17 INCREDIBLE Tours in Austin [November 2021]

Austin stands as one of the biggest cities in Texas. And do you know what that means? There’s almost too much to see and do!

Although it’s a prime tourist spot, the city has still kept to its roots. Country music, two-stepping dance halls and outdoor street art fill the streets with a vibrant energy you won’t find just anywhere.

The Austin tour guides are sure to blow your mind away with insightful knowledge and love for their city.

Here are 17 of the best Austin tours that’ll show you how weird and wonderful the city is.

#1 – Best of Austin Guided Tour

Best of Austin Guided Tour

  • $
  • 2-hours
  • Travel around in an air-conditioned van
  • Keep things intimate by touring in a small group

Discover the best of Austin in a tour led by a local. This is by far the best way to explore a new city. Learn everything there is to know about Austin, like the local street art and blues music that defines the eclectic culture!

You’ll also visit some top attractions like the Texas State Capitol building, major Austin landmarks and the secrets gems in the city.

The best part about the tour? You’ll have the chance to stop at an amazing food truck and grab a sweet treat.


#2 – Smartphone Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Austin

Smartphone Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Austin

  • $$
  • 5-hours
  • Stop at anything that grabs your attention for as long as you please
  • Learn about the main attractions in Austin

If you’re looking to see as much of the city as you can, in a fun and unique way, look no further! A scavenger hunt takes you around the most interesting Austin landmarks, historical sights and exciting scenery.

The tour is awesome for groups, and you’ll have the opportunity to race against other teams. You’ll find clues at iconic Austin scenes, such as 6th Street, Frank Hotdogs and Lady Bird Lake.

Bonus: the tour includes the use of a smartphone.


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#3 – Live Music Crawl With A Local Musician

Live Music Crawl With A Local Musician

  • $$
  • 3-hours
  • Visit some of Austin’s famous music scenes and new clubs
  • Cover charge included for 2-3 music venues

Austin is said to be the music capital of the world, with country rock ’n roll around every corner. And there’s no better way to explore the authentic music scene than with a local musician.

Have a fun night out learning about the music scene in some of Austin’s best music venues.

With over 250 music venues in Austin, traveling with a local musician just means you’ll make the most of your experience. It’s a great way to explore the city, too!


#4 – Electric Bike Tours Of Austin

Electric Bike Tours Of Austin

  • $$$
  • 3-hours
  • Pedal-assist e-bike with a bike helmet and bottled water included
  • Cycle past many famous Austin murals, check out the vibe in Downtown Austin and visit the University of Texas

With so much to see in Austin, a bike ride around the city offers you a little taste of everything. Experience the views of the Austin skyline as your experienced guide leads you around the city and shares some of the rich history. You’ll also hear a whole load of fun facts and little known secrets of the city.


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#5 – Texas Hill Country And LBJ Ranch Tour

Texas Hill Country And LBJ Ranch Tour

  • $$$
  • 8-hours
  • Includes a hotel pick-up
  • Enjoy your day at a winery doing some tastings

Austin is renowned for its charming country landscapes. Enjoy spending a day visiting the famous LBJ Ranch, explore Fredericksburg and finish it off by stopping at Luckenbach to enjoy Texan wines.

Part of this tour takes you through stunning lavender fields and peach and pecan orchards. Which you often don’t get to see if you’re only visiting the city. The tour also stops at Luckenbach, one of Austin’s oldest and most preserved towns. Spend some time relaxing and enjoying some blues music.


#6 – Salt Lick BBQ And Winery Shuttle Tour

Salt Lick BBQ And Winery Shuttle Tour

  • $$
  • 5-hours
  • Taste some of Austin’s best quality meats
  • The shuttle leaves from Austin and will take you to the Salt Like BBQ and 2 wineries

You’re in Austin, and getting a taste of authentic Texan BBQ is almost a requirement. Come and experience a Salt Lick BBQ at one of Texas’s most famous eateries. As well as BBQing, you can sample a selection of wines from local wineries.

After the BBQ you’ll head to Duchman Family Winery and Driftwood Estate where you’ll have time to learn about the winemaking process.

Heads up: The cost of lunch and wine tasting isn’t included, and you’ll only be able to pay with cash.


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#7 – Secret Food Tour In Austin

Secret Food Tour In Austin

  • $$$
  • 3-hours
  • Food and drinks included, as well as skip the line entrance
  • Be entertained with a guided food tour around the city center

Austin cuisine is something special, and you won’t just find it anywhere. In this 3-hour tasting, you’ll learn about the history of Austin’s hearty food, it’s modern-day influences and what makes it so amazing.

The secret food tour will take you to some places that aren’t simply tourist traps. You’ll visit the spots that Austin foodies live for! You’ll even be able to taste some unique food that even dates back to the Aztec age.


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#8 – Live Music Experience In Austin

Live Music Experience In Austin

  • $$$
  • 3-hours
  • Stop at 3 live music venues and have your entrance fee covered
  • Enjoy a live band performing in the bus

Hop from bar to bar to hear the best music showed off by Austin. Whether you’re here for the blues, country, or rock n roll, you don’t wanna miss out on this behind-the-scenes experience.

Speak to the friendly musicians on-board to hear about how the rocking country music came about. Score some local insight and take note of where you should be heading to find some good quality music during your stay.


#9 – Customized Austin City Tour

Customized Austin City Tour

  • $$
  • 2-5 hours
  • Experience Austin through the eyes of a local
  • Become comfortable in the area of your hotel or Airbnb

Explore Austin on your terms. On this customized tour, you’ll have the chance to explore the neighborhood you’re staying in with a local.

They’ll show you absolutely everything, like where the good grocery stores are, nearby attractions in Austin and how to use the public transport.

Given that the tour is customized to suit you, you’ll have much more freedom to do and see the things at the top of your bucket list.


#10 – Murals And Street Art Electric Minibike Tour

Murals And Street Art Electric Minibike Tour

  • $$$
  • 2-hours
  • Minibike safety training is part of the tour
  • An exclusive Get Your Guide Tour only offered twice a month

Tour Austin in style, by hopping on an electric minibike, of course. The tour will guide you around hidden gems in the city, where you’ll see inspiring murals and street art.

Not only will you see some of Austin’s famous street artworks, but you’ll also be learning about the artists who created them. Discover their stories and the meanings behind the artworks themselves.

This tour is a big score, because not only will you be seeing artworks, but you’ll also be familiarizing yourself around the city.


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#11 – Weird Austin City Tour

Weird Austin City Tour

  • $$
  • 5-hours
  • Chances to sample local foods
  • Local musician on playing live in the car

You can visit the main attractions with any tour, but what you don’t see on most tours is the weird side of Austin. Find out how the city got its reputation of being weird, why it has the biggest bat colony in North America, and why the tacos are just so damn good.

The guides are more than happy to share all of their crazy Austin stories with you. So be prepared to hear anything from dumpster-diving stories to scandalous celebrity secrets.


#12 – Tour Austin On A Bike Ride

Tour Austin On A Bike Ride

  • $$
  • 2-hours
  • Explore the around Austin’s city center and its parks
  • Great for families and groups of friends

Austin has the reputation of being the sunniest city in North America. With all the sunshine, you’re going to want to soak up the sun throughout your holiday. Take a leisurely cycle around the city and enjoy the good weather.

Cycle along trails that take you around all of the iconic Austin landmarks and head to Austin’s popular entertainment hub, Rainey Street. Discover how Rainey Street came to be so popular and then end the tour with a cycle to Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge.


#13 – Austin Beer And Brewery Tour

Austin Beer And Brewery Tour

  • $$$
  • 3-hours
  • Visit 3 breweries on the east side
  • Pick up and drop off at your Austin hotel

While many tours will take you around the most popular tourist spots, you’re also going to want to visit some of the famous beer bars. This is one of Austin’s best day trips! Stop at 3 of the finest breweries and craft beer establishments to sample beers of your choice.

The guides will provide you with the insights and histories of each brewery while you sample over 10 different beers. Learn about each different beer and find out what makes them so unique.

Don’t worry about drinking and driving; sit back and enjoy traveling in an air-conditioned van to all 3 of the breweries.


#14 – Haunted Austin Tour

Haunted Austin Tour

  • $
  • 5-hours
  • The haunted Austin tour is done in small groups
  • Original stories told by a knowledgeable guide

Every city has it’s legends, and it turns out Austin has quite a few. For those of you interested in hearing the haunted history of the city, take a tour with an acclaimed story-teller through the supernatural areas of Austin.

Visit many hidden places throughout Austin that have their own spooky tales to tell. As well as a few ghost stories, you’ll hear many true crime and murder stories that’ll keep you on your toes.


#15 – Wine Farm Tour Of Austin

Wine Farm Tour Of Austin

  • $$$
  • 3-hours
  • All in inclusive tour (includes snacks, wine, transport, local guide)
  • Airbnb pickup available in a 15-mile radius

There are beer lovers, and then there are wine lovers. And Austin has got plenty of them both. This wine tour in Fredericksburg includes a visit to three of the best wine farms in the area. Explore the wine cellars and enjoy the complimentary tastings at each winery.

There will also be time to explore the quaint town of Fredericksburg, where you can grab some lunch or do some shopping.


#16 – Free Walking Tours In Austin

Free Walking Tours In Austin

  • $
  • 2-hours
  • Explore the city like an insider with many walking tours of Austin
  • Get to walk around some of the best parts in town

Before you start planning your itinerary, simply start your holiday off with an Austin city tour. Meet up with a local and spend a couple of hours familiarizing yourself with the city and getting your bearings. Enjoy the freedom to ask any you’d like to know about this lively city.

The guides are all fun people who love their city. Each guide has the freedom to create their own tour and adopt a unique and entertaining style.

Heads up: The tour is free, but you are expected to tip the guide with whatever you feel is appropriate.


#17 – Self-Guided Austin Art Gallery Tour

Self-Guided Austin Art Gallery Tour

  • $
  • 2-hours
  • 5 museums available in this Austin tour
  • The app works offline, so you don’t need to worry about data usage

Austin is said to be the home and heart of Texas Choose the museums you’d like to stop at and download the app to gain access to the free walking tour. Learn about pottery, contemporary and traditional art, all at the palm of your hand.

The built-in GPS system will help guide you through the most effective route, as well as directions to the next museum you plan on visiting.

Heads up: The self-guide is free, but you will need to pay a museum fee.


Austin Texas Tours Are Just A Click Away

Austin tours aren’t simply about seeing famous landmarks, it’s about understanding the weird and friendly culture that stands out from the rest of Texas. Austin earns the love with its charming locals, buzzing nightlife, beautiful outdoor wineries and pretty awesome food.

No matter what you’re looking for, the city has a little piece of everything. Try something new and hop on an electric minibike around the city, or spend the day with your friends drinking wine out in the sunny Texan skies!

Austin guided tours aren’t just for tourists either. Locals can find some affordable tours and fall in love with their city all over again!

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