15 AMAZING Tours in Los Angeles [November 2019]

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After touching down in the United States one can not resist the temptation to visit the city that has captivated our imagination since birth. Los Angeles, home of the world-famous Hollywood, is a town built upon movie magic and the finer things in life. From the movie studios to the golden beaches, no two days spent in L.A. are sure to be the same.

For all those movie buffs out there, your jaw is sure to drop on the many movie studio lot tours, celebrity mansion tours, and even the chance to meet some of Hollywood’s own rich and famous.

Looking to ditch the special effects and get back in touch with nature? L.A. has you covered. With wildlife tours, hiking, surfing, and even extreme sports, Los Angeles has so many ways to get outdoors and explore the beauty of California!

No matter if you are looking to get the latest scoop on the newest movies, wanting to surf the waves, or get in touch with the rich history of the city of angels, Los Angeles is a place where every day is sure to be an adventure!

#1 – Hollywood Sign Hiking Tour

The Best Hike in L.A.!

Hollywood Sign Hiking Tour

  • Visit the Hollywood Sign
  • Get a panoramic view of the city of LA
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 2.5 hours

You will have your choice between making the pilgrimage to the classic Hollywood sign during the early morning or sunset. No matter what time you choose, you are sure to have your mind blown by the gorgeous 360 views from the top of LA.

During this tour, the journey is just as great as the destination. While hiking you will have the opportunity to visit the Griffith Observatory and pass many locations where your favorite movies have been filmed!

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#2 – Universal Studios VIP Access

Ride all the rides and even tour the studio!

Universal Studios VIP Access

  • Universal Studios Lot Tour
  • Skip the lines and ride the rides!
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 1 Day

With this one all-inclusive ticket, you are going to have the experience of a lifetime. With this VIP pass, you will get to ride all of the rollercoasters in the park without having to wait in line! On top of that, you will also be granted early access to the park!

The real highlight of the VIP Access pass is the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see how your favorite movies are made! On this tour, you will be shown sound stages and prop warehouses not open to the public!

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#3 – Newport Beach: Whale Watching Tour

The Best Whale Watching Tour in L.A.!

Newport Beach Whale Watching Tour

  • 96% success rate of seeing whales/dolphins
  • Sail along the coast of Southern California
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 2 hours

After a few days of exploring the city, you will probably be ready to take to the seas! After casting off from Newport Beach you will be given stunning views of both the Pacific Ocean and the California coast.

What will really have you booking this tour is a heartbeat is the chance to view whales and dolphins up close! From grey whales to killer whales, each trip out to the seas is sure to be unique in its own way! With a 96% chance of seeing these majestic creatures, this tour is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up!

#4 – Venice Beach Surf Lessons

Hit the Waves on Venice Beach!

Venice Beach Surf Lessons

  • Optional Walking Tours
  • Freedom to Travel
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 2 Hours

If you are truly looking to experience and dive into the local culture of LA, there is no better way to do that than hitting the waves! No matter if you have surfed before or are totally new to standing up on a board, your professional trainers will have you flying across the water in no time!

With small class sizes as well as wet-suits and boards included, you will have everything you need to enjoy surfing along the coast of beautiful southern California!


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#5 – Hop-on-hop-off Bus Tour

See all the sights in Los Angeles!

Hop-on-hop-off Bus Tour

  • See all the sites of LA
  • Freedom to Travel
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 24-72 hours

With your choice from 24-hours to 3 days, this hop-on-hop-off bus tour will open up every corner of LA to you! From Beverly Hills to Santa Monia, this bus will have you visiting all of the best sites in town with the freedom to explore as long as you like!

Are you wanting to get a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Los Angeles? No matter what time you decide t0 hop back on the bus, you will have narration explaining all of the places passing by your window!

#6 – Beverly Hills & Hollywood Helicopter Tour

Take to the skies and see LA from above!

Beverly Hills & Hollywood Helicopter Tour

  • Guided Tour of LA by Helicopter
  • See all of LA from the Air!
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 25 Minutes

On this 25-minute helicopter tour of Los Angeles, you will gain a whole new perspective of the beauty of Tinsel Town! From the iconic Hollywood sign to the California coast, you will see both the sparkling city lights and ocean waves from the comfort of your Helicopter!

Be sure to catch this tour at sunset to really see the beauty of Los Angeles. With mansions, movie studios, and the Pacific Ocean all below your feet, this is a tour you won’t want to miss!

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#7 – Marina Del Rey Brunch Cruise

Cast off and chow down!

Marina Del Rey Brunch Cruise

  • Sail the seas on a yacht!
  • Unlimited Champagne 
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 2 hours

Wanting to taste the high life while staying in Los Angeles? You will feel just like one of Beverly Hill’s rich and famous when you enjoy brunch on your very own yacht cruise at Marina Del Rey!

Watch the sunrise from the comfort of your luxury boat and chow down on some of the best food California has to offer! Other than the spectacular view and delicious brunch, you will also have unlimited champagne to get your morning started off right! Get the champagne flowing and cast off, this tour will set the tone for your entire LA holiday!

#8 – Behind the Scenes Walking Tour

Explore the history of Los Angeles!

Behind the Scenes Walking Tour

  • Stroll down Hollywood’s memory lane!
  • Explore LA’s most famous theatres
  • Cost: $
  • Duration of tour: 1.5 hours

If you are looking to thoroughly get in touch with the history of Los Angeles, you will not want to miss this Behind the Scenes tour! Your professional guide will take you to some of the city’s most iconic theatres, immersing you in Hollywood’s lore.

From the theatres, the walk of fame, to the Hollywood sign itself, you are going to be given an insiders look at some of the town’s most iconic landmarks. All you history buffs out there will not want to miss going behind the scenes of downtown Hollywood!

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#9 – Beverly Hills Bike Tour

Peddle your way past the houses of celebrities!

Beverly Hills Bike Tour

  • Bike Tour
  • See Bel Air and Beverly Hills
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 3 hours

Ditch the boring bus tours and snap your helmet on as you ride through some of the richest and most extravagant neighborhoods in the whole world! From Bel Air to Beverly Hills, check out the stomping grounds of LA’s most rich and famous!

Your guide will point out and give a detailed look at some of the mega-mansions that call Los Angeles home. From Rodeo Drive to the gardens of hillside villas, you are about to see a brand new side of LA!

#10 – Las Vegas Overnight Trip

Take a break and tour Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Overnight Trip

  • Drive through Death Valley
  • Roll the dice in Las Vegas
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 2 Days

Need a vacation from your vacation? Leave the Hollywood sign behind for a couple of days and explore the neon oasis of Las Vegas! On your way to Sin City, pass the desert and dune of Death Valley before arriving at the comfort of your hotel.

After a night of sight-seeing, gambling, and partying, head back to LA, but not without one last detour! This tour will also take you by the world-famous Hoover Dam! With gambling, deserts, and history, you will have a lot jam-packed into these 2 fun-filled days!

Side note: Los Angeles’s museums have way more information about California than you could possibly find out on your own.

#11 – Warner Bros Studio Tour

One of the Best Lot Tours in Los Angeles!

Warner Bros Studio Tour

  • Explore over 48 Sound Stages
  • Walk onto some of your favorite movie set!
  • Cost: $$
  • Duration of tour: 3 Hours

The real reason tourists travel to Los Angeles is to walk in the footsteps of their most beloved stars! At Warner Bros Studios you can do just that! Get a behind the scenes look at the movie-making process and see how you too can become a star!

The highlight of this tour is the opportunity to walk on to some of the sets of Hollywood’s most famous movies and shows! Sip some coffee at Central Perk from Friends or even climb onto a broomstick from Harry Potter, there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have during this lot tour!

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#12 – Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Tour

Chong's very own smoke tour!

Tommy Chong s Cannabis Tour

  • Meet Tommy Chong!
  • Visit a Grow Facility
  • Cost: $$$
  • Duration of tour: 4 hours

As the United States has slowly legalized the use of Cannabis, the States where it can be bought has seen a tourism boom! This tour will take you up close and personal to the process of growing and selling Marijuana in Los Angeles, and even includes a blow glass demonstration.

The biggest surprise on this tour is the chance to meet a real celebrity! Tommy Chong will join you as you tour the cannabis growing facilities and dispensaries and when you chow down on a well-deserved lunch!

#13 – L.A. Airplane Tour

The best view of Los Angeles is from above!

L.A. Airplane Tour

  • Fly Over LA!
  • See the Hollywood Sign!
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 1 hour

On this two-person, private plane tour, you will have all of Los Angeles in the palm of your hand! From the stunning golden beaches to the hillside mansions, you will be able to see all of the beauty of LA in just one frame!

While soaring over the city of angels, you can even take the throttle in your hand and experience the thrill of flying! With your professional pilot and guide, you are sure to see Los Angeles like never before!

#14 – Los Angeles Jeep Tour

Explore every corner of Los Angeles!

Los Angeles Jeep Tour

  • See all of LA in a day!
  • Explore the history of the city!
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 3-9 hours

Are you a bit short on time but still not wanting to leave any stone unturned while exploring Los Angeles? The best option travelers have to soak in all of the history and culture of LA in a day is this private jeep tour! From Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, you will get to see every inch on Los Angeles!

You don’t have to be confined to a jeep during the duration of this tour, stretch your legs and walk down the Hollywood walk of fame or even feel the sand between your toes! The options are literally endless on this LA jeep tour!

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#15 – Paragliding Experience

Fly through the sky from Malibu

Paragliding Experience

  • Fly over the Pacific Ocean
  • Enjoy stunning views of Malibu
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Duration of tour: 30 Minutes

If you need to inject some extra excitement into your holiday what could be better than paragliding over some of the most beautiful beaches in California? While paragliding you can feel the rush of jumping off a mountain and the cool sea breeze through your hair!

While gliding down to the beach below, you will have views of the ocean and mountains like no other! After a soft landing on the sand, you will be wanting to turn around and paraglide all over again!


How do I book a Los Angeles tour?

To experience Los Angeles properly, you are going to need to have a guide. Find some of the best deals on tours at getyourguide.com, where you are sure to make the most out of your vacation to LA!

How much do tours in Los Angeles Cost?

Los Angeles is a city of two different extremes when it comes to joining a tour. A short one hour tour around the city shouldn’t cost travelers more than 50 USD. If you are looking for something luxurious or a day-long adventure, be prepared to shell out well over 100 USD.

How long do tours in Los Angeles last?

City tours typically don’t last more than one to two hours. If you are looking to do any sports while in LA such as surfing or paragliding, these experiences are also quite short. There are longer tours available, however, but be prepared to pay a lot of extra money for a private experience.

What should I pack?

Los Angeles is blessed with year-round great weather! During the summer months be sure to bring your flip-flops and swim trunks, because you are going to be wanting to cool down at the beach!

During the winter you can still enjoy all of the beauty of LA! All you will need is a light jacket to shield yourself from the cool sea air!

Final Thoughts!

Los Angeles is one of the top destinations for tourists in America, and it is no wonder why! With such a diverse culture and long history, no two days spent in Southern California are going to be the same!

The obvious attraction to the city of angels is the fact that for nearly a century Los Angeles has produced so many blockbusters that the world has come to know and love! From celebrity mansions to studio lot tours, while in LA you will have the opportunity to get up close to some of your most favorite films and stars!

If movies are not your scene, be sure to hit up the beaches! LA’s surf culture has been the envy of the world for decades! Lay out on a towel or surf on the waves, there are so many ways to take in the city’s natural beauty!

From Beverly Hills to Santa Monica Beach, one week is sure not to be enough to take in all of what Los Angeles has to offer. With no time to waste, be sure to book a tour to experience every corner of LA!

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