The BEST Time to Visit Dubai! [June 2024]

Where in the world can you find modern and luxury living, the world’s largest man-made islands, world-class shopping, upscale beach lazing, and get a taste of the high-life right smack in the middle of the desert? Dubai, of course! The place sparks the imagination, so we understand why you’ve made it your next travel destination. There’s a reason why Dubai is consistently one of the top 5 most-traveled cities in the world!

But in order to enjoy the best of this Middle Easter desert gem – and not faint from heatstroke in the process – when is the best time to visit Dubai? You, of course, want to take into account the weather, but you should add tourist crowds, travel costs and events to your consideration list too. 

In this Dubai visitor’s guide, we’ll give you all of this helpful information with specifics about average weather conditions and events broken down by month. We’ll provide some tips on the best time to visit Dubai, although you’ll ultimately be the one to make this decision based on the conditions that suit you best and your travel wishlist. 

Ok then, let’s get to it! 

When is the best time of year to visit Dubai?

Unlike most travel destinations around the world, summer is not the ideal time to visit a desert destination like Dubai! If you don’t want to deal with 105+℉ (41+℃) weather, you’ll find that winter is the best time of year to visit Dubai. Winter temperatures average between 70° F (21° C) and 73° F (23° C), the most pleasant and bearable you’ll find all year. 

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Dubai!

This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Dubai!

But if avoiding peak tourist season is high on your priority list, late fall and early spring are more favorable options. You may find some “deals” but don’t be misled – Dubai isn’t exactly known as a  budget-friendly destination, so even if you go outside of the prime season, you’ll still need to pay up! 

Average temperatures in late fall drop to a more bearable 80° to 90° F (27 to °32° C) range and more people start venturing out of the air-conditioned indoors to enjoy the beaches and parks. Average early-spring temperatures also present more pleasant conditions with average daily highs in the mid-80s° (27° C).

What months are the best time to visit Dubai?

For the best months to visit Dubai – December, January, February, and March are the coldest months, meaning that they’re the most pleasant for enjoying outdoor activities. January is Dubai’s “coldest” month with an average temperature of 66° F (19° C). March stays comfortable with an average of around 73° F (23° C) and an average high of 85° F (29° C) and may offer a bit of relief from winter’s peak tourist season.

Similarly, things “cool down” in November – both weather and tourist-wise – with an average low of 68° F (20°C) and an average high of 88° F (31°C). For pleasant conditions that allow for excellent beach time and dining al fresco, November can also be considered one of the best months to visit Dubai. 

Dubai in January

Read below for information about Dubai weather in January (Photo credit – Travel Triangle)

Dubai Weather in January

January is about as “cold” as Dubai ever gets. You may get some cooler days that range between 50-60° F (10-16°C), but most days see temperatures of an average low of 59° F (15°C) and an average high of 75° F (24°C). It may rain, but since Dubai gets less than 4 inches of rain per year, it won’t be much!

Dubai Events in January

  • Shopping Festival (month-long)
    • Shopping is such a big thing in Dubai, they have a festival for it! Actually, shopping is a huge year-round occurrence, but the month of January particularly favorable for bargain hunting. Shops also go all out during January’s Shopping Festival with live entertainment, children’s activities and even fireworks show! Talk about a shopping party.
  • Omega Dubai Desert Classic (end of January)
    • Known as the most important golfing tournament in the entire UAE, this is a must for golf enthusiasts. The event takes place at the well-renowned Emirates Golf Club and attracts the best players from around the world. Even if you’re not a golf buff, it’s a fun event to enjoy the sunny outdoors, food and drinks!
  • Dubai Marathon (end of January)
    • You don’t have to be willing to run a marathon to enjoy this event. There’s also a 3km fun run if you want to join, but just being a spectator cheering on some of the world’s best athletes is fun too! You’ll find a lot of locals handing out treats and encouragement to the participants.

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Dubai in February

Read below for information about Dubai weather in February (Photo credit –

Dubai Weather in February

Temperature-wise, February isn’t much different from January with temperatures staying with an average low 63℉ (17℃) and an average high of 79℉ (26℃). There’s a higher chance of rain, but it’s still minimal at only 1.4 inches of average rainfall. It’s possible to get strong winds this month.

Dubai Events in February

  • Dubai Jazz Festival (mid-late February)
    • If you plan to visit Dubai in February, you’ll want to get tickets to this one! This annual music festival features not just some of the best names in jazz, but also pop and contemporary Grammy award-winning sensations. It’s definitely an amazing way to spend a fun music-filled day or weekend.
  • Dubai Tennis Championships (mid through late February)
    • This huge tennis open is held annually at the Aviation Club and is an excellent opportunity to see the biggest stars in men’s and women’s tennis in action! The line-up always features the best, so you can be sure to be impressed.

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Dubai in March

Read below for information about Dubai weather in March (Photo credit –

Dubai Weather in March

Temperatures continue to creep up as March gets underway and spring approaches. For some of the best weather before the intense heat strikes, March could be the best time to visit Dubai! The average low is a pleasant 66℉ (19℃) and the average high is a bearable 84℉ (29℃).

Dubai Events in March

  • Taste of Dubai (early March)
    • If you love food, you’ll love this event! Enjoy 3 days of exposure to Dubai’s most famous restaurants and international celebrity chefs for cooking demonstrations, classes and more. Or simply enjoy all the live music while wine tasting. 
  • Art Dubai (late March)
    • Since its start in 2007, Art Dubai has become one of the world’s most prominent international art fairs showcasing art from the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. Over 25,000 visitors attend the event to see the works of a diverse collection of over 90 galleries from over 40 different countries. There are also plenty of other activities in the program including dance performances, film screenings, symposiums and more.
  • Dubai World Cup (end of March)
    • If you’re a horse racing enthusiast – and have some money to spend – the Dubai World Cup is about as prestigious as you can get! It’s known as one of the world’s richest horse races with over $10 million in prize funds to back up the claim. You’ll want to get tickets early if you expect to get a seat for this race day!

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Dubai in April

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Dubai Weather in April

April can still count as one of the best months to visit Dubai, but with an average high of 93℉ (34℃), it’s already pushing it! With over 10 hours of daily sunshine, you’ll enjoy the fact that the sea temperature is a lovely 77° F (25°C) making for some prime beach days.

Dubai Events in April

  • Abudhabi Desert Challenge (end of March – beginning of April)
    • Whether you’re into motorsports or not, there’s no denying that watching the top talent in quad bikes, trucks, four-wheelers and motorbikes take on the UAE’s majestic sand dunes are awesome! This five-day cross country rally has become one of the most prestigious in the world and is worth checking out.
  • Middle East Film and Comic-Con
    • For all things gaming, film and cosplaying, you’ll want to head to the Dubai World Trade Centre for this event. Visitors have the opportunity to meet celebrities in this space and get insider tips on the latest in gaming and film technology and trends. There’s plenty of unique merchandise and activities for kids and adults alike.

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Dubai in May

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Dubai Weather in May

By May, summer conditions and the stifling heat are in full effect. You’ll find pleasant temperatures only in the lows which are 79℉ (26℃) but the average high is a brutal 102℉ (39℃) meaning that many days get much hotter than that. Plan your activities accordingly if visiting Dubai in May. 

Dubai Events in May

  • Ramadan (dates vary)
    • The big highlight of Ramadan month is iftar, the celebration meal that breaks the month-long fast. It’s a good day to be in Dubai, as this is a cultural tradition that involves spreads of the best of Middle Eastern dishes and delicacies. Some of the biggest hotels also set up massive tents for visitors to indulge in the feast, play some board games and smoke shisha!

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Dubai in June

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Dubai Weather in June

Temperatures continue to rise and – combined with the humidity – the heat can feel oppressive!  Even the average minimum is hot at 84℉ (29℃) and the high is a scorching 104℉ (40℃). Even the 88° F (31°C) sea temperature won’t provide much relief in these conditions.

Dubai Events in June

  • Dubai Summer Surprises (June – August)
    • Known as DSS, this summer-long event was started as a means to attract tourists during Dubai’s uncomfortably hot summer months. For the most shopping and hotel deals, this is your best time to find them! DSS includes loads of activities for kids and adults by focusing on food, nature, adventure and the arts. You can expect plenty of live concerts, fireworks shows and other fun-filled “summer surprises” too!
  • Ski Dubai (all months)
    • This enormous indoor ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates is a popular destination in Dubai, and even more so in the summer months. What better way to get relief from the scorching sun than with some powdery snow? Hit the ski slopes or have a go at the bobsleds, ice caves and climbing wall. Or just have some fun visiting with the resident penguins!

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Dubai in July

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Dubai Weather in July

If June sounded hot, wait until you see the temperatures for July! The average low is an already-hot 88° F (31°C) and the average high is a blistering 106° F (41°C). No wonder the air-conditioned malls are so popular in the summer – at least you can give it a go at one of the indoor ice skating rinks!

Dubai Events in July

  • Dubai Sports World (all month)
    • This spacious venue offers a variety of indoor sports opportunities for locals and tourists looking to escape the blazing heat. You’ll find professional player-led soccer clinics, volleyball games and tournaments or test your skills on the basketball and badminton courts. If getting too physical in the real world isn’t your thing, you can check out the iBattle technology for some intense virtual sports gaming instead!
  • Dubai Summer Surprises (through July)
    • DSS continues through the month of July and offers more shopping, concerts and entertainment. The kids will particularly like the different theme parks and water parks.

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Dubai in August

Read below for information about Dubai weather in August (Photo credit –

Dubai Weather in August

  • The weather maxes out in August and spending any considerable amount of time away from air conditioning is pretty much out of the question. The average low stays at a brutal 88℉ (31℃) and the average high is an unrelenting 106° F (41°C). It’s a good thing that Dubai has mastered the art of indoor fun and entertainment! 

Dubai Events in August

  • Eid Al Adha (mid-August)
    • This is a great festival to experience to get a taste of an authentic cultural experience. It’s an Islamic festival, known as a festival of sacrifice, and is celebrated in Dubai with feasts and festivities. Take part by enjoying a delicious traditional meal and taking advantage of the special experiences happening throughout the area.
  • Big Brands Carnival (early August)
    • Another Dubai event that caters to the world’s shopaholics, the Dubai World Trade Centre hosts a huge consumer trade show with hundreds of luxury and high-end brand names offering unbeatable deals to eager shoppers. Clothing, shoes, accessories, fragrances – you name it, they’ll have it!

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Dubai in September

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Dubai Weather in September

While there’s a slight break from the peak of the real scorchers, don’t expect a September day in Dubai to feel at like a typical fall day.  You’ll find an average low of 84℉ (29℃) with an average high that remains at an intense 102℉ (39℃). Like the rest of the summer, there won’t be any rain this month either.

Dubai Events in September

  • Saudi National Day (September 23)
    • Like with all things, Dubai celebrates this holiday with extravagance and flair! You’ll find a multitude of live concerts, music, entertainment and special events happening throughout the day. You can also look forward to a magnificent fireworks display at night to top off the evening.
  • Gitex Shopper (end of September)
    • This event is a real treat for anyone looking for amazing deals on electronic goods. Over 125,000 visitors over 5 days attend this shopping extravaganza to take advantage of flash sales from top electronics brands for TVs, mobile phones, laptops, gaming items – if it’s in the electronics category, it will be there!

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Dubai in October

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Dubai Weather in October

October still doesn’t bring typical fall temperatures to Dubai. The average low of 77℉ (25℃) range will feel lovely but the average high up there at 97° F (36°C). If this range sounds bearable to you, it could be the best time to visit Dubai for any tourist or price breaks!

Dubai Events in October

  • Dubai Sensual Weekend (early October)
    • Things get extra steamy in Dubai for this celebration of Latin music and dance. Salsa, merengue and bachata are just some of the dance moves you can learn over this weekend, or just revel in the many parties, concerts and shows included on the spicy roster of events!
  • Insomnia Gaming Festival (mid-October)
    • These 3 days are a gamer’s wonderland, so if that piques your interest, you won’t want to miss it! Tournaments take place all weekend, along with Virtual Reality events, retro video games and all-night live DJ music. And, of course, there’s cosplay, so feel free to come in costume.


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Dubai in November

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Dubai Weather in November

At last, Dubai’s desert weather reaches pleasant levels that make all of its wonderful outdoor activities possible! Obviously, tourist crowds start picking up but weather-wise, it’s probably the best time to visit Dubai. You can expect an average low of 70℉ (21℃) and an average high of 88℉ (31℃).

Dubai Events in November

  • Dubai Design Week (mid-November)
    • This 6-day festival is free for all to attend and features over 200 activities and attracts the top architects and designers of the region. A highlight of the festival is a huge design trade show that showcases over 150 brands of contemporary design from over 25 countries. Exhibitions, workshops, talks and installations are all part of the event’s program.
  • Dubai Rugby Sevens (end of November)
    • There’s a reason why this event is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in Dubai. The fast-paced and highly-physical rugby matches are already a blast to watch, but you’ll find yourself plenty entertained by the other shenanigans taking place – like the crazy costumed fans, live music and plentiful food trucks!

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Dubai in December

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Dubai Weather in December

You certainly won’t find chilly weather for the holidays in Dubai! But temperatures are at some of the most agreeable of the year, making it prime visiting season. With an average low of 63° F (17°C) and an average high of 79° F (26°C), you’ll get to experience the best of Dubai comfortably!

Dubai Events in December

  • National Day Festival (December 2)
    • As a celebration of the independence of the Emirates from Great Britain, Dubai goes all out with a week’s worth of festivities. Carnivals, car parades, fireworks shows and entertainment start the month off with a party feel in the air!
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations (December 31)
    • As far as iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations go, it’s hard to get much more impressive than what you’ll find in Dubai. As the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa dazzles crowds of thousands of people with its elaborate pyrotechnics show accompanied by the Dubai Fountain’s water-music dance! As you might expect, there are dozens of parties to choose from and amazing restaurants to book in advance to ring in the new year. One thing you don’t have to worry about is finding something exciting to do on New Year’s Eve in Dubai!

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What is the best time to visit Dubai weather-wise? 

There’s no question that the late fall and winter months – from December through March – are the best time to visit Dubai weather-wise. Luckily, the marvels of air conditioning keep Dubai’s main attractions visitable year-round, but the summer months of May through October are simply too hot for outdoor activities.

If you want to enjoy camel safari rides and desert exploration, your best bet is to go during the months when the average highs stay within comfortable ranges in the 70s and 80s °F (21-26 °C). For this, November, December and March are the best months to visit Dubai along with January and February for cooler temperatures.  


Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Dubai

If there’s one place that knows how to live it up in style and is never wanting for entertainment, it’s Dubai! The weather during certain times of the year may put a damper on outdoor activities, but Dubai more than makes up for it with its countless indoor playgrounds of fun – both kid and adult-style. So there’s not too much to worry about when figuring out the best time of year to visit Dubai because – no matter what – you’re in for an experience unlike any other!

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