Where To Stay in Lake Como [3 BEST Neighborhoods!]

Lake Como is a beautiful region in Northern Italy’s portion of the Alps known for spectacular scenery, historic importance and lavish resorts! Though admittedly one of the most expensive destinations in Italy, it is still well worth a visit as one of the most unique destinations in Western Europe.

Other than the price, Lake Como is a sprawling area and the shape of the lake can make it tricky to navigate. Each town has its own unique history and culture, and it’s best to pick a single place that best suits your needs before you arrive.

That’s why we created this guide! We have figured out the three best towns in the Lake Como region, and categorised them based on who they are best for. Whether you want local culture, vibrant tourist attractions or somewhere peaceful for a family retreat we have you covered. We’ve also included our top picks for the best accommodation options in each town.

So let’s get started!

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Lake Como

At A Glance: Where To Stay In LAKE COMO

Where to Stay in Lake Como

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Lake Como.

htjltbl-table__image BEST AirBnBBEST AirBnBVilla Porto Felice
  • Free on-street parking
  • Fitness centre
  • Air conditioning
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Budget HotelBEST Budget Hotel Hotel Garni Corona
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Terrace
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htjltbl-table__image BEST Mid-RangeBEST Mid-RangeVista Palazzo
  • Restaurant
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Fitness centre
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Best Budget Hotel in Lake Como: Hotel Garni Corona

Hotel Garni Corona

Hotel Garni Corona is the best budget hotel in Lake Como

Despite only being a three star hotel, the Hotel Garni Corona has a romantic atmosphere and old world charm! Set right in the centre of Menaggio, this is a great option for those that want a quiet getaway – and is particularly popular with couples that want to stick to a budget.


Best Hotel in Lake Como: Vista Palazzo

Vista Palazzo

Vista Palazzo is the best hotel in Lake Como

As part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection, Vista Pallazzo is easily the most exclusive hotel in the Lake Como area! Its location in the main town gives you easy access to all the main attractions, however, it is also surrounded by its own private area with magnificent views of the lake.


Best AirBnB in Lake Como: Villa Porto Felice

Villa Porto Felice

Villa Porto Felice is the best AirBnB in Lake Como

AirBnB Luxe is the website’s most exclusive selection – with each property selected for its gorgeous setting, next-level customer service and unbeatable facilities! This villa houses up to 18 guests across six bedrooms, making it the ideal choice for large groups and families visiting the area.


Lake Como Neighborhood Guide

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como is a sprawling region along a y-shaped lake that has been famous since the Roman times! Right in the heart of the Alps, the natural beauty here is unparalleled on the continent – but that’s not the only attraction. Many of the towns are packed with historic architecture, innovative restaurants and even some great nightlife venues.

Como is the main town in the region – and for most visitors will be your first point of entry! This huge town has plenty of tourist attractions, though it is also one of the most upmarket towns along the banks of the lake.

Nevertheless, for first time travellers, this is a great introduction to the area – and if you’re only staying for a short period you can’t go wrong with Como.

If you want to stay a little longer, Tremezzo is another fantastic destination! This is one of the most beautiful towns along the banks of the river, as well as one of the most lavish. For families, Tremezzo offers a calm atmosphere where you can truly get to know the Lake Como area at your own pace. They also offer some great family friendly attractions.

Finally, we also recommend Menaggio! If you are on a bit of a budget, this town is one of the best options for you. It is also our pick for coolest neighborhood in the area because of the exceptional local character.

This is the place to mingle with locals and discover a more authentic way of life in the region. It is a little bit further up the lake than Como or Tremezzo, but is well worth the trip if you want more of an adventure.

There are, of course, plenty of other great neighborhoods in the area – but Como, Tremezzo and Menaggio are our personal favourite places! These have a lot to offer – including some of the best accommodation options in the area.

Still undecided? Check out our extended guides, including our accommodation picks, below!

Lake Como 3 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in:

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the three best neighbourhoods in Lake Como. Each caters to different interests, so be sure to pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

Neighborhood #1 - Como

(Where to stay in Lake Como for your first time)


Como is our pick for where to stay in Lake Como for your first time

Como is located in one of the most beautiful settings in Italy, and even inspired some of the scenery in the original Star Wars franchise! It is also the largest town in the Lago di Como region, with the largest concentration of tourist activities. For first time visitors, this is your best way to get your bearings in the area.

Whilst also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Lake Como, there are plenty of budget friendly options if you head further inland! Como is steeped in history, and is the oldest settlement along the banks of the lake.

More awesome things to see and do in Como

  • Ride the funicular from central Como up to Brunate to discover a quaint village with gorgeous views across the lake from nearby Volta Lighthouse
  • The duomo might seem a little grand for a town the size of Como, but it is important historical significance to the entire country
  • Avoid the tourist traps along the coast and head to Birreria, a small locally owned bar with a bohemian atmosphere
  • Gatto Nero is a hugely popular restaurant with locals that is known for its great polenta, seafood and venison

Best Budget Hotel in Como: Hotel Quarcino

Hotel Quarcino

Hotel Quarcino is the best budget hotel in Como

Only  short walk away from the main train station, Hotel Quarcino is an excellent budget friendly option for those only staying in the town for a short period of time,  or those that fancy taking day trips around the lake! Rooms are somewhat basic, but well designed and come with excellent reviews.


Best Hotel in Como: Vista Palazzo

Vista Palazzo

Vista Palazzo is the best hotel in Como

This gorgeous five star hotel is well worth splurging on if you want to experience the peak of luxury in Lake Como! It has its own great viewing platforms, but is also only a short walk away from the cable car to the top of the mountains. Most rooms come with a balcony, alongside elegant furnishings.


Best AirBnB in Como: Antico Loft Como

Antico Loft Como

Antico Loft Como is the best AirBnB in Como

This luxurious studio is in a prestigious location perched in the mountains of Como! It is only a short walk away from the Duomo, giving you immediate access to the centre of the town. They have free parking spaces – perfect if you are planning on a bigger road trip. The host also has superhost status.


Neighborhood #2 - Como Tremezzo

(Best neighborhood in Lake Como for families)

Como Tremezzo

Como Tremezzo is our pick for best neighborhood in Lake Como for families

A little further up the lake is Tremezzo – a small village that is becoming increasingly popular with visitors that want to avoid the crowds in Como! For families, Tremezzo is the perfect spot for a calm getaway in Northern Italy. There are plenty of child friendly attractions, and the locals are known for their friendly attitude.

As with most of the towns in Lake Como, the restaurants and shops along the waterfront can get very expensive in Tremezzo. If you aren’t scared of climbing some hills, you will find some excellent budget friendly options that don’t skimp on quality!

More awesome things to see and do in Tremezzo

  • Villa Carlotta is a huge manor that is now surrounded by one of the most beautiful public gardens in Italy
  • The public park that hugs the riverfront in Tremezzo has a small path leading to a public diving area – which also has a small pebble beach where kids can jump in
  • If you want to hike for your food, follow the signs labelled ‘Trattoria’ for Trattoria Rana, a small locally owned restaurant with a friendly atmosphere

Best Budget Hotel in Tremezzo: Casa Del Portico

 Casa Del Portico

Casa Del Portico is the best budget hotel in Tremezzo

Whilst there aren’t many budget hotels in Tremezzo, this farm stay is a truly unique accommodation for those on a budget. The slightly rural setting gives it a secluded edge – perfect if you just need to get away from it all! They serve breakfast every morning on the patio with views of the lake.


Best Hotel in Tremezzo: Hotel Lenno

Hotel Lenno

Hotel Lenno is the best hotel in Tremezzo

If you want a gorgeous lakefront hotel, look no further than Hotel Lenno! This quaint four star dream comes with spacious rooms – with plenty of family rooms on offer for those with one or two kids. They have a sauna and swimming pool on-site, as well as a private garage for those with cars.


Best AirBnB in Tremezzo: Villa Porto Felice

Villa Porto Felice

Villa Porto Felice is the best AirBnB in Tremezzo

One of the most exclusive AirBnB listings in Lake Como, Villa Porto Felice is an updated mansion that is perfect for large groups and families planning an extended vacation in the area! The exterior is designed in the traditional Italian style, whilst the interiors are beautifully furnished with a contemporary flair.


Neighborhood #3 - Menaggio

(Coolest place to stay in Lake Como)


Menaggio is our pick for coolest place to stay in Lake Como

Heading towards the northern tip of Lake Como, Menaggio might be distant from the main hub of the region but it is definitely one of the coolest villages along the lake! With lower tourism numbers than most other villages, it has a much more local feel – giving you a unique experience in an otherwise tourism-oriented region.

It is also one of the cheapest towns in the area – and whilst you can’t avoid how generally expensive Northern Italy is, backpackers and budget conscious travellers can certainly enjoy the village without breaking the bank!

More awesome things to see and do in Menaggio

  • Menaggio Lido is a small waterfront area where you can enjoy a dip in the lake, bask in the sunshine and order a few cocktails
  • If you are interested in hiking, hop on a bus to nearby Breglia which is the starting point for some of the best routes in the area
  • The local bakery offers a great selection of cakes and pastries – and their bread goes well with meat from the neighboring deli

Best Budget Hotel in Menaggio: Hotel Garni Corona

Hotel Garni Corona

Hotel Garni Corona is the best budget hotel in Menaggio

Right in the heart of Menaggio, Hotel Garni Corona is a great way to stay in this local neighborhood without breaking the bank! Rooms are spacious, and come with views of the main square in the town. A complimentary breakfast is included every morning, and the front desk offers tour bookings.


Best Hotel in Menaggio: Grand Hotel Menaggio

Grand Hotel Menaggio

Grand Hotel Menaggio is the best hotel in Menaggio

This dazzling four star hotel is surprisingly affordable given its high ratings and idyllic location – a true testament to what makes Menaggio such a great alternative to the more touristy parts of the region! There are two restaurants within the hotel, as well as a large heated swimming pool.


Best AirBnB in Menaggio: Historic Studio

Historic Studio

Historic Studio is the best AirBnB in Menaggio

AirBnB Plus is a little bit more affordable than their Luxe range, but still showcases some of the most stylish apartments available! This particular apartment is decorated using upcycled furniture and modern design. Sleeping up to three guests, it is great for small groups, couples and individuals.


Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Lake Como

Lake Como, known as Lago di Como in Italian, is not only a beautiful destination – it is also packed with history and culture! The villages along the banks of the lake are full of surprises, and there’s truly something for everyone in the Como region.

In terms of the best town, we are going to go with Menaggio! Whilst it’s still a bit of a hidden gem, tourists are starting to head there more often so we suggest paying a visit as soon as you can.

That being said, all of the towns mentioned in this guide have their charms and we hope we have helped you plan your upcoming trip to the sparkling Lake Como region.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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