10 BEST Places for Shopping In Paris [May 2024]

The City of Light is a beautiful, romantic getaway in France that will have you swooning over breathtaking architecture, picturesque views, charming old streets, and so much more. The capital of France is known for having a captivating cafe culture and, of course, many beautiful designer boutiques!

Shopping in Paris is something that goes hand-in-hand with your trip! you’ll find everything from exclusive high-end fashion, to vintage bargains. It’s no wonder that fashion week is such a big event, as the country truly boasts some of the most awe-inspiring designers in the world, such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior.

Our guide on the best places to shop in Paris will ensure that you know just where to go to get your hands on the most beautiful French attire!

#1 – Avenue Montaigne

Great for up-market designer clothing

Avenue Montaigne

Avenue Montaigne (Photo credit – Parisdigest.com)

  • Find all of the best French Haute Couture boutiques in this elegant area!
  • Within the heart of the Golden Triangle.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a world of luxury shopping in Paris, this is just the place to be. you’ll find all of the most prestigious designer’s clothing here, such as Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Céline, Hermès, Prada and more! When it comes to clothing shopping, Paris has it all.

One cannot go to Paris and not visit Avenue Montaigne! Even if your heart isn’t set on spending large amounts on priceless items, you’ll still find something to enjoy about this classic place in Paris.

There is something about the history and passion that goes with this famous shopping area that will have you transfixed.

Avenue Montaigne is a popular attraction in itself! So, after you have found all your favorite stores and purchased some of the most stunning designer items, take some time to stroll around. Whilst you are there, don’t miss out on seeing the Plaza Athénée.


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#2 – Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Famous Paris fashion street

Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Avenue des Champs-Elysées (Photo credit – Parisinfo.com)

  • Internationally acclaimed as ‘the world’s most beautiful avenue’!
  • This avenue is visited by nearly 300,000 people a day.

Avenue des Champs-Elysees is one of the places within France that has put Paris on the map for almost every single traveler out there! you’ll be swept off your feet its beauty, and it’s also considered the best place to shop in Paris.

Whether you go to Avenue des Champs-Elysees to gaze around at the majestic monuments or enjoy the excitement of one of the festive events, a shopping spree is a must! This picturesque avenue is everything beautiful that comes to mind when one thinks of Paris.

You can find one of the biggest varieties of stores here, and there is something for everyone! This shopping paradise is also referred to affectionately by Parisians as les Champs. you’ll come across a bevy of French brand stores, such as Lacoste, and M.J. Weston.

Be sure to visit the exciting Louis Vuitton luxury flagship! This world-famous brand’s store double’s up as a contemporary art museum, so you can admire even more artistic talent as you browse for your next pair of iconic designer shoes.


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#3 – Boulevard Saint Germain

Classic area for shopping in Paris

Boulevard Saint Germain

Boulevard Saint Germain (Photo credit – roadtotravel.com)

  • Lined with high-end boutique stores and flagships!
  • Many classic cafes and restaurants to enjoy a bite to eat after shopping.

Saint Germain is a well-known major shopping district in Paris, and is booming with charisma! The atmosphere is classy, yet laid-back, and you’ll never run out of amazing cafes to check out as you explore the many high-fashion stores.

The cafes here are apart of the magic, and add a sense of charm and history to this already magnificent shopping dream come true.

Just some of the many famous brands found in this quarter are Hugo Boss, Blueberry, Ralph Lauren, Karl Largerfelt, and many more big names from the high-end fashion industry! Also, ladies, there is no better place to go looking for that fancy French lingerie you want to treat yourself to.

If you’re looking to buy some classic books and enjoy the feel of old authentic bookstores, then exploring the streets of Boulevard Saint Germain is the way to do it!


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#4 – Rue Du Commerce

Best Street for Paris Shopping

Rue Du Commerce

Rue Du Commerce (Photo credit – Parisperfect.com)

  • Found just around the corner of the famous Paris attraction, the Eiffel Tower!
  • Find authentic French clothing and shop like a local.

This street is not only lined with beautiful green trees, but with over one hundred boutiques! it’s possibly the best street for shopping in Paris. This shopper’s delight has everything from vintage classics to affordable fashion and is popular amongst locals, so it’s not touristy what-so-ever.

This area is set like a true Parisian village and has many quirks and charms to share with you as you enjoy the many awesome Paris shops. Whether you are looking for something casual or glamorous, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Both women and men will find bargains, and be able to appreciate the wide selection right at their fingertips.

One of the best things about the boutiques along the Rue Du Commerce is that they stock all of the latest, most trendy fashions, but without the massive price tag and fancy label! you’ll also be able to find clothing that has a special French touch – when it comes to the color pattern of your newest getup, and in how it’s tailored.


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#5 – Les Halles

The best selection of local boutique Paris shops

Les Halles

Les Halles (Photo credit – parisinfo.com)

  • A monument to the great tradition of western markets and shopping in Paris!
  • A wonderful space to enjoy the quietness of late-night eateries.

Les Halles has gown down in French history for being the place that had the biggest, and oldest market in Paris. It once used to be where vegetables and food were traded, and a fun gathering spot for locals to get together and spend the day indulging in good food. This neighborhood is well-known for its fascinatingly storied past!

Nowadays, you can still find a large number of places to enjoy the vibe of a true Paris, France shopping experience. you’ll find a shopping center where the old market hall used to be where you’ll come across many stores. you’ll find everything from big brand names, to small local boutiques where you can pick up unreal bargains!

Whilst you are here, be sure to adventure and discover the many old buildings and breathtaking monuments!


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#6 – Le Marais

The most entertaining place for shopping in Paris

Le Marais

Le Marais (Photo creidt – erasmusu.com)

  • You’ll find many galleries, elegant arcades, gay bars and kosher restaurants whilst bargain hunting!
  • Captures the essence of medieval Paris.

Le Marais, also known as South Marais, is overflowing with boutiques, as well as many other exciting stores and places to see. The architecture is dazzling, with many magnificent buildings that date back to Paris’ medieval era. Be sure to bring your camera along with you for this Paris shopping spree!

The small lanes are all alive with bars, hotels, restaurants, galleries, and many trendy shops. Among the many fun things to see and do here, is shopping! You can find everything from low to high fashion and will be in love with the funky clothing options available. This is a fantastic spot to pick up clothing from the more unknown Paris designers!

You can also find jewelry that will captivate you, and won’t take a huge chunk out of your holiday budget!


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#7 – Triangle d’Or

Amazing Paris shopping district for high fashion

Triangle d'Or

Triangle d’Or (Photo credit – Parisperfect.com).jpg

  • One of the best places in the world to find high-fashion stores!
  • Extraordinary selection of famous brand name flagship stores.

One of the first things you’ll notice upon your arrival in Triangle d’Or is the remarkable amount of big fashion names that are dotted all around you! This is one of the best places in the world for designer stores and flagship stores.

If you are in love with Haute Couture clothing, you’ll be in heaven here. When shopping in Paris, visiting this area is the best way to find some of the finest stores!

The sea of high-class shopping stores is truly a sight in itself, with brands like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce e Gabbana, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Celine, to name a few, all sharing the limelight in this popular Paris shopping district!

Amongst the clothing, you’ll find Bulgari fabulous jewelry store, French designer linen, luxury writing equipment, and many divine perfume shops, like Carons.


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#8 – Boulevard Haussmann

Best place to find big department stores in Paris

Boulevard Haussmann

Boulevard Haussmann (Photo credit – bestoftourist)

  • This well-known Paris shopping district has a handful of amazing stores, big and small!
  • The thrilling Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is also found here.

The Boulevard Haussmann is most commonly known for its massive department stores, all providing a huge selection of items that will amaze you! Both locals and tourists alike come to Boulevard Haussmann to shop until they drop.

The elegant stores are full to the brim with uniquely Parisian options, and you are sure to find something here to suit everyone’s taste.

This area hosts breathtaking historical buildings, all of which have been maintained and retain their original structures. The Printemps Haussmann, one of the many Paris fashion temples here, has been listed as a historic monument Due to its Art Nouveau façade and magnificent stained-glass cupola.


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#9 – Avenue Des Ternes

The best place for street shops in Paris

Avenue des Ternes

Avenue des Ternes

  • A particular favorite amongst tourists.
  • Fantastic, central location that makes it a must for anyone passing through!

If you’re wondering, “what to buy in Paris?”, the answer will come to you on Avenue Des Ternes. As you gaze upon the oasis of shops before you, you’ll find everything from books to movies, and even authentic Paris bakeries.

Enjoying all of this will broaden the scope of your Paris shopping adventures!

Although there are lots of boutiques, stores and supermarkets, one of the best things to do here is to browse the many street stalls! you’ll find magnificent bargains, as well as plenty of books, both old and new.


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#10 – La Madeleine

Best for those looking for a vintage store in Paris

La Madeleine

La Madeleine (Photo credit – en.rfi.fr)

  • A spellbinding area, full of wonders and charming Paris shops!
  • Many great shops, all found closely together!

Although we know that Paris is a true paradise for shopping, no matter where you go, there are special places like La Madeleine, and the other shopping places in Paris we have listed, that are simply epicenters.

This Paris shopping district is particularly central and is in walking distance to a lot of Paris attractions, such as the Opera house.

it’s easy to navigate this delightful area, and you are guaranteed to find something you’ll love in the many unusual and characteristic boutique stores that this neighborhood is famous for!


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Best Places to Stay in Paris

When traveling to Paris, you’ll find a myriad of beautiful hotels with mind-blowing views of the city! Choosing the best place to stay in Paris is key to your adventure, and we will share with you the best accommodation Paris has!

There are also gems that are conveniently located near famous shopping streets, making your days of shopping in France that much more blissful!

When choosing where to shop in Paris, you’ll want it to be easy to find and get to. Our list of hotels in Paris are either smack bang in the center of a treasure trove for shopping or conveniently close to transportation.

Here are some of the best places to stay in Paris if you’re wanting to shop!

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#1 – Les Piaules

Best Hostel in Paris

Les Piaules

Les Piaules is our pick for the best hostel in Paris

  • Within close distance of the Metro station, allowing you easy access to the best places to shop in Paris!

Les Piaules  is a modern, retro and clean hostel situated in the lively area of Belleville! Combining old architectural designs with the new, this hostel is truly unique and provides a setting full of beautiful decor. Enjoy a delightful onsite snackbar, and can lounge back for a cold drink in the evenings after a long day of exploring Paris stores!

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#2 – Aparthotel Adagio Paris Malakoff Châtillon

Best Budget Hotel in Paris

Aparthotel Adagio Paris Malakoff Châtillon

Aparthotel Adagio Paris Malakoff Châtillon is our pick for the best budget hotel in Paris

  • An easy 11-minute walk from the Mairie de Montrouge metro station, making it easy for you to get to your favorite shop in France!

Enjoy casual apartment-style rooms, with their own kitchenettes and stylish ensuites. This affordable hotel even offers an on-site gym, a relaxed bar and free wifi all at a really amazing price! Some of the comfortable rooms overlook gorgeous views of Paris, adding even more value for money at this French hotel.

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#3 – Plaza Athénée, Dorchester Collection

Best Luxury Hotel in Paris

Plaza Athénée, Dorchester Collection

Plaza Athénée, Dorchester Collection is our pick for the best luxury hotel in Paris

  • Found on Avenue Montaigne, a side street famous for having some of the best Paris shops!

This 5-star hotel is a landmark location in Paris! you’ll find everything your heart could content for, and more within this prestigious establishment.

Whether you want to relax in a Dior Institut spa, have a meal at one of the five world-class restaurants, enjoy a tasty drink at the chic cocktail bar or go skating in winter at the ice-skating rink, you can do it all right here!

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Staying Safe in Paris

When it comes to statistics, Paris is one of the safest major metropolitan areas in Europe. The rate of violent crime in Paris is fairly low, so there are no prevalent dangers to tourists when visiting this spellbinding city.

However, crime is a reality all over the world, and you’ll still come across pickpockets, petty thieves and suspect people now and again if you don’t keep some Paris safety tips in mind.

To ensure that you avoid danger, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and remain vigilant. Tourists are considered easy pickings in most major tourist destinations, as people on holiday tend to be extremely lax and less cautious. Avoid hassles by simply being aware of your surroundings and keeping your belongings closeby.

The most common crime in Paris is pickpocketing, so be very conscious of your belongings, especially when riding trains, waiting at metro stations, and visiting the popular tourist areas in the Frech capital city.

One of the best ways to safeguard your valuables is to invest in a money belt! You can also ask your hotel if they have a safe for you to keep your more precious items.

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Final Thoughts on Shopping in Paris

We have shared the best Paris fashion districts, and what makes each of them a mecca for all shopaholics and fashion lovers! When it comes to shopping in Paris, France you’ll fall in love with everything you find, so knowing where to go to find the creme delay creme during your Paris shopping experience is vital!

We know that with this guide in hand, you’ll know everything you need to shop until you drop! When in beautiful cities, like Paris, shopping is a fundamental way to enjoy the culture and atmosphere.

You now know where to shop in Paris! Find all of the best Paris hotels with us, and get ready for the most unforgettable French adventure of your life!

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