21 INCREDIBLE Tours in Miami [July 2019]

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Drive down Ocean Drive in a classic convertible and feel the sea breeze flow through your hair. While the neon lights and vintage cars may seem like a scene out of a movie, with the right guide you will feel just like a celebrity while exploring Miami!

There is not just one reason to visit this iconic seaside town in Florida. The untamed Everglades, pristine beaches and mouth-watering Cuban cuisine is more than enough to have you booking that tour to Miami in a heartbeat!

From above the city skyline to the depths of the ocean, there are so many different ways to enjoy Miami! The city is well known for not only their natural beauty but also their legendary nightlife which is sure to knock your socks off! With the right guides, your adventure to Miami is truly going to be one for the books!

Table of Contents

#1 – Everglades National Park Tour

Alligators, Snakes, and Turtles on an Airboat!

Everglades National Park Tour

  • Swampland and Reptiles
  • Airboat Tour
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

From the safety of your airboat, you will be hovering over some of the most mesmerizing and dangerous animals in the Americas. With your professional guide, you will have the chance not only to see the American alligator but actually hold one yourself!

Prepare to venture out into the wild, get up close and personal with the animals of the Everglades, and even try some local delicacies on this adventurous tour to one of the United State’s most breathtaking national parks!

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#2 – Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling in Key West from Miami!

Snorkeling Tour

  • Diving to America’s Only Coral Reef 
  • Tour of Florida’s Key West
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 12 hours

Nothing quite can compare with diving into turquoise blue water and discovering America’s only coral reef. You can do just this when taking a day trip down to the Key West. This relaxing bus ride will have you dipping into the ocean or on the beach with a margarita in hand in no time!

With experienced divers as your guides, you will have all the guidance and gear you need to truly enjoy the beauty of the Key West and all the creatures below the sea!


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#3 – Vintage Convertable Tour

A City Tour in a Classic Car!

Vintage Convertable Tour

  • Classic Convertable Car
  • City Tour of Miami
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 3.5 hours

You and your family will be rolling down the streets of Miami in style when joining this vintage convertible car tour! What could be better than feeling that sea breeze on your face and watching as all of the colors of vibrant Miami pass by?

With a knowledgeable guide as your driver, he will take you to all of the most historic and famous neighborhoods of Miami. By the end of the tour, you are sure to know the city like the back of your hand! Not to mention you will also have some amazing photos of you cruising through Miami!


#4 – Miami Air Tour

The Best Plane Tour in Miami!

Miami Air Tour

  • Birdseye View of Miami
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

Get a new perspective of the amazing city of Miami from the air! Nothing can quite compare with seeing the tranquil blue waters, yellow sand beaches, and towering glistening skyscrapers from the comfort of your own private plane!

During this one hour tour, your pilot and guide will point out all of the best sites around the city as well as the marine life jumping out of the bay! There is no better way to truly soak in the beauty of Miami than from a thousand feet above the earth!


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#5 – South Beach Nightlife Tour

Salsa and Mojitos in South Beach!

South Beach Nightlife Tour

  • Dance Lessons
  • Latin Clubs
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 2 hours Salsa Lesson

Start the night off with meeting your instructors who will show you how to salsa like a local. With food and drinks available, you will be hitting the dance floor in no time! Once you got your moves down that’s when the real fun begins!

Try out your newly honed skills at some of the hottest clubs in Miami. Groove and move to the beat to the best Latin music in town! With added drink specials and VIP access, you are sure to have the night of your life!


#6 – Millionaire’s Row Boat Tour

Get the Best Views of Biscayne Bay!

Millionaire's Row Boat Tour

  • Cruise around Biscayne Bay
  • Visit Millionaire’s Row
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1.5 hour

No trip to Miami would be complete without taking out to the water and cruising along Biscayne Bay. Miami is not short on islands and ports to discover. From the comfort of your boat, you can enjoy the sea air and all of the beauty of both the downtown and the high seas.

For those pop culture buffs out there, the highlight of the boat tour is Millionaire’s Row. Take a peek and see the gorgeous mega mansions of some of the world’s most rich and famous such as Shaq and P Diddy!


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#7 – Miami Beach Segway Tour

Hit the beach on the Best Segway Tour in Miami!

Miami Beach Segway Tour

  • Segway Tour
  • Art Deco Architecture
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

Be the envy of the entire beach as you roll by your segway! If you are looking to take in all of the sights of Miami Beach and have an experienced guide explain the history behind the half a century old buildings lining the streets, then this segway tour is just for you!

With a segway training session and friendly instructors, you will be taking to the streets and exploring every corner of Miami beach before you know it!


#8 – Kennedy Space Center Tour

Blast off with a tour to the home of NASA!

Kennedy Space Center Tour

  • Explore the Kennedy Space Center
  • Shop till you drop at a local outlet mall
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 14 hours

Blast off and take a peek at one of the world’s most iconic destinations. Kennedy Space Center has captivated the imaginations of people for generations and now you get the chance to tour the very place where Apolo 8 launched! With a guided tour and interactive exhibits, the Home of Nasa will take your holiday out of this world!

After a day of exploring the space center and climbing through rockets, stop by one of Miami’s famous outlet malls to hunt for brand names. With shopping bags in hand and your mind blown away with the wonders of NASA, there is not much more you can pack into an already perfect day!


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#9 – Miami Duck Tour

A Tour of Miami on both sea and land!

Miami Duck Tour

  • Explore Miami on a duck!
  • Perfect for families
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 1.5 hours

It is not quite a bus and not really a boat, what they call it is a duck! This quirky vehicle will have you rolling down the streets of Miami and splashing into Biscayne Bay without you having to get out of your seat!

With both a city tour and boat tour all wrapped up into one, what else could you ask for? Take a look at some of the best sights around Miami with comedic narration by your very own captain and tour guide!


#10 – Miami Sidecar Motorcycle Tour

The best tour in Miami of the back of a bike!

Miami Sidecar Motorcycle Tour

  • Vintage Sidecar Motorcycle
  • City Tour
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 1.5 hours

Forget all those boring bus and car tours, mix up things in your vacation and jump into a sidecar! These rather comical motorcycles will give you a truly unique experience and show you a new side of colorful Miami.

Your driver and guide will have your motorcycle roaring down the Ocean Drive, taking in some of that classic 1950’s architecture we all love. With free pick-up and drop-off, this sidecar tour will give you a memory you will treasure forever!


#11 – Jet Boat Tour

The Most Exciting Tour in Miami!

Jet Boat Tour

  • Jet Boat Tricks
  • Island Tour
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 30 Minutes

Looking to inject a little more fun into your Miami holiday? Dump the slow boat and hop on one of Miami’s jet boat tours! You will whiz past some of the most iconic islands in the city while gripping your armrest!

Although short, you are sure to have your heart pumping after drifting and spinning through Miami’s breathtaking bays and harbors!


#12 – Little Havana Food Tour

The best food and walking tour in Little Havana!

Little Havana Food Tour

  • Taste traditional local Cuban food
  • Explore Cuban culture
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 2 hours

If you are looking to get off the beaten path and truly immerse yourself in Miami’s Cuban culture, look no further than the Little Havana Food Tour! Wandering through the backstreets will take you to some of Miami’s best-kept secrets as well as to some of the most mouth-water dishes!

After eating your way through Little Havana, take a closer look at Cuban culture. With cigar rolling demonstrations and an introduction to the religion of Santeria, this tour is by far the best way to dive deep into the history of Little Havana.

#13 – Wynwood Art District Tour

A Golf Buggy Tour of Miamis Top Art District!

Wynwood Art District Tour

  • Buggy Tour
  • Street Art of Miami
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

Anyone can just leisurely stroll past the stunning street art of Wynwood. With this private buggy tour, however, you will gain a true understanding behind the colorful murals and striking graffiti!

This one hour tour will have a professional and personable driver as your guide, showing you the different styles and techniques behind Miami’s most famous outdoor art gallery!


#14 – Sunset Air Tour

Best Tour in Miami in the Sky after Dark!

Sunset Air Tour

  • Plane Tour
  • Miamis Skyline at Night
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

As night begins to fall, board your private plane and take off to the skies. You thought Miami was gorgeous from the ground, wait until you are a couple of miles up in the air watching the lights turn on in this magical city!

With a professional pilot as your guide, you will see up close the sky change from blue to all colors of the rainbow! The neon lights of the city below make your flight the perfect end to another perfect day in Miami!


#15 – Key West Day Tour

The best way to see the Key West from Miami

Key West Day Tour

  • Key West Tour
  • Drive over 43 bridges!
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1 Day

America’s own Carrabiean paradise is only a few hours away from Miami! This bus tour will take you right into the heart of the Florida Keys so you can have the best beach bum experience possible!

From the areas natural beauty to its rich history, you will find yourself marveling at both the tranquil warm waters and vibrant culture before you know it! With WIFI on board, your trip to and from Key West is sure to be a quick one!


#16 – Parasailing Tour in Biscayne Bay

See Miami from a different angle!

Parasailing Tour in Biscayne Bay

  • Parasailing
  • Boat Ride
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

Get ready to tour the gorgeous Biscayne Bay from the luxury of a boat and the Miami skyline in the background. Just when you thought nothing could get better from the comfort of the sea, the captain releases the parachute!

From 400 feet in the air, feel the sweet sea air flow your hair and get your heart pumping as your fly behind your boat while parasailing! This is not only one of the most fun tours you can have in Miami, but it also offers some of the best views!


#17 – Airboat Night Tour

See the most fascinating creatures of the Everglades in the dark!

Airboat Night Tour

  • Explore the American Everglades
  • Hunt for Alligators
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

It isn’t until night falls that most of the Everglades’ creepy crawlies emerge from the swamp. From the comfort and safety of your airboat whiz over the water on the hunt for some of the regions most elusive creatures!

With alligators, snakes, and many other nocturnal animals to discover, this is an adventure you will not be wanting to miss while staying in Miami!


#18 – Miami Food Tasting Tour

Art Deco and Tasty Bites!

Miami Food Tasting Tour

  • Eat at Locally Owned Restaurants
  • Explore the Art Deco Buildings of Miami
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 3 hours

This is the mac daddy of all food tours Miami has to offer. You name it, you are sure to try it as you eat through some of the best locally owned restaurants in town!

From coffee and pastries to fancy seafood fusion dishes, you will be eating in boutique restaurants and even some of the famous art deco buildings around Miami!

By the end of this tour, you are sure to leave with a full belly and a smile on your face!


#19 – Miami City Tour From Orlando

The Best Way to See Miami from Orlando!

Miami City Tour From Orlando

  • Tour from Orlando to Miami
  • Boat Ride Option
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 16 hours

Wanting a break from the lines at Disney World? Take a trip out to Miami and experience one of the most vibrant cities in all of America!

After a short journey with a complimentary bagged breakfast, you will be let off by the waterfront with tons of shops and museums to explore! Need to add a bit of extra fun to your trip? Be sure to hop on a boat and ride around Star Island, home of Miami’s rich and famous!


#20 – South Beach Bike Tour

The Best Tour on Two Wheels!

South Beach Bike Tour

  • Bike Star Island and Ocean Drive
  • Get a locals perspective on Miami
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 2 hours

Snap on your helmet and get ready to get those legs pumping as you bike your way through Magic City! Your knowledgeable guides will have you riding through Star Island, home of Miami’s biggest celebrities and Ocean Drive, the most historic street in town!

Enjoy the great outdoors, local history, and a good exercise as you pedal your way through Miami on the best bike tour in town!


#21 – Double Decker Bus Tour of Miami

A tour of Miami from both a bus and boat!

Double Decker Bus Tour of Miami

  • Double Decker Bus Tour
  • Boat Tour
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 4 hours

If you are looking to jam pack as much as you can into one day, this double-decker bus tour is essential! From the top of your red shuttle, you will be shown some of the best and most iconic sites in all of Miami!

After shopping, learning about the local history and grabbing a bite to eat, cast of and see the best side of Miami: from the sea! You will cruise through the harbor and even Star Island, seeing all of the most photogenic places in town in just a matter of hours!



How do I book a Miami tour?

Miami has established itself as a tourist hotspot years ago. Although you will find tons of tour groups parading through the Magic City on package vacations, traveling on your own may prove to be a bit difficult. Make the most out of your trip and book through getyourguide.com, where you are sure to get the best deals and tours possible!

How much do tours in Miami Cost?

While getting around and sleeping in Miami may cost an arm and a leg, most of the tours are surprisingly cheap. You can get a unique tour of this coastal city on average for about 30 USD.

How long do tours in Miami last?

While the tours may be cheap, they don’t last that long. Many of the city tours offered around Miami last no more than 1-2 hours. If you are going a bit out of town, to the Everglades for example, expect your trip to take half a day.

What should I pack?

Miami is well known as being one of the best places to go for the summer! That being said, make sure you pack your swim trunks and loads of sunscreen because the dance floor is not the only place that is going to be on fire! 

If you end up visiting Miami during the winter, expect the weather to be mild. Long pants and a light jacket should be enough to make sure you enjoy your vacation in comfort!

Final Thoughts!

Get your dancing shoes on, you will be hitting the dance floor and feeling those Miami vibes in just a few clicks! It is not only the clubs that are popping in Magic City, but Miami also offers travelers some of the best food, architecture, and natural beauty in all of the United States!

From alligators in the Everglades to bikini rollerbladers on South Beach, Miami is not a city that can be summed up in one sentence alone!

Adventure and relaxation await in one of America’s most diverse cities! Once you sprawl out on the beach, mojito in hand, you may find yourself never wanting to leave your own little slice of paradise!

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