The BEST Time to Visit Los Angeles! [October 2019]

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A city of dreams, Los Angeles in California is America at its most laid-back. Home to the Hollywood film industry, it is a magnet for those looking to hit the big time, becoming a megacity melting pot of cultures in the process. The City of Angels is made up of a mix of pulsating districts, as diverse as the quirky galleries of the Arts District and the mansions of Beverly Hills. Away from the broad palm-lined streets, you’ll also find great hiking trails in the surrounding hills, ample surfing opportunities on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, and a fabulous food scene too.

To make the most of this intriguing US city you’ll want to know exactly what the weather will be doing, and when, alongside the most popular times to visit Los Angeles when it comes to price and major events.

Here we will be providing you with all the specifics you need to successfully plan a trip to Los Angeles, with breakdowns of both weather conditions and the top events that take place in this oceanside city by the month.

When is the best time of year to visit Los Angeles?

The high season in Los Angeles runs from June through August, in line with the school summer holidays in North America and Europe. Its this time of year you’ll experience the highest temperatures of the year, with average highs of 84°F (29°C) and no rainfall whatsoever, so you will have to contend with higher hotel prices, and a greater risk of the city’s famed smog, too.

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Los Angeles!

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Los Angeles!

The low season in Los Angeles is widely considered to last over the main winter months, from December until February, when the city experiences between two and three inches of rainfall, although temperatures can still reach highs in the upper range of the sixties.

The rest of the year can be considered the shoulder period when there is a good balance between fine weather, rainfall, and the cost of hotels and attractions.

Is Los Angeles safe?

While nowhere in the world is 100% safe, as long as you use your common sense, you’ll likely be fine in Los Angeles.

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What months are the best time to visit Los Angeles?

The shoulder period of September through to November is often considered the best time of year to visit Los Angeles as the crowds have lessened and temperatures still pleasant, with lows that don’t drop under 52°F (11°C) in November. You’ll also find similar weather between March and May when daytime averages hit the mid-seventies and the rain of the winter months is rapidly dropping off.

Los Angeles weather in January

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Los Angeles weather in January

January sees some of the lowest temperatures Los Angeles ever experiences, with lows of 50°F (10°C) and highs of a very pleasant 68°F (20°C). There are on average just four days of rain in January, meaning some relatively heavy showers, with a total monthly rainfall a little over three inches.

Los Angeles events in January

  • New Year’s Day
    • Though most of the new year celebrations take place the evening before (or perhaps early morning the same day!) one notable exception is the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Running since 1890, this flower-filled parade of floral floats, marching bands and other musical performances attracts more than a million people to the sidewalks of this part of Los Angeles.
  • Golden Globes
    • Held at the beginning of January, the Golden Globes are probably the most important film awards bar the Oscars. Ranking as the third most-watched show of the year, the importance of the awards ceremony means the city fills up with some of the world’s finest acting talent, so keep an eye out!

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Los Angeles weather in February

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Los Angeles weather in February

The thermometer’s highs and lows are almost identical in February as they were in January. There’s actually a little more rain, totally 3.8 inches across five days, making February Los Angele’s wettest month.

Los Angeles events in February

  • LA Art Show
    • Everyone in Los Angeles seems to paint, draw, or sketch, making it the perfect location for an event such as this one. Recognized as the most comprehensive modern and contemporary art fair in North America, it covers 200,000 square feet of exhibition space with works from all the world’s finest galleries.
  • Chinese New Year
    • Occurring at either the end of January or the beginning of February, Chinese New Year is a huge deal in Los Angeles. Head for Chinatown over the nearest weekend and you’ll also be able to take part in the Golden Dragon Parade of two dozen floats and plenty of atmosphere.
  • Academy Awards
    • The official name of the Oscars, the Academy Awards are the world’s oldest entertainment awards, celebrating the last year in film. If you’re not lucky enough to get into the auditorium itself with its A-list guests, then it’s still worth checking out the red carpet of this fantastic event.

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Los Angeles weather in March

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Los Angeles weather in March

March sees the temperatures in Los Angeles starting to rise, although averages are only a couple of degrees higher than they were in either January or February. At the same time, levels of rainfall are starting to drop back, with March seeing 2.4 inches of rain across four days of the month.

Los Angeles events in March

  • Los Angeles Marathon
    • One of the more unique ways of exploring the city beside several thousand other amateur runners, the 26.2 mile course of the Los Angeles Marathon runs through many of the city’s varied districts, from Chinatown and Little Tokyo, to bohemian Silver Lake and Little Armenia, with the finish tape on the beach at Santa Monica.
  • St Patrick’s Day
    • Help celebrate the Irish heritage of Los Angeles on St Patrick’s Day on March 17. You’ll find plenty of people dressed in green – the color of the emerald isle – supping a pint of freshly pulled Guinness, however, there are plenty of other events going on throughout the day, from the annual parade to kids concerts.

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Los Angeles weather in April

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Los Angeles weather in April

Rainy days drop from the four in March to just one in April, with slightly less than an inch of rain falling. The clearer skies and longer hours of sunshine help the temperatures increase once more, with highs of 73°F (23°C) and lows of just 55°F (13°C).

Los Angeles events in April

  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
    • A free-to-attend celebration of the written word, this book festival is the largest anywhere in the United States. There are a variety of author events throughout the festival period, as well as plenty of vendors and publishers looking to relieve you of some of your hard-earned cash.
  • Fiesta Broadway
    • Join two hundred thousand others in the closed streets of downtown Los Angeles near to City Hall and Grand Park in order to hear some of Latin music’s top stars on the two performance stages. The official start of the city’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations, it’s free to attend.
  • Renaissance Fair
    • Starting in April and continuing on until the middle of May, the original renaissance fair in Pasadena takes visitors back to the rich costumes of the sixteenth century, when Elizabeth I sat on the English throne.

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Los Angeles weather in May

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Los Angeles weather in May

The temperatures in May keep their steady increase, jumping a couple of degrees on the highs and lows recorded over April. The month also starts a six-month stint when Los Angeles experiences almost no rain, and takes on its reputation as big sky country.

Los Angeles events in May

  • Jazz Reggae Festival
    • If jazz and reggae are more your style of music then look out for this festival at UCLA’s Sunset Recreation Center. Now in its fourth decade, the stage combines the presence of professional performers with student musicians ensuring that all manner of generally under-represented genres of music get to be heard.
  • Cinco de Mayo
    • A celebration of Mexican history and culture, Cinco de Mayo is well represented in Los Angeles. Many restaurants and nightspots offer special Mexican-themed menus, while theaters and other public spaces put on displays of everything from masked Mexican wrestling to the music of mariachi bands.
  • Beverly Hills Art Show
    • This art fair is a place to admire all manner of artworks, from painting and sculpture to ceramics, photography, and jewelry. They are the efforts of more than 250 different artists, and if you’ve got space in your luggage many of the artworks are for sale, though you might just want to settle for a burger or beer instead.

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Los Angeles weather in June

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Los Angeles weather in June

The mercury of thermometers hits 79°F (26°C) in June, and you’ll be unlikely to experience any temperature below 63°F (17°C). Full into summer mode, Los Angeles sees no rain worth mentioning during June, although humidity levels rise to 75% during nine hours of sunshine.

Los Angeles events in June

  • LA Pride
    • Taking place in West Hollywood, LA Pride is an LGBT equality awareness campaign and massive party rolled into one. Expect to see truck-loads of rainbow flags, and experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere as locals and visitors from across the spectrum of the community take to the streets.
  • Hollywood Fringe
    • During the Hollywood Fringe you’ll be able to find performances right across the district, and not just in theatres and other traditional performing spaces, but also in churches, in parks, and just about anywhere else you can think of. So sit back and enjoy the uncensored thoughts of the next generation of talented performers.

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Los Angeles weather in July

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Los Angeles weather in July

The hours of sunshine shoot up to almost 12 hours in July out of 14 hours of daylight. Humidity stays at comparable levels to those in June, as those the absence of rainfall, while temperatures are known to reach highs of 84°F (29°C), and the lowest average temperatures measured are a rather wonderful 65°F (18°C).

Los Angeles events in July

  • Independence Day
    • July anywhere in America can only mean one thing – Independence Day. The biggest party of the year, the July 4 celebrations always culminate in some of the most impressive fireworks displays you’ll ever be able to witness. Though they tend to be free to attend, you’ll need to get there early to find the perfect spot.
  • iPalpiti Music Festival
    • A charity created to promote and support the careers of highly-talented young classical musicians, this festival brings together alumni of the project for a series of classical concerts over the middle weeks of July that raises funds for this charity’s continued work.
  • Dine LA Summer Edition
    • Over about the same time as the iPalpiti music festival runs Dine LA, during which the city’s top restaurants offer menus at hugely discounted prices. Those restaurants that have signed up offer multi-course tasting menus for a fixed price, but fill up quickly so make sure you book!

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Los Angeles weather in August

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Los Angeles weather in August

One of the hottest months of the year, in August Los Angeles has temperatures settled between 65°F (18°C) and 84°F (29°C), while humidity levels of 77% can make it feel warmer and a little muggy for those not used to it. Forget about rain, and instead, bask in the 11 hours of sunshine!

Los Angeles events in August

  • Nisei Week
    • The Chinese community of LA have the lunar new year, Latinos Cinco de Mayo, and those of Japanese descent – or just those interested in the land of the rising sun – have Nisei Week. There are various competitions to get to grips with, from solving Rubik’s Cubes to eating Gyoza dumplings, all rounded off by a grand parade featuring children and adults in traditional costume.
  • Echo Park Rising
    • A free event taking place in Echo Park, this weekend event aims to highlight the hard work of the district’s small independent stores and restaurants. Taking in the famed Sunset Boulevard among other nearby streets, it has become a popular music festival for residents of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles weather in September

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Los Angeles weather in September

The start of the city’s second shoulder period of the year, September sees temperatures and humidity levels that are actually very similar to those in August. The only real difference in conditions between the two months is an increase in rainfall to 0.4 inches, generally falling on just one day of the month.

Los Angeles events in September

  • LA County Fair
    • If you’ve ever wondered what a US county fair is all about, then don’t miss this edition in Los Angeles. Featuring theme park rides, food stalls, exhibitions and concerts, there truly is something for everyone at Fairplex Park during this multi-day event.
  • Abbot Kinney Festival
    • Located in nearby Venice California, the Abbot Kinney Festival takes place along the famed Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a trendy avenue that’s as eclectic and bohemian as anywhere in Los Angeles. The festival sees the local stores and eateries spill out onto the sidewalks and closed stretch of road to create a family-friendly ambience like no other.
  • Coastal Cleanup Day
    • It may not be your usual first choice when visiting a new city on vacation, but there is something immensely satisfying in spending a couple of hours contributing to the cleanup of the beaches on the outskirts of Los Angeles, rather than just taking from the city. And you won’t be alone, with more than 10,000 people turning out each year.
Los Angeles weather in October

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Los Angeles weather in October

October sees the summer temperatures in Los Angeles start to drop, with average highs of 79°F (26°C) and lows of 61°F (16°C). Humidity levels have dropped five percentage points to a monthly average of 70% humidity, with rain levels similar to those in September but spread across 2.5 days.

Los Angeles events in October

  • Halloween
    • One of the biggest celebrations of what it means to be American, hit Los Angeles in October and you’ll find carved pumpkins and Halloween decorations just about everywhere, on private homes and stores alike. Universal Studios Hollywood offers up special horror nights from September until the beginning of November, while there is no shortage of other events to take part in.
  • Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic
    • Held in Will Rogers State Historic Park, the Polo Classic is one of Los Angele’s most prestigious and fanciest of annual events. As skilled horsemen show spectacular skill during the chukkas of their polo matches, you’ll be able to sip champagne to your heart’s content and admire California’s most beautiful people from up close.
Los Angeles weather in November

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Los Angeles weather in November

Temperatures remain enjoyable in November, a month that has an average high of 73°F (23°C) and temperatures that don’t drop below 54°F (12°C). Of much more interest will be the two inches of rain that fall across 3-4 days, and the humidity levels of 65%, pretty much the lowest levels Los Angeles sees.

Los Angeles events in November

  • Day of the Dead
    • Another Mexican celebration adopted by the people of Los Angeles, the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a version of All Souls Day. In the city of Angels, there’s a colorful procession at Hollywood Forever complete with traditional Aztec blessings and ritual dances, alongside arts and crafts, and of course, plenty of food vendors.
  • Thanksgiving
    • Thanksgiving festivities take place on the fourth Thursday of November. This national public holiday is generally celebrated by families coming together to eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. In more recent years, it is also known for Black Friday that follows – a day when shops throughout the US provide massive discounts.
  • Hollywood Christmas Parade
    • This televised event takes place at the end of November or very beginning of December on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and stretches along 3.5 miles of Hollywood Boulevard and then Sunset Boulevard. Being Hollywood, there are plenty of celebrities in attendance, with none other than Santa Claus concluding the parade.
Los Angeles weather in December

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Los Angeles weather in December

December sees weather conditions settle and remain similar for the next couple of months. As a result, you’ll see low temperatures of 48°F (9°C) and average highs of 68°F (20°C). Humidity levels won’t rise much beyond 62%, while you’ll experience around two inches of rain.

Los Angeles events in December

  • Grand Park’s Winter Glow
    • Get into the festive spirit with a huge display of after-dark sculptures, light installations, and projections spanning across 12 acres of the park’s winding paths. Its entirely free, and runs throughout December.
  • New Year’s Eve
    • The end of the year wouldn’t be complete without the countdown into the new one, as one of the places that has to wait the longest to do so, you can be sure that Los Angeles welcomes the new year with a bang. If you’re not around for the big day itself, check out the holiday fireworks in the nearby town of Manhattan Beach earlier in December.

What is the best time to visit Los Angeles weather wise?

It’s difficult to argue against visiting choosing to visit Los Angeles during the city’s two shoulder periods when it comes to wanting the best weather conditions of the year.

While the months of central summer might be the tourist peak season, actually it’s the months of September through to November and then March through to May which offer the best climate for sightseeing.

Not only are temperatures more comfortable for most than during the summer high season, with daytime averages in the mid-seventies Fahrenheit (around 24°C), but temperatures don’t drop below 52°F (11°C) even at the coldest times of these two periods, and humidity levels are also lower than from June to August.

And though you might have to put up with a short rain shower, they are nothing compared to the amount of rainfall experienced during Los Angeles’ low season from December through to February.

Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Los Angeles

With its prime attractions for many being the sunny skies and warm Pacific waters with which California is known throughout the world, it would be remiss to decide to visit Los Angeles when you couldn’t experience these American West Coast stereotypes.

Though its long list of annual events mean there are plenty of reasons to visit Los Angeles whatever the month might be, its certainly true to say that its best for most to avoid the low season, while if its at all possible to avoid the crowds of high summer too, then that’s going to make your Los Angeles vacation all the more memorable!

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