The BEST Time to Visit Fiji! [September 2019]

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So you decided that you’re in the mood to get away from it all and make magical islands and white-sand beaches your next travel destination? Well then, choosing Fiji is a wise move! Whether you’re planning a family trip, a diving adventure, or romantic honeymoon, this archipelago made up of over 3,000 small islands nestled in the South Pacific is nothing short of magical! 

As is true with most tropical island destinations, Fiji experiences two main seasons: a dry season and a wet season. When figuring out the best time to visit Fiji, you’ll want to consider which conditions suit you best.

Are you likely to prioritize having dry weather over increased tourist crowds and travel costs? Or, do you favor encountering unpredictable and sometimes very rainy weather in exchange for fewer crowds and possible deals? 

Before you finalize your plans for the best month to visit Fiji, also be sure you know the types of activities that top your wishlist in order to choose accordingly!  Keep in mind the weather, peak tourist seasons and local activities/events offerings year-round. Lucky for you, just keep reading this comprehensive Fiji travel guide to get all of this information!

When is the best time of year to visit Fiji?

Remember that Fiji is in the Southern Hemisphere – so if you’re a Northern Hemisphere resident – the seasons are reversed. But in terms of temperature, Fiji’s numbers stay in a consistent range of 70℉ (20℃) to 85℉ (30℃) winter, spring, summer or fall! What changes is that some months stay in the upper temperature range are wetter than others, making for – what some consider – uncomfortably humid conditions.

So the seasons to consider are wet and dry season. Dry season in Fiji is from June to October with an average high of 84℉ (29℃) with the islands’ lowest average rainfall of 2-3 inches (50-75mm).


This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Fiji! (Photo credit – thecrazytourist )

The best time to visit Fiji are early summer or early fall, when temperatures and rainfall aren’t at their peak – nor are the tourist crowds and prices. 

The wet season, or cyclone season, hits from November to April. Average temperatures rise to an average of almost 90℉ (32℃) with average rainfall ranging from 5 ½ – 13 inches (140-325mm).

It’s the heat/rain combo that really makes the air feel stifling! It usually rains in the afternoon and is often quick to come and go. But weather conditions are unpredictable, so you can never be too sure! 

Is Fiji safe?

While nowhere in the world is 100% safe, as long as you use your common sense, you’ll likely be fine in Fiji

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What months are the best time to visit Fiji?

The best compromise between weather and crowds happens in May and October making them the best months to visit Fiji. Rainfall levels aren’t at their very lowest in these two months, but the rain won’t be too extreme and you’ll be avoiding the Australian and New Zealand swarms that flock to Fiji for summer and holiday travel. 

For budget travelers looking for the best time to catch resort accommodations price breaks, avoiding the peak season in July through September is advised. February and March will be especially budget-friendly as these are Fiji’s wettest months with about 12 inches (300mm) of rain. 

Fiji Weather in January

Read below for information about Fiji weather in January (Photo credit – fijipocketguide)

Fiji Weather in January

In January, be prepared to encounter tropical storms and plenty of rain. It’s one of Fiji’s top three wettest months with an average of 18 days of rain. The average high is 90℉ (32℃), so air-conditioning will be a nice reprieve from the muggy outdoors!

Fiji Events in January

  • Coconut Tree Climbing Competition (early January)
    • It takes great skill to climb a coconut tree with poise and grace – and you can see some of the islands’ best compete for who does it best! Held at Denarau Island, you’ll be nothing short of impressed and entertained by this display of coordination. 

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Fiji Weather in feb

Read below for information about Fiji weather in February (Photo credit – travelblog90)

Fiji Weather in February

February’s weather is very similar to that of January. Temperatures and humidity are high, and you’re likely to encounter afternoon showers. Those downpours can actually feel quite nice as they bring some relief to the humidity’s intensity. Tropical showers also make for some of the most spectacular sunsets! 

Fiji Events in February

  • Thaipusam Festival (early February, sometimes in late January)
    • This 10-day festival is an important, and somewhat intense, event that brings together Hindus in Fiji to celebrate the birthday of the God of War, Subrahmanya. Free food is offered to guests who are also welcome to join in the celebrations. Worshippers go to the temple for prayer and soul cleansing – some even prove their devotion with multiple piercings on their face, tongues, chest and back.
fiji in march

Read below for information about Fiji weather in March (Photo credit – fijianislands)

Fiji Weather in March

March marks the middle of the wet season in Fiji – also making it the wettest month of the year with 14 inches (355mm) of average rainfall. The norm, again, is afternoon showers that are often short-lived and lead to warm, humid nights. Expect temperatures that remain high at over 87℉ (31℃).

Fiji Events in March

  • Hindu Holi (February or March)
    • A Hindu holiday known as the “Festival Colors” is a fun holiday throughout Fiji. Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and is meant to spread love and happiness with a vibrant showcase of colors. Witness some spectacular bursts of color as crowds throw multi-colored powders at each other!

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fiji in april

Read below for information about Fiji weather in April (Photo credit – fijipocketguide)

Fiji Weather in April

As the wet season comes to an end, drier and cloudless days make their way back to the islands. Lessening humidity makes for more comfortable conditions that make the heat less intense and more bearable. The evenings even start to feel “cool” at a pleasant 71℉ (22℃).

Fiji Events in April

  • Fijian Crosswalk (March or April)
    • For a glimpse of the most traditional Christian event in Fiji, the Fijian Crosswalk top them all. Every year during Holy Week – the week leading up to Easter Sunday – Christians gather in the capital of Suva for a 120-mile (194km) walk to Suva. Devout participants carry a massive wooden cross along the journey as a symbol of Christ’s final walk to the city of Jerusalem.
fiji in may

Read below for information about Fiji weather in May (Photo credit – fdb)

Fiji Weather in May

With practically rainless days, lower humidity and evening breezes that sweep over the islands, May can easily be considered the best time to visit Fiji! The 84℉ (29℃) average high and 68℉ (20℃) average low feel exceptionally welcoming this month as the air continues to lose its muggy feeling.

Fiji Events in May

  • Rotuma Day (May 13)
    • This event celebrates the island of Rotuma’s annexation to the United Kingdom in 1881. Rotumans throughout the islands commemorate this important day of their cultural history through dancing, feasting and public gatherings. 

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fiji in june

Read below for information about Fiji weather in June (Photo credit – fijipocketguide)

Fiji Weather in June

Conditions continue to get drier as June rolls around and the island is taken over by mostly sunny days and gentle winds. The 84℉ (29℃) average daily high feels like a dream to other Southern Hemisphere inhabitants who are escaping the bitter cold of their home countries!

Fiji Events in June

  • World Music Festival (dates varies)
    • Held in Suva every year since 2006, this popular Fijian music festival is a beloved events that features acts from all over the South Pacific. If you want a true musical treat South Pacific-style, be sure to check it out!
Denarau, Fiji

Read below for information about Fiji weather in July

Fiji Weather in July

Weather-wise, July feels like the best time to visit Fiji. It’s one of the driest months with less than 2 inches (47mm) of average rainfall. Windy evening conditions make local think that it’s quite chilly when it reaches 68℉ (20℃) at night – which may sound heavenly to many visitors!

Fiji Events in July

  • Bula Festival (mid-July)
    • If you want a taste of Fiji’s authentic welcoming culture, you can’t do much better than attending any host of events held during the week-long Bula Festival. You’ll get exposed to the islands’ multicultural diversity through the plentiful food, music, performances and competitions held in Nadi. There’s a variety of things to do and see, so if you’re in Fiji in July, don’t miss the opportunity for a truly genuine experience!
  • South Indian Fire Walking Festival (July or August)
    • As a tradition originating from both Indian and Fijian cultures, fire walking gets its biggest celebration every year in Suva at the Miriammam Temple. For 10 days before the fire walk, the brave participants practice 10 days of meditation and abstinence in preparation for the actual day when a Hindu priest pierces their bodies and faces with skewers. Yes, even after the piercing, they still undergo the feat of walking on hot coals or embers barefoot!
fiji in august

Read below for information about Fiji weather in August

Fiji Weather in August

  • August is overall dry and warm like July. Humidity is low and potential afternoon showers pass through quickly if they decide to come around. Rainfall levels start to pick up as it gets closer to the end of the month. Average temperatures in August range from a low of 64℉ (18℃) to a high of 84℉ (29℃).

Fiji Events in August

  • Hibiscus Festival (mid-August)
    • This is one of Fiji’s largest national festivals that celebrates the many cultures that call the islands home. Thousands of people flock to Albert Park in Fiji’s capital, Suva, for a carnival-type event featuring plenty of food, exhibitions and entertainment. Of notable pride for the Fijians is the crowning of Miss Hibiscus that’s chosen among thousands of young competitors from all corners of the islands.
  • Friendly North Festival (mid-late August)
    • Even though Vanau Levu is Fiji’s second largest island, it’s one of the lesser-visited islands of the archipelago. To promote more tourism, this week-long festival was created 40 years ago and has been attracting visitors ever since. It’s an island well worth visiting, and if you’re in Fiji in August, take part in the friendly north festivities that include a Bollywood Night, food stalls, performances and the crowning of the annual “Queen of the North.”
fiji in septmber

Read below for information about Fiji weather in September (Photo credit – seabreeze)

Fiji Weather in September

In September, humidity levels start rising but there are plenty of rain-free days. The pleasant weather – combined with many tourists leaving the islands to return to school and work – put September up there as the best time to visit Fiji! Average rainfall remains low at an average of 3 inches (77mm) for the month.

Fiji Events in September

  • Lautoka Sugar Festival (mid-late September)
    • A “sweet” annual festival held in Lautoka, the country’s second largest city and Fiji’s sugar capital. Food stalls, performances, music and wholesome fun are all part of the line-up of events. Don’t miss the festival’s highlight – the beauty competition for the complete “sugar court!” The coveted titles include Lady Sugar, Mr. Sugar King, Miss Sugar Princess and Miss Sugar Teens.
  • Fiji Regatta Week (mid-September)
    • If yacht races, bikini contests and consuming an assortment of traditional Fijian bitters sounds like a good time, then regatta week is for you! Yachts gather annually at the Musket Cove Island Resort on the Mamanuca Islands for this fun-packed week. 
fiji weather in october

Read below for information about Fiji weather in October (Photo credit – fijipocketguide)

Fiji Weather in October

October’s weather remains dry and warm enough to make it one of the better times to visit Fiji – especially towards the end of the month when good deals can be found. The average maximum temperatures of 81°F (27°C) and the average minimum average temperatures of 69°F (21°C) attract an influx of Australian and New Zealanders on their 2-week school holiday.

Fiji Events in October

  • Fiji Day (Oct. 10)
    • Every town across the Fijian islands holds their own celebration to commemorate the days that Fiji was given independence from British rule. For a whole week, you’ll find festivities that include street parties, parades, performances and other cultural events.
fiji in nov

Read below for information about Fiji weather in November (Photo credit – fijipocketguide)

Fiji Weather in November

Low season arrives as heat and humidity levels rise in November. It’s a tourist lull after the October holiday crowd dissipates and before the holiday wave hits. Average highs creep back up to 88°F (21°C) with lows of 72°F (22°C) – making it seem hotter with the humid conditions.

Fiji Events in November

  • World Vintage Rugby Carnival (mid-November)
    • If you’re a veteran rugby fan – or just like having a lot of fun – you’ll get a kick out of this 7-day event that features 30 teams of 35+ year old rugby players! Even if you’re not into the rugby, you’ll find plenty of chances to eat, drink and relax at the various receptions and resort events included in the program. 
fiji in december

Read below for information about Fiji weather in December (Photo credit – traveltriangle)

Fiji Weather in December

The wet season is back! The islands typically experience plenty of moderate showers interspersed with sunshine. The rain doesn’t stop the tourists though as they seek out their Fijian holidays! For December averages, you can expect a high of 89°F (32°C) and a low of 72°F (22°C).

Fiji Events in December

  • Christmas (end of December)
    • For holiday season fun in the sun, you can get that the resorts offer plenty of Christmas cheer! Christmas buffets and feasts of traditional dishes, sparkly decoration, Santa riding on a speed boat – these are just some of the highlights you’ll find to celebrate the holidays in Fiji!  You’ll also find Christmas events taking place in the towns throughout the islands like carolers and churches that conduct Christmas mass. 
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations (week leading up to New Year’s Day)
    • If you love New Year’s, you’ll appreciate that the Fijian islands celebrate it for a week or more! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly way to ring in the New Year or for an all-night party, Fiji will deliver! For resort accommodations and their New Year’s celebrations, be sure to book your spot well in advance. Or spend the holiday in a more traditional way by joining the crowds at the famous street party in Suva. If you’re more of the club-going type – not to worry – there are plenty of nightclubs and bars in Suva and Nadi to choose from offering parties galore.

What is the best time to visit Fiji weather-wise? 

Laid-back island living, basking in the sunshine and burying your toes in white sand are probably some of your reasons for wanting to visit Fiji! Perhaps other outdoor island activities – like diving, snorkeling, surfing and hiking – are on your to-do list too. If that’s true for you, the best time to visit Fiji weather-wise is the dry season from June to September or the shoulder months around the dry season, like May and October. 

From May to November, conditions are dry enough – or rainfall is sparse enough – that you don’t have to worry about cyclone weather putting a damper on your plans! They’re also not as intensely hot and humid, allowing for more comfortable leisure time outdoors.

Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Fiji

Whether you decide to travel during the wet or dry season, low or high-tourist season – you can rest assured that you’ll find warm weather, dazzlingly clear ocean water and some of the most stunning island landscape you’ve ever seen. With that in mind, virtually any season or month can be considered the best time of year to visit Fiji! Even in the wet season, you’re likely to find plenty of sunshine to enjoy your favorite activities. And, is there really anything wrong with sitting inside with an ocean view while sipping on a cocktail, listening to the rain? 

We don’t think so either! 

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