Why Was Singapore Airlines Voted The #1 Airline?

Singapore Airlines began life as a joint concern, partnered with Malaysia Airlines to form Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). The dual operation functioned successfully until 1972, when the Malaysian and Singapore governments decided it was time the union came to an end. Two separate airlines were created, and Singapore Airlines (SIA) began trading.

Nowadays, the established airline is based at Singapore Changi Airport and is synonymous with its famous branding, the Singapore Girl. This icon of the aviation industry depicts the blue sarong kebaya traditionally worn by the flight attendants employed by Singapore Airlines.

The World’s Most Awarded Airline

The World’s Most Awarded Airline

Singapore Airlines holds the prestigious title of the world’s most awarded airline. Over the years, the airline has received accolades from all manner of establishments and publications. Most recently, the airline has been awarded the Best Airline in the World (for the 14th year) by Business Traveller (China) and the Best Overall Airline in the World (for the 29th time) by Business Traveller USA.

The honors have rolled in over time, with Singapore Airlines voted number one by Wanderlust readers, TripAdvisor travelers, The National Travel Industry (Australia), and topping Travel & Leisure’s best airline rankings for more than 20 years.

UK based company, Skytrax, considered to be the global benchmark in airline excellence, also rates Singapore Airlines highly. The consultancy firm specializes in researching, reviewing and ranking airports and airlines, and has decreed Singapore Airlines the winner of the Skytrax World’s Best Airline award not just once, but an impressive four times.

Singapore Airlines Has A lot to Offer

So, why is Singapore Airlines so revered? Let’s find out what makes the carrier so special and why it is regularly voted the number one airline.

#1 – Convenient Flights

Convenient Flights

Photo Credit – cnbc.com

Singapore Airlines seems to give a lot of thought to offering convenient flights to its customers. There are a variety of routes and connections available, allowing you to plan your journey with ease. There are also plenty of departure times to choose from when traveling to some of the most popular destinations, e.g., Sydney. The airline also pays close attention to arrival times, understanding that long-haul flyers will want to sleep on board and arrive feeling rested.

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#2 – Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service

Photo Credit – telegraph.co.uk

Singapore Airlines is renowned for offering first-rate customer service.  Training for new cabin crew is vigorous and encompasses education on food, wines, cultural differences, and etiquette, along with rigorous training on customer service, health and safety, etc. The staff really focus on looking after passengers and taking care of their needs – no matter if they are flying Economy or Business Class.

#3 – A Fuss-Free Experience

A Fuss-Free Experience

Photo Credit – wingmag.com

Not everyone enjoys flying. Nervous passengers can find long haul flights challenging, and families with youngsters often have a lot to juggle to make sure the journey goes smoothly. Cabin crew are coached to help out where possible, offering support and compassion. They can assist fraught parents by providing child-friendly meals and activity packs designed to give a little light relief.

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#4 – Links to Changi Airport

Links to Changi Airport

Photo Credit – dreamstime.com

It’s only fitting that an award-winning airline should have its hub within an award-winning airport. Changi Airport opened in 1981 and has also won its fair share of accolades. This could be due to the fact that it isn’t your average passenger terminal.

The airport has a buzzing atmosphere with plenty to keep visitors entertained – from the food outlets to the cinema and the numerous shopping opportunities. There’s also a gaming zone, complete with Playstations and Xboxes, along with play areas designed to keep younger passengers busy. If you long for a little peace and quiet, you can lose yourself in one of the six gardens (one even has a pond full of Koi)!

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#5 – Delicious Food

Delicious Food

Photo Credit – businessinsider.com

Not all airplane food is considered tasty, but the fare served by Singapore Airlines is no less than top-notch. The menu is put together by a discerning group of highly-skilled chefs, and the results are mouth-watering. Food choices are carefully thought out by a panel of culinary experts, who understand the trials and tribulations of delivering appetizing cuisine at 40,000 ft!

#6 – Quality Wines

Quality Wines

Photo Credit – telegraph.co.uk

Singapore Airlines enlists the help of wine consultants to ensure the beverages offered in-flight match the exquisite food.  The wine is carefully paired with the dishes, and each is hand-picked for its flavor and class. Passengers will find an assortment of grapes from Italy, France, and Australia.

#7 – Decent Shut-Eye

Decent Shut-Eye

Photo Credit – flight-report.com

The airline is also respected for its efforts in providing opportunities for rest and relaxation. Passengers are encouraged to sleep so they arrive at their destination feeling bright-eyed. Cabin crew try to generate a serene atmosphere onboard and curtail interruptions when travelers are resting. Meals are served at appropriate times, allowing passengers to snooze without frequent disturbances.

#8 – Comfort as Standard

Comfort as Standard

Photo Credit – singaporeair.com

The seats are designed with comfort in mind too. Space is often at a premium when you are in a full cabin, but Singapore Airlines aims to provide personal space to all flyers. Passengers can choose from standard economy or request extra legroom by upgrading to wider seats or premium economy grade seating.

#9 – Exceptional Business and First-Class Seats

Exceptional Business and First-Class Seats

Photo Credit – pointhacks.co.nz

If you really want to push the boat out, flying Business or First Class will ensure your flight is memorable for all the right reasons. Business Class seats transform into flatbeds, allowing passengers to easily drift off into slumber. Cabin crew look after every passenger on board, but those traveling Business or First Class receive extra special care and attention.

Singapore Airlines Deserves its #1 Rating

We’ve shone a light on Singapore Airlines, and we like what we see. This is an airline that doesn’t believe in a “no-frills” approach. It’s all about providing a high level of service – from the moment you enter the airport to the moment you reach your destination. The cabin crew offer more than just a friendly face and a glass of substandard vino; they really care about making your experience memorable for all the right reasons. They serve restaurant-quality food and drink and try and make sure passengers get plenty of time to rest. If you’re traveling long haul, this could be the airline for you.

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