31 BEST Things to do in Copenhagen [April 2021]

From the lavish Danish palaces to the charming waterside houses, Copenhagen is a picture-perfect vacation destination. And the best part is beneath the surface, the city only gets better!

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the capital of Denmark, a city with both a fascinating history and vibrant modern character.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options in Copenhagen? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of Copenhagen’s best activities and choices for accommodation so you can experience the city’s magic for yourself!

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Our Favorite Places to Stay in Copenhagen!

Sleep in Heaven

The Best Budget Hostel in Copenhagen

Sleep in Heaven

Sleep in Heaven is our pick for the best budget hostel in Copenhagen

  • 24-hour reception!
  • Free walking tours

Sleep in Heaven offers both private and dorm-style rooms along with free Wi-fi throughout the property!

Within walking distance are numerous points of interest and bikes are available for rent to explore more of Copenhagen.


Steel House Copenhagen

The Best Mid-Range Option in Copenhagen

Steel House Copenhagen

Steel House Copenhagen is our pick for the best mid-range option in Copenhagen

  • Modern style in a historic neighborhood
  • Copenhagen city center!

With 24-hour reception, free Wi-fi, and shared kitchen, Steel House Copenhagen covers all their bases.

Rent a bike to explore the city or set out on foot to see nearby attractions like the Tivoli Gardens!


Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

The Best Luxury Option in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is our pick for the best luxury option in Copenhagen

  • Waterfront view!
  • Historic building

Right next to the Amalienborg Royal Palace, you’ll feel a bit like royalty yourself when staying at the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel!

A gourmet restaurant and buffet breakfast are on-site, and nearby there are plenty of other restaurants, shopping areas, and historic monuments!

Need more specifics? Find out where to stay in Copenhagen based on what you want to do there!

The 31 Best Things to do in Copenhagen


#1 – Get an Adrenaline Rush at Tivoli Gardens

Get an Adrenaline Rush at Tivoli Gardens

One of the best fun things to do in Copenhagen

  • Top attraction of Copenhagen!
  • Fun for all ages
  • Over 30 roller coasters!

Ready for some real thrills in Copenhagen? Come to Tivoli Gardens, the most popular amusement park in Scandinavia!

With games, refreshments, rides, and beautiful gardens, Tivoli is guaranteed to be a fun experience for people of all ages!


#2 – Take a Photo with the Little Mermaid

Take a Photo with the Little Mermaid

One of the best free things to do in Copenhagen (Photo Credit – Atlas Obscura)

  • Icon of the city
  • Created in 1913
  • Fairytale worthy beauty!

One of Copenhagen’s most recognized landmarks is the Little Mermaid, based on the fictional character of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

Get your photo next to the statue and capture the stunning skyline of the city in the background!

Need a little more convincing? These day trips from Copenhagen will help you make up your mind!


#3 – Tour the Christiansborg Palace

Tour the Christiansborg Palace

A must-visit for every traveler in Copenhagen

  • Stunning grand architecture
  • Seat of the Danish parliament
  • Top historic site!

One of the must-visit places in Copenhagen, the Christiansborg Palace is the heart of Danish authority.

Visit the small islet of Slotsholmen where the palace sits for a unique perspective of history and some fantastic photographs!


#4 – Look Back in Time at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Look Back in Time at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Art throughout the ages (Photo Credit – joshuasofaer.com)

  • Over 10,000 pieces of art!
  • Incredible collections
  • Unique historic building

If you love art, history, and archaeological discoveries, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is the place for you!

From post-impressionist masterpieces to incredible portraits, you’ll have the chance to view ancient Greek artifacts to fine French sculptures.

Let’s make this simple. These are the best hotels in Copenhagen!


#5 – Visit the Real Setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Visit the Real Setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet

You can’t miss it if you’re a Shakespeare fan

  • Amazing Kronborg Castle
  • One-of-a-kind palatial grandeur!
  • Unmissable photo opportunity!

If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you can’t come to Denmark without visiting the famous Kronborg Castle, the setting for the play of Hamlet.

On a tour of the castle, not only will you learn about the bard, but you’ll also have the unique opportunity to view incredible tapestries, gloomy dungeons, and a mighty cannon tower!


You may not have heard this in History class! Read up on Copenhagen’s impressive past!

#6 – See the Crown Jewels at the Rosenborg Castle

See the Crown Jewels at the Rosenborg Castle

  • Elegant Danish Renaissance
  • Dates back to 1606!
  • Beautiful parkland area

One of the gems of Denmark, the Rosenborg Castle is known for its elegant parks and gardens, and more importantly the country’s crown jewels!

On a tour of the castle, you can learn all about the history of the original owner Christian IV and appreciate the lush gardens for some great photos!


What do you like? Because we’ve catered a list of the top tours in Copenhagen for all interests!

#7 – Walk along the Strøget

Walk along the Strøget

Find a special souvenir in Copenhagen (Photo Credit – gpsmycity.com)

  • Best pedestrian street in the city!
  • Great shopping area
  • All the upscale brands!

Hoping to get some fancy souvenirs from your trip to Copenhagen? Strøget is the place to go! The unique street has all the best modern brands while maintaining an air of historic charm.

A series of interconnected streets will bring you past brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton as well as numerous charming local cafés. Unless you’re just planning to browse, it’s a good idea to bring a credit card!


#8 – Discover the Colors of Copenhagen in Nørrebro

Discover the Colors of Copenhagen in Nørrebro

One of the best photography sites in Copenhagen

  • Top touristic neighborhood!
  • Progressive, modern area
  • Quirky and artsy

Escape city traffic and discover one of Copenhagen’s most popular and eclectic neighborhoods! Nørrebro is pedestrian and bike friendly and full of charming local shops.

With over 55 nationalities blended in one area, the attractions of Nørrebro blend traditions and cultures in everything from parks to cuisine!


#9 – Visit the Historic Round Tower

Visit the Historic Round Tower

One of Copenhagen’s unique landmarks

  • Built in 1642!
  • Great panoramic view
  • Cool art exhibits!

Constructed during the rule of Denmark’s prominent King Christian IV, the Round Tower or Rundetaarn was originally designed as an astronomy observatory.

Now a tourist attraction, the Round Tower hosts various exhibits and music events as well as offering one of the best views of Copenhagen from the top of the tower!


#10 – Cross the Bridge to Sweden

Cross the Bridge to Sweden

A top landmark of Scandinavia

  • Incredible Øresund Bridge
  • Visit Lund and Malmö
  • Great day trip!

Maybe you want to visit Sweden for a day, or perhaps you’re continuing your vacation on to other Scandinavian countries. Either way, crossing the Øresund bridge is something you won’t want to miss in Copenhagen!

The longest bridge in Europe takes you from Denmark to Sweden for a day of exploring the top attractions of Lund and Malmö!


#11 – Tour the Church of Our Savior

  • Important religious landmark
  • It’s free to visit!
  • Organ from 1698!

One of Copenhagen’s most important religious sites, the Church of Our Savoir was built during the 1680s and is still used as a space of worship today!

Come view the impressive architecture designed by Lambert van Haven and the signature spire designed with a spiral staircase outdoors for a truly spectacular view.


#12 – Take a Hop-on Hop-off Boat Ride

Take a Hop-on Hop-off Boat Ride

A very cool thing to do in Copenhagen

  • Great way to see the city!
  • Sightseeing at your own pace
  • Awesome photo opportunities!

You’ve heard of hop-on hop-off buses, but Copenhagen goes a step further with a hop-on hop-off boat!

Seeing the city from the water is the perfect way to appreciate the top landmarks of the city in true Danish style.


#13 – Tour the City on Bike

Tour the City on Bike

Things to do in Copenhagen this weekend

  • Copenhagen is bike-friendly!
  • See the city like a local
  • All the major landmarks

Copenhagen is famous for its biking paths and accessibility, which makes a bike tour the perfect way to see more of Denmark’s capital in a shorter amount of time!

Get your exercise in while also visiting all the top landmarks of the city such as the City Hall Square and the Little Mermaid statue! A local guide can give you the backstories to all these landmarks for a new perspective of the city.


#14 – Stroll around Nyhavn

Stroll around Nyhavn

One of the best cheap things to do in Copenhagen (Photo Credit – tripadvisor)

  • Historic commercial area
  • Charming local shops
  • Fun cultural events!

One of the most popular tourist neighborhoods of Copenhagen, Nyhavn is most famous for the famous Danish artists such as Hans Christian Andersen who lived in the area.

Today, you can enjoy local cuisine, beautifully restored buildings, and fun canal tours to explore and get photographs!


#15 – Take a Walking Tour with a Local

Take a Walking Tour with a Local

  • Perfect way to see the city
  • Great photo opportunities!
  • Stroll through history

From the City Hall to the Royal Danish Theatre, a walking tour is the perfect way to learn all the backstories to Copenhagen’s most popular landmarks!

A great option for solo travelers or families to learn about Denmark and get some great photos!


#16 – Visit the National Museum of Denmark

Visit the National Museum of Denmark

Photo Credit – https://en.natmus.dk/

  • Top museum of Europe!
  • Great children’s museum
  • Incredible historic collections

The Nationalmuseet is best known for its comprehensive exhibit on the history of Denmark from the Vikings to the Renaissance.

The collections extend to Rome, Greece, Egypt, as well as child-friendly areas so people of all ages can enjoy the museum!


#17 – Explore the neighborhood of Christianshavn

Explore the neighborhood of Christianshavn

  • Historic buildings
  • Classic houseboats!
  • Great photo setting

On the little islands of Christianshavn you can enjoy the classic picturesque beauty of Copenhagen from canals to houseboats!

Photographers will love this chance to capture the historic charm that characterizes Copenhagen as a tourist destination.


#18 – A Unique Food Experience at Torvehallerne

A Unique Food Experience at Torvehallerne

Be prepared for a new type of grocery shopping (Photo Credit – http://solli-kanani.com/)

  • Fresh local market!
  • International and traditional cuisine
  • Great foodie experience

A new take on what a supermarket should be like, the Torvelhallerne is a great way to grab something to eat local style!

If you’re staying somewhere with self-catering facilities, you can pick up some fresh fish or if you feel like eating out there are plenty of food stalls.


#19 – Hop on a Cruise Ship

Great way to relax while sightseeing

  • Fun leisure activity!
  • Get a new perspective of Copenhagen
  • Relax in style!

Maybe you’re coming to Copenhagen for a romantic vacation or perhaps just looking for a way to kick back and enjoy the high life. Either way, a day cruise is the answer!

In addition to the excellent views, some cruises offer meals, entertainment, and guided commentary.


#20 – Visit the Carlsberg Local Brewery

  • Founded by J.C. Jacobsen
  • Tour the first brewery!
  • Sample locally made beer

The best way to try the local brews of Copenhagen is to go right to the source! Carlsberg is one of the most famous breweries in the city and has had a wide-reaching influence in Danish history.

See original machinery, learn about the brewing process, and try some signature creations!


#21 – Delight Your Taste buds on a Culinary Tour

Delight Your Taste buds on a Culinary Tour

Save room for dessert if you can!

  • Try the local favorites!
  • Great cultural experience
  • From chocolate to fine cheese!

In Copenhagen, there’s no shortage of excellent food!

On a culinary tour, not only will you get a chance to learn more about the city’s history, but also try the signature dishes as well as some unique creations Copenhagen has to offer.


#22 – Ice Skate on the Frederiksberg Runddel

Ice Skate on the Frederiksberg Runddel

A ‘cool’ thing to do in Copenhagen in Winter (Photo Credit – noestler.net)

  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Skate rentals available
  • By the Frederiksberg Garden!

Don’t let the cold of Danish winter stop you from having fun! People of all ages can enjoy the outdoor rink by the Frederiksberg.

After skating, you can warm up with a Danish pastry and hot chocolate at one of the nearby cafés!


#23 – See the Changes in the Vesterbro Neighborhood

See the Changes in the Vesterbro Neighborhood

  • New, trendy vibe
  • Great local beer!
  • Historic meatpacking district

See for yourself how one of the roughest parts of Copenhagen has turned a new leaf to become one of the artiest areas of the city!

From stylish art galleries to local bars, there’s plenty to see and lots of interesting history in the Vesterbro neighborhood.


#24 – Witness the Changing of the Guard Ceremony

  • Outside the Amalienborg Palace!
  • Noon every day
  • Complete with musicians!

A truly iconic spectacle in Copenhagen, everyone should plan out a time to see the changing of the guard outside the official royal residence.

The noon event takes place with great fanfare-36 guards, precise choreography, drummers and musicians!


#25 – Ride a Segway around the City

Ride a Segway around the City

One of the best things to do in downtown Copenhagen

  • See more in less time
  • Explore car-free areas!
  • Numerous iconic landmarks

Don’t feel like walking? Ride a Segway! It’s a great way to explore Copenhagen at a leisurely pace, but still see all the top sites!

Tours of various lengths are available depending on how much time you want to spend cruising around.


#26 – Unique Artwork at the Louisiana Museum of Art

Unique Artwork at the Louisiana Museum of Art

One of Denmark’s top-rated museums (Photo Credit – natgeotraveller.in)

  • Fun day trip!
  • Must-do for art lovers
  • Unique modern art

Located a bit north of Copenhagen, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is known for its creative and cutting-edge displays.

Enjoy the beautiful natural setting and tour the singular exhibits for a memorable art experience!


#27 – Check out Freetown Christiania

Check out Freetown Christiania

One of the more unique things to do in Copenhagen

  • Exclusive semi-autonomous area
  • Real hippie vibes!
  • Creative art and style

Located in the Christianshavn neighborhood, the small community known as Christiana is a singular area to visit!

An anarchist commune, Christiana has a distinct vibe from the rest of the city readily visible in the eclectic street art and localized businesses.


#28 – Eat Your Fill of Danish Pastries

You might want to make dessert the main menu….

  • It might be hard to stop!
  • Handmade bread and sweets
  • Numerous local and historic shops

It’s impossible to come to Copenhagen without sampling some of the signature sweet delicacies the country is so famous for!

Check out venues like Leckerbaer which is known for its cookies and Meyers Bageri with breads, signature cinnamon rolls, and other sweets!


#29 – View Local History at the Frederiksborg Castle

View Local History at the Frederiksborg Castle

A truly royal experience in Copenhagen

  • 400 years of Danish royalty!
  • Spectacular architecture and gardens
  • Top tourist site!

An easy 40-minute trip from Copenhagen, Frederiksborg Castle is known as one of the most lavish palaces in Denmark!

From the famous collections of Renaissance artwork to the meticulously maintained gardens, you’ll feel a bit like royalty yourself by the end of the tour!


#30 – Have Fun at the Experimentarium

Great thing to do in Copenhagen with kids

  • Science activities for all ages!
  • World-famous science center
  • Learn something new while having fun!

A modern and recently renovated science learning center, the Experimentarium helps you do exactly as the name suggests-experiment using all your senses!

With 18 different interactive displays, there’s plenty of things for people of all ages to see and discover!


#31 – Walk through the Incredible Assistens Cemetery

Walk through the Incredible Assistens Cemetery

  • Unique history lesson
  • Fun puzzle tours!
  • Tranquil, but a bit eerie!

The famous Assistens Cemetery of Copenhagen is the resting place of numerous famous Danes including Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr.

Tour the cemetery to learn something new and interesting and pay your respects to the famous writers, politicians, and scientists who had a hand in shaping the modern world!



Discover the wonders of Scandinavia by coming to the capital of Denmark! The combination of amazing history, beautiful scenery, and of course the famous Danish pastries will make this trip one you’ll never want to forget!

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