The BEST Time to Visit Venice! [October 2019]

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Italy’s most beguiling of cities has rightly been attracting visitors for centuries. Its long rows of canal-side palaces and churches, intricately-decorated by some of the best artists that have ever lived, are the mere backdrop to a unique way of life that sees the city’s residents jump aboard vaporetto water buses and sleek, romantic, gondolas. From the masterpieces of St Mark’s Square to the islands of Giudecca, Murano, and Burano, Venice is simply not to be missed.

In order to enjoy everything Venice has to offer to its maximum, you’re going to want to know the best time to visit Venice. Not only is there the north Italian weather itself to consider, but also the best time of year to visit the city when thinking about Venice’s well-reported tourist crowds and equally shocking accommodation costs.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide to Venice, we’ll give you the lowdown of what to expect right across the year with specific helpful information on the sorts of weather you can expect on a month to month basis. We also provide you with an events list of what we think are the city’s most exciting monthly festivities, so you know what is the best time to visit Venice for you and your favored past times.

When is the best time of year to visit Venice?

Check out the exact location of Venice on a map of Europe, and you’ll see the city is surprisingly close to the Alps, the highest mountains on the European continent. As a result, Venice sees chill and wet winters.

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Venice!

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Venice!

This low season is the cheapest time to visit Venice if you’re happy to accept temperatures in the 30s and 40s. The major downside beside the chilly weather is shorter opening times for some attractions, and the risk of flooding, though a rare occurrence.

The low season leads into the first of the city’s shoulder periods. Largely linked to the spring months, it is a beautiful time to visit the lagoon, with temperatures starting out in the 50s and hitting the 70s by May. Likewise, a second shoulder period takes place in the fall months, with spring conditions roughly reversed.

That leaves the high season, which closely matches the summer months together with the school summer holidays. During these months Venice is at its most crowded with tourists, and accommodation prices also rise as a result, as does the mercury as temperatures reach the low 80s (high 20s Celsius).

Is Venice safe?

While nowhere in the world is 100% safe, as long as you use your common sense, you’ll likely be fine in Venice.

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What months are the best time to visit Venice?

The city’s traditional high or peak season coincides almost exactly with the long school summer holidays of most European nations, stretching from June through to August over the hottest part of the year.

The high season is a great time to visit, with almost guaranteed pleasant weather and a huge number of events, however if you’re able to avoid these three months then the months immediately before and after – March through to May and September through to November – are thought to be a better time to visit Venice by many.

Though a little dark and dreary when it comes to the weather, the remaining months of the year – December through to February – also hosts both the Christmas and New Year periods, and Venice Carnival. This ancient event takes place in February and sees a momentary jump in visitor numbers and accommodation prices as a result.

Venice weather in January

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Venice weather in January

Slap bang in the center of the winter low season, in January Venice sees its lowest temperatures, averaging just 37°F (3°C) during the day and dipping below freezing at night. It can be famously foggy, and mostly cloudy, though there’s only 2.5 inches of rain that falls over an average nine days in the month.

Venice events in January

  • New Year’s Day
    • Venice sees a slow start to the new year, and this national public holiday is marked by much of Venice being closed for the day. If you find yourself wanting for something to do to shake off a foggy head, there can’t be anything better than the tradition of a new year swim from the long beach on Lido island.
  • La Befana
    • Known as Epiphany elsewhere in the world, La Befana is the celebration of the twelve days of Christmas which takes place on January 6 each year. The second public holiday of the year, its today that Italian children receive gifts from a loving witch (or befana), commemorated city-wide with the Regatta della Befana boat race on the grand canal.
  • The Feast of St Anthony the Great
    • Celebrated by the Catholic Church on January 17, the feast of St Anthony the Great marks the start of Venice’s famous carnival season. Communities build large bonfires in various city center squares, and release balloons as a means of sending blessings to heaven after the saint’s mass has been celebrated.

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Venice weather in February

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Venice weather in February

Carnival month is warmer, but still cold, with average daily temperatures of around 41°F (5°C). There’s still quite a lot of fog, and around the same amount of rainfall as January, though as February progresses the length of days stretches from nine hours to closer to 11 hours per day.

Venice events in February

  • Venice Carnival
    • Lasting for two weeks, Venice Carnival – or Carnevale – dates back to at least 1162. It’s a time for the residents of the city to let their hair down after the winter months by dressing up in grand fashion before attending masquerade balls, live performances in Saint Mark’s Square, and a candle-lit gondola regatta the length of the grand canal.
  • Saint Valentine’s Day
    • Although Saint Valentine’s Day in Venice is a recent import from Hollywood films, with a reputation as the most romantic city in the world, Venice has adopted February 14 as its own. Many of the city’s sightseeing attractions offer two-for-one entry, while restaurants create special menus for the day.

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Venice weather in March

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Venice weather in March

You’ll still want to do like the residents of the city and wrap up warmly during March. Temperatures average 50°F (10°C), with peak temperatures a couple of degrees higher. Rainfall remains fairly steady, also extending across 12 days of the month, and the hours of daylight stretch further to almost 13 hours by the end of the month.

Venice events in March

  • Festa della donna
    • March 8 marks International Women’s Day, which throughout Italy is known as the Festa della donna. If you’re lucky enough to have been born female, you’ll be able to enjoy discounts at various attractions. Keep an eye out for special events such as concerts too. Men are expected to bring the women in their lives – mothers, girlfriends, or wives – yellow mimosa flowers, which you’ll see on sale all around the city in the lead up to the big day.
  • Festa di San Giuseppe
    • Not to be outdone, the men (or at least fathers) of Venice get their own day a few days later, on March 19. Named after Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus, it’s a day when children give their fathers small gifts, while it’s also the perfect day to pay a visit to the Patriarch’s Palace, which boasts a painting of Jesus and Joseph.

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Venice weather in April

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Venice weather in April

Venice warms up significantly in April thanks to the longer and longer days and decreased levels of cloud cover. That said, the amount of rain recorded is still the same as the previous months of the year, at around 2.5 inches. Temperatures however now hit highs of 61°F (16°C) and rarely drop below 54°F (12°C) even at night.

Venice events in April

  • Culture Week
    • Generally held in the middle of April, Culture Week sees many of Venice’s most important cultural institutions, including the Accademia, Ca d’Oro Palace, and Archeological Museum offering free entrance, meaning you can save your money on museum entrance and spend it elsewhere in the city instead!
  • Feast of Saint Mark and Liberation Day
    • As the patron saint of Venice, the Feast of Saint Mark is considered one of the most important religious festivals of the year. Making it even more important is the fact it also falls on Liberation Day – the day Italy celebrates the end of its occupation by Nazi forces during the Second World War.

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Venice weather in May

Read below for information about Venice weather in May (Photo credit – Daily Mail)

Venice weather in May

Temperatures jump again in May, averaging a very pleasant 70°F (21°C). The amount of rain the city experiences also rises slightly, to slightly less than three inches, generally falling as moderate showers with or without accompanying thunderstorms that barely affect the city in any way. Visitors are able to enjoy 7.5 hours of sunshine, and the long daylight hours of northern Europe in summer.

Venice events in May

  • Festa della Sparesca and International Labor Day
    • May 1 is another public holiday in Italy, with many residents in Venice taking the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend elsewhere in the country. The holiday marks International Labor Day, although in Venice May 1 is better known as the date of the Festa della Sparesca, which sees gondolas slip down the waters of Cavallino in celebration of the new season’s asparagus!
  • Venice Biennale
    • One of the largest contemporary art exhibitions held anywhere in the world, the Venice Biennale takes place in odd-numbered years from May until November. The two main exhibition spaces are the Giardini Gardens where you’ll find the country pavilions, and the Arsenale historic boatyard, though you’ll find plenty of free events in spaces all over Venice.
  • Mare Maggio
    • This three-day festival consists of exhibitions and fairs relating to Venice’s obvious ancient connection to the sea by showcasing historic ships and the relics of others. This is also a great time to sample traditional Venice cuisine, while boat races are perhaps the highlight of all the Mare Maggio events.

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Venice weather in June

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Venice weather in June

The beginning of summer proper, June includes the longest day of the year and is typified by hot and sunny days. Daylight hours average out at an incredible 15 hours a day, while temperatures are hitting 75°F (24°C) and not falling below 61°F (16°C) at any time of day or night.

Venice events in June

  • Vogalonga
    • Perhaps the longest and largest of all the boat races that take place throughout the year in Venice, the Vogalonga course stretches for 20 miles. It begins at Saint Mark’s Basin at the eastern end of the grand canal, and sees the hundreds of participating boats race to the island of Burano and back to the basin.
  • Republic Day
    • Marking, on June 2, the day when the modern Italian republic came into being (after the abolition of the monarchy in a nationwide referendum), Republic Day is another national holiday in Italy. Keep an eye out for special events that might be taking place in Venice, while enjoying the city at its most laid back and relaxed.
  • Art Night Venice
    • Taking place towards the latter half of the month, Art Night is an evening of free art-linked events offered up by spaces throughout the city. What sort of thing can you expect? Everything from normally closed palazzos opening their doors to the public, to authors giving talks and readings of their most famous works.

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Venice weather in July

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Venice weather in July

The peak month of the tourist season also sees Venice’s peak temperatures. During the day thermometers can hit 82°F (28°C) while they never fall below around 65°F (18°C), meaning nights on the lagoon can feel a little sticky. There’s still 2.5 inches of rain, falling across 13 days, mostly as part of rapidly passing thunderstorms.

Venice events in July

  • Festa del Redentore
    • Another important religious festival, the celebrations of July 20-21 mark not only the Feast of Christ the Redeemer but also the end of a horrific plague that affected the city and its people in 1576. A temporary bridge made of boats connects the main island to Giudecca, while later in the evening there is a magnificent firework display too.
  • Biennale Teatro
    • Running in conjunction of the larger Venice Biennale, the Biennale Teatro runs from the end of July into August. Instead of static exhibits of modern art, the festivities are added to through a good number of theater performances by international and regional artists, many of which are world premieres.
  • Outdoor cinema at the Campo San Polo
    • The summer season sees the Campo San Polo, Venice’s largest public space bar Saint Mark’s Square, turned into a giant outdoor cinema. There are both premieres as well as modern classics on the bill, with a combination of Italian, English, and subtitled movies generally on offer.
Venice weather in August

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Venice weather in August

August experiences weather that is very similar to that of the month of July. Temperatures are pretty much identical, and amounts of rainfall are also very similar. By the end of the month, visitors are still able to enjoy the sun until 8pm each night.

Venice events in August

  • Pellestrina Regatta
    • It can feel like no month can pass in Venice without there being some sort of regatta, and August is certainly no exception. The little-visited Venetian island of Pellestrina holds its regatta on the first Sunday of August each year, which boasts several traditional and historic craft, including the mascarete and pupparini.
  • Venice Film Festival
    • Running since 1932, the Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world and remains one of the Big Three, alongside Cannes and Berlin. Held on Lido Island, screening takes place at the elegant Palazzo del Cinema on the lungomare Marconi seafront. Keep an eye out for the odd celebrity, and make note of the prize-winners, they’re bound to be big in the coming months!
  • Ferragosta
    • The festival, which takes place on August 15, celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and also marks the traditional period of summer holiday-taking in Italy. Its another of Italy’s national holidays, and ends with a spectacular firework display, although many of the city’s residents use the day as an excuse to escape the lagoons.
Venice weather in September

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Venice weather in September

As summer turns towards fall, the temperatures in the city start to head in a downward direction. The highest temperatures visitors will be able to experience is around 75°F (24°C), with lows of 61°F (16°C). Rain continues to fall mainly as a result of the city’s thunderstorms, across roughly a third of the month, and averaging levels of three inches.

Venice events in September

  • Regatta Storico
    • Venice’s ‘historic regatta’ sees the canals of the city full of boats from various ages alongside boatmen dressed in historic clothing. It takes place on the first Sunday of September and includes gondola races, music, and plenty of food.
  • Festival of the Triumph of the Cross
    • Even those who do not consider themselves religious will find this festival on September 14 an intriguing one, marked by a procession between the church and Scuola Grande of San Giovanni Evangelista in the Sestiere di San Polo area of the city.
  • Venice Glass Week
    • The Venetian island of Murano is well known for its glass blowing majesty, and this week of events is dedicated to the history and work of the island. There are special events organized, such as guided tours of some of the more famous glass furnaces and artists’ studios, as well as exhibitions and even concerts.
Venice weather in October

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Venice weather in October

October gets colder still. Average daily temperatures drop below the high sixties for the first time since April, with the thermometer hovering around 59°F (15°C), similar to the lows of September. After dark, the October temperature falls to around 50°F (10°C), but there is still 10 hours of daylight daily, and similar rain levels to September.

Venice events in October

  • New Season at La Fenice Opera House
    • This masterpiece of architecture is an incredible location to take in a concert. The new season of shows at La Fenice begins in October, with tickets largely sold out significantly before this date. If you do manage to get a ticket, make sure to dress appropriately, a night at the opera is still one of the fancier events to take place in Venice.
  • Venice Marathon
    • It may seem odd to contemplate a 26.2-mile run on an island city with no roads, however, we can’t think of a better place to test yourself physically and mentally with a phenomenal backdrop to boot. Starting and ending in Saint Mark’s Square, the race is run on the fourth Sunday of the month.
  • Halloween
    • Like Saint Valentine’s Day, Halloween isn’t a traditional Venice celebration, however, it’s getting more and more popular over time. The chilly winter weather along with the fogs that can roll in from the Adriatic Sea definitely make for a spooky atmosphere!
Venice weather in November

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Venice weather in November

Venice gets wetter in November, with much of the rain concentrated towards the end of the month. Temperatures range between peaks of 52°F (11°C) and lows of around 40°F (4°C), with the first figure more likely at the start of November and the latter more likely the closer to December it gets.

Venice events in November

  • All Saints Day
    • The other side of Halloween, All Saints Day is a national holiday held on November 1. Together with All Souls Day the following day, the beginning of November is a time to think about those who are no longer with us. Its common for families to head to the cemetery island of San Michele to pay their respects, a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Festa di San Martino
    • A very Venetian celebration, the feast day of Saint Martin on November 11 is associated by anyone who has been to the city on this date by the sound of clanging kitchenware. Children raid the family kitchen to make as much noise as possible on the streets in order to be bribed to be quiet. Also, don’t miss the Saint Martin decorated horse-shaped cookies only made for this day.
  • Festa della Salute
    • Taking place on November 21, this festival also has its origins at the end of a seventeenth-century plague in the city linked to the intervention of the Virgin Mary. The church of Santa Maria della Salute was built at the end of the grand canal by survivors, as is the center of the day’s festivities.
Venice weather in December

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Venice weather in December

Night time temperatures in Venice in December hover around freezing point, and daytime temperatures don’t get much higher than 43°F (6°C). Rainfall is slightly less than November at two inches in total, also fog also needs to now be considered when visiting the city, and daylight hours drop to an average of nine hours per day, with the sun setting at around 4.30pm.

Venice events in December

  • Christmas markets
    • Unveiling their wares in mid-December the stalls of Venice Christmas market can be enjoyed in the public square of Campo San Stefano. Live music will keep you entertained as you examine the beautiful nativity scenes, sample the seasonal treats, and check out the delicate glass decorations made on Murano.
  • New Year’s Eve
    • Also known as the festival of San Silvestro, the focus of the attention as the hours head towards midnight is Saint Mark’s Square and the basin of the same name by the waterside of the Doge’s Palace. There are fireworks at midnight, and if you’re lucky, a kiss from a loved one too.

What is the best time to visit Venice weather wise?

While it is perfectly possible to visit Venice in any month of the year (and the long list of events that take place month to month demonstrate this to be true) its fair to say there are some months that are better than others.

We think that the months of March, April and May, together with September, October, and the beginning of October are the best time to visit Venice when it comes to the weather. It’s neither hot nor too cold during these months, there’s plenty of daylight and no more rain than at any other time of year.

Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Venice

If there is one place in the world you simply must visit sometime during your life that place is Venice, Italy. A unique city like none other on earth, it is awash with romance, culture, art, and extraordinary vistas – whatever the weather might decide to do!

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