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15 AMAZING Things to do in Bermuda [[date]!

Located in the Caribbean, Bermuda is made up of more than 130 islands.

The area is perhaps most famous for the so-called Bermuda Triangle, a supposedly mysterious area where aircrafts and ships disappear without a trace. A place for relaxation and luxury, you’ll find beautiful beaches, outdoor adventures, golfing, shopping, and more.

Bermuda is certainly a place that likes the finer things in life! High travel costs often deter people from booking a Bermuda vacation. There’s also limited information available online about the islands when compared with other more popular destinations.

If Bermuda is on your wish list, we’re here to help! Our expert team has compiled a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Bermuda, including things that won’t break the bank, local activities, and off-the-beaten-track experiences.

Start planning your great adventure with the help of these best things to do in Bermuda.

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Quick Answer – Best things to do in Bermuda


Fun Things to Do in Bermuda

Bermuda offers lots of fun, with diverse attractions and activities to suit almost all tastes. Some of the best things to do in Bermuda may very well surprise you too!

#1 –Stroll along the Pink Sands of Elbow Beach


photo credits: Flickr

Bermuda is known for its ethereal pink sand beaches, and Elbow Beach has some of the pinkest sands around the island. The soft, coral sands are met by cerulean waters gently lapping its shores and the vibe is laid-back, peaceful, and family friendly.

It’s not as busy as some of the beaches around Bermuda and you can relax and enjoy the views away from the hustle and bustle. There are plentiful food vendors in the area to keep hunger at bay and the waters are calm and protected by a nearby reef. There are private areas with sun beds etc. or you can chill on public stretches of beach.

#2 – Go Hiking at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve



Located in the southwestern part of the island, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is a fabulous place for fans of the great outdoors.

There are extensive hiking trails that are suitable for different levels of hiker. The terrain includes wildlife-filled forests, peaceful beaches, a pond, and salt flats. Creatures that call the area home include turtles, land crabs, fish, lizards, and a variety of marine birds.

The Wildlife Observation Tower is a top place to admire stunning views. There are remnants from the area’s time as a U.S. military base too.

#3 – See Bermuda through the Eyes of a Local


While it’s great exploring Bermuda independently, it’s also fantastic discovering the islands with a knowledgable and friendly local guide. You’ll see places that many tourists aren’t lucky enough to find, observe local life through fresh eyes, and meet welcoming locals.

The day can be tailored to meet your requirements, but you’ll benefit from heaps of tips and insider knowledge to help you make the most of the rest of stay in Bermuda. It’s a great way to get an overview of the islands and you’ll definitely feel a lot more comfortable exploring on your own after a day with a local.

Romantic Things to Do in Bermuda

Bermuda is a great destination for couples, offering many ways to enjoy tender moments and create memories to last a lifetime. You’ll also get many fabulous pictures to remind you of your magical time in Bermuda.

#4 –Admire the Splendid Horseshoe Bay


photo credits: TripSavvy

Horseshoe Bay is one of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches’ it’s one of those rare gems that beach lovers get excited about and visitors can’t forget in a hurry. Golden sands seem to glimmer seductively in the sunshine and you’ll catch glimpses of pink because of the powdered coral.

The bay is flanked by rugged volcanic rocks. Foamy waves caress the shore, with the deep blue hues of the ocean stretching into the distance. Horseshoe Bay isn’t only one of the prettiest beaches in Bermuda, though; it’s often celebrated as being one of the most stunning beaches around the world!

#5 – Call by Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse


photo credits: Urugby

A recognisable Bermudan landmark, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is located on Main Island. Dating back to the late 1840s, the cast iron structure is a striking sight along picturesque coastline.

It stands at one of the highest spots across the islands. Couples can take plenty of pictures at a scenic location and you can climb up the 185 steps to admire picture-perfect vistas.

Take some time to relax with your love in the tea rooms at the bottom of the lighthouse, reveling in the gorgeous views and laid-back ambience.

#6 – Wander through St. George


photo credits: Flickr

The UNESCO-listed St. George is a lovely town with lots of colonial charms. One of the first towns to be established by the English in the Americas, it boasts plenty of historic architecture and a sense of times long past.

It’s easy to be transported back through the years as you stroll hand in hand with your sweetheart through the town’s winding streets. Town Hall Square is particularly attractive and you’ll find interesting replicas of equipment used to punish lawbreakers at King Square.

Major landmarks include the Old State House, the Old Rectory, the Unfinished Church, and the Town Hall. If you visit at the height of summer you’re in for even more of a treat; actors and actresses roam the streets in period outfits, reproducing scenes of local life from a bygone era.

Things to Do in Bermuda with Kids

While it may not be the first place that you think of when planning a family vacation in the Caribbean, Bermuda is a very child-friendly destination.

Between the beaches, nature reserves, landmarks, museums, markets, and caves, there’s no reason for anyone to feel glum. Plus, your kids can have a giggle strutting around in colourful Bermuda shorts!

#7 –Descend into the Magical Crystal & Fantasy Caves


photo credits: Flickr

The Crystal & Fantasy Caves are a sight to behold, sure to inspire awe and wonder in old and young alike. There’s something special about going underground to see hidden beauty, and these Bermudan caves, located between Main Island and St. David’s Island, won’t disappoint.

Formed more than 30 million years ago and still being sculpted by the elements and environment, the caves boast a plethora of delights. The Crystal Cave shimmers and glimmers, with rock formations coated in quartz, glistening subterranean lakes, and a cool walkway.

The Fantasy Cave has even more awesome rock formations and huge, smooth boulders.

#8 – Learn More about the Animal Kingdom at Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo


photo credits: Bermuda Tourism

Not many kids can resist spending the day with animals, and Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo presents the opportunity for families to observe a range of creatures from across the world and from various habitats. The whole family will learn tons about other creatures we share the Earth with.

While the zoo is fairly small, it’s still sure to excite younger members of the family. The aquarium is home to a huge selection of aquatic life. Kids are sure to be delighted at story time, when parents can sit and take a breather. Other great activities include feeding times, demonstrations, crafts, and snorkelling.

Like good weather? These are the best times to visit Bermuda!

#9 – Marvel at the Weekly Gombeys Dance


photo credits: Flickr

Visit the heart of Hamilton on Saturday afternoons (from 12.40 pm to 1 pm) to watch a fascinating and hypnotic free show. It takes place at Queen Elizabeth Park. Children are all but certain to be mesmerised by the performers, and adults are sure to love it too.

The Gombey dance is an important part of Bermudan heritage. It blends West African, British, and indigenous elements and features rhythmic drum beats and colourful costumes. Performers wear interesting masks. The rich folk tradition has its roots in slavery and it is an important reminder of Bermuda’s past.

Free Things to Do in Bermuda

Offset the higher travel costs by including some of Bermuda’s best free activities and attractions on your bucket list. Some may very well be highlights of your trip!

#10 –Explore Fort Scaur


photo credits: Bermuda Tourism

Bermuda has a number of impressive fortresses, remnants from the times of British colonialism. Open each day, there is no admission fee to explore the fort and the surrounding parkland.

Constructed in the 1860s, the fortress was built to protect the islands from possible US invasions. Attacks never happened. Somewhat ironically, later years saw the fort used by American troops during WWII.

Today, the imposing fort is a popular (and free!) tourist attraction. The high walls offer beautiful views across the sea and there’s a network of underground passageways to explore. The huge moat is impressive too. Walking trails meander through the woods and park, and you can spot an assortment of local wildlife.

#11 – Watch a Pirate Fire Show


photo credits: TripAdvisor

Heritage Wharf in the Royal Naval Dockyard undergoes a total transformation every Monday and Thursday evening. A swashbuckling pirate show is hosted here from 9 pm to 10 pm, with no charge to watch the fantastic performance.

Loved by people of all ages and ideal for all travellers, whether you’re visiting Bermuda with the family, your friends, or your beloved, the captivating show includes terrific costumes, plenty of humour, action, and suspense, sword fights, and fire dancing.

#12 – Spot Various Bird Species at Spittal Pond


photo credits: Bermuda National Trust

Spittal Pond is a great place for keen ornithologists and people looking for a peaceful spot to enjoy walks and relaxation in nature. You’ll find the excellent nature reserve in Smith’s Parish.

Enjoying the peace and quiet and spotting an array of bird species won’t cost a cent. January is one of the best times to see a huge variety of local and migratory bird types, though there are plenty of feathered creatures to see at any time of the year.

Best Things to Do in Bermuda at Night

Bermuda’s night scene is diverse, with world-class restaurants that serve an array of global cuisine, sophisticated bars, cosy pubs, and lively nightclubs. Places are a lot livelier in the summer months, when the islands see the most visitors, but you’ll still find many ways to have after-dark fun in the wintertime too.

#13 – Watch the Sun Set


photo credits: Flickr

Most islands of the world provide awesome sunset vistas, and Bermuda is no exception. There are many places where you can watch a glorious sunset, from right on the sandy beaches to within a sophisticated cocktail bar where you can sip on something sweet and fruity as you watch one of nature’s most brilliant shows.

A top place for watching the sunset in Bermuda is Daniel’s Head Park, near Somerset Long Bay. Picnic tables sit close to the water’s edge and you can enjoy an al fresco meal and drink as you gaze across the ocean in awe.

#14 – Sit around the Camp Fire


photo credits: Sorin Mihailovici

Friday nights are bonfire nights at Bermuda’s Tobacco Bay Beach. Laid-back, fun, and friendly, many people gather on the sandy beach to mingle and chill around the large beach bonfire.

Slip off your shoes to feel more connected with the Earth and feel the sand between your toes. Enjoy a range of happy hour drinks, listen to live music, and soak up the views. You’re sure to meet plenty of cool people too.

#15 – Dance the Night Away in Hamilton


photo credits: Bermuda Tourism

Hamilton is one of the best places in Bermuda for a buzzing night scene. Many nearby hotels and resorts have pulsating bars and nightclubs to suit all tastes and there are several independent bars and clubs within the city.

Drinks promotions, fun events, and live music are just a few ways that establishments seek to tempt the punters. People tend to head out later in the evening, at around 10 pm or after, so you can pre-game in your room, in a quieter bar, near the beach, or over dinner.

Many people dress to impress for a night out so throw on your glad rags and join in with the revelry. In the summer months, beach events and fun nighttime cruises add to the nocturnal diversity.

That’s it!

The islands of Bermuda have lovely beaches and a number of interesting historical and cultural sites. It’s also a world-class destination for sailing enthusiasts and a great place for keen golfers.

You’ll also find a great selection of high-end shops, gourmet restaurants, and fancy bars. There’s definitely plenty to keep you busy on a trip to Bermuda.

Whether you’re travelling with your significant other, family, friends, or alone, this list of the best things to do in Bermuda is sure to be invaluable when planning your vacation. Have a wonderful time!

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