The BEST Time to Visit Tokyo! [June 2024]

You’re in the mood for a trip that involves a bit of everything – ranging from ancient tradition to zen to eccentric. So, having Tokyo next on your travel list makes perfect sense! Which other city in the world lets you experience sacred temples, impressive museums, serene garden masterpieces, a massive Disney resort, unmatched nightlife, cat cafes and owl cafes?

No matter which highlight piques your interest the most – or if they all do – you surely want to plan for when it’s the best time to visit Tokyo. First, you need to decide what types of activities are at the top of your list and under which conditions you’ll enjoy them the most – whether that’s when the weather is best or when there are fewer crowds. 

When finalizing your plans for the best time of year to visit Tokyo, you’ll want to consider factors such as weather, high/low tourist season and don’t forget to factor events into the equation! Tokyo offers amazing events year-round, so plan accordingly.

When is the best time of year to visit Tokyo?

Generally, the best time of year to visit Tokyo is in the spring and the fall. These seasons bring out the best of the city with near-perfect mild weather, reduced tourist crowds and plenty to see and do! 


This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Tokyo! (Photo credit – CNN)

Summer is jam-packed with events and festivals, but the weather is at its hottest and can make for uncomfortable conditions for visitors unaccustomed to hot, muggy days. Crowds are also at their peak, so conditions can feel exceptionally sticky! Tokyo in the winter has a special magical feel, as long as you’re ready and willing to deal with cold weather.

What months are the best time to visit Tokyo?

As mentioned above, you may find that the most ideal conditions in terms of weather and tourist crowds are in the spring and fall. The best balance occurs in April, May, early June, October and November – making these the best months to visit Tokyo. The average temperatures in these months are mild – ranging from warm to cool – with little rainfall, so it’s easy to enjoy all of Tokyo’s outdoor activities. These are also shoulder months, so having more of the vibrant city to yourself is another bonus!

Besides taking into consideration weather and tourist crowds, it’s best to also consider cultural and social events happening throughout Tokyo year-round. There’s always something happening, so be sure to check out your options; there just may be an event you simply can’t miss! 

Tokyo in January

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in January (Photo credit – tokyosnowclub)

Tokyo Weather in January

You’ll find Tokyo’s coldest weather conditions in January. It’s typically dry without much rainfall and snow is rare. Expect temperatures that range from an average low of 34℉ (1℃) to average high of 48℉ (9℃) with nights just above freezing.

Tokyo Events in January

  • Hatsumode (New Year’s Day)
    • Join the locals in their tradition of hatsumode, the year’s first temple or visit shrine, to ask for blessings of good fortune and health in the new year. Local shrines are packed, but it’s a great way to start the new year right!
  • Sumo New Year Basho (2nd week of January)
    • It’s pretty hard not to think of sumo wrestlers when you envision a traditional Japanese experience! Take advantage of this 10-day event to witness the wrestlers in action in the first of six total Grand Tournaments of Sumo. 
  • Coming of Age Day (2nd Monday of January)
    • For a unique cultural treat, join the local crowds to celebrate all Japanese youths turning 20 years old – the age they’re officially deemed adults. It’s a national holiday with ceremonies open for all to attend, providing an excellent opportunity to see women dressed in kimonos and the youth in traditional Japanese attire.


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Tokyo in feb

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in Februray (Photo credit – livejapan)

Tokyo Weather in February

February’s weather conditions are very similar to January’s. Days are cold, dry and often sunny with temperatures that range from an average low of 34℉ (2℃) to average high of 50℉ (10℃). Snow is rare, but if it does appear, it won’t be enough to stick.

Tokyo Events in February

  • Setsubun (Bean Throwing) Festival  (Feb. 3)
    • How does the idea of watching local Japanese celebrities throw beans and prizes into the gathered audience sound? If it sounds intriguing, you’re in luck! Because that’s what you’ll find at Japanese shrines on the Japanese lunar calendar’s eve of spring as the traditional gesture to bring good fortune and ward off accidents and disasters.
  • Miura-Kaigan Cherry Blossom Festival (mid-February)
    • It just so happens that a particular type of sakura, or cherry blossom, blooms earlier than other types of cherry blossoms in Japan. Around the Miura-kaigan area, you can see over 1,000 trees line the road from the station to the park. Appreciate the vivid pink beauty as they’re illuminated from 5 pm to 9 pm nightly.

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Tokyo in march

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in March (Photo credit – shutterstock)

Tokyo Weather in March

The onset of spring and upcoming plum and cherry blossom blooming season slowly brings warmer days to Tokyo! If you’re ready to variable conditions that could range from warm to chilly to rainy, March can be a lovely time to visit. Temperatures typically range from an average low of 39℉ (4℃) to an average high of 56℉ (13℃).

Tokyo Events in March

  • Japan Local Food Festival (early March)
    • For a chance to sample some of the best, most traditional Japenese dishes in one place, head to this 2-day event held at Yoyogi Park. If weather permits, enjoy your tasty local treats picnic style!
  • St. Patrick’s Day (mid-March)
    • If you thought that this popular Irish holiday isn’t celebrated in Asian countries, you’d be mistaken! Tokyo hosts a large St. Patty’s 2-day celebration complete with an Irish cultural day at Yoyogi Park followed by the parade day to be entertained with a mix of leprechauns, participants donning traditional Japanese dress, floats and women passing out free beer. How’s that for Irish fun?
  • AnimeJapan (late March)
    • If you’re into anime, you really can’t beat attending an all-anime event in the country where it all began! You won’t be disappointed by the number of booths, merchandise and performances by the industry’s best. 
tokyo in april

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in April (Photo credit –

Tokyo Weather in April

Spring is in full bloom in Tokyo this month – as are the legendary cherry blossoms and eager tourists!  April is the best time to visit Tokyo for the blooms and for the mild weather that consists of cool mornings and evenings but is mainly sunny and pleasant. Average temperatures range from 48℉ (9℃) to 67℉ (19℃). 

Tokyo Events in April

  • Cherry Blossom Viewing (early April)
    • Perhaps Tokyo’s biggest draw comes from this one-of-a-kind annual phenomenon of nature known as hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. There are a few key parks and sites to experience the best of hanami and – even though it can get crowded – it’s a must-see if you plan on visiting Tokyo during this time. Be sure to have your camera ready for some amazing photos!
  • Floral Festival (April 8)
    • Join locals at a variety of temples around Tokyo to wish Buddha a happy birthday! Shrines are beautifully decorated with flowers and small Buddha figurines and children march in parades pulling a large white papier-mâché elephant.
  •  Earth Day Tokyo (mid-late April)
    • Enjoy a day at the park celebrating Earth! Tokyo hosts the largest event in the country with free live music, booths and healthy food options. This is especially a draw if you’re a vegetarian seeking some amazing vegetarian-friendly fare!

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Tokyo in May

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in May (Photo credit – tokyocheapo)

Tokyo Weather in May

As the spring chill starts transitioning to longer days with an oncoming summertime vibe – without getting too hot –  May might be the best time to visit Tokyo! There’s a chance of encountering some rainfall, but you’ll mostly enjoy sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures that range from an average low of 57℉ (14℃) to an average high of 74℉ (23℃).

Tokyo Events in May

  • Sanja Festival (3rd weekend in May)
    • You won’t be alone at this one, as over 2 million spectators show up to this festival, making it Tokyo’s largest. The mikoshi, or portable shrine, procession can get quite rambunctious as people climb on top and try to “battle” opponents off. If you’re agoraphobic, you may want to skip this one; but if you’re not, gear up for some rowdy fun!
  • Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival (late May)
    • This one’s a real treat for film buffs as Tokyo celebrates the best of indie film in Japan and around the world. This week-long festival encourages established and rising Japanese film industry talent to connect with global filmmakers to showcase the next generation of the independent film art form.
Rain in June

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in June

Tokyo Weather in June

Be prepared for increasing temperatures and rain showers if you plan on visiting Tokyo in June. Mid-month marks the start of Tokyo’s “rainy season” which typically means afternoon showers with otherwise mostly sunny days. It’s the capital’s rainiest month with an average of 7 inches (181mm) of rainfall with average temperatures ranging from a low of 65℉ (18℃) to a high of 77℉ (25℃).

Tokyo Events in June

  • Sanno Festival (early to mid-June)
    • This popular event takes place every other year in even-numbered years that alternates with Kanda Matsuri which happens in odd-numbered years. These alternating festivals make up 2 of the 3 greatest festivals in all of Tokyo – in terms of traditional significance. The highlight of this 10-day event is the parade that features over 300 participants in traditional costumes, musicians, floats and the mikoshi portable shrines.
  • International Tokyo Toy Show (mid-June)
    • Although kids love this one, Japan’s largest toy industry show in Tokyo is just as enchanting and fun for adults. Let out your inner child and enjoy the large stage that provides popular kid-friendly entertainment, activities and, of course, toys! The event opens up to the public over the weekend, so go play!

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Tokyo in July

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in July (Photo credit – shutterstock)

Tokyo Weather in July

Tokyo’s rainy period continues through the third week and sometimes into the end of July, making for overall wet and sticky conditions. The intensity of the rain can vary daily, so you’ll need to be prepared for this during July travel. You can count on heat and humidity though with average temperatures ranging from a low of 72℉ (22℃) to a high of 84℉ (29℃).

Tokyo Events in July

  • Sumida-gawa Fireworks Festival (late July)
    • Known as the oldest fireworks spectacle in the world – dating back to the Edo era in the 1600’s – this fireworks show still attracts massive crowds to the Sumida-gawa River Tokyo’s historical Asakusa region. Enjoy 90 minutes of fireworks and socializing with Japanese locals.
  • Tokyo Summer Festival (the whole month of July)
    • One of the most popular events for the Tokyo area’s music lovers, this month-long fest entertains the crowds with top musical acts from Japan and around the globe. Shows take place throughout Tokyo.
  • Oedo Beer Festival 
    • If you’re into sipping craft beer on a hot summer day, you’ll want to check out the Oedo summer beer fest! Over 200 craft brews made in Japan and abroad are showcased at this popular event. Musical performances and live DJs are also part of the festivities.
Tokyo in aug

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in August (Photo credit – shutterstock)

Tokyo Weather in August

By August, peak rainfall levels have subsided a bit, but temperatures are at their highest this month. Combined with the humidity, being active outdoors will feel uncomfortable to many, so keep in mind your heat tolerance levels! On average, temperatures range from 73℉ (23℃) to 88℉ (31℃).

Tokyo Events in August

  • Fukagawa Festival (mid-August)
    • This annual festival is rightfully recognized as one of the big three Shinto festivals in Tokyo. Thousands of people gather in the street for the mikoshi parade that runs for 4 miles through the city. The highlight of the procession is the “water throwing” part where the mikoshi get bountifully sprayed with water! The festivities also include music, food and entertainment.
  • Asakusa Samba Carnival (end of August)
    • Brazil has the largest number of Japanese immigrant population in the world, and Tokyo celebrates this connection with a summertime-favorite samba party! Teams of dancers in bright costumes and feathers, musicians and floats compete for the annual title, making this event a whole lot of fun for the Japanese locals and visitors alike.
Tokyo in sep

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in September (Photo credit – shutterstock)

Tokyo Weather in September

The first part of the month feels much like August – hot and muggy. Temperatures typically start to cool down to more bearable levels toward the end of September. It’s also one of Tokyo’s wettest months of the year, so be prepared for sunny and rainy days. Average temperatures range from a low of 68℉ (20℃) to a high of 81℉ (27℃).

Tokyo Events in September

  • Tokyo Game Show (mid-September)
    • Gamers probably already know about this one – it’s Japan’s largest video game conference of the year that attracts over a quarter of a million attendees. There are business days and public days, so anyone looking for the insider scoop on the latest and greatest in the gaming industry will be thrilled attending TGS!
  • Fukuro Festival (late September)
    • Crowds gather for this popular street festival that features many traditional Japanese dances and performances. An opening ceremony kicks things off with a parade, taiko drum performances, yosakoi dancing, lion dances and Hayashi festival music. There’s also the opportunity to watch a performance of the Okinawa folk dance with a special Okinawan Eisa dance show.
October events in Tokyo

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in October (Photo credit – timeout)

Tokyo Weather in October

With sunny and cooler – but pleasantly warm – weather, October is considered by many to be the best time to visit Tokyo. The changing color of the foliage in the gardens towards the end of the month is an added treat as fall is in full swing. You can expect an average low of 57℉ (14℃) and high of 73℉ (22℃). 

Tokyo Events in October

  • Kiku Kuyo (mid-October)
    • For a truly delightful Japanese traditional experience, head to the Senso-ji Temple on this day coined as a “memorial service” for the chrysanthemums of the temple. October is the month of chrysanthemums’ new blooms, so parishioners come to offer new flowers to replace the old ones as donations to the temple. The displays of flowers are a beautiful sight to behold, as is the performance of the Golden Dragon.
  • All Japan Fireworks Competition (late October)
    • If the idea of watching over 2 hours of “the latest and greatest” in fireworks from Japan’s top pyrotechnicians sounds like a perfect evening to you, then you’re in for a treat! It’s a popular event that attracts crowds along the Sakuragawa River to watch this annual fireworks competition that shows off the newest creations and designs in pyrotechnics. Bring your own seat or blanket and enjoy the show!
tokyo in november

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in November

Tokyo Weather in November

For cooler and even drier conditions than October, November won’t disappoint! If you like crisp, sunny weather with awesome displays of autumn hues lining the landscape, this is the best time to visit Tokyo.  Average rainfall levels are at some of the lowest of the year and you’ll get an average low of 46℉ (8℃) and an average high of 61℉ (16℃). 

Tokyo Events in November

  • Festival of the Ages (early November)
    • Known locally as Jidai Matsuri, this local tradition is held annually on National Culture Day. It features a grand parade with people donned in authentic costumes representing various periods throughout Japan’s history. It’s also a national holiday, so expect many businesses in the city to be closed.
  • Shibuya Blue Cave Illuminations (starting late November)
    • If you’re visiting Tokyo in the second half of November, you’ll want to get a look at this magical scene! As a welcoming of the winter months, about 600,000 blue LED lights are showcased in the trees that line the walk between Shibuya Koen Dori and Yoyogi Park – creating a wondrous “cave” of blue light. It becomes a popular winter walk every year, but it’s worth bumping elbows for a leisurely stroll along this enchanting luminous path.
Tokyo Weather In December

Read below for information about Tokyo weather in December (Photo credit –

Tokyo Weather in December

Winter chill arrives in Tokyo around December – but the cold isn’t extreme. Weather conditions are chilly and dry with not much rainfall. With an average low of 37℉ (3℃) and an average high of 54℉ (12℃), sightseeing is comfortable with just a warm coat and a hat without needing to go overboard!

Tokyo Events in December

  • Tokyo Christmas Market (mid to late December)
    • Tokyo offers a few outdoor Christmas market option, and the one in Hibiya Park is sponsored by the German Tourist Association and the German Embassy, so it has the feel of the real deal! Get in the holiday spirit by strolling along the light-covered stalls while snacking on delicious sweet treats and sipping on warm wine or hot cocoa. The Christmas choir performances add a special touch of holiday cheer.
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations (December 31 through January 3)
    • If you plan on ringing in the new year in Japan, you’ll find plenty of options in Tokyo! Traditionally, many locals spend New Year’s Eve in their homes and go visit temples to ring the temple bells as midnight approaches – the watch-night bell rings 108 times at temples throughout all of Japan. Just before midnight, Tokyo Bay lights up with the fireworks displaying overhead. If you’re in the mood for a big party – don’t worry – nightclubs throughout the city will be offering New Year’s bashes aplenty.

What is the best time to visit Tokyo weather-wise? 

Luckily, Tokyo’s weather is fairly mild without too many times of conditions so extreme that they make sightseeing impossible. But there are periods that are more comfortable than others with less rain and/or heat and humidity. 

For the most pleasant conditions, the best time to visit Tokyo weather-wise is in the late spring, particularly in April and May. The days are overall sunny and at the right level of warmth before the muggy summer heat arrives.

The flower blossoms and new life blooming across the city make for exceptionally scenic and beautiful walking tours!

The other best time to visit Tokyo weather-wise is in the fall in October or November. The sticky summer weather is replaced by a temperate autumn chill that provides refreshing, crisp conditions for sightseeing and activities. The autumn hues that take over the landscape are incredible too.


Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Tokyo

Tokyo’s charm can be felt at any time of the year, so your best bet is to plan around the conditions and events that make up your ideal trip. If you don’t mind dealing with tourist crowds in exchange for experiencing the majestic cherry blossom season in near-perfect weather, then you know that spring is the best time of year to visit Tokyo for you!

Rest assured that regardless of when you plan your visit, Tokyo will offer plenty to see and do – all delivered with that gracious and courteous Japanese hospitality that never disappoints! 

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