14 Best Shows in Las Vegas [October 2021]

The entertainment capital of the world is full of exquisite shows unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in the world! See acts that have been perfected over decades, at theatres designed just for that particular show.

There’s much more to enjoy in Las Vegas than gambling and strip malls. Despite its reputation as ‘sin city’, there are many beautiful things to enjoy here. The unique and wildly entertaining shows being our favorite.

Watch dancers in water and crazy acrobatics. Laugh at comedy shows and sit stunned as magicians pull tricks you’ll never understand. Enjoy great live music and performances that will stay with you for a lifetime. No matter what kind of Vegas show you’re looking for, you’ll find the best of the best here!

Best Shows in Vegas - Circus and Acrobatics

Circus and Acrobatics

Circus and Acrobatics (Photo credit – rollingstone.com)

The most incredible shows in Las Vegas would have to be the acrobatic circus-style performances. With venues specially designed for these shows, and breathtaking talent, you can’t go wrong with one of these awe-inspiring performances.

They’re also well-suited for every type of vacation in Vegas. So, whether you’re here for an escape from the ordinary, for a bachelor/ette getaway, or a family trip, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

#1 – Cirque du Soleil O

Incredibly inventive and impressive, this water-themed production is one of the all-time best shows to see in Vegas! Where else can you watch such skilled acrobatics in, around, and above water? It is absolutely mind-blowing to watch.

There are aerial and ground acts, as well as synchronized swimming in the massive pool of water on stage. Aside from the wealth of talent, the set and vibrantly colorful costumes are spellbinding.

Watching this exotic show, you’re guaranteed a great time. It has been operating at Las Vegas’ Bellagio theatre for over 20 years! The theatre is specifically designed for this very show, so you probably won’t find the opportunity to watch it elsewhere in the world.

Enjoy the surrealism and romance of the unique performance.

There’s no dress code, but you may want to forgo flip flops and T-shirts for the hotel Bellagio’s slightly upmarket dress requirements.

#2 – Absinthe at Caesars Palace

With the contortions and acrobatics of a Cirque du Soleil show and the rowdiness of a burlesque, Absinthe is a trip! It’s set in a good old fashioned circus tent, with a classic show atmosphere.

This is not a show to bring the family to. The sexual innuendo and bawdy humor is a great deal of fun, but not one for the kids! Daring tricks and mind-bending aesthetics certainly make it a show for everyone else, though.

If you only have one night in Las Vegas, we recommend seeing Absinthe. It combines all the best elements of a Las Vegas show. Bright, colorful costumes, crazy tricks, outrageous comedy, and truly impressive acrobatics – what more could you want.

To top it all off, all the action happens just a few meters from you, making you feel like part of the show and fully invested.

Considered by many to be the best show in the city, this is one for the books.

#3 – Cirque du Soleil Love

We couldn’t only include one Cirque du Soleil show on our list! Love is so completely different to O, you’ll certainly want to see both.

A masterful tribute to the Beatles and all their best music, as well as the fantastical 60s which inspired their work, Love is a whirlwind ride

The show is also performed at a specially-built theatre, so again, its something you’ll find nowhere else in the world. The Beatles’ best hits are beautifully interpreted in a circus-style stage performance. Combining artistry and crazy athleticism, as well as incredibly colorful sets and costumes, you can’t go wrong with this bright show.

Love was first created in 2006, but many new acts and new technological developments have been added. Keeping it fresh, up to date with everything, and pushing boundaries.

With never a dull moment, it’s great fun for the whole family. And it’ll leave you awed at what humans can do – as well as leaving you with a refreshed love for the Beatles!

#4 – Le Reve at Wynn

Le Reve, or ‘The Dream’, really does feel like you’re witnessing someone’s incredible, strange and surreal dream. Watch acrobats drink tea at tables that spin in the air. See them dive into the water from a towering fountain that emerges from the water.

With another stage designed specifically for the act, this performance takes place above, below and within a deep pool. The visuals are stunning, making use of bright colors, unique props, and a spectacularly talented cast. All set to music which emphasizes the idea of watching a dream unfold.

The setting is quite intimate, so you feel like you’re a part of it. You may also get splashed! There’s not a bad seat in the house, and the staff is great, elevating the experience.

Looking for magic, music, and beauty? One of the top shows in Vegas, this water-based acrobatics and dance performance has it all, and then some.

Best Magic Shows to See in Vegas

Best Magic Shows to See in Vegas

Best Magic Shows to See in Vegas (Photo credit – vegaslens.com)

Some of Vegas’ best entertainment is the astonishing magic shows. David Copperfield’s famous and long-standing illusions, and the more recent Piff the Magic Dragon offer some of the best family fun you’ll find.

#5 – David Copperfield

Considered by many to be the greatest illusionist of our time, David Copperfield puts on a legendary show.

While he’s been performing for over 20 years, Copperfield feels as fresh as ever. He’s energetic and engaging, making it a fantastic experience – particularly for those who have enjoyed his exciting illusions for the past few decades. Finally, you can see him live!

Fascinating and exciting from beginning to end, this show will leave you stumped, and amazed. Beyond the illusions themselves, David is an excellent storyteller, witty and interesting. With new and old tricks, and exciting special effects, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

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#6 – Piff the Magic Dragon

For a little lighthearted comedy and magic that’s fun for the whole family, you can’t do better than Piff. He’s quick and quirky, keeping the energy high and the laughter as continuous as the amazement.

Piff and his sidekick chihuahua, Mr Piffles, both wear dragon costumes – but don’t be fooled. While they may look silly, the illusions are jaw-dropping.

The theatre is intimate, and the comedy is dry and laugh-out-loud funny without being too raunchy for the kids. And Mr Piffles isn’t just there to look cute. You’ll see him levitating, flying from a canon, and perhaps escaping a straight jacket with the help of the magic dragon. There’s lots to enjoy about this magic show!

Best Las Vegas Shows for Music Lovers

Music Lovers Show in Vegas

Music Lovers Show in Vegas (Photo credit – jonesaroundtheworld.com)

Las Vegas is also home to some of the best musical performers in the country! Whether you’re interested in rock’s greatest hits, funky Motown and modern classics, or something a little wackier, there’s something for everyone.

#7 – Blue Man Group at Luxor

A totally unique performance that’s grown world-renowned, the Blue Man Group is a must-see show in Vegas! Their one-of-a-kind show includes crazy instruments, comedy skits, and of course, blue-painted men.

The most important part of the show is the music – ethereal, loud, strange and beautiful, performed by almost non-human characters. But there’s more to it. Without speaking, the group also performs comedic acts, and questions the structure and meaning of the universe.

They also play with themes like community and innocence, often drawing on and interacting with the crowd. It’s one wacky adventure.

You’ll walk away very impressed, and wondering how in the world these men could be blue up to the eyeballs.

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#8 – Raiding the Rock Vault

If you love classic rock, go and raid the rock vault with these stars. This jukebox musical features actual famous musicians from popular 70s and 80s rock bands!

Watch your favorite artists performing a medley of all your favorite songs – it’s like a daydream come true. Nostalgic, fun, and chaotic, this show is legendary in Las Vegas.

You’ll hear classic rock anthems by acts like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and The Doors, among many others. Performed by some of the band members from those very groups!

The rock supergroup will leave you absolutely awed. Especially for anyone who remembers these iconic hits from back in the day, in the unflinching, theatrical, and game-changing prime of rock and roll.

Editor’s Note: One of the best ways to get to know Las Vegas is through its museums.

#9 – Australia’s Human Nature Sings Motown and More

If your musical tastes lean more towards groovy Motown, watch Human Nature’s vibrant Las Vegas performance. You’ll hear the greatest hits of Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and Stevie Wonder, among others.

Everything is performed by the four resident Aussies – in fact, it’s Australia’s top-selling pop vocal group. This non-stop party combines fantastically fun music and dancing in a fast-paced 90-minute show.

The dynamic show is full of energy – it’s perfect to see on a fun night out with friends, and an alternative to the usual Las Vegas experience. With an intimate venue, it’s a great night of entertainment. You can even enjoy a meet-and-greet with the famous Vegas singers after the show.

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The Best Show in Vegas for Bachelorettes

Bachelorettes Shows in vegas

Bachelorettes Show in Vegas (Photo credit – pinterest.com)

Las Vegas is, of course, the best place to go for a wild bachelorette party – who could doubt it? If you’re looking for something a little raucous to enjoy with the girls, look no further. Our favorite night out is a show at Aussie Heat.

#10 – Aussie Heat

Not a show for everyone, and not for the kind of bachelorette party you bring your aunt to, this is the very best male strip show you’ll ever see. The Australians take over Las Vegas in this rowdy, highly impressive performance.

Ideal for those visiting Las Vegas for an exciting girl’s weekend or an opportunity to break away from ordinary life, Aussie Heat is loads of fun. The men are gorgeous and very talented. The show has a big emphasis on real skill in both dancing and athleticism, so rest assured you’re not just watching some buff guys strut about.

It’s also very interactive! If ever you want a good amount of audience participation, it’s at a fun strip show, right? So, if you’re looking for some risque humor, lots of laughs, and a performance you’ll remember for a long time, (on long cold nights, for example) check out Aussie Heat.

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Other Fantastic Adult-Only Shows in Vegas

Fantastic Adult-Only Shows in Vegas

Fantastic Adult-Only Shows in Vegas (Photo credit – creativiva.com)

Las Vegas is the place to be for a little adults-only entertainment. While many of the top Vegas shows we’ve already listed aren’t advisable to bring children to, these are a bit more risque than most.

Ideal for bachelor and bachelorette parties that are a lot more interesting than simply watching a few strippers.

#11 – Atomic Saloon Show

Entertaining, sexy, and so much fun, Atomic Saloon Show is a raucous Wild West meets strip-tease circus show. It moves at a fast pace, delivering laughs and amazement every moment.

The audience is taken hostage by Miss Madame Boozy Skunkton and her wild group of Las Vegas entertainers. While they have you, they’ll dance and sing, play music and deliver acrobatic feats such as you’ve never seen. It’s an incredibly sexy show, with a great deal of laughter and naughty fun.

So, if you’re looking for a great night out with a classic American theme, this is the perfect option for you and the gang. The costumes are brilliant and risque, the skill is undeniable, and the attractive troupe absolutely captivating. At this pace, atomic is the best way to describe it.

Let’s simplify this! We’ve put together our favorite places to stay in Las Vegas so you don’t have to stress!

#12 – The Miss Behave Gameshow

This unique and vibrant show in an intimate atmosphere is an absolute delight. Your hostess pulls you in completely and has the whole crowd perfectly willing to do anything she asks at any point.

It’s part game show, part variety spectacle. Totally original and uplifting, this show is pure entertainment. It’s very different from the other shows on this list, simply because it feels so intimate, like you’re just having a bit of fun with Miss Behave and her band of rebels. It’s a loud and chaotic riot, and they give it everything they’ve got.

In the game show itself the audience is divided into two teams. You’ll compete together for various prizes and the love of the game.

This is another show for those looking for a night on the town unlike any other.

If you’re interested in big-budget entertainment, give it a skip. This unpretentious show makes good use of cardboard placards and enthusiastic audience participation.

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Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas (Photo credit – lasvegas.showtickets.com)

Sometimes all you need is a laugh – especially when you’re hungover and cleaned out from a night at the casino… Not ringing any bells?

These are the two best comedy shows in America’s entertainment capital, guaranteed to amuse.

#13 – Carrot Top

If you’re looking for a good laugh, this wacky long-running show is one of the must-see shows in Vegas.

There’s a lot going on in the one-man performance, with a lot of props, music, and visuals. And, of course, a lot of laughs. Considered the funniest guy in Las Vegas, Carrot Top’s wild and witty performance is always great fun to see.

Keep in mind, it’s not a comedy for the kids. You have to be 16 years old to attend, and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. But honestly, not all that many people bring their kids to Vegas.

The show is always changing. Carrot Top (otherwise known as Scott Thompson) gives his take on pop culture, music, politics and other current events with hilarious props and commentary. He’s one of the most recognizable characters in comedy, and is considered comedy’s king of props for good reason.

#14 – Tape Face

Incredibly inventive and unique, Tape Face is a comedy show with a difference. The comedian – as you may have guessed from the name – doesn’t make a sound. He became a worldwide sensation on America’s Got Talent, and is now a popular comedic resident in Vegas!

While you may have seen his acts before on the screen, seeing him in person is spectacular. His unusual physical comedy and uniquely silent acts are fantastic. It’s a very interactive experience, and he pulls many people from the crowd to aid him in the show.

If you’re looking for a good laugh and an experience you can be sure you won’t find anywhere else in the world, this is the best show for you.

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With so many incredible options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to see in Vegas.

These are the absolute best options for every different kind of show-goer. From acrobatics and daunting feats of strength and agility to uproarious comedy and musical performances that will blow your socks off.

Find the best show in Las Vegas for you, or try to tick them all off the bucket list on your trip to the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to leave astonished.

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