19 Best Las Vegas Strip Hotels [October 2021]

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, then you’ll most likely want to be right in on the action at the Las Vegas strip! Las Vegas hotels on the strip offer incredible thrills and attractions like nowhere else in the world. The massive resorts found along here feature all kinds of different themes and facilities, making them spectacular destinations to visit. 

If you are planning a trip to Vegas, the hotel that you choose will make all the difference! Here are some of the best hotels in Las Vegas that offer completely unforgettable experiences. 

The Best Las Vegas Hotels

The Las Vegas strip is loaded with various magnificent resorts and attractions! Whether you’re looking for some of the highest levels of luxury or the most iconic Vegas attractions, the strip is definitely the place to be! Here are some of the all-time best hotels and resorts that can be found in Sin City. 

#1 – Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

When thinking about Vegas hotels, Caesars Palace is always one of the first names to come to mind! This iconic hotel and casino dates back to 1966 and features a fun Roman Empire theme. 

Of course, Caesars Palace is all about an unforgettable luxurious experience! Staying here really does make you feel like an emperor with all of the amazing decorative touches found around the property. The massive hotel is home to a wide range of facilities, allowing you to stay entertained and busy for ages! 

Guests can enjoy the many celebrity-owned restaurants, 7 magnificent swimming pools, The Forum Shops, and an excellent spa. Of course, there is also the Palace Casino – one of the best-known casinos on the Vegas strip! 

If you’re interested in enjoying one of the best central locations on the Las Vegas strip, as well as staying at a total Las Vegas icon, then Caesars Palace is the place to be! 


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#2 – Bellagio



The Bellagio resort is one of the most luxurious and well-loved Las Vegas strip hotels. This luxurious resort stands on the old site of the Dunes hotel, and it really is an impressive sight to behold! The Bellagio may be best known for its fantastic fountain display in front of the hotel. 

The Fountains of Bellagio are found on the 8-acre lake in front of the building. This dancing water fountain show is synchronized to music and is a brilliant display to take in. 

Beyond the fountains, this hotel (inspired by the Lake Como town of Bellagio in Italy) is completely grand! The entire hotel is modern and sophisticated, with some beautiful artistic touches throughout. There are also great restaurants, a spa, art galleries, a fitness center, swimming pools, and loads more! 

Bellagio is also famously home to Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘O’ production, as well as the famous casino! This is another iconic Las Vegas hotel, and it’s a place that you really should try to experience when in Sin City!


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#3 – Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn resort is a luxurious Las Vegas destination that any visitor to the city should definitely visit! The massive hotel can be seen towering above the strip, but it’s only when you enter the Wynn Hotel that you really experience its splendor! 

This hotel resort features The Lake of Dreams, a 3-acre lake that is fed by a huge curtain waterfall, as one of its main attractions. However, the resort also houses an incredible golf course, a spa, a famous theatre, shops, world-renowned restaurants, pools, the casino, and loads more. This is considered one of the best hotels in the world, and with all that it has to offer, we can absolutely see why! 

The Wynn resort is something that you just can’t miss on the Las Vegas strip. This is definitely one of the ultimate hotels in the city, and it is a destination that offers its guests and visitors a load of world-class entertainment. 


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#4 – The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons resort and hotel operates independently within the Mandalay Bay tower. This hotel is one of the most fabulous hotels on the Las Vegas strip, and it certainly won’t leave any guest disappointed. Each room at the Four Seasons offers incredible views over the strip – the perfect place to stay if you want to be in the middle of the action! 

The hotel is, of course, grand and luxurious, with plenty of world-class facilities and amenities. Guests can enjoy the excellent restaurants at this hotel, the awesome pool (complete with cabanas and waterfall views), the relaxing spa, and more. 

The Four Seasons is one of the few non-gaming major hotels on the strip. If you are looking for top-quality accommodation, high-end luxuries, and a truly unique Las Vegas experience, then The Four Seasons would be a smart choice. 


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#5 – Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria is one of the finest hotels in Vegas and is the ideal destination for an unforgettable experience on the famous strip! The 47-story hotel features 392 rooms and suites, five restaurants and bars, an amazing outdoor pool area, and impressive function spaces. 

This Forbes triple 5-star luxury hotel offers incredible views from its rooms. This non-gaming hotel offers guests a high level of relaxation and comfort. This is one of the more sophisticated hotels with advanced leisure facilities. 

Any stay at the Waldorf Astoria will be a truly unforgettable experience. Due to its thoughtful touches, large-scale luxury, and attention to detail, this is absolutely one of the best Las Vegas hotels on the strip. 


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#6 – Circus Circus

Circus Circus

Circus Circus

Circus Circus is so much more than just a hotel! This lively casino and hotel on the strip is one of the most exciting places to visit! Circus Circus originally opened solely as a casino, with the hotel being added at a later stage. 

As the name suggests, this place is entirely circus-themed. Well, it’s not just themed like a circus, but the resort includes its own amazing circus too! Free performances take place each day, offering guests the opportunity to watch incredible jugglers, acrobats, clowns, and all kinds of performers. 

Enjoy the great hotel, the famous casino, and the larger-than-life circus theme! This is a must-visit hotel attraction on the strip! 


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#7 – Aria Sky Suites

Aria Sky Suites

Aria Sky Suites

If you’re looking for an exquisitely luxurious experience, then be sure to check out the Aria Sky Suites! This exclusive contemporary hotel resort offers guests a truly exclusive experience. 

Guests to the Aria Sky Suites can enjoy the fantastic amenities, which include its 16  outstanding restaurants. The pool here is also magnificent, as are the panoramic views from high up in the kitted-out rooms. 

For the Las Vegas visitor looking for true luxury and personalized hotel experience, Aria Sky Suites is one of the best options available! This is a very special destination on the Las Vegas strip. 

#8 – Paris Las Vegas 

Paris Las Vegas 

Paris Las Vegas

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and striking sights on the strip! Transport yourself all the way to Paris at this grand establishment. The first thing that anyone will notice about this place is the massive Eiffel Tower replica rising from the hotel. 

This Parisian-themed hotel has loads on offer for its guests – visiting here really is like a mini escape to France in the middle of the Nevada Desert! Enjoy the impressive Chateau Nightclub, Napoleon’s Dueling Piano Bar, 11 different restaurants, and 5 different bars. Not forgetting the Paris Spa, gym, theatre, shopping, and loads more! Of course, there is also an exciting casino on offer here as well. 

In terms of accommodation, this hotel is definitely one of the best. Guests can enjoy luxurious rooms that are kitted out with all kinds of comforts and thoughtful touches. Let’s also not forget the incredible views that you will get from the famous Eiffel Tower

Paris Las Vegas is absolutely one of the most necessary places to visit on the strip! Any stay at this legendary hotel will be sure to offer an unforgettable experience! 

#9 – MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Out of all the Las Vegas strip hotels, it would be impossible to miss the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino! Not just because the hotel is such a landmark here, but it is also the largest single hotel in the United States! With 6852 rooms, this hotel really does live up to its Grand name. 

This enormous resort features five different outdoor pools, rivers, and waterfalls. There is also an impressive convention center, the MGM Garden Arena, and the Grand Spa. For added entertainment at this hotel, you can find a number of quality restaurants, night clubs, shops, and a truly massive casino! 

Some of the permanent shows on offer at the MGM Grand include David Copperfield’s famous magic show and a comedy by Brad Garret. As well as ‘Ka’ – a performance by Cirque du Soleil. 

The MGM Grand is the kind of place that has everything you need all in one space. Luxurious rooms, first-class entertainment, and a wide range of facilities and amenities. This is certainly one of the best Vegas hotel experiences out there! 

#10 – The Venetian

The Venetian

The Venetian

Transport yourself straight to the romantic streets of Venice with a visit to this hotel. The Venetian is modeled after this iconic Italian city, with all kinds of life-like replicas of famous monuments and landmarks. A trip to the Venetian will allow you to witness the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Campanile, the Palazzo Ducale, the Lion of Venice, and of course canals complete with gondola rides! 

This is also the world’s second-largest hotel and is one of the most impressive destinations on the Las Vegas strip! The entire resort features a 4049 room hotel, four incredible theatres, a spa, various pools, shops, restaurants, bars, and of course the flashy casino! You really won’t be bored at this exciting destination. 

When visiting Las Vegas, making a visit to the Venetian is a must! This resort is such a unique Vegas experience, and there is much to take in at this awesome hotel and casino.

#11 – The Palazzo

The Palazzo

The Palazzo

The Palazzo forms a part of the Venetian Resort, but is its own hotel entirely. This magnificent destination on the Las Vegas strip is an all-suite hotel – offering some of the most spacious and lavish accommodations in all of Vegas! 

The Palazzo is a real high-roller kind of hotel. Expect nothing but pure luxury and some of the best amenities available here at the Palazzo. Guests can enjoy the pool deck, the spa, great restaurants and bars, and easy access to all of the amenities at the Venetian resort. The Palazzo is just a short gondola ride away from the Venetian! 

If you ‘re after modern comforts and excellent service, then be sure to check out the Palazzo. This hotel offers a completely memorable Vegas strip experience. 

#12 – Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas hotels on the strip will take you to all kinds of places in the world – including ancient Egypt! The Luxor Hotel & Casino is most recognizable for its impressive pyramid towering over the strip. Most of the hotel is housed inside this pyramid, which is similar in size to some of the largest pyramids in Egypt. 

The enormous hotel also features Egyptian replicas such as a great big obelisk and the Sphinx of Giza. There are four different swimming pools at the resort, a massive convention space, a wedding chapel, a spa and salon, and 29 different retail stores. The hotel is also home to some of the top performances and shows in Vegas, as well as a number of nightlife options. Of course, there is also a huge casino here! 

If you are visiting Vegas, this place is all about big statements and over-the-top fun. The Luxor Hotel & Casino is one of the best examples of this and is definitely one of the most easily-recognizable and unforgettable destinations on the strip. 

#13 – Planet Hollywood Resort

Planet Hollywood Resort

Planet Hollywood Resort

The Planet Hollywood Resort is another one of the most important hotels on the Vegas strip! This legendary spot is easily recognized with its bright neon signs glowing over the strip. The hotel has loads on offer, with many amenities and attractions. 

The Planet Hollywood Resort is famous for its big casino and massive shows. This is where Brittney Spears held her popular residency! The Zappos Theatre is the largest and considered the best, theatre on the strip. The hotel also has an impressive swimming pool, the Miracle Mile shopping strip, restaurants, bars, and all other kinds of fun amenities!

This is one of the most distinguishable hotels on the strip due to its easily recognizable design. A stay at Planet Hollywood offers a true Vegas experience that just couldn’t be had anywhere else! 

#14 – The Mirage

The Mirage

Daytime Mirage hero shot.

Why not take a trip to tropical paradise with a visit to the Polynesian themed Mirage hotel. This amazing property has a wide range of attractions and entertainment on offer – making it a completely unique Vegas destination!

Exciting attractions at the Mirage include a large erupting volcano, a huge nightclub, a well-known poolside lounge, as well as a secret garden and dolphin habitat. Some of the best shows in Vegas can also be enjoyed at the Mirage – including Love, a Cirque du Soleil performance inspired by The Beatles. 

Of course, the accommodation is luxurious and well managed. As with any of the best resorts on the strip, you can expect a number of restaurants, bars, shimmering pools, spa treatments, and more. The Mirage is definitely one of the top destinations on the Las Vegas strip! 

#15 – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This luxury resort on the strip can be recognized by its two massive towers rising high above the desert. The Cosmopolitan is commonly regarded as one of the best hotels in the world, and with all that this resort has to offer, we can understand why! 

There are loads of retail and restaurant options at this hotel. As well as a prominent casino, a spa, and a fitness facility, a 3200 seat theatre, a large convention space, and more! The relaxing pool and day club is also particularly fun, as is the nightclub pool! There are some top nightclub choices here at the Cosmopolitan, making it one of the top destinations for after-hours fun. 

A visit to the Cosmopolitan will always be one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences in Vegas! This is an important hotel here, and one that should definitely be experienced when visiting Sin City. 

#16 – New York-New York Hotel and Casino

New York-New York Hotel and Casino

New York-New York Hotel and Casino

The Las Vegas strip has taken us to Venice, Egypt, Hollywood, Lake Como, Ancient Rome, Paris, a big top circus tent, and now it’s time to experience the Big Apple! New York-New York is an exciting resort inspired by this big city!

With a roller coaster zooming through the resort, a Statue of Liberty, and replicas of iconic New York buildings, this hotel really is quite an experience! Of course, there are all kinds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, and everything in between to keep you busy during your stay here. 

Guests can enjoy the flashy gambling areas within the resort, or watch the famous Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity. For those with a sweet tooth, Hershey’s Chocolate World also operates inside New York-New York! 

Take a bite out of the big apple at this awesome themed resort. A stay here really is like nothing else that you can experience on the strip. 

#17 – The Delano Las Vegas

The Delano Las Vegas

The Delano Las Vegas

The Delano can be found within the Mandalay Bay complex, offering one of the most sought-after destinations on the strip. This hotel is another all-suite experience that is all about world-class luxury and high-end accommodation. 

Everything that one would need for an unforgettable Vegas experience can be found within the Delano. Guests can enjoy all kinds of big shows and performances at the massive T-Mobile Arena within the Mandalay Bay complex. There are also a number of restaurants to be found here, some of the top nightlife options in Vegas, as well as the chilled-out beach club. 

The Delano is an iconic hotel on the strip with loads on offer! If you’re looking for a sophisticated and action-packed Vegas experience, then enjoying a stay at the Delano within the Mandalay Bay complex is a fantastic choice! 

#18 – The LINQ



The LINQ Hotel & Casino offers so much more than just quality accommodation on the Las Vegas strip. This is a complete experience – with all kinds of fun thrills and activities available! 

The first thing to take in at The LINQ has got to be their zipline attraction, FLY LINQ. This zipline zooms passengers 12 stories above the LINQ promenade for a completely unique thrill. This hotel also boasts nine restaurants, four bars/lounges, a spa, a brilliant poolside area, and more!

While the rooms at The LINQ may not set the same kind of luxurious standard as other Las Vegas strip hotels, staying here is more about the experience. Other exciting additions to this place include “fan cave” lounges that can be rented for the day, a unique casino, and the LINQ promenade. This is a great place to shop, and offers easy access to the rest of Vegas. 

Final Thoughts on Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Las Vegas hotels on the strip are definitely not your usual accommodation choices! These are complete destinations on their own, with many wonderful attractions, activities, and entertainment on offer! 

No matter what kind of theme or level of luxury you may be interested in, Las Vegas strip hotels will have something for you! The Las Vegas strip is without a doubt one of the most exciting places to visit, and there really is no better way to experience this place than by staying at one of these amazing hotels! 

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