Wondering Where to Stay in Bangkok? [July 2019!]

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Wondering Where to Stay in Bangkok? [[date]!]

The sprawling neon city of Bangkok is internationally known for its promiscuous nightlife. For the more worldly traveler, the city of Bangkok represents extravagant temples, lively street markets, busy canals, and an adventure down every back alley!

With so many different sides to this metropolis, how can one know where to stay in Bangkok?

No matter which part of Bangkok you are drawn to, here is a guide to make sure you are in the thick of whichever action you desire!

Our travel experts have traveled firsthand to Bangkok to make make sure YOU have the best guide begin your journey in South East Asia.

After today you will not only know where to stay before setting off on your Thailand adventure but you will also be able to know the chaotic city of Bangkok like the back of your hand.

These are our best picks for where to stay in Bangkok!

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Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Bangkok

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Bangkok.

Best Budget Hotel in Bangkok – Thanabhumi


Thanabhumi is the best budget hotel in Bangkok

For those truly wanting to make yourself at home in Bangkok, look no further than the Thanabhumi Hotel. Each of these snug rooms are complete with a balcony looking over the city. Depending on your needs or budget, this hotel has rooms ranging from a basic one bedroom to a fully furnished apartment.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Bangkok – Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn is the best mid-range hotel in Bangkok

Located in the thriving business district of Bangkok, Eastin Grand Hotel offers luxury service and amenities for half the price. In the expat neighborhood of Sathorn, you can find classy upscale bars and exquisite international cuisine.

Complete with an infinity swimming pool, you can relax in the water while still taking in the breathtaking Bangkok skyline.


Best Luxury Hotel in Bangkok – Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is the best luxury hotel in Bangkok

Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, this 140-year-old hotel still stands tall as the pinnacle of luxury and class in Bangkok.

From the best restaurants in town to top of the line service, this hotel defines what a true luxury hotel should be like. With all the things included in this hotel, you may be too busy pampering yourself at the Mandarin Oriental to even find time to go out into the city.


Bangkok Neighborhoods Guide


Bangkok is one of the most electric cities in the world, and this epic guide will show you EXACTLY where you need to stay

Bangkok is a textbook megacity. With a population of over 8.2 million people, it is no wonder that the size of this metropolis can be described as anything less than massive.

Bangkok has so much to offer all kinds of tourists. History buffs, urban explorers, foodies, and party goers all have their different pieces of heaven throughout the city, although it may be overwhelming at first finding out where you want to go.

Hotel Jules Insider Tip

With each different district of Bangkok being geared to a different kind of tourist, it can be hard to decide which neighborhood to stay in when visiting this vivacious city.

The island of Rattanakosin, or more commonly known as “the old city”, is the heart of Thai architecture, culture, and history. In this small area, you will find the highest density of majestic temples and palaces all waiting to be explored.

Ratchadapisek hosts as much nightlife and culture as the rest of Bangkok with more of a local “Thai” feel. Just North East of downtown, Ratchadapisek has one of the largest night markets in the country and a slew of budget bars and nightclubs.

Sukhumvit is so famous that it has given the whole city of Bangkok the reputation of being the “Sin City of the East”. Sukhumvit is actually the name of the longest boulevard in the country, stretching 301 miles from Bangkok to the Cambodian border.

In the city itself, Sukhumvit is home to some of the best nightlife, luxury hotels, bars, and clubs in the city, all tucked into its narrow alleyways.

With so many downtowns, Bangkok will have you walking amongst golden halls and elaborate statues in places in the morning and then hitting the dance floor in some of the hottest bars in the world at night. No matter where you decide on staying, Bangkok will have you entertained for weeks to come!

Bangkok’s 5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Among so many unique places around Bangkok, here are the top five neighborhoods to stay in while you are exploring the city of angels. With each area being vastly different from each other, by the end of this list you will know which district is best for you!

Neighborhood #1 - Rattanakosin

(Where to stay in Bangkok for your first time)


Rattanakosin is our pick for where to stay in Bangkok for your first time (photo credits:Tourist Bangkok)

The history of the Thai people as we know them today starts along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Extravagant palaces and temples complete with golden roofs which reach out to touch the heavens stand proudly at every street corner. To truly have your breath taken away while in Bangkok by the grandeur of Thai culture, look no further than the old city.

The center of the old city and even Bangkok itself is the Grand Palace. Droves of tourists from around the world all converge on this walled city within a city to bask in the sheer awesomeness of the royal halls and shimmering temples. One could easily spend a whole day exploring each of the unique shrines and chambers which make up one of the most elaborate palaces in the world.

The old city is part of a bigger district called Phra Nakhon which includes Khao San Road, which is better known as the center of the backpacking world. Here you can find the streets lined with street vendors as well as various local bars and restaurants, all within walking distance from Rattanakosin.

Things to See and Do in Rattanakosin

  • Explore the golden halls of the Grand Palace and feel a sense of serenity in its ornate temples.
  • Visit the National Museum, the largest museum in South East Asia. This museum showcases Thai history from prehistoric times up to now.
  • Gaze at the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, which holds some of the largest Buddhist imagery in the world.
  • Cheer at a Muay Thai match at Rajadmanurn Stadium, bringing together the best fighters around the city for weekly tournaments.
  • Relax at one of the many cafes and bars along the Chao Phraya River look out at the picturesque Temple of Dawn.
  • Get a taste of local culture at Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri.
  • Watch live music at Brown Sugar, Bangkok’s premier Jazz and R&B club.

Where to Stay in Rattanakosin

Best Budget Hotel in Rattanakosin – Innspire Bangkok

Innspire Bangkok

Innspire Bangkok is the best budget hotel in Rattanakosin

The locally owned Innspire Bangkok took their family home and transformed it into a bed and breakfast nestled into the center of Bangkok. With comfy rooms and balconies which overlook their lush serene neighborhood, you are still within walking distance from the busy Khao San Road and Grand Palace.

Not trying to go 100mph? The top museums in Bangkok are great places to slow down and appreciate the city!


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Rattanakosin– Sala Rattanakosin

Sala Rattanakosin

Sala Rattanakosin is the best mid-range hotel in Rattanakosin

With some of the best views of the river and within walking distance of the Grand Palace, Sala Rattanakosin is the best place to relax while taking in the beauty of the old city.

The hotel also offers upscale dinning, classy bars as well as cooking classes and walking tours to truly leave you with the memories of a lifetime.


Best Luxury Hotel in Rattanakosin – Chakrabongse Villas

Chakrabongse Villas

Chakrabongse Villas is the best luxury hotel in Rattanakosin

To even further immerse yourself in the Old City of Bangkok, one should stay at the Chakrabongse Villas, one of the most luxurious heritage hotels in the city. Originally built by Prince Chakrabongse in 1908, these classical villas now stand as an oasis in the heart of the bustling city of Bangkok.

There are many different suites to choose from as well as smaller b&bs next to the riverside and infinity pool.


Neighborhood #2 - Ratchadapisek

(Where to stay in Bangkok on a budget)


Ratchadapisek is our pick for where to stay in Bangkok on a budget (photo credits:FindYourSpace)

If you want to truly feel like a local while in Bangkok, look no further than Ratchadapisek (Ratchada). This is the area where most locals go to unwind by hitting the bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Ratchadapisek is also home to the new Ratchada Night Market, a new extension of the bigger but out of the way, Rot Fai Market. To truly see Bangkok’s culture and modern art, but sure to check out the colorful stalls selling anything from second-hand goods to arts and crafts. Many locals also attend a weekly car show nearby the market, showing off their surreal rides to the public

Other than Ratchadapisek’s night markets, this area has some of the best spas in all of Bangkok. Tourists and locals alike can pamper themselves at the extensive spa palaces located nearby their hotel.

Ratchadapisek is the best place to find a hotel for a discounted price and put yourself in the center of the city, making it easy to reach any part of Bangkok.

Things to See and Do in Ratchadapisek

  • Shop and explore Ratchadapisek’s New Rot Fai Market and its energetic culture shows.
  • Watch a show at Siam Niramit, a theatre which dramatizes Thai history and myths on the highest stage in the world.
  • Dance the night away at Royal City Avenue (RCA), home to some of the most well-known clubs in all of Bangkok.
  • Try your hand at cooking Thai food by attending a class at Aroi Thai Cooking.
  • Grab a bite at Ratchada Soi 3, one of the best places to try street food in the area.
  • Stroll around The Esplanade, a popular seven-story shopping mall with plenty of name brand goods and entertainment to keep you busy for hours.
  • Pamper yourself at Siam Relax Massage & Spa.

Where to Stay in Ratchadapisek

Best Budget Hotel in Ratchadapisek – Roseate Ratchada Hotel

Roseate Ratchada Hotel

Roseate Ratchada Hotel is the best budget hotel in Ratchadapisek

Located in the center of the upscale residential area of Ratchadapisek, the Roseate Ratchada is within walking distance of some of the best shopping malls and clubs in Bangkok. Their fully furnished modern rooms are sure to relax guests with only a fraction of the cost of other resorts.

Interested in Bangkok? Read up on the history of Bangkok!


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Ratchadapisek – Amari Residences

Wondering Where to Stay in Bangkok? [[date]!]

Amari Residences best mid-range hotel in Ratchadapisek

The Amari Residences gives one the feeling of being at home while traveling in the exotic city of Bangkok. The Residences includes a rooftop lounge and pool as well as other first-class amenities. The rooms range from anything from simple single rooms to fully furnished apartments.


Best Luxury Hotel in Ratchadapisek – Lancaster Bangkok

Lancaster Bangkok

Lancaster Bangkok is the best luxury hotel in Ratchadapisek

The brand-new Lancaster Bangkok has state of the art facilities, including a rooftop pool, fitness center, and spa. Located within walking distance from the subway, sprawling markets, and modern shopping malls.

The Lancaster is a great place to relax and base yourself in Bangkok to easily access all points of the city.


Neighborhood #3 - Sukhumvit

(Best area to stay in Bangkok for nightlife)


Sukhumvit is our pick for best area to stay in Bangkok for nightlife (photo credits:TRVL)

What Sukhumvit lacks in history and culture is made up in its abundance of shopping malls, nightclubs, and restaurants.

A longtime favorite of foreign tourists and expats, Sukhumvit is one of the busiest areas of Bangkok and for a good reason. The longest street in Thailand has some of the hottest upscale clubs such as Nanz and Glow.

For those wanting to take a look at the underbelly of Bangkok, be sure to walk through the infamous Soi Cowboy or Nana. Even though these are two alleyways are on par with being Bangkok’s Sodom and Gomorrah, many tourists can still be found gawking at the risqué dancers and flashing neon lights.

The red-light district is only one façade of Sukhumvit, it also hosts affordable fine dining, lively street markets, and the ever-popular Terminal 21. A mall which every floor is decorated to represent a different country.

No matter what your pleasure is, you are sure to find it in Sukhumvit.

Things to See and Do in Sukhumvit

  • Browse the wares at the bustling night markets.
  • Country hop while shopping at Terminal 21.
  • Take in the night sky and have a drink at Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge.
  • Walk through the Benjasiri Park and enjoy the public works of art.
  • Grab a drink at Soi Cowboy.
  • Indulge yourself at Bo Lan, one of the best restaurants in the city.
  • Learn about traditional Thai living at the Kamthieng House Museum.

Where to Stay in Sukhumvit

Best Budget Hotel in Sukhumvit – Tints of Blue Residence

Tints of Blue Residence

Tints of Blue Residence is the best budget hotel in Sukhumvit

Escaping from the chaotic city streets down a back alley, the Tints of Blue Residence creates a homey atmosphere in the middle of one of the most booming districts of Bangkok. This trendy budget hotel is complete with a rooftop pool, fitness center, and restaurant within its doors, ensuring guests are relaxed and ready to go back out and explore the rest of this amazing city.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Sukhumvit –Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence

Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence

Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence is the best mid-range hotel in Sukhumvit

Other than its cozy rooms, the Asoke Residence includes a swimming pool, jogging track, spa, and nightclub all within its hotel. Combining the best service with the convenience of being in the middle of the action in Sukhumvit, the Asoke Residence is the best place to unwind after exploring the bustling Thai streets.


Best Luxury Hotel in Sukhumvit – The Okura Prestige Bangkok

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

The Okura Prestige Bangkok is the best luxury hotel in Sukhumvit

After completing all of your shopping and clubbing on the streets below, you can retire to a hotel of complete tranquility at the Okura Prestige Bangkok. With the most luxurious facilities money can buy, this hotel is unmatched in its ability to spoil their guests and provide classic Thai hospitality.


Neighborhood #4 - Thonglor and Ekkamai

(Coolest place to stay in Bangkok)

Thonglor and Ekkamai

Thonglor and Ekkamai is our pick for coolest place to stay in Bangkok (photo credits:Hipflat)

Thonglor and Ekkamai is our pick for the coolest place to stay in Bangkok

The upscale chic neighborhood of Thonglor and Ekkamai was originally home to Bangkok’s young professionals and Japanese expats. As the area began to grow, artists and expats began to flock to the neighborhood, leaving their own mark on these unique streets.

Thonglor and Ekkamai host loads of quaint cafes, swanky vintage shops, and modern art galleries. This is the place where fashion trends are set for the rest of Bangkok.

Nothing summarizes the essence of Thonglor better than the Thonglor Art Space. Part café part art studio, this once bare drab building has been transformed into the forerunner for the most groundbreaking place of artistic expression in the whole country.

While still a part of Sukhumvit, Thonglor, and Ekkamai stands out of the many alleyways and backstreets as the center of youth culture for the entire city. Take in some art, sip on some coffee, and bask in the artistic ambiance of Thonglor and Ekkamai.

Things to See and Do in Thonglor and Ekkamai

  • View modern art at the Thonglor Art Space.
  • Grab a beer at The Iron Ferries, one of the innovative bars in the city.
  • Bust some moves at the Beam nightclub.
  • Sip on coffee and enjoy the vintage atmosphere of (Un) fashion cafe.
  • Scratch your head as you dine at the hippest yet strangest café in Bangkok: The Fab Lab Cafe.
  • Take in the night sky at the Wanderlust Rooftop Bar.
  • Cuddle up with a stuffed animal at the Teddy Castle.
  • Roll the dice when playing anything from board games to video games at the Game Over Lounge.
  • Explore the many bars and restaurants at The Commons.

Where to Stay in Thonglor and Ekkamai

Best Budget Hotel in Thonglor and Ekkamai – Goodfellas Thong lo Hostel

Goodfellas Thong lo Hostel

Goodfellas Thong lo Hostel is the best budget hotel in Thonglor and Ekkamai

Located in a Japanese neighborhood in Thonglor, Goodfellas Thong lo is not only a trendy hostel nestled in one of the coolest areas of Bangkok, but it also has a cute coffee shop on the first floor when you can cozy up with a good book.

The hostel’s comfortable homey atmosphere and friendly staff will make you feel like you are part of the family while staying in Bangkok.


Best Mid-Range Hotel in Thonglor and Ekkamai – Somerset Ekamai Bangkok

Somerset Ekamai Bangkok

Somerset Ekamai Bangkok is the best mid-range hotel in Thonglor and Ekkamai

This spacious four-star hotel ensures you have a relaxing stay with its comfortable rooms, swimming pool, a top-class service. Somerset Ekamai is an oasis away from the honking cars from the streets, giving guests a refuge of relaxation and peace before heading back out to continue their Bangkok adventure.


Best Luxury Hotel in Thonglor and Ekkamai – Akyra Thonglor Bangkok

Akyra Thonglor Bangkok

Akyra Thonglor Bangkok is the best luxury hotel in Thonglor and Ekkamai

The Akyra Thonglor Bangkok is where luxury living meets artistic expression in this modern aesthetically appealing hotel. With rooftop lounges and a restaurant which will set the bar for Thai cuisine, you are sure to lose yourself in the sheer ambiance of this luxurious boutique hotel.


Neighborhood #5 - The Riverside

(Best neighbourhood in Bangkok for families)

The Riverside

The Riverside is our pick for best neighbourhood in Bangkok for families (photo credits:Bangkok)

The Riverside is the cradle of civilization for all Thai people. Here you will find the oldest of temples and most vibrant of culture. Other than the awe-inspiring shrines and palaces which line the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the Riverside offers a boat rides, shopping, and fine dining.

Many people can be found lounging on longboats, buzzing up and down the water which splits Bangkok into two. While either drinking beer or eating snacks, tourists can sit back and relax as they watch all the most iconic landmarks of Bangkok slowly pass by.

The Riverside offers a unique mix of being close enough to all the action and attractions of Bangkok, while still keeping its distance in calm relaxing neighborhoods overlooking the water. It doesn’t matter if you want to be able to be in walking distance of the Old City or simply yearning for a relaxing holiday by the river, The Riverside is simply the perfect place for families.

Things to See and Do on The Riverside

  • Go boating on the Chao Phraya river and explore its many canals.
  • Splurge at the Asiatique Riverside market and browse their numerous name brand shops and eat at one of their many restaurants.
  • Dine on the Apsara, the best river cruise dining experience money can buy.
  • Pray at Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, which stands on the original spot of the ancient Thai capital.
  • Box with Muay Thai fighters at Asiatique’s choreographic Muay Thai performance.
  • Drink at the sky bar at Lebua State Tower
  • Take in a dinner and a show at Sala Rim Naam offering delectable dishes and live cultural performances.

Where to Stay on The Riverside

Best Budget Hotel on The Riverside – V Varee Bangkok

V Varee Bangkok

V Varee Bangkok is the best budget hotel on The Riverside

V Varee Bangkok is the best budget hotel on The Riverside, with breathtaking views of the city skyline and river. Each room includes free wi-fi, air conditioning, and some even with a riverside balcony. V Varee puts the city at your doorstep with many of Bangkok’s most popular temples within walking distance from your hotel.


Best Mid-Range Hotel on The Riverside – Avani Riverside Bangkok

Avani Riverside Bangkok

Avani Riverside Bangkok is the best mid-range hotel on The Riverside

Located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River, Avani Riverside has some of the best views of the water and the sprawling city of Bangkok. With comfortable rooms offering striking views of the skyline as well as a rooftop pool and lounge, this hotel will let you feel like you are truly resting in the heart of Bangkok.


Best Luxury Hotel on The Riverside –The Siam

The Siam

The Siam is the best luxury hotel on The Riverside

The Siam Hotel is a tourist destination in itself. Within its walls it has lush gardens, cozy cafes, retro bars, and even a Muay Thai boxing ring. This Gatsby-esque hotel offers yoga classes, cooking classes, and even boxing lessons. With so much to do at The Siam, you may not find time to even leave the resort.


Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Bangkok

Exploring gleaming golden temples during the day and dancing in the neon lights at night, Bangkok truly is a city that never sleeps. With so much fun and excitement, you may find it hard to find time to actually relax in your hotel. Thus, it is vital to find a hotel that fits all of your needs as a tourist and leaves you refreshed and ready to continue your adventure. 

Rattanakosin is our favorite area to stay in Bangkok. It puts you at the doorstep of some of the most mystical places and temples of Thailand which still being close to the restaurants and bars in Khaosan and China Town.

The Sala Rattanakosin is in such a great location that it literally combines the best of the what Old City and Riverside have to offer, making it our top pick for hotels in Bangkok.

Is there a hotel or neighborhood that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below. Now all you need to do is book your accommodation with our handy guide to the best hotels in Bangkok and check out the 15 best things to do in Bangkok!

We wish you a safe journey to Bangkok Thailand!

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