Where To Stay in Ibiza [3 BEST Neighborhoods!]

One of the most visited destinations in Spain, Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands right in the Mediterranean Sea!

This island is known in particular for its pulsing nightlife, drawing visitors from across Europe every summer for some of the biggest nightlife events on the continent. Look beyond these events, however, and you will also find some interesting cultural and culinary attractions.

Though it is quite a small and well visited island, figuring out where to stay in Ibiza can be tricky as each neighborhood has something different to offer. Public transport isn’t the best, so it’s important to stay close to the kind of attractions you want to see.

That’s where we come in! We’ve figured out the three best neighborhoods in Ibiza and categorised them based on who they are best for.

So let’s jump right into it!

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Ibiza

At A Glance: Where To Stay In IBIZA

Where to Stay in Ibiza

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Ibiza.

htjltbl-table__image Best AirBnBBest AirBnBVista Dalt Vila
  • Heated floors
  • Security system
  • Air conditioning
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htjltbl-table__image Best HotelBest HotelThe Purple Hotel
  • Five star hotels
  • Excellent bar
  • Full English breakfast
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htjltbl-table__image Best HotelBest HotelUshuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Restaurants on-site
  • Solo travellers
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Best AirBnB in Ibiza: Vista Dalt Vila

Vista Dalt Vila

Vista Dalt Vila is the best AirBnB in Ibiza

AirBnB Luxe is the website’s luxury catalogue – with each apartment and villa hand selected by staff for their great reviews and above and beyond levels of service! This villa is a great example and comes with unbeatable views across Ibiza Town and the coastline. It also has a private pool area.


Best Budget Hostel in Ibiza: The Purple Hotel

The Purple Hotel

The Purple Hotel is the best hostel in Ibiza

This is one for the LGBTQ+ travellers heading to Ibiza! Designed with gay tourists in mind, this gorgeous hotel provides great value for money – and could easily compete with some of the four and five star hotels across the island. They provide a full English breakfast, as well as an excellent bar.


Best Hotel in Ibiza: Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel is the best hotel in Ibiza

Ushuaia is one of the most famous nightlife venues in Ibiza – so it goes without saying that staying at their hotel will have you right in the heart of the action! It is an adults only hotel, making it a great option for holiday groups, couples and solo travellers. There are also multiple restaurants on-site.


Ibiza Neighborhood Guide



This bustling island in the Mediterranean has long been a favourite holiday destination for travellers from Northern Europe! More recently it has opened up to the rest of the world, and is now one of the premiere summer nightlife spots in the world.

Whilst this is usually the primary reason for visiting, Ibiza has so much more to offer tourists that want to explore further.

Every town on the island has its own nightlife options, but Sant Jordi de ses Salines is easily the most popular! This is where you will find many of the hotels that also double up as outdoor nightclubs – especially along the Playa d’En Bossa part of the town.

Even during the day this large expanse of white sandy beach is a major tourism hub on the island and has plenty of great activities on offer.

Just north of Sant Jordi de ses Salines is Ibiza Town! This is the main town on the island, with the biggest range of activities on offer. Whilst the nightlife on offer here isn’t as famous as elsewhere on the island, it is still very high quality.

Beyond the nightlife, Ibiza Town also has a UNESCO World Heritage Old Town area and some interesting cultural attractions.

Finally, we also have San Antonio! For most of the year, San Antonio is a little more relaxed and laid back than the resorts on the south of the island. Don’t get us wrong – it still has some great nightlife, but the bars here tend to have a calmer atmosphere and are great for mingling with other visitors.

The one time of year that the town bursts into life is during the Ibiza Rocks festival which hosts a variety of music acts from across the world in hotels all over the town.

Still undecided? Check out our extended guides below!

Ibiza 3 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in:

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the three best neighbourhoods in Ibiza. Each caters to different interests, so be sure to pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

Neighborhood #1 - San Antonio

(Where to stay in Ibiza for your first time)

San Antonio

San Antonio is our pick for where to stay in Ibiza for your first time

Up on the northern coast of the island, San Antonio might not be the first place you have in mind when visiting the island – but it actually offers a great selection of activities for first time travellers! Alongside the modern nightlife scene, this town has a more local feel and a great culinary scene.

San Antonio is also one of the cheapest resorts on the island, making it a great spot for those sticking to a strict budget! Whilst most families opt for other islands in the Balearics, San Antonio’s calm atmosphere can make the town a rewarding experience for those that choose to stay on Ibiza.

More awesome things to see and do in San Antonio

  • Café del Mar is the best known nightlife venue on the island – it is popular around sunset, and plays an easy going selection of calm music
  • If you want to head somewhere a bit more upbeat after the sunset, Eden is the newest club in the area with some of Europe’s biggest DJs playing during the summer
  • Head down to the beach where you can try your hand at a number of water sports including parasailing and speed boat racing
  • Zebra Art&Grill is something of a hidden gem that is usually ignored by tourists, but offers some great quality food at very affordable prices

Best AirBnB in San Antonio: Casa Hermosa

Casa Hermosa

Casa Hermosa is the best AirBnB in San Antonio

This gorgeous AirBnB Luxe apartment is set in the hills surrounding San Antonio, giving you magnificent views towards the harbour and Mediterranean Sea! The calming white terracotta of the villa gives it the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing holiday in Ibiza, and there is a large pool area.


Best Budget Hotel in San Antonio: The Purple Hotel

The Purple Hotel

The Purple Hotel is the best hotel in San Antonio

This hotel is designed to be friendly for gay travellers – with San Antonio being the most popular area for LGBTQ+ tourists! It comes with a large pool and sun terrace where you can soak up the sun during the day before heading out to party in the evening. Breakfast is also included.


Best Hotel in San Antonio: Hotel Sa Clau

Hotel Sa Clau

Hotel Sa Clau is the best hotel in San Antonio

This four star hotel is perfect if you want a little bit of an upgrade without breaking the bank! Rooms are spacious and come with gorgeous views towards the San Antonio harbour. There is also a communal lounge area, and a continental breakfast is offered every morning.


Neighborhood #2 - Sant Jordi de ses Salines

(Where to stay in Ibiza for nightlife)

Sant Jordi de ses Salines

Sant Jordi de ses Salines is the best where to stay in Ibiza for nightlife

Sant Jordi de ses Salines is easily the most popular destination for party-goers heading to Ibiza! This is where some of the biggest clubs – as well as daytime parties – are based, as well as one of the largest beaches on the island. If you want to be right in the thick of it, you absolutely must book a place to stay in Sant Jordi.

Aside from the bustling nightlife, there are plenty of great tour companies based in the area with trips around the entire island! The town itself is just south of Ibiza Town, giving you easy access to the main cultural area of the island alongside the excellent nightlife venues.

More awesome things to see and do in Sant Jordi de ses Salines

  • Ushuaïa is not just our top hotel pick on the island – it is also the most famous outdoor club in Sant Jordi de ses Salines
  • Playa d’En Bossa is the huge expanse of white sand that forms the largest tourist beach on the island – with watersports, bars and restaurants along the entire length
  • Every weekend, Ibiza Weekenders hosts international DJs playing the hottest club tunes as well as some Ibiza classics
  • Beachhouse Restaurant is the perfect spot to overcome a hangover thanks to their large portions and reasonable prices

Best AirBnB in Sant Jordi de ses Salines: On the Beach

On the Beach

On the Beach is the best AirBnB in Sant Jordi de ses Salines

If you want a little more privacy than you would get in a party hotel, this beautiful AirBnB apartment is a great choice! It is still within walking distance to many of the biggest nightlife venues, and is also in an enviable location right on the waterfront. Sleeping up to seven guests, it is great for large groups.


Best Budget Hotel in Sant Jordi de ses Salines: Club Can Bossa

Club Can Bossa

Club Can Bossa is the best hotel in Sant Jordi de ses Salines

For backpackers that want a more private alternative to hostels in Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Club Can Bossa is an excellent budget friendly alternative! Rooms are somewhat basic, but the three star hotel offers some of the best rates in the area. There is a large pool area, and a breakfast buffet is included.


Best Hotel in Sant Jordi de ses Salines: Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel is the best hotel in Sant Jordi de ses Salines

Ushuaia is synonymous with partying in Ibiza – so if you are visiting the island for its nightlife, you really only have one option! This huge hotel offers nightly events throughout the year featuring live music and DJ sets, as well as bouncing pool parties. They also have a spa and complimentary breakfast.


Neighborhood #3 - Ibiza Town

(Coolest place to stay in Ibiza)

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is our pick for coolest place to stay in Ibiza

Ibiza Town is the only city on the island and, despite not having the largest nightlife venues, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists!

Whilst the vast majority of visitors to the island are there for the nightlife, Ibiza Town is a great place to stay if you want to also explore some of the other interesting attractions that makes Ibiza a truly unique destination.

The city centre, known as Dalt Vila, is perched on top of the hill and has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status! From here you will not only gain an insight into the island’s past, but also some of the best views in the entire city.

More awesome things to see and do in Ibiza Town

  • Walk around the charming streets of Dalt Vila and take in the unique atmosphere of the town that is often missed by the partygoers visiting Ibiza
  • Baluard de Sant Jaume is an excellent exhibit dedicated to the military history of the island – it even has some great interactive activities
  • Ibiza Town is the best spot on the island for shopping – especially for the iconic adlib fashion which can be found near the port
  • El Pirata is the most famous pizza restaurant on the island, only a short walk away from the port

Best AirBnB in Ibiza Town: Vista Dalt Vila

Vista Dalt Vila

Vista Dalt Vila is the best AirBnB in Ibiza Town

This villa is actually located right next to the Hotel Mirador – and benefits from the same gorgeous views across the city! The big difference is that you get to enjoy these views to yourself in a private apartment. Accommodating up to ten people, it is ideal for large groups and families.


Best Budget Hotel in Ibiza Town: Ibiza Playa

Ibiza Playa

Ibiza Playa is the best hotel in Ibiza Town

This towering three star hotel is set right on the waterfront in Ibiza Town! For those that plan to spend most of their time on the beach, this is the perfect hotel for a calm getaway on the island. Rooms are spacious, and the hotel bar has an outdoor terrace where you can admire views of the city.


Best Hotel in Ibiza Town: Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila

Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila

Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila is the best hotel in Ibiza Town

Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila is the highest rated hotel in Ibiza Town and it’s easy to see why! Perched on top of the Dalt Vila mountain, it has gorgeous views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It is also housed within a historic building, giving you an insight into the island’s past.


Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Ibiza

It goes without saying that Ibiza has some excellent nightlife destinations – but there is so much more waiting to be discovered on the island! Going beyond the (still admittedly excellent) major resort areas you will find an intriguing history and traditional culture that surprises many visitors to the island.

In terms of the best area, we are going to go with Ibiza Town! Whilst the town doesn’t have much nightlife of its own, it is well connected to most of the biggest resort towns, and is a great place to unwind when you simply need a day off.

That being said, all of the areas mentioned in this guide have their own benefits, and we hope we have helped you narrow down your options for your upcoming trip to this summer behemoth!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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