Where To Stay in Stockholm [4 BEST Neighborhoods!]

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is often considered as the most beautiful city in Scandinavia! This gorgeous coastal city is composed mostly out of either waterways or greenspaces, giving it a more open and natural atmosphere than most other national capitals. The urban areas are also home to Scandinavian design, a thriving speciality coffee scene and interesting cultural highlights.

As a city that is spread across multiple islands (with 14 in the city centre alone), it can be difficult to navigate your way around Stockholm. Like the rest of Scandinavia, it is also notoriously expensive – so it’s important to consider your options before booking your trip.

That’s where we come in. We’ve consulted travel experts, locals and bloggers to bring you this guide to the four best places to stay in Stockholm. Whether you want nightlife, culture or somewhere to kick back and relax with the family – we have you covered!

So let’s get started!

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Stockholm

At A Glance: Where To Stay In STOCKHOLM

Where to Stay in Stockholm

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Stockholm.

htjltbl-table__image BEST AirBnBBEST AirBnBRevamped Apartment
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Fitness centre
  • Air conditioning
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Budget HotelBEST Budget Hotel Scandic No 53
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  • Terrace
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Mid-RangeBEST Mid-RangeEtt Hem
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Best AirBnB in Stockholm: Revamped Apartment

Revamped Apartment

Revamped Apartment is the best AirBnB in Stockholm

AirBnB Plus are apartments that are selected by the website for their excellent interior design and high customer reviews! Though there are a few of these across Stockholm, this newly refurbished apartment in the heart of the Old Town is the perfect choice for easily getting around the main attractions.


Best Budget Hotel in Stockholm: Scandic No 53

Scandic No 53

Scandic No 53 is the best budget hotel in Stockholm

Scandic are a popular budget friendly hotel brand across the Scandinavia region – and their Norrmalm hotel is a perfect example of why they are so loved by their regular guests! Housed within a historic building, their interiors are beautifully designed to contemporary standards. It is also only a short walk from the train station.


Best Hotel in Stockholm: Ett Hem

Ett Hem

Ett Hem is the best hotel in Stockholm

This gorgeous five star hotel is housed within a traditional Swedish building – giving you the chance to experience a little bit of local history and culture from the comfort of your hotel! Rooms are beautifully decorated, and arranged to let in plenty of natural light to ensure a relaxing atmosphere.


Stockholm Neighborhood Guide



Whilst Stockholm is home to over 24,000 islands in the wider region, the city centre is split into four areas and for most tourists these will be the places you spend most of your time! The city is packed with great entertainment, dining and nightlife options – and each neighborhood has something different to offer guests.

The Old Town, known as Gamla Stan in Swedish, is the epicentre of most tourist activity and likely where you will spend a lot of your time! Alongside some of the most interesting historic attractions, the Old Town is also home to the most typical nightlife venues in the city – with plenty of great bars and clubs dotted around the area.

Heading north from the Old Town, Norrmalm is home to the main business district in the city, and acts as the financial hub not just for Stockholm but Sweden as a whole! This area is more modern, though contains most of the cultural highlights – as well as some excellent shopping destinations. For first time visitors, Norrmalm is a great way to ease yourself into the city, and is well connected to all of the other areas.

Just east of Norrmalm, Ostermalm is a mostly residential district – though has some quirky attractions waiting to be discovered! For families, Ostermalm provides a calm backdrop where you can enjoy some of the city’s most laid back attractions. This is one of the most upmarket areas in the city, but is well worth it if you can afford to splurge.

Finally, on the opposite side of the Old Town is Sodermalm. This is not only the trendiest neighborhood in Sweden – but is repeatedly named as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the world! This is where you will find classic Scandinavian design, hip coffee shops and innovative restaurants, as well as a youthful atmosphere.

Whilst there are some great neighborhoods in the outskirts of the city – particularly the Stockholm Archipelago – all four of the inner city neighborhoods provide great links to the best destinations further afield. We recommend staying in the city centre and booking either tours or day trips from there!

Still undecided? Don’t worry – we have a more extensive guide below!

Stockholm 4 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in:

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the four best neighbourhoods in Stockholm. Each caters to different interests, so be sure to pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

Neighborhood #1 - Norrmalm

(Where to stay in Stockholm for your first time)


Norrmalm is our pick for where to stay in Stockholm for your first time

Norrmalm is both the economic and cultural heart of the city – and is home to a large collection of museums, art galleries and theatres! It is also one of the best areas for discovering the city’s established culinary tradition, with some excellent restaurants waiting around every corner. For first time visitors, Norrmalm is easy to get around and a great introduction to the city.

Head further north into Norrmalm, you will also find some of the more budget friendly accommodation and dining options! There’s no escaping how expensive Sweden is, but opting to stay here can help make it a bit easier on your bank account.

More awesome things to see and do in Norrmalm

  • The National Museum is the largest collection of classical art in Sweden – with everything from Rembrandt to Renoir
  • Culture vultures will also enjoy a trip to the House of Culture which is home to the city’s main theatre as well as some local art exhibitions
  • Centralbadet is a communal bathing area that not only has a swimming pool but also has some saunas and spa treatments
  • Max is a firm favourite with locals, and many visitors rave about it as soon as they get home – they offer burgers with a Swedish twist
  • RoQ bar is a unique nightlife venue that plays rock music and has a whole host of arcade games to enjoy
  • Head to Café Pascal – not only do they have some of the best coffee in the neighborhood, they are also famous for their cardamom buns
  • Odengatan Square is not only a major meeting place for locals, but it is also where you will find some of the best nightlife in the area

Best AirBnB in Norrmalm: Designer Apartment

Designer Apartment

Designer Apartment is the best AirBnB in Norrmalm

This stunning AirBnB Plus apartment takes the best of Scandinavian design, and elegantly combines it with the historic setting it is in to create a bright and airy space! Sleeping up to five guests in two bedrooms, this is an excellent choice for families and large groups visiting Stockholm.


Best Budget Hotel in Norrmalm: Scandic No 53

Scandic No 53

Scandic No 53 is the best budget hotel in Norrmalm

This much loved budget hotel brand has one of the best rated three star hotels in the city! Up in the northern reaches of  Norrmalm, it is in a peaceful neighborhood that is nevertheless well connected to the city centre. Rooms are spacious, and many of them come with great views across the city. Breakfast is included.


Best Hotel in Norrmalm: At Six

At Six

At Six is the best hotel in Norrmalm

This five star hotel might seem unassuming from the outside – but inside it is one of the most luxurious offerings available in the city! Alongside an elegant wine bar, At Six also has a large terrace where you can soak up the city atmosphere. It is only a short walk away from the Nordiska Kompaniet department store.


Neighborhood #2 - Ostermalm

(Best neighborhood in Stockholm for families)


Ostermalm is our pick for best neighborhood in Stockholm for families

Ostermalm, whilst still technically part of the inner city, is one of the most peaceful districts in Stockholm! As a mostly residential neighborhood, it is a great option for families that want to stay close to the city centre whilst avoiding the busy atmosphere. It is also packed with kid friendly attractions to keep the little ones entertained.

As one of the most upmarket neighborhoods in the city, Ostermalm has plenty of independent boutiques and upscale restaurants to check out! If you are on a budget, there are also some hip cafes waiting to be discovered.

More awesome things to see and do in Ostermalm

  • The Museum of Science and Technology is dedicated to the history of Swedish engineering, and comes with interactive exhibits for the kids
  • No trip to Stockholm is complete without a trip to the ABBA Museum where you can learn about the most famous Eurovision winners in the world
  • If you are visiting during the summer, head to Brunnsviken where you can find some surprisingly beautiful inner city beaches
  • Head to Saluhallen Market where you can sample some of Sweden’s finest delicacies – particularly great if you’re self catering
  • Skansen Park is one of the most unique green spaces in Europe where you can also enjoy some open air exhibits about Sweden’s history
  • Rosendals Trädgård, on Djurgården Island, is a hidden gem offering typical Swedish cuisine in a peaceful setting
  • The Nordic Museum not only details the history of Sweden, but it also has exhibits dedicated to the long histories that connect all of the Nordic nations

Best AirBnB in Ostermalm: Private Terrace

Private Terrace

Private Terrace is the best AirBnB in Ostermalm

This gorgeous apartment right by the waterfront is on the top floor of the building, and therefore benefits from access to a rooftop terrace! This gives you unbeatable views across the city centre and towards the Old Town. It is located right next to the Humlegarden public park.


Best Budget Hotel in Ostermalm: Pärlan Hotel

Pärlan Hotel

Pärlan Hotel is the best budget hotel in Ostermalm

Right in the heart of Ostermalm, the Pärlan Hotel is surprisingly lavish giving its budget friendly rates! With rooms that can accommodate two adults and a child, this is the perfect choice for smaller families visiting the city. A continental breakfast is included, and local restaurants can be booked from the front desk.


Best Hotel in Ostermalm: Ett Hem

Ett Hem

Ett Hem is the best hotel in Ostermalm

Though the hotel is relatively new, the building itself dates back decades and serves as a little piece of Stockholm history! Not only does this five star hotel have a bar and terrace, it also comes with a large fitness suite and a sauna. There is a small garden in the courtyard outside.


Neighborhood #3 - Gamla Stan

(Where to stay in Stockholm for nightlife)

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is our pick for where to stay in Stockholm for nightlife

Dating back to the medieval era, Gamla Stan (which is Swedish for Old Town) is the historic centre of Stockholm! This is where you will find cobbled streets, classic architecture and fascinating attractions that detail Sweden’s past. It is also right in the heart of the Inner City, giving you easy access to all the other neighborhoods in this guide.

Nightlife in Stockholm is pretty spread out – with plenty of great options in almost every area in this guide – however, Gamla Stan has the most established nightlife spots! This is where you can drink with both locals and tourists, and enjoy the quaint backdrop of the inner city.

More awesome things to see and do in Gamla Stan

  • Start your night off at Kornhamnstorg, a large square that is packed with bars, restaurants and small clubs
  • The Temple Bar is a popular nightlife destination that is known for indie music and reasonable drinks prices
  • The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Swedish monarchy – however since they spend most of the year elsewhere, it is usually open to the public
  • Storkyrkobadet is a bit of a hidden gem – this former wine cellar has been transformed into a public sauna and bath
  • Take a trip to Aifur, a unique restaurant with a Viking theme as well as some gorgeous meals for a budget friendly price
  • Looking for some good vegan options? Naturbageriet Sattva has some excellent plant based interpretations of Swedish classics, as well as a great tea selection
  • Gamla Stan’s Main Square is not only packed with great examples of classic architecture, but it is also home to the Nobel Prize Museum

Best AirBnB in Gamla Stan: Revamped Apartment

Revamped Apartment

Revamped Apartment is the best AirBnB in Gamla Stan

Housed within a four century old building, this newly remodelled studio is the perfect space for solo travellers and couples visiting Stockholm! There is a spacious bathroom in the property, as well as a large kitchen that comes so well equipped even those on longer stays will have everything they need.


Best Budget Hotel in Gamla Stan: Old Town Lodge

Old Town Lodge

Old Town Lodge is the best budget hotel in Gamla Stan

Though officially a hotel, Old Town Lodge also offers a mixed dorm for those that want to save some cash whilst staying in Gamla Stan! Their private rooms are also fairly affordable by Gamla Stan standards, whilst still providing a comfortable setting. They also have some excellent customer reviews.


Best Hotel in Gamla Stan: Collector’s Victory Hotel

Collector’s Victory Hotel

Collector’s Victory Hotel is the best hotel in Gamla Stan

This four star hotel offers a good compromise between price and luxury – and is located right in the heart of Gamla Stan! Rooms are spacious, and come with heated floors in the bathrooms. There is also a sauna and plunge pool, and guests are given a complimentary breakfast buffet.


Neighborhood #4 - Sodermalm

(Coolest place to stay in Stockholm)


Sodermalm is our pick for coolest place to stay in Stockholm

Just south of the Old Town, Sodermalm is considered one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the world! This area is bursting with Scandinavian style – and is home so some of the best coffee shops, restaurants and bars in the country. Though often considered a hipster district, Sodermalm has so much more to offer.

This recently renovated neighborhood is a testament to gentrification done right – with many of the diverse communities retained despite the rise of independent business in the area! Whether you stay here or not, you absolutely should take some time out to visit Sodermalm and soak up the hip atmosphere.

More awesome things to see and do in Sodermalm

  • Head to Hornsgatan, one of the best places in the city to pick up vintage clothing as well as homewares and souvenirs
  • Debaser Strand Club is a relatively new nightclub – though it is a fairly young crowd, they offer reasonable drinks prices and rotating DJ sets
  • Tantolunden is a huge park where you can enjoy the inner city beach, views towards the city centre and even a minigolf course!
  • The Swedish Museum of Photography, containing the largest collection in the country, is based on the north coast of Sodermalm
  • Sodermalm is full to the brim with excellent speciality coffee shops – our favourites include Drop Coffee, Johan & Nyström and Cafe Blå Lotus
  • Take a trip to Medborgarplatsen to sample street food from around the world at the trucks lining the square
  • Årstaviken Lake has some hidden gems along the banks, whilst Loopen is a floating bar with a quirky atmosphere

Best AirBnB in Sodermalm: Central and Trendy

Central and Trendy

Central and Trendy is the best AirBnB in Sodermalm

This spacious studio is perfect for solo travellers and young couples wanting to stay in the trendiest neighborhood in Stockholm! The host has superhost status thanks to excellent reviews and great levels of service. The apartment is close to Medborgarplatsen, a major dining district in the area.


Best Budget Hotel in Sodermalm: Hotell Årstaviken

Hotell Årstaviken

Hotell Årstaviken is the best budget hotel in Sodermalm

Though Hotell Årstaviken is mostly used as a patient hotel for the nearby hospital, they also accept tourists as guests. This means you get to benefit from their slightly cheaper rates, whilst still staying close to the centre! Rooms are fairly basic, but a complimentary breakfast buffet is included.


Best Hotel in Sodermalm: NOFO Hotel

NOFO Hotel

NOFO Hotel is the best hotel in Sodermalm

As part of the BW Premier Collection, the NOFO Hotel oozes style and elegance from every room! Each room is individually designed to reflect a city from around the world, and many of them come with great views towards the Old City. Götgatan, a major shopping street, is only a short walk away.


Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Stockholm

Stockholm is a vast and fascinating city with a huge variety of attractions on offer! Deceptively large, the Swedish capital is not only the perfect place to check out Scandinavian design and try some excellent coffee – it also has a modern nightlife scene and fascinating historic attractions. There is truly something for everyone in this ultra-cool hub.

In terms of the best area, we are pretty stuck – but if you pushed us we would have to go with Sodermalm! This area truly epitomises everything that makes Sweden such a great country to visit, and is well connected with the other parts of the inner city.

That being said, Stockholm city centre is somewhat compact and all of these neighborhoods have something unique to offer. Whether you want cool vibes, bustling nightlife or a calm Swedish getaway, we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your options.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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