The BEST Time to Visit Bermuda! [October 2019]

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You’ve obviously chosen Bermuda as your next travel destination because you know it’s so much more than a triangle where airplanes and ships have been reported to mysteriously disappear into thin air! You know that, in fact, Bermuda is an idyllic island with pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, marvelous diving and snorkeling, hidden caves and chock-full of opportunities to simply lounge and recharge. 

So you know you’re going to love it there, but, of course, you still want to figure out the best time to visit Bermuda. Before making your final decision, you’ll want to consider which conditions best suit your needs and priorities. Maybe weather for all-day beach lounging and water activities is more important to you, or perhaps you prefer to forego the warmest temperatures in exchange for better travel deals and fewer fellow tourists.

As you narrow down your options for the best month to visit Bermuda, be sure you’ve settled on the types of activities that are at the top of your list, as this will affect your plans.  Factor in the weather, high/low tourist seasons and local events going on year-round. And that’s why we’re here – all of this information is included right here in this detailed Bermuda guide!


When is the best time of year to visit Bermuda?

Bermuda has a subtropical climate, so temperatures are always relatively mild and allow for plenty of activities year-round. High tourist season happens in the summer months usually starting around May through September.

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Bermuda!

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Bermuda!

The weather is at its warmest in summer with average daily temperatures of 70-80℉ (20-27℃) and water temperatures in the 80s℉ (27℃). If you want the islands’ highest temperatures, the summer is the best time of year to visit Bermuda – if you can handle the humidity and tourists! 

For those less focused beach lounging and more interested in other activities like golf, scuba diving, snorkeling and overall relaxation, winter could be the best time to visit Bermuda for you. Water visibility is at its highest in the winter months and is a wonderful time for underwater enthusiasts for the best marine life sightings! You also have the advantage of cheaper rates and much more island space to yourself!

Is Bermuda safe?

While nowhere in the world is 100% safe, as long as you use your common sense, you’ll likely be fine in Bermuda

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What months are the best time to visit Bermuda?

The best compromise between high-humidity induced heat – that many find unbearable – and the largest tourist crowds happen in April and May, making them the best months to visit Bermuda. October is also a great month to experience some of the best that Bermuda has to offer, as long as you don’t mind waiting out sudden bursts of rain. 

For budget travelers who are looking to score the best travel deals and price breaks, the best months to visit Bermuda are in November, December, January and February. Cruise ships stop operating and tourist levels drop significantly, making for a quiet island vacation. Be sure to pack a light jacket and layers for those colder mornings and nights!


Read below for information about Bermuda weather in January (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in January

January is peak winter season in Bermuda and one of its coldest months. The average temperature is 63℉ (17℃) with cooler temperatures in the mornings and evenings that require wearing a jacket. You’ll need a wetsuit for any water activities as the average sea temp is a chilly 65℉ (18℃). Also, be prepared for frequent bursts of rain!

Bermuda Events in January

  • Bermuda Marathon Weekend (mid-late January)
    • For you active travelers, you’ll enjoy participating in one of the many activities taking place over this annual 3-day event. A series of walks, runs and a marathon on the final day are part of the program, and you can bet that the backdrop for your course will be phenomenal! If you’re not in the mood to join the hundreds of runners in the exercise part, there will also be plenty of festivals, ceremonies, entertainment and more.
  • Bermuda Restaurant Week (end of January)
    • This week offers the perfect opportunity to sample some of the best local cuisine at Bermuda’s most popular eateries. Enjoy a prix fixe menu for a multi-course meal any participating restaurant – now’s your chance for amazing dining deals, so take advantage!

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Read below for information about Bermuda weather in February (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in February

February’s weather is almost the same as January’s with cool temperatures in the 60s℉ (17℃). There’s an average of 16 days of rain, but the showers are often quick to come and go in spurts. But humidity is 73% which is on the low side for Bermuda.

Bermuda Events in February

  • Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts (through the month of February)
    • Since 1976, this annual festival has been bringing world-famous artists from all artistic disciplines to the islands. Performances from top talent in music, dance, performance art, magic, live theater and musical theater are all part of the impressive program at various venues. Past performances include the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, the Manhattan Transfer and Chaka Khan and also some of the best of Broadway and more.

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Read below for information about Bermuda weather in March (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in March

March weather continues Bermuda’s typical winter conditions with chillier air and water temperatures, low humidity and frequents bursts of rain. The average daily temperatures remain at a low of 61℉ (16℃) and a high of 68℉ (20℃). It’s a great time for diving and snorkeling due to excellent water visibility – just be sure to wear a wetsuit!

Bermuda Events in March

  • Bermuda International Film Festival (mid-March)
    • This film festival has gained significant global recognition over the past few years and is now the qualifying film festival for the Academy Award’s Short Film award. It screens over 90 feature films, plus shorts and documentaries from new directors. Due to its growth, the screenings take place across 4 theaters throughout the island. If you’re a film buff, or just like movies, there’s nothing like movie screenings in paradise!
  • Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship (early-mid March)
    • If you’re a golf fan, you need to check out this golf tournament at the gorgeous Turtle Hill Golf Club – and even if you’re not – enjoy the view! Over 120 golfers from 10 countries in both professional and amateur divisions participate every year, and it’s a lot of fun.

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Read below for information about Bermuda weather in April

Bermuda Weather in April

Slightly warmer temperatures take over the islands in April, reaching close to 70℉ (21℃) by month’s end. Humidity remains fairly low at 74%. There’s also less rainfall than in the winter months, but you should still expect chilly conditions in the evenings and early mornings. Pack layering options so you can add on or take off layers as needed!

Bermuda Events in April

  • Bermuda Kite Festival (Good Friday)
    • A local tradition every year on Good Friday, the kite festival attracts visitors of all ages and is well worth attending! The sky over the scenic Horseshoe Bay Beach fills up with hundreds of kites in fantastic patterns representing every color of the rainbow. Participants can win a series of prizes in categories like the best looking and the most innovative kite. And if yours isn’t that spectacular – don’t worry – there’s even an award for the ugliest kite!
  • Agricultural Show Bermuda (mid-April)
    • This celebration of the islands’ agricultural heritage is a family-friendly community favorite every year. It takes place at the must-see Botanical Gardens National Park over 3 days and floral exhibitions, local equestrian programs and animal exhibits. There’s plenty of other entertainment with performances from school choirs, dance groups and other local musicians and artists.
Bermuda in May

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in May (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in May

As the temperatures rise and lead to more favorable beach weather – without getting too hot and muggy yet – many consider May to be the best time to visit Fiji. You’ll find a pleasant 72℉ (22℃) average daily temperature with little rain. You’ll also enjoy 8 hours of sunshine to enjoy Bermuda’s many outdoor activities or just to lounge around and chill!

Bermuda Events in May

  • Harbor Nights (May through September)
    • Every Wednesday night of the high season in Hamilton Bermuda is a party! It’s Bermuda’s longest-running and biggest street festival when local artists and vendors line the street to exhibit and sell their goods. Lights and music take over Front Street when the street is closed off to traffic after sunset. Restaurants and shops stay open late for the crowds of browsing visitors.
  • Bermuda Day (end of May)
    • The Bermuda Day weekend officially kicks off summer in Bermuda and is a fantastic time to be on the islands! You’ll find thousands of people celebrating long into the night in Hamilton with music and entertainment, including local heritage celebration events like a massive parade and dancing. 
Bermuda Weather in June

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in June (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in June

Bermuda’s summer officially arrives in June when you’ll find an average low of 73℉ (23℃) and an average high of 81℉ (27℃). Chances of evening showers or scattered storms are possible and humidity reaches near-peak levels at around 80%. Water activities become more popular as the sea temperature increases to a warmer 75-79℉ (24-26℃).

Bermuda Events in June

  • Bermuda Heroes Weekend (early June)
    • Many consider this the party of all summer parties in Bermuda! For a real celebration of local arts and culture, you’ll want to check out some of the activities going all day and through the night. It’s a carnival-style party with no shortage of local food, dancing and Soca music. Some of the weekend’s highlights include an extravaganza on Friday’s opening night, the Parade of Bands and the J’Ouvert Celebration, an all-night party that doesn’t stop until well after sunrise!
Bermuda Weather in July

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in July (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in July

July marks Bermuda’s peak summer season as air and sea temperatures and humidity reach some of their highest levels of the year – but are relatively mild compared to many other island destinations. Expect an average low of 75℉ (24℃) and an average high of 84℉ (29℃) with 81% humidity. A dip in the pleasantly warm 81℉ (27℃) will surely get you in vacation mode!

Bermuda Events in July

  • Bermuda Billfish Blast (early July)
    • Known as the first leg of the Triple Crown Billfish Championship, this is a big one for anglers! But this 3-day competition goes way beyond fish with 5 days of events that include gatherings and parties. Registration is required if you want to take part in the fishing competition part.
  • Bermuda Fashion Festival (mid-July)
    • This festival is all about celebrating Bermuda for more than just its turquoise water and idyllic beaches – it’s also its own unique hub of fashion from island-inspired wear to runway professional grade. The festival prides itself on the mixed looks of the models that represent the various ethnicities that make up the Bermudian people. The festival is a week full of fashion, social events, runway shows and lots of fun!
  • Cup Match (end of July or early August)
    • If you’re planning to visit Bermuda in the summer, you’ll want to catch Bermuda’s sporting events of all sporting events! Everything and everyone stops to watch the islands’ biggest cricket team rivals, St. George’s and Somerset, in an intense 2-day match. Even if cricket isn’t your thing, you’ll appreciate all of the concerts, outdoor festivities and beach parties happening in celebration.
Bermuda Weather in August

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in August (Photo credit – weather-atlas)

Bermuda Weather in August

August is Bermuda’s hottest month – just slightly hotter than July – with an average low of 77℉ (25℃) to a high of 86℉ (30℃). The heat feels more intense with the high humidity that sometimes reaches over 85%. August is also in Bermuda’s hurricane season, but massive hits are very rare. There shouldn’t be too much to worry about, but always check the weather forecasts!

Bermuda Events in August

  • Water Raft-Up (early August)
    • On the Sunday after Cup Match, the festivities culminate in a huge “after-party” in Mangrove Bay. What started as a serious sailing race was turned into the Non-Mariners Race where people took to the waters in rafts, handmade vessels and anything that they could make float. This race was discontinued recently, but people still take to the waters in the inflatable rafts and floaties to keep the famous tradition alive. It’s worth checking out if you’re in a party-in-the-water mood!
  • Sandcastle Competition (end of August)
    • Does it get any more fun than a sandcastle competition under the sun at the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach? Registration is free if you want to gather up a team of sand sculptors or just soak in the ray and marvel at some of the masterpieces that are created. Prizes are given to the winners in the categories of families, adults, teenagers, kids under 12 and tourists!
Bermuda Weather in September

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in September (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in September

September cools down slightly from August but feels much like the rest of the summer. You’ll find an average low of 75℉ (24℃) and an average high of 84℉ (29℃) with around 7 hours of sunshine. September falls in Bermuda’s hurricane season, so even though the islands don’t get hit as hard as those in the Gulf of Mexico, heavy rain and strong winds are a possibility if one decides to strike. But this shouldn’t deter you since it’s not very common!

Bermuda Events in September

  • Gombey Festival (date varies)
    • This annual festival highlights the traditional folk art of the Gombey Dance, which takes its roots back to the 1600s when this Afro-Caribbean dance form was first introduced to the Bermuda islands. Local performers treat visitors and islanders with lively dancing that is set purely to the beat of drums.
Bermuda Weather in October

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in October (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in October

Temperatures in October – both air and sea – cool down significantly. Water temps drop to 77℉ (25℃) and the average air temperatures range from a low of 70℉ (21℃) to a high of 79℉ (26℃). It’s also Bermuda’s rainiest month of the year with 6 ½ inches (168 mm) of rainfall that usually comes in sudden and quick bursts.

Bermuda Events in October

  • Taste of Bermuda (early-mid October)
    • The city of Hamilton hosts a delectable 3 days of local dishes and gourmet cuisine offerings from the area’s top chefs and restaurants. Major highlights of the weekend include a bartender competition, a luxury-style picnic by the harbor, a Dining in the Dark pop-up, and a masterclass for “flair bartending.” The weekend’s grand finale involves a grand street festival on Front Street. This is one not to miss!
  • Bermuda Jazz Festival (mid-October)
    • If you love jazz, R & B and the beach – you’re in for a treat! Over the course of 4 days, you can enjoy live performances by some of the best in these genres.   
Bermuda Weather in November

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in November (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in November

Beach weather and high tourist season come to a halt by November and the islands see an average of 5 hours of daily sunshine. If golfing, relaxing and other island exploration activities are on your priority list, November could be the best time to visit Bermuda.  Temperatures stay in a mild 70-75℉ (21-24℃) range and travel rates are at some of their lowest.

Bermuda Events in November

  • World Rugby Classic Bermuda (early November)
    • Every year Bermuda hosts some of the most famous rugby athletes from around the world, along with their ever-so passionate fans! The intense matches are anything but boring, and the same can be said about the host of events and concerts that are also a part of this exciting weekend. Tickets range from general admission to a Members Tent for some VIP treatment.
  • Tree Lighting Ceremony (end of November)
    • The annual tree lighting in Hamilton City kicks off the holiday season in Bermuda. Santa Claus makes it official with a special appearance to greet visitors and take pictures with the children. Concerts and choir performances also add to warm holiday spirit!
Bermuda Weather in December

Read below for information about Bermuda weather in December (Photo credit –

Bermuda Weather in December

Winter arrives in Bermuda and temperatures drop – but are certainly much warmer than most places in the US and Europe! Mornings and evenings are the chilliest time of the day at an average 63℉ (17℃) with afternoons that warm up to a comfortable 70℉ (21℃). The water temperature is 72℉ (22℃) and requires a wetsuit, but winter’s water visibility makes for excellent diving conditions for those interested in exploring Bermuda’s underwater world!

Bermuda Events in December

  • Christmas Walkabout (mid-December)
    • This very popular Christmas tradition takes place in St. George, one of the new world’s oldest established small towns. Visitors are awed by the eloquently decorated historic homes, some of which date back to the 17th century, that open their doors to welcome the public. From here, imagine candle-lit streets with actors dressed in period garb and carolers openly roaming about. It’s very magical!
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations
    • What better way to start off the new year than in paradise? Whether you’re looking for a quiet romantic night, a family-friendly event or an all-night party, Bermuda can deliver! Resorts and restaurants host a myriad of special events, so be sure to book a reservation in advance. Or join the crowds at the street parties in Downtown Hamilton. If you feel like clubbing the night away – there are plenty of nightclubs and bars that will happy to have you join the party!

What is the best time to visit Bermuda weather-wise?

If basking in the sunshine, swimming in crystal-clear waters and lounging on the beach are some of your top reasons for visiting Bermuda – as they rightfully are for most people –  the best time to visit Bermuda weather-wise is in May and June when temperatures aren’t at their peak and there’s lots of daily sunshine! July, August and September also have high air and water temperatures favorable for beach days, but you need to determine if the combination with high humidity is within your tolerance level. 

If you prefer mild weather for enjoying outdoor activities – even if a little too chilly for countless hours splashing around in the sea – April and October are excellent choices for your Bermuda travel plans. You’ll get sunshine and warm weather aplenty for being outside to take in all of the islands’ stunning nature. You’ll probably still make it home with a tan too!

Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Bermuda

So the good news is that no matter when you decide to venture off to Bermuda, you’ll find some of the world’s most stunning island landscape with no shortage of things to see and do – especially if unwinding is on your list! In that regard, the islands are visitable year-round and almost any month can be considered the best time of year to visit Bermuda.

Whether it’s diving, sunbathing, golfing or flat-out relaxing that you seek – there’s a perfect time for it all in Bermuda. Plus, with the perfect landscape to boot, you can’t go wrong!

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