The BEST Time to Visit Las Vegas! [April 2024]

So you’ve decided to scratch that itch and plan a trip to one of the world’s best-known adult playgrounds –  the city of Las Vegas? Well, you’re in for an experience like no other! And if you’re thinking that in a place called Sin City that any time is the best time to visit Las Vegas – we don’t completely disagree!

It’s safe to say that many of Las Vegas’ main highlights are indoors – casinos, clubbing, bars, fine dining, shows, concerts – but there are also expansive pools and flashy pool parties that will require weather considerations. You should also consider how crowd-averse you are – or aren’t. Vegas doesn’t exactly have a quiet period, but there are certainly holidays and times of the year that are more packed than others.

When deciding the best time to visit Las Vegas for you, you should also keep in mind special events. There may just be something going on that you don’t want to miss, so planning your trip during that time would be the top choice.

So let’s dig in and take a look at all of these things – the weather, tourist crowds and events – and help you make your final Vegas trip decision!

When is the best time of year to visit Las Vegas?

There really is no distinguishable high and low season in a place where the party never stops – as is the case in Vegas! But, all conditions considered, either fall or spring is the best time of year to visit Las Vegas. In these seasons, the intense heat of summer subsides to bearable levels while still providing plenty of sunshine to enjoy leisure time by the pool or touring along the Strip from one major casino to the next.

Las Vegas

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You’ll find pleasant, mostly weather conditions with temperatures that range between typically ranging from lows in the 50s° F (10-15° C) to highs in the 80s° F (25-30° C).

Even without a low tourist season, if you’re most interested in finding price breaks and hotel deals, mid-summer is your best bet. It’s incredibly hot, but the heavily air-conditioned indoors will keep you plenty cool! Just be ready in case you find the desire to spend time outdoors.

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What months are the best time to visit Las Vegas?

The best months to visit Las Vegas are March, April and May for the spring season and again in the fall season in the months of September and October. September can still feel quite hot with highs above 90℉ (32s℃), but it’s a break from the +100℉ (+38℃) temperatures from the summer. April and May are cooler with highs in the 80s℉ (upper 20s℃). 

As previously mentioned, you won’t find a time where there isn’t something entertaining happening in Las Vegas, but it’s also worthwhile to consider other events going on throughout the year in Vegas. Let’s dive in and check out the conditions and options by month.

Las Vegas Weather in January

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Las Vegas Weather in January

January is the coldest month in Las Vegas – and while daytime temperatures aren’t cold compared to most parts of the country – desert nighttime temperatures get pretty chilly! You’ll find an average high of 58℉ (14℃) with an average low that dips down to 34℉ (1℃). You don’t have to worry about rain but pack prepared for those cold nights if heading outdoors.

Las Vegas Events in January

  • The Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan
    • Let it know, Vegas-style! The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Boulevard Pool gets transformed into a 4,200 square-foot ice skating rink every holiday season where you can enjoy skating on real ice and seeing snowfall every half hour. To add to the winter atmosphere, treat yourself to fireside s’ mores, warm beverages and seasonal goodies.
  • International Consumer Electronics Show (early January)
    • If you’re into anything tech and electronics-related, you’ve probably heard of CES in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts several days of events for everyone who’s anyone in these industries. Products from all related industries are represented: automotive, entertainment, electronics, video, digital health, fitness, computer software and hardware, wireless devices, emerging technology and a lot more!

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Las Vegas Weather in February

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Las Vegas Weather in February

The mild days and cold nights you find in January continue through February and make conditions favorable for everything – except perhaps poolside lounging. You can expect an average high of 63℉ (17℃) and an average low of 34℉ (1℃) and you may encounter light showers. But you’ll have 9 hours of sunshine to enjoy Vegas to the fullest! 

Las Vegas Events in February

  • Super Bowl Parties (early February)
    • As a cherished gambling lovers’ destination, it’s no wonder that Las Vegas goes all out for Super Bowl weekend! You’ll find organized viewing parties, hotel packages and plenty of football activities taking place all weekend long. Even without prior game viewing plans, you won’t have to wander too far along the strip to find some kind of celebration going on.
  • Antiques Arms Show (late February)
    • This popular hand-held antique arms and collectibles show boasts being the longest continuing running event in all of Las Vegas. The 4-day event also combines with the International Sporting Arms Show and the Invitational Knifemakers Show. For serious collectors and arms dealers, this is an important one you don’t want to miss.

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Las Vegas Weather in March

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Las Vegas Weather in March

With sunny skies and crisp air, March for many is the best time to visit Las Vegas. The nights can feel chilly at an average low of 44℉ (7℃) but the sunshine and an average high of 70℉ (21℃) inspire sun-seekers to throw on their swimsuits and catch some rays by the pool.

Las Vegas Events in March

  • The Mint400 (early March)
    • This multi-day race proudly holds the title of the toughest and most prestigious off-road race in North America since it was first run in 1968. Racers cover 400 miles of desert in 21 different classes of vehicles to compete for the Class Championship title. For a grand, adrenaline-rush filled show, you’ll want to check it out!
  • March Madness (starts mid-March)
    • Up there with the Super Bowl as one of Las Vegas’ most important sporting events is the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Casinos, sports bars and clubs all throughout Vegas are geared up to welcome college basketball fans with plenty of viewing parties, food and drink. You can be sure that the sportsbooks are also more than ready to welcome gamblers to place their bets! 
  • St. Patrick’s Day (mid-March)
    • Every occasion calls for a party in Las Vegas, and you can rest assured that St. Patrick’s Day is no different! You’ll get the complete St. Paddy’s celebration with a parade, festival and enough beer to satisfy the masses. Hotels, resorts, bars and casinos will display their green and you can always count on Irish music and dancing at Mandalay Bay’s Rí Rá Irish Pub.

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Las Vegas Weather in April

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Las Vegas Weather in April

Weather-wise, April is about as perfect as it gets and is why many consider this month to be the best time to visit Las Vegas. There’s sunshine aplenty with warm – not yet uncomfortably hot – temperatures of 78℉ (25℃) with mild lows of 51℉ (11℃). An April shower may occur, but since it’s rare, it won’t be anything that would affect your trip.

Las Vegas Events in April

  • Great Vegas Festival of Beer (early April)
    • Calling all beer lovers to Downtown Las Vegas! If the idea of the Great Vegas Grand Tasting specialty menu doesn’t capture your attention, perhaps you’ll be enticed by the opportunity to attend various Brewlogic educational sessions to learn more about the beer-brewing craft. There’s also the Mad Craft Experience which includes pairings of over 50 specially-crafted beers from local breweries with tasty beer-infused chef creations. 
  • Viva Las Vegas Car Show and Rockabilly Weekend (mid-April)
    • All you rockabillies out there need to head to the Orleans Hotel and Casino for this weekend celebrating all things rockabilly with special music, cars, bands, exhibits, pool parties and events. The burlesque shows are pretty well-liked too! This is a popular one, so you may want to book your tickets early.
  • Great American Foodie Fest (end of April)
    • For a gathering of the best gourmet food trucks from across the country in one place, get yourself to Las Vegas in April! Some of the food trucks are also TV stars with features on The Travel Channel and The Food Network. If famous food trucks aren’t enough, there are also carnival rides, eating contests and a beer garden. What more could you ask for?

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Las Vegas Weather in May

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Las Vegas Weather in May

May marks the beginning of pool party season as temperatures keep rising and the days get longer. But temperatures are not at their prime-summer peak and stay at a comfortable average high of 88℉ (31℃). Nights are colder but pleasant for strolls along the Strip with lows of 66℉ (19℃).

Las Vegas Events in May

  • Vegas Uncork’d Food & Wine Festival (early May)
    • Bon Appetit Magazine hosts this wonderfully delectable yearly weekend event takes at several grand Vegas resorts like the MGM, the Venetian, Caesars Palace, the Venetian and more. There is never a shortage of famous A-list chefs that participate every year. Tickets for the various events are sold separately, including the ones for any of the Master Series Dinners, so pick and choose what you like. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Electric Daisy Carnival (mid-May)
    • You’ll need to make your travel plans in advance for this weekend because it’s a popular one! The EDC brands itself as a celebration of love, music, art and life. There are stupendously elaborate lit-up stages, pyrotechnics, performers and displays that ignite the imagination like no other. Carnival rides and LED 3D superstructures complete this eclectic experience. Oh, and be sure to get plenty of rest because the magic starts in the evening and continues through to the morning – in time to refuel with some eggs and pancakes!

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Las Vegas Weather in June

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Las Vegas Weather in June

You’ll definitely start feeling the summer vibe as temperatures continue creeping up – but you could get wonderfully comfortable days that top off in the 80s℉ (upper 20s℃) or climb up to a steamy +100℉ (+37℃). On those days you’ll want to plan your outdoor walking tours to early mornings or evenings when temperatures are closer to 70℉ (21℃).

Las Vegas Events in June

  • Las Vegas Restaurant Week (mid-June)
    • Along with the amazing shows, clubs and casinos, another one of Vegas’ major highlights is all of the incredible restaurants and dining opportunities. And with Three Square Food Bank’s annual hosting Restaurant Week you can dine at award-winning AND give to a good cause; each meal provides up to 18 meals to hungry people in Southern Nevada. Participating restaurants serve a variety of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner prix-fixe menus with a fixed portion of the cost donated to the food bank. It’s a win-win!
  • Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con (end of June)
    • This is a fan-favorite for kids and adults alike. If you were hoping to find the latest and greatest in all things comic books, superheroes, and sci-fi – you’re in luck! Enjoy special guests, exhibits, industry stars, autograph signings and more. Don’t forget to bring your costume.

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Las Vegas Weather in July

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Las Vegas Weather in July

The Vegas summer sizzle reaches its peak in July with average highs reaching a sweltering 104℉ (40℃) and a not-so low average low of 81℉ (27℃). You’ll have no problem staying cool by spending daytime hours in the heavily air-conditioned casinos and indoor areas – or take your pick of one of the many pool parties taking place up and down the Strip!

Las Vegas Events in July

  • 4th of July
    • It seems like every day is a day to celebrate in Vegas, so you can imagine that the 4th of July is quite an event in Sin City! Pool parties, fireworks, drink specials, all-night club events – if there’s a city that knows how to go big for America’s independence day, Las Vegas is it!
  • NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships (end of July)
    • In case you don’t get enough muscles and tan skin sightings at the Vegas hotel pool parties, feast your eyes on some of the most sculpted muscles at this 2-day event. The contest categories include men’s and women’s bodybuilding, men’s and women’s physique, bikini and figure. 
Las Vegas Weather in August

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Las Vegas Weather in August

July’s summer sizzle continues well through August. With average highs remaining up at 103℉ (40℃), you want to limit your time outdoors and use air-conditioned areas and shady poolside spots to help beat the heat. If you are outside, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Las Vegas Events in August

  • Combat Con (early August)
    • Although this event’s central focus is Western Martial Arts, the con manages to incorporate a fascinating combination of sci-fi, cosplay, steampunk, fantasy and comics. You’ll have one-on-one interaction with martial artists in armor where you can try your hand at throwing a dagger or cracking a whip. Even if you’re no stranger to Con events, this may just be one like you’ve never experienced before!
  • Star Trek Convention (early August)
    • Here you go, Trekkies! Gather with thousands of fellow fans for 5 days of pure Star Trek-filled bliss. There will be plenty to do with fan panels, trivia competitions, auctions and special programming that centers on Star Trek science. A fan-favorite is always the vast vendor room that features all the collectibles you could ever want and, of course, the event highlight – the celebrity booths where you can have a meet and greet with some of your favorite character actors. Hint: William Shatner is usually on the scene!

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Las Vegas Weather in September

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Las Vegas Weather in September

 September weather in Vegas is still hot and pool-worthy but takes a break from the triple-digit temperatures of July and August. The highs in the first part of September average 95℉ (35℃) while average lows drop significantly to 66℉ (19℃). By the end of the month, the average high temperature is closer to 80℉ (27℃) as fall weather looms around the corner.

Las Vegas Events in September

  • Labor Day (early September)
    • Right on up there with the 4th of July and essentially any holiday or a long weekend, Labor Day weekend in Vegas is full of merriment and festivities. Concerts, drink and food specials, pool parties, club events…name it, you’ll find it. 
  • Las Vegas Greek Festival (late September)
    • Enjoy some seriously good Greek food and entertainment at this annual celebration of Greek culture. Just a couple of miles off the strip, at St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, you’ll find every traditional Greek dish you’ve ever wanted – from souvlaki to baklava – and a marketplace full of other goods. You can also get your fill of Greek dancing and music and purchase traditional clothing and jewelry items.
Las Vegas Weather in October

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Las Vegas Weather in October

Pool party season wraps up this month as the average high dips to 81℉ (27℃) and evening temperatures reach a chillier 58℉ (14℃). But the pools stay open – under calmer conditions – while the days remain mostly sunny and warm. For these reasons, October can also be considered the best time to visit Las Vegas. Enjoy a break from the heat and the crowded mayhem!

Las Vegas Events in October

  • Las Vegas Bike Fest (early October)
    • A must-do event for bikers – by which we mean motorcycle bikes – so don’t show up in tight spandex shorts! It’s a weekend full of bikes, food, music, vendors and plenty of partying. The schedule of events includes a tattoo convention, biker bingo, a bikini contest and Miss Vegas BikeFest contest. It sounds like fun!
  • Oktoberfest (varying dates in October)
    • Oktoberfest is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest beer parties, and you know by now that Vegas never misses a chance to party! So if you’re looking for Oktoberfest-themed festivities, German food, beer and live music, you won’t have to worry about finding something in Sin City. For the most authentic party on the Strip, head to the Hofbräuhaus for their celebrity keg tapper and Oktoberfestbier imported straight from Munich. Talk about authentic!
Las Vegas Weather in November

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Las Vegas Weather in November

Aside from a chance of rain – nothing too major though – and occasional strong winds, November weather is typically mild and makes it one of the best months to visit Las Vegas. Daytime temperatures cool down to an average high of 67℉ (19℃) and the cold nighttime weather returns with an average low of 42℉ (6℃).

Las Vegas Events in November

  • Professional Bull Riders World Finals (early November)
    • Cowboy hats and cowboy boots take over Vegas as the best in bull riding compete for the crowning of the world champion. There are activities for everyone including bucking bulls, live music, fan events, food, drinks and more. Be sure to get your tickets!
  • Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving Day)
    • If you happen to be in Vegas to celebrate Thanksgiving, you may want to take a break from the Strip to participate in this annual Turkey Trot tradition. You can run – or walk – any distance of your choice on the course that runs along the old railroad line through the Lake Mead area. The options are a half marathon, 12K, 5K or 1-mile – depending on how ambitious and fit you’re feeling! The finish line is at the landmark Hoover Dam that participants reach after passing through six tunnels. ​
Las Vegas Weather in December

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Las Vegas Weather in December

December may bring some of Vegas’ coldest weather, but it certainly doesn’t mean white Christmas-type cold, and it most certainly doesn’t dissuade masses of holiday visitors! Average temperatures range from a high of 58℉ (14℃) to a low of 34℉ (1℃) but don’t be surprised to encounter sunshine and days reaching into the 70s℉ (21℃).

Las Vegas Events in December

  • Glittering Lights
    • If driving through millions of twinkling lights doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, then maybe nothing will! You can pay to drive through the light-filled course at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or take the open-air Santa Tram to take in the spectacular light display in all its glory. In the spirit of giving, many of the ticket purchase proceeds go to local charities.
  • America’s Party New Year’s Eve (December 31)
    • Leave it to Las Vegas to throw a New Year’s Eve bash that’s worthy of the name “America’s Party.” Vegas pulls out all the stops with a show-stopper that features over 80,000 fireworks that are set off from 7 different roof-top locations: MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Aria, Stratosphere, Planet Hollywood, Venetian and TI. And, of course, the party only continues from here. Just take your pick of things to do – there is more to even count!

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What is the best time to visit Las Vegas weather-wise?

Weather-wise, Las Vegas is near perfect in the spring months – usually starting as early as March and through May. The intense summer heat hasn’t taken over yet, but it’s plenty warm enough to enjoy poolside lounging there and ample hours of sunlight to enjoy all that Vegas has to offer until the sun goes down – when you can take a rest and get ready for the second wave of fun! 

The other best time to visit Las Vegas weather-wise is in fall – mainly in September and October. Conditions feel much more comfortable after the peak heat subsides and you can enjoy some cool evening air. During these months, you don’t have to dread the idea of walking outside beyond the air-conditioned walls!

Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Las Vegas

In a city so exciting and vibrant that’s buzzing with non-stop energy, any time can be the best time of year to visit Las Vegas. As you’ve probably noticed, Vegas never misses a party and will always deliver entertainment and memorable moments with no lack of things to see or do – or eat or drink! So, take an open mind and an adventurous spirit and let Las Vegas show you its magic!

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