere to relax in quiet seclusion, somewhere to enjoy the tanned crowds, or play in the surf, there are many fantastic beaches to choose from!

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#2 – Take a Biscayne Bay Boat Cruise

Take a sightseeing boat cruise through Biscayne Bay for one of the best South Beach Miami things to do! Cruises around here offer some of the best sightseeing opportunities from South Beach. Of course, you will also get to enjoy being out at sea, taking in the fresh air and beautiful views! 

Sightseeing cruises here will take you past the Venetian Islands and through the bay. All along with this, you will pass some of the top attractions and sights in Miami. These include South Point Park, Jungle Island, the Miami Herald Building, and more! 

Cruising along through the pristine waters, enjoying the landscapes and iconic sights, all under the warm Florida sun has got to be one of the best ways to experience South Beach! 

#3 – Explore the Miami Art Deco District

If you would like to experience more than just the beachfront and outdoors in South Beach Miami, take some time to explore the iconic art deco district. Admire the fantastic architecture and sights around here that South Beach has become known for! 

The largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the entire world can be found in South Beach. There are a variety of walking tours available in this historic district of Miami to teach and show you more! 

If you are interested in the arts and would like to understand the iconic look and culture around South Beach a little better, then definitely consider taking a walking tour! Guiding yourself around the historic center here is also well worth it, as there are so many great sights to take in!

Have an early flight? Grab a hotel near Miami AIRPORT to have a stress-free time!

#4 – Perez Art Museum

For a look into some local culture and the arts, take a visit to the Perez Art Museum. This is one of the absolute best art museums in Miami, with loads of exhibitions on offer. 

The different works and exhibitions on offer here come from a uniquely Miami perspective. As this city is so culturally diverse and artistically vibrant, you can expect some excellent art to admire here! The Perez Art Museum mostly displays modern and contemporary art. However, the exhibitions can be pretty varied.

If you love art and want to discover some of the best artworks that can be found in Miami, then a trip to the Perez Art Museum is an absolute must! 

#5 – Miami Beach Botanical Garden 

For another amazing bit of lush greenery in the city, be sure to check out the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. This stunning garden was founded in 1962, covering 2.6 acres of green space in the city. While this may not be the biggest botanical garden out there, it offers a wonderful escape from the busy city surrounds! 

If you have spent enough time on the beaches in Miami and are looking for another way to spend time in the sun, then this is a great place! Walk around the botanical gardens, admire the well-kept gardens and many beautiful plants. This is one of the best Miami things to do for those who love getting outdoors. 

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#6 – Stroll Down Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is a busy promenade street with loads on offer! No trip to South Beach would be complete without walking down here and enjoying all of the many shops and cafes on offer. 

Besides the fantastic shopping and retail opportunities, there are also some brilliant art galleries, bars, sidewalk restaurants, and more! This is a bustling street that shows off the trendier side of South Beach. Enjoy the promenade here and all that it has to offer, as this is a true Miami place to visit. 

Exciting Activities in South Beach

South Beach

Photo credit – TripAdvisor

Visiting South Beach isn’t just about slowing down and relaxing. This place has loads of fast-paced, exciting activities on offer! If you are looking for adventure and adrenaline, then here are some brilliant things to do in South Beach. 

#7 – Speedboat Sightseeing

When looking for sightseeing options around Miami, you can choose between typical tours, or something a little bit more exciting! If you would like to see and experience Miami from a fast and fun perspective, then take an unforgettable speedboat tour! 

As you zoom around the bay you will get to admire some of the most fantastic views that this place has to offer. Witness the beautiful scenery, blue ocean, and landmark attractions from your boat! 

Other than the unique perspective, speedboat tours are loads of fun! Your speedboat will fly along the water, offering an adrenaline rush as well as a tour. If you want to see the best of Miami Beach in a truly exciting fashion, then taking a speedboat is definitely the way!~

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#8 – Enjoy Some Watersports

When looking for some Miami Beach entertainment, the awesome water sports on offer has got to be one of the best things to do! If you like to get outside and get the adrenaline going, then take a look at some of the fun and exciting watersports available around South Beach.

Wakeboarding is always a popular choice here, with hands-on lessons available. You will get to learn how to ride the water behind a boat – offering a truly exciting outdoor activity! Other popular watersports available here include zooming along on a jet ski, parasailing, kayaking, flyboarding, windsurfing, tubing, and plenty more! 

If you are wondering what to do in South Beach, getting outdoors and in the water is certainly one of the best attractions! Water sports here are super fun, safe, and well instructed. This is a top activity for adrenaline junkies.

#9 – Rent a Bike

There are a number of ways to get around in South Beach and see all of the sights, and cycling is definitely one of the best! Look like a true South Beach local as you cruise around here on two wheels in style!

There are a number of bicycle rentals available in South Beach. These places also offer easy to follow maps to help guide you. Ride along the beautiful beachfront trails, stopping as you please. This is a great way to get between the different beaches and attractions in South Beach! 

Cycling around in South Beach is loads of fun, and it allows you to experience Miami from a unique perspective! 

South Beach Activities For Kids

South Beach Activities For Kids

Photo credit – ritzcarlton.com

Many people may look at South Beach as a kind of adult’s playground, but there are also plenty of excellent activities here for children and families to enjoy! If you are coming to South Beach with your kids, then be sure to keep them happy with some of these excellent things to do. 

#10 – Miami Children’s Museum

Looking for a fun and educational activity to do with the kids? The Miami Children’s Museum is a great place to visit for this purpose. This is an exciting museum completely dedicated to children. There are loads of displays and fun events on offer here throughout the year!

The fun exhibitions are often changing in order to keep things exciting! There are interactive displays to keep your kids happy, as well as teach them loads of cool new things. This museum is the perfect example of a place that is both fun and educational!

Editor’s Note: One of the best ways to get to know Miami is through its museums.

#11 – Jungle Island

To enjoy unique point of interest in Miami, head down to Jungle Island! This South Beach attraction is particularly popular amongst families, although anyone can enjoy all that is on offer here. Jungle Island is a zoological park featuring a huge range of animals to witness. 

You will get to see all kinds of rare and interesting reptiles, primates, tropical birds, snakes, and more. The tigers are undoubtedly one of the most popular drawcards! There are also loads of interactive options here, giving you the opportunity to touch and hold some of the animals. 

#12 – South Pointe Park Pier

Miami is not just about beaches and rich culture, there are also some great green spaces in the city! South Pointe Park Pier is an excellent place to go in South Beach for some fresh air, peace and relaxation. This is a 17-acre urban park in the heart of the neighborhood. 

Visit this park for the greenery, the ocean views, the lookout deck, and the many activities that go down here! Locals love to visit South Pointe Park Pier to skate, cycle, jog, or just enjoy being outdoors. This is great place to bring your kids for some outdoor fun and adventure! 

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Other Great South Beach Things to do

Other Great South Beach Things to do

Photo credit – fifiandhop

South Beach is a really unique destination with a wide mix of activities. No matter what kind of person you may be, there will definitely be something to do here for you! Here are some more awesome South Beach activities!

#13 – Join a Pool Party

As Miami is all about fun in the sun, there are plenty of well-known pool parties that take place here! If you are visiting South Beach during the busy summer, check out the many hotels here if you would like to find a great daytime party. 

South Beach hotels have some amazing beach clubs and pool facilities. These often host unforgettable parties – with well-known DJs and providing the music and some celebrity appearances. This is a unique thing to do in Miami, and a great way to enjoy a hot summer day by the pool! 

#14 – Rollerblade Down Collins Avenue

If you want to experience South Beach in one of the most iconic ways possible, then head to the pedestrian walkways with a pair of rollerblades! This is a classic activity here, and a great way to take in the city too! 

Collins Avenue is probably the best place to do this for a true South Beach experience. This activity is both a fun way of getting around, but also a greatway to experience more of Miami!

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#15 – Enjoy the Nightlife

Wondering what to do in South Beach at night? Don’t worry, there are loads of options out there! By day, South Beach is a sunny vibrant area that is all about enjoying the warm Florida sun. By night this place transforms into a party lovers paradise! South Beach is world-famous for its many nightclubs and bars, offering visitors loads of after-hours fun. 

When you are here on holiday, enjoying the nightlife in South Beach is a must! Famous clubs such as LIV, Story, Basement, and Twist offer some of the most unforgettable nights out. Dance to big international DJs and enjoy hanging out with the friendly South Beach locals. 

There are also many excellent Latino bars where you can salsa the night away! If you are after a great night out in South Beach, then sipping on a mojito while dancing to live Latino music is one of the best things to do here. 

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Staying Safe in South Beach

South Beach is definitely a safe destination and is safe for travelers to visit alone. As this is a pretty busy place though, taking necessary precautions are advised. Be careful at night like you would in any big city, and try to avoid walking alone after dark (especially on the beach)!

Be careful of your belongings in crowded areas, and don’t fall victim to any possible tourist scams. Other than the usual precautions, South Beach is definitely a safe destination!


Final Thoughts

South Beach has loads of activities on offer for all kinds of people! Miami is such a popular destination for visitors due to its warm climate and beautiful beachfront – and South Beach has got to be the best area to stay in! 

No matter what kind of person you are, you will be sure to find plenty of things to do and enjoy while here. We hope this list of South Beach activities helps you to make the most out of your trip this vibrant destination!

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