The BEST Time to Visit Bangkok! [June 2024]

The Thai capital is one of Southeast Asia’s finest city destinations. Here you can delve into an exploration of Thai life in all its contrasting glories – from the gilded roofs of ancient Buddhist temples, river craft putt-putting their way lazily along the river at its heart, and modern mega-malls offering incredible shopping opportunities.

But given Bangkok’s tropical location, when is the best time to visit Bangkok to make the most of this amazing, bustling city? Here we give you the lowdown on what weather to expect month by month, as well as highlighting the top events that take place in Thailand’s first city across the year. Let’s start with the best time of year to visit Bangkok!

When is the best time of year to visit Bangkok?

One thing to bear in mind when considering the best time of year to visit Bangkok is what sort of vacation or visit you are intending – are you aiming to relax in a five-star hotel or rush around the city seeing all there is to see? This will make a huge difference on when you might want to travel!


This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Bangkok!

Bangkok’s high season lasts from November until March, peaking over the Christmas and New Year periods. The city experiences cooler and drier weather conditions, although as peak season it does require a bit of extra planning when it comes to booking a hotel room, and prices rise quite substantially too. The high season is when Bangkok’s nearby beaches are at their busiest too. This Pattaya guide tells all.

The shoulder season of April to June sees reduced tourist numbers, but increased temperatures, with April Bangkok’s hottest month. The second shoulder period of the year in September and October sees cooler temperatures by contrast, although these months also see more rainy days.

And what about the low season? This is just a short period of the year which lasts for just July and August. This is the height of the monsoon season, when the city experiences regular but short showers of heavy rain. The low season also has the lowest hotel costs, and there are still plenty of indoor attractions to entertain visitors to the city.

What months are the best time to visit Bangkok?

We outline a month by month breakdown of Bangkok’s weather below, but here are the headlines! The coolest and driest months to visit the city are between November and March, and during these months you pretty much don’t need to worry very much about the weather at all and visitors are still able to enjoy all the city has to offer – both indoors and outdoors. During this period, late November and early December are probably the best times to visit, as a result of the cool temperatures a reduced number of tourists before the Christmas rush begins.

Outside of peak season, the next months that are best for visiting Bangkok are the shoulder period of September and October immediately before high season, since the city experiences many of the same weather conditions in October as November but with lower prices!

Bangkok Weather in January

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Bangkok Weather in January

The new year sees Bangkok hit average daytime temperatures of a comfortable 81°F (27°C). The top temperature you’ll experience is 90°F (32°C), and the lowest 72°F (22°C). Skies tend to be clear for almost the whole month, with rain recorded on just two days throughout January and totalling less than half an inch for the entire month.

Bangkok Events in January

  • New Year’s Day
    • January 1 is a public holiday throughout Thailand. The streets might seem a little quieter than usual as locals pay their respects at temples, and Bangkok’s banks and government buildings will be closed, although attractions and shopping malls are all open as usual.
  • Bangkok Fringe Festival
    • Like Fringe Festivals the world over, the Bangkok Fringe is a celebration of performance in all its forms. Visit the city at the end of January each year and you can expect to see acts that celebrate Thai and international culture in film, music, and dance among others.
  • Chinese New Year
    • Taking place at the end of January (or beginning of February), Chinese New Year is also widely celebrated in Bangkok as a result of the cultural melting pot the city has become. Though some businesses will be closed as a result, major stores remain open, and Chinatown is decorated in finery including traditional paper lanterns and a whole host of food stalls.

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Bangkok Weather in February

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Bangkok Weather in February

Bangkok’s weather in February is broadly similar to that in January. The highest temperatures recorded are a touch more than January at 91°F (33°C), with averages of 84°F (29°C), and lows of 75°F (24°C). Rain is still almost non-existent, with just 0.4 inches recorded throughout the month, falling as light showers over no more than 3 days.

Bangkok Events in February

  • Saint Valentine’s Day
    • In many ways, Saint Valentine’s Day is as big – if not bigger – than it is in the west. Stores become full of cards, gifts, and love-themed decorations, while most of the city’s bars and clubs will put on special menus for the day.
  • Makha Bucha
    • A Buddhist festival celebrated on the full moon, Makha Bucha is the second most important festival in Thailand. It is a time when Thai’s join candle-lit evening processions around the city’s temples, starting as the sun sets, and marks the day when Buddha gave a sermon to his first devotees.

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Bangkok Weather in March

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Bangkok Weather in March

March sees the weather in Bangkok being too warm. Average temperatures now hit 86°F (30°C), with recorded highs of 93°F (34°C) and lows of 79°F (26°C). As a result, conditions are generally hot and a little humid too, with air conditioning increasingly important in hotel rooms. However, there is still very little rain, with a possibility of only 1.2 inches during five days.

Bangkok Events in March

  • Bangkok International Fashion Week
    • Taking place in the second half of March at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center, this multi-day festival of fashion is THE place to head for the latest trends in clothing, jewellery, hair, and bridal products – not just in Thailand, but internationally – hosting some of the industry’s most-acclaimed names.
  • Red Cross Fair
    • First held in 1923, Bangkok’s Red Cross Fair is a large fair of 200 stalls and theme park rides that takes place at Suan Amporn, close to Royal Plaza, to raise funds for the Thai Red Cross. Expect a family-friendly festival atmosphere which continues long into the night!
  • International Book Fair
    • A celebration of the written word, Bangkok’s International Book Fair kicks off at the end of March and is an event not to be missed by bookworms whether local or visitor. ‘Book roads’ dividing books into genre make it easy to find the next read to suit your personal taste, while the fair also includes exhibitions and author talks.

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Bangkok Weather in April

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Bangkok Weather in April

April is Bangkok’s hottest month. Average temperatures hit 90°F (32°C), and daily highs can strike 95°F (35°C). You’re unlikely to experience any temperature below 81°F (27°C). Humidity levels also hit 70%, making it comfortable to move very far very fast. Rain increases again over March levels but isn’t enough to affect any plans you might have.

Bangkok Events in April

  • Chakri Memorial Day
    • Held annually on April 6, Chakri Memorial Day is a public holiday that commemorates the founding of the Chakri royal dynasty in 1782, from which today’s kings of Thailand descend, by King Rama I. The current king attends the Royal Pantheon and offers a wreath of flowers to his predecessors, and act echoed by Bangkok residents of all walks of life.
  • Songkran
    • Taking place just a few days after Chakri Memorial Day, Songkran is otherwise known as Thai New Year. During several days of events, most offices and banks are closed, and many Bangkok residents depart the city for their home villages. Water is a big part of the new year celebrations, with buckets and water pistols abounding, so be prepared to get wet, and remember to wrap up any delicate electronics you take out onto the streets with you!

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Bangkok Weather in May

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Bangkok Weather in May

The official start of the monsoon season, April’s humidity is broken by rain, which totals 7.5 inches over 17 rainy days. Not only is it therefore quite wet, but Bangkok is known to flood in May from the heavy downpours it experiences. Temperatures remain near identical to Aprils highs and lows of 95°F (35°C) and 81°F (27°C) respectively.

Bangkok Events in May

  • Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day
    • This event is a ceremonial celebration of the new planting season. Overseen by the king, the monarch’s court brahmin holy men lead two sacred oxen around Bangkok’s Sanam Luang site as they plough the field and rice seed is planted. A public holiday based on the lunar calendar – so that the date shifts slightly each year – the presence of the king means you’ll need to dress conservatively.
  • Visakha Bucha
    • The most important Buddhist holiday takes place at the full moon of the sixth month of the lunar year, and so usually takes place in May. A big part of the day is attending nearby temples and paying particular attention to the five tenants of Buddhist teaching which include not drinking alcohol. Bars and clubs might be closed as a result.
  • Coronation Day
    • A further May public holiday is Coronation Day, which takes place on May 6, or the following Monday if that falls on the weekend, each year after the Coronation of Thailand’s new king, Rama X, on that date in 2019. In recent years it’s become a tradition that rooms in the royal palace in Bangkok that are normally closed to the public are open up as part of the celebrations.

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Bangkok Weather in June

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Bangkok Weather in June

Loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers, alongside an umbrella (its too hot for a raincoat or poncho) are a must for June, when Bangkok see averages of 88°F (31°C) and highs of 93°F (34°C). Temperatures don’t drop below 79°F (26°C). June is still rather humid, although rainfall eases off from the measurements of May.

Bangkok Events in June

  • Amazing Thailand Grand Sale
    • Running through June until August, the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale sees stores from small businesses to the boutiques in the mega-malls offering the year’s best deals. Discounts of 80% aren’t unheard of, and stores taking part in the event can be spotted through display of the red bag sign.
  • Queen’s Day
    • Marking the birthday of the current queen consort, Queen Suthida, Queen’s Day is a national holiday celebrated on June 3. A brand new holiday first held in 2019, the festivities see many of Bangkok’s buildings decorated with flowers, lights, and portraits of her majesty.
Bangkok Weather in July

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Bangkok Weather in July

Skies remain largely cloudy in July, with rain recorded over an average of 19 days that totals 7 inches. That said, this rain usually falls in heavy downpours that don’t last more than half an hour, so certainly won’t put a huge damper on your day. When it comes to temperatures, expect them to hit an average of 88°F (31°C), with the thermometer never dropping below 79°F (26°C) and reaches as high as 91°F (33°C).

Bangkok Events in July

  • Asana Bucha
    • Sometimes known as Dhamma Day, Asana Bucha is a Buddhist festival taking place on the full moon that occurs in July. It celebrates Buddha’s sermon in which he discussed the basis around his enlightenment. In addition to witnessing people visit their local temples, Asana Bucha is one of the most popular days for men to become monks.
  • Khao Phansa
    • The beginning of a period of three months known as The Settlement, Khao Phansa is a Buddhist festival epitomized by ordinary Thai people gifting items such as food and new robes to monks – who depend entirely on such gifts to survive. Celebrations take place both during daylight hours and after dark, when candle-lit parades create a beautiful atmosphere.
  • Pattaya Marathon
    • Taking place on the outskirts of the Thai capital, the Pattaya Marathon takes place on the second or third Sunday of July. Being on the outskirts of Bangkok, the 26.2 mile international race offers up some spectacular coastal vistas. If you’re not quite up to the full race, there’s also shorter races, including a 3-mile children’s race.
Bangkok Weather in August

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Bangkok Weather in August

The weather in August in Bangkok is very similar to that experienced by the city in July. Expect further heavy downpours across the month, which can cause some temporary flooding. Humidity levels are known to hit 74%, making it very muggy, with average temperatures still in the mid-eighties Fahrenheit (30°C).

Bangkok Events in August

  • Hungry Ghost Festival
    • Occurring on August 15 each year, the Hungry Ghost Festival is based on the ancient Chinese practice of family members feeding their ancestors. Considered lucky, you’ll find many people wearing red, and stalls selling sweets in the shape of turtles, if you head to Bangkok’s Chinese temples and shrines.
Bangkok Weather in September

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Bangkok Weather in September

In September, Bangkok sees an incredible 11.5 inches of rainfall in short angry bursts over 22 days, making it the Thai capital’s wettest month by far. Humidity is also still too high for many, while temperatures hit a peak of 91°F (33°C). The average daily temperature is just a couple of degrees below this.

Bangkok Events in September

  • Mooncake Festival
    • The Mooncake Festival, or mid-Autumn Festival, is another celebration originating in China, although its cultural significance has altered since its growth in Thailand. The center of the festival in Bangkok is the Chinatown district, where you won’t have to travel far to find a mooncake, which can be filled with flavors as diverse as green tea or durian – the local fruit banned from hotels and malls because of its strong smell.
  • International Festival of Dance and Music
    • Welcoming acts from across the globe, including China, the UK, New York and Hungary, this celebration of dance and music beings in September and continues on into October. Running for more than 20 years, the festival in an incredible opportunity to see creative performances whatever your tastes might be.
  • European Heritage Day
    • Dedicated to uniting Thai and European culture, this heritage day in mid-September offers a behind the scenes look at the lush grounds of the French embassy, usually closed to the public and located on a beautiful stretch of Bangkok’s river. To cap it off, guests are able to try fresh French pastries to cement friendships old and new.
Bangkok Weather in October

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Bangkok Weather in October

The end of Bangkok’s monsoon season, October sees the second-highest level of rainfall, with most of that occurring in the first half of the month. The skies then clear and temperatures reach an average of 84°F (29°C) as in September. The lowest average temperature is 77°F (25°C), and highest 91°F (33°C).

Bangkok Events in October

  • Kin Jay Vegetarian Festival
    • Part of a centuries-old Chinese cleansing festival, this event in late September or early October sees much of Bangkok turn vegetarian for a week. Look out for yellow flags at the entrance to restaurants and on hawker stalls, which show that the eatery won’t be serving foods derived from animal products.
  • Chulalongkorn Day
    • Yet another public holiday linked to the much-loved Thai royal family, October 23 in Bangkok is King Chulalongkorn Day. Also known as King Rama V, he became one of the country’s most loved kings as a result of his attempts to develop the country both socially and economically, abolishing the slave trade and protecting the country from European colonialism. He died in 1910.
Bangkok Weather in November

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Bangkok Weather in November

The start of the high season sees maximum temperatures of 82°F (28°C), with temperatures more likely to be around 78°F or 25°C and lows of 72°F (22°C). The amount of rain plummets to just 2.4 inches, spread over just five days in the month, with skies clear the rest of the time.

Bangkok Events in November

  • Beer Garden Festival
    • Perhaps seeming a little unusual for a country that traditionally abstains from alcohol, Bangkok’s Beer Garden Festival begins in November and takes its lead from Germany’s much more famous Octoberfest. Chairs and tables are set up on various streets, with many bars also offering live music to heighten the mood further.
  • Loy Krathong Festival
    • Head to any stretch of water on the night of the Loy Krathong Festival and you’ll likely find small and beautiful boats made from banana leaves or paper twinkling across the surface due to their onboard candles. The result is simply magical, and a wonderful way to end a day in the Thai capital.
Bangkok Weather in December

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Bangkok Weather in December

Bangkok’s driest month, December receives almost no rain at all – just 0.4 inches over the entire month. It is also the city’s coolest month temperature-wise, with highs no greater than 90°F (32°C) and average temperatures of 81°F (27°C). Lows reach 72°F (22°C), making for wonderful balmy evenings.

Bangkok Events in December

  • Constitution Day
    • Taking place on December 10, this public holiday (yes, Thailand has a lot!) celebrates the country’s first constitution, created in 1932. Look out for the civilian and military parades that occur across Bangkok’s many districts, and the ceremonial procession at the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall in the Dusit Palace.

What is the best time to visit Bangkok weather wise?

There’s little doubt that the very best time to visit Bangkok when considering weather conditions is during the high season, in late November/early December and January to March, thereby avoiding the Christmas period. During these months the capital is at its coolest and driest, with very little rain, bright sunshine most of the time from clear skies, and temperatures that are best for sightseeing.

Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Bangkok

It’s fair to say that Bangkok is one of those world cities where paying attention to the weather conditions each month is all-important when planning a trip. Given its tropical location, temperatures and humidity can vary greatly in just a few weeks, while most people will want to avoid the heaviest of the monsoon season rains, even if they don’t stop Bangkok and its bustling daily life in any way.

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