13 Best Hotel Restaurants In New York City [April 2021]

Eating heartily and well is, no doubt, a cultural obsession in the Big Apple. From jovial and casual family spots to tasting menus and temples, the choices for places to eat in New York are simply endless.

And, if you want to have a memorable dining experience and savor the best-tasting food in the city, you should drop by one of the numerous hotel restaurants in New York City.

Once upon a time, the hotel restaurants in New York were a no man’s land when it comes to exceptional food. Today, they are culinary destinations that will satisfy every craving.

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#1 – Augustine – the Beekman Hotel

the Beekman Hotel

One of the finest and most stylish hotel restaurants in New York City!

  • Has a vintage and classy feel
  • Ideal for French cuisine connoisseurs
  • Has vegetarian options

Located in one of the first skyscrapers in NYC, the Beekman, after a wondrous restoration, reopened its doors in 2016. And, the hotel’s ground floor is home to one of the best restaurants in New York City – the incredibly stylish Augustine.

Managed by the famous restaurateur Keith McNally, this restaurant dazzles and impresses guests with its globe lighting, mirrored vintage walls and cushy leather booths.

Those who are familiar with McNall’s previous work will totally love the restaurant’s French goodies, such as salad nicoise, steak frites, and rotisserie dishes.


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#2 – The Breslin Bar and Dining Room – The Ace Hotel

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room

A meat lover’s paradise!

  • Offers NYC’s most opulent fatty food
  • Unique decor and setting
  • Healthy food alternatives are available

The Breslin at the Ace Hotel is clubby, dark, and incredibly fragrant with meaty treats, especially from the restaurant’s beloved lamb burger. For an especially hearty meal, sample their dry-aged rib eye with thrice-cooked chips and bearnaise.

And, make sure that you have someone to share the meal with because this one is quite big. Furthermore, there are plenty of other filling, tasty, and super tasty, healthier dishes available at this restaurant, including sea bass, caesar salad, and delectable poussin.


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#3 – Maialino – Gramercy Park Hotel

Maialino - Gramercy Park Hotel

One of the best hotel restaurants in New York City since 2009 (Photo credit – gramercyparkhotel.com)

  • First-rate Italian food
  • Unique interior design

In a metropolis with dozens of restaurants opening every month, the Maialino is an enduring culinary favorite and one of the top hotel restaurants in New York City since its opening in 2009.

The open bay window, bread station, and rustic wood tables of the restaurant became an instant hit among locals who were tired of NYC’s Midtown joints in the early 2000s.

But, there’s more to this restaurant than its visual appeal. The classic menu of Roman trattoria is so remarkably delicious that it has developed quite a following.

For a memorable experience, try their cacio e pepe pasta and cured meats.


#4 – The Nomad – The Nomad Hotel

The Nomad - The Nomad Hotel

Home to one of the best-tasting chicken dishes in NYC

  • Full of unique drinks
  • Tasty and famous chicken dish

The restaurant’s popularity hasn’t slowed down a bit since it opened its doors in 2012. Famous for its unrivaled service and exceptional food, Nomad’s Chef Daniel Humm is the creator of one of NYC’s most mouth-watering chicken dishes.

He stuffs the chicken with black truffles, brioche, and foie gras, and roasts it for 40 minutes.

Even better, this sexy and dark restaurant has a plethora of delightful drinks. A must-try here is the Philadelphia Fish House, which is a combination of Angostura bitters, ginger, creme de peche, Guyanese and Jamaican rums, and apple brandy.

And, did we mention that it’s close to a bunch of New York attractions, like the Escape Room Madness and Empire State Building?


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#5 – Arabelle – Hotel Plaza Athenee

Arabelle - Hotel Plaza Athenee

A local favorite for social engagements and business lunches (Photo credit – plaza-athenee.com)

  • Luxurious dining in NYC
  • Impeccable service and food
  • Best brunch in New York

They don’t call Arabelle as one of the best hotel restaurants in New York City for nothing. Nestled inside Hotel Plaza Athenee, this restaurant features a new and seasonal American cuisine in a contemporary and elegant setting with suede banquette seating, luxurious leather, and Murano glass chandeliers.

Additionally, it’s a short walk away from the city’s most distinguished designer boutiques, making it an ideal restaurant after a little shopping in New York.

On top of it all, it has attentive and personalized service, which the hotel is renowned for.

While here, try their signature dishes, like Grilled Diver Sea Scallops paired with Vanilla Risotto Cake.


#6 – The Gemma – the Bowery Hotel

The Gemma - the Bowery Hotel

A taste of Italy in the Big Apple (Photo credit – guestofaguest.com)

  • Delectable Italian staples
  • One of the best al fresco spots

While it has an inviting and outstanding indoor atmosphere, the Gemma is famous for its hot weekend brunch enjoyed outside. As a matter, it is often rated as one of the best spots for alfresco brunch in New York.

As for the food, it’s rustic and mainly Italian, but not extra heavy. If you love pizza, don’t forget to check out the standouts and favorites, such as the Arugula, Prosciutto, and Focaccia Robiola.

Additionally, check out their special signature egg dish – the Eggs a la Gemma.


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#7 – The Dirty French – Ludlow Hotel

The Dirty French - Ludlow Hotel

Delicious French cuisine in the heart of New York (Photo credit – nytimes.com)

  • Extraordinary French food
  • Spacious and stylish ambiance

Housed in Ludlow Hotel, the Dirty French offers a tasty smorgasbord of French specialties served in a patio garden area or a chic, spacious atmosphere.

The restaurant’s brunch is incredible, especially with its remarkable bloody mary. As the hotel’s guest, you’ll get a complimentary bread basket breakfast, complete with monkey bread, Madeleine, and donuts.

Although genuinely French, their dinner menu is quite bold and goes beyond the quintessential classic French cuisine.


#8 – Bodega Negra – Dream Downtown

Bodega Negra - Dream Downtown

One of the best hotel restaurants in New York City for Mexican food (Photo credit – tripadvisor.com)

  • Delicious and spicy Mexican food
  • A comfy and extraordinary setting

Spicy and excellent Mexican food is a bit hard to find. And, that’s what makes Dream Downtown’s Bodega Negra a gem and unique.

The cozy and eclectic ambiance of the restaurant is so comfortable. And, don’t let its rather corny facade deceive you, as the restaurant takes spice a little seriously.

The yuca fries of the restaurant are fantastic. They are tender inside and fatty and crispy on the outside.

You’ll love the creamy, crunchy and chunky guacamole as well. The entrees, tacos, and ceviche are all appeasing and delicious, meaning it’s a terrific bet if you’re craving for Mexican food.

Tasty Mexican treats aside, you’ll also love the location of this hotel restaurant. From Dream Downtown, you may take a short stroll to a number of New York city attractions, like the Lately and Chelsea Market.


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#9 – Reynad – Wythe Hotel

Reynad - Wythe Hotel

Offers a breathtaking view of the city

  • Bird’s eye city views
  • Amazingly tasty burgers

Everyone loves this Williamsburg restaurant in the Wythe Hotel. Here, guests are treated to a spectacular view of the famous Manhattan skyline from its rooftop bar. Of course, the restaurant is also celebrated for its delicious culinary offerings.

In the morning, the restaurant’s brunch of coffee and pastries, with the morning light, is unmissable.

During the colder months, the tall-ceilinged and dimly lit dining room with large windows and brick walls feels so lovely and snug.

While the menu of the restaurant is seasonal, they always serve burgers, which is, hands down, one of the best in NYC.


#10 – Narcissa – Standard East Village

Narcissa - Standard East Village

A smorgasbord of savory Asian and seafood goodies

  • Perfect for Asian cuisine lovers
  • Plenty of seafood options

Narcissa is a low-lit and romantic restaurant, nestled at the back of the trendy Standard East Village hotel. The restaurant has a perfectly curated menu that spotlights and showcases Asian ingredients.

As you dine in this restaurant, your taste buds will be appeased by an array of insanely delicious Asian treats, such as the Japanese smoked sweet potato. What’s more, it serves seafood specialties, like Xinjiang white prawns, pan-seared red snapper, and branzino.


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#11 – Primo’s – the Frederick Hotel

Primo’s - the Frederick Hotel

One of the most elegant hotel restaurants in New York City!

  • Instagrammer’s dream
  • Small plates with delicious food
  • Plenty of options for drinks

Designed wondrously by Camilla Deterre, this hotel restaurant blends statement artwork and colorful bar stools with elegant wood panels. Plus, it has a ton of velvet banquettes with some matching armchairs.

And, unlike other hotel restaurants in New York City, Primo’s is mostly about small plates, such as the crowd-favorite Midnight Pasta, meatballs, and vegetable platter.

Moreover, the hotel restaurant has a myriad of astounding drinks, including the classic Martini with a twist, Sazaracs, and Old Fashioneds.


#12 – Juni – Hotel Chandler

Juni - Hotel Chandler

Home to delightful wines and sumptuous seasonal dishes

  • Has a Michelin-starred chef
  • Impressive wine list
  • Seasonal and evolving menu

Spearheaded by a Michelin-starred chef, Juni is beloved and famous for its evolving menu of seasonal dishes. Set at the heart of the city, this 50-seat space is an intimate affair between Chef Shaun Hergatt and the restaurant’s guests.

Even better, it has an extensive wine selection, ranging from Loire natural wines to California reds.

The restaurant has a dessert program led by Chef Mina Pizarro, who impressed the culinary and pastry world at Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto and SHO.


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#13 – Kingside – Viceroy Hotel

Kingside - Viceroy Hotel

Kingside – Viceroy Hotel (Photo credit – travelplusstyle.com)

Set inside the Viceroy Hotel, Kingside is a combination of a rooftop bar and a retro, upscale diner. For photography connoisseurs, you will love the restaurant’s fantastic combination of metalwork and industrial tile mixed with large flowers and antique mirrors.

For breakfast, they serve pizza with a sunny-side-up egg, adding a creamy and soft element to the classic Italian staple.

Plus, it has complimentary bread with a savory and warm jam that promises to knock your socks off.

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