The BEST Time to Visit Barcelona! [April 2024]

Planning a trip to Barcelona is exciting because that means you have an amazing time ahead of you! Wine, sangria, arguably the world’s best ham –  plus cultural gems by the famous artist, Gaudì, that call Barcelona home, like the famous Sagrada Familia. Then, of course, there’s the amazing shopping along Las Ramblas, the city’s vibrant energy and non-stop nightlife. Oh, and to top it all off – it boasts some of Catalonia’s best beaches. You can’t go wrong! 

But when is the best time to visit Barcelona to get the most out of what the city has to offer? There are a few things to consider when answering that question. Of course, there’s the weather, but there are tourist crowds, travel prices and local events you should take into account as well.

Here we’ll provide all of this helpful information with details of average weather conditions and events by month. We’ll talk about the best time to visit Barcelona, keeping in mind that much will depend on what you want to see and do – and under the types of conditions that best suit you

So let’s begin…

When is the best time of year to visit Barcelona?

Depending on what your top priorities for your travels are, any month year-round could be the best time to visit Barcelona! For the most amount of sunshine, prime beach season and a large number of events taking place throughout the city – the summer months are the peak period. That also means that attractions are the most crowded with fellow visitors and costs are at their peak. 


This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Barcelona! (Photo credit – lonelyplanet)

To avoid the tourist and price peaks, but still get plenty of warm weather and sunshine, the best time of year to visit Barcelona is spring. You’ll get long days and pleasant weather in the 60s℉ (15℃) and 70s℉ (20℃) making for ideal conditions to enjoy the outdoors and touring popular sites.

What months are the best time to visit Barcelona?

If you’re looking for the hottest weather for beach days and outdoor nightlife, the months of May to September are the best time to visit Barcelona. The average high in these months lingers around 80℉ (27℃) with lows that stay warm at an average of 70℉ (21℃) with almost no rain. 

If you want warm weather but more of a tourist and price break, the best months to visit Barcelona are in March and April. Similarly, the fall months of October and November provide an enjoyable middle ground between low and high tourist season and for the weather.

In addition to weather and tourists, you should also take into consideration local events taking place year-round.

Barcelona Weather in January

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in January (Photo credit – shutterstock)

Barcelona Weather in January

January is Barcelona’s coldest month but with an average daily temperature of 55℉ (13℃), it’s not particularly cold! The average low temperature lingers around 40℉ (5℃) which is much warmer than many other European destinations during this time. Rainfall is low with an average of only 1 inch (30mm) for the month. 

Barcelona Events in January

  • Three Kings’ Parade (January 5)
    • Ephiphany is an important holy day in predominantly-Catholic Spain and is celebrated in Barcelona with the Calvalcada dels Reis, where the three kings arrive at La Rambla on a boat and begin their procession around the city accompanied by circus clowns, acrobats and children dressed as elves. Don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of little shoes on people’s balconies that night, as is a local tradition for children to leave their hay-stuffed shoes for the king’s camels in exchange for a gift!
  • Saint Anthony’s Festival (mid-January)
    • Get a taste of authentic Catalan traditions at the neighborhood festival, the Festa Major de Sant Antoni. Choose from a variety of events that include parades, a Raggae festival, a popular artisan beer festival, traditional and Catalan dance performances. If you’ve never seen men running holding sticks of fireworks dressed in devil costumes – you’ll get your chance by witnessing the correfoc, or fire run, which is another Catalan tradition.


Editor’s Note: One of the best ways to get to know Barcelona is through its museums.

Barcelona Weather in Feb

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in February (Photo credit – shutterstock)

Barcelona Weather in February

Temperature-wise, February feels much like January with temperatures staying in the 43℉ (6℃) to 57℉ (14℃) range. The chance of rain increases slightly this month, and you’re likely to find a fickle mix of cloudy, chilly and rainy days scattered with days of sunshine.

Barcelona Events in February

  • Llum Light Festival (mid- February)
    • Enjoy a spectacular display of light installations that transform industrial buildings, large structures and open spaces throughout the city into works of art. This 3-day festival features the work of renowned international artists as well as installations designed by local art, design and architecture students. 
  • Santa Eulàlia (mid-February)
    • What better way to celebrate a patron saint than with a feast day? The day’s festivities kick off with a ceremony followed by traditional dances, music, parades and children’s choir concerts in the main cathedral and various other churches. That night, be sure to take advantage of free admission to over 30 museums that open their doors to the public. The festival continues for 4 days. 


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barcelona in march

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in March (Photo credit – tripsavvy)

Barcelona Weather in March

Warmer temperatures creep up as March gets underway and spring lingers just around the corner. For the tourist averse, March could very well be the best time to visit Barcelona! The weather is mild with low rainfall. You can expect an average low of 46℉ (8℃) and an average high of 61℉ (16℃).

Barcelona Events in March

  • Carnavale (usually late February to early March)
    • The city goes all out with 8 days of celebration before the arrival of Lent, when Catholics are expected to undergo 40 days of fasting. You can bet these days amount to plenty of overindulgences! The event kicks off with a major weekend parade, neighborhood feasts, masquerade balls and massive sausage barbeques along La Rambla. Events take place throughout Barcelona, so you’re sure to find plenty of entertainment anywhere you go!
  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)
    • Just because you’re in Spain doesn’t mean that you won’t find St. Patrick’s Day celebrations aplenty! Barcelona bursts with green as parades and revelers take to the streets – you’ll even find fountains throughout the city flowing with green water! Enjoy a pint of Guinness and join the parties at local Irish establishments; for one of the biggest parties in town, head to  Kitty’s Irish Pub, the first Irish bar to open in Barcelona. 


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Barcelona Weather in April

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in April

Barcelona Weather in April

Spring is in the Barcelona air as warmer conditions take over the city. With temperatures being neither too hot nor too cold – and just before the tourist season takes off – April is a favorable time to visit Barcelona. You may experience brief spurts of rain, but you’ll find plenty of sunny days with an average low of 50℉ (10℃) and an average high of 64℉ (18℃). 

Barcelona Events in April

  • Easter and Holy Week (early April)
    • Easter and the week leading up to it, Semana Santa, means lots of religious processions and special masses throughout the churches of Barcelona. Be aware that many shops and restaurants are closed – especially on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Some restaurants offer special Easter menus and remain open, so be sure to seek those out! For the biggest Semana Santa gatherings, head over to Barcelona Cathedral for the week’s main activities.
  • Feast of Sant Jordi (April 23)
    • If you want to do as the Catalans do, celebrate their version of Valentine’s Day with a loved one of April 23rd. This feast day of Saint George happens to coincide with the death of two of the world’s most prominent writers, William Shakespeare and Miguel Cervantes. As such, the tradition is that men give women flowers and women give men books. The streets and main piazzas are adorned for a day of romance, and if you see them lined with stalls selling books and roses – you’ll know why!


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Barcelona Weather in May

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in May (Photo credit – citylifebarcelona)

Barcelona Weather in May

In May, Barcelona enjoys even warmer, sunnier and longer days. Beach season is just around the corner – and often arrives by the end of the month!  Tourists are aware of this, so expect costs to increase accordingly. But weather-wise, you’ll enjoy pleasant 57℉ (14℃) to 73℉ (23℃) temperatures that provide prime conditions to enjoy Barcelona’s outdoor activities.

Barcelona Events in May

  • Night of the Museums (May 18)
    • If you’re in Barcelona on May 18th, you’re in for a treat! In celebration of International Museum Day, all of Barcelona’s museums open their doors to the public for free admission from 7 pm to 1 am. Not only is this great for museum enthusiasts, but the city streets come alive with other entertainment like circus acts, music and dance performances. The energetic crowds, special events and artistic ambiance add a special buzz in the air that you don’t want to miss.
  • Primavera Sound (end of May)
    • This huge music festival is on every calendar in Barcelona. Over 200,000 visitors flock to Parc del Forum for 3 days of both world-renowned and emerging artist concerts that cover every genre of music. With 16 stages featuring different acts, you can be sure to find something that meets your fancy! Be sure to book your tickets in advance. 


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Barcelona Weather in June

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in June (Photo credit – tripsavvy)

Barcelona Weather in June

Beach season is officially here – along with crowds of tourists and some of Barcelona’s warmest weather! You have over 9 hours of daily sunshine to enjoy the 65℉ (16℃) to 80℉ (27℃) weather. The sun is strong now, so don’t forget your sunscreen!

Barcelona Events in June

  • Night of Sant Joan (June 23)
    • A very fun – and extremely noisy – night in Barcelona! In celebration of Summer Solstice, kids and adults alike light sparklers and firecrackers throughout the streets. Massive bonfires also take place at the beaches and neighborhoods, as fire is the symbol for purification and renewal. The huge beach bonfires are quite a sight to behold and – while you’re there – join the Catalans as they keep the party going until the morning!
  • Barcelona Gay Pride (end of June)
    • Another highly-anticipated and fun-filled weekend in Barcelona is their LGBT community’s program of events. The highlight is the massive Pride Parade on Saturday evening complete with colorful floats, music and energetic spectators. Nighttime concerts, foam parties and plenty of partying is all part of the line-up, so be sure to check it out!
Barcelona weather in July

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Barcelona Weather in July

Barcelona temperatures – and tourist crowds – reach their peak in July. Sunseekers flock to the beaches as temperatures reach an average high in the 80s℉ (27℃) – that feels hotter with humidity – often causing overcrowding. Other tourist attractions will also be crowded, so be prepared and pack plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Barcelona Events in July

  • Cruilla Festival (early July)
    • A music festival that has grown in size and popularity since its start in 2008 that now features A-list talent and top music label recording artists from around the world. Enjoy multiple days of live performances from almost an eclectic mix of music genres: rock, pop, electronica, R&B and African.
  • Sala Montjuïc outdoor film festival (all of July)
    • Pack a picnic and spread a blanket on the grassy area of Castle Montjuïc for some amazing summer movie nights! Three times per week, an array of classic and independent films are projected on an outdoor screen for guests’ viewing pleasure. Feel free to get there early to grab your favorite spot and enjoy the pre-movie jazz band performance!


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barcelona in august

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in August (Photo credit – shutterstock)


Barcelona Weather in August

  • August weather conditions are very much like those in July. But you’ll find Barcelona with fewer Barcelonians as many locals leave town for the summer holiday. But you can be sure there will be plenty of crowds and prices are perhaps the highest of the year. The average high is 85℉ (30℃) with high humidity. 


Barcelona Events in August

  • Sant Roc Festival (mid-August)
    • Dating back to 1589, this is known as Barcelona’s oldest festival. Right next to the cathedral of Barcelona in Plaça Nova, you’ll see the best of Catalan traditional entertainment including the crowd-pleasing human towers, parades, fire runs and Sardana dances. 
  • Gràcia Festival (mid-August)
    • Barcelona’s charming neighborhood of Gràcia proudly hosts one of Barcelona’s main festivals every summer. If you’re visiting in August you won’t want to miss all the things there are to see and do here! The highlight is the elaborately and imaginatively decorated streets that feature different themes every year – all created with recycled materials! The festival also features 5 parades with giant figures, dragons and devils. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a castell, or human tower yet, you won’t want to miss this chance!


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Read below for information about Barcelona weather in September (Photo credit – barcelonahacks)


Barcelona Weather in September

As the intensity – in terms of weather, tourists and prices – calms down from the previous month, September can also be considered the best time to visit Barcelona. Temperatures drop to a pleasant range of 64℉ (18℃) to 80℉ (27℃), though the chance of fall showers increases with a monthly average of 3 inches (73mm) of rain.


Barcelona Events in September

  • La Mercè (mid-late September)
    • Perhaps the most famous and highly-anticipated traditional festival in the area is this week-long event that honors Barcelona’s patron saint, Our Lady of Mercy. Festivities kick off in Plaça Sant Jaume with giants, dragons and all the other traditional Catalan characters. Over 600 events are included throughout the week like the fire runs, with the craziest one of the year held on Saturday night for brave adults! Other festival highlights include free concerts, fireworks shows, street theatre performances and countless kids’ activities.
  • Wine and Cava Fair (late September)
    • For you wine enthusiasts, what better way to spend a fall day in Barcelona than at an outdoor offering tastings of over 400 labels of Catalan wine and cava? To compliment your tastings, you’ll obviously want to partake in the food tastings of some of the area’s finest cheeses and charcuterie! 


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barcelona in october

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in October (Photo credit – linguabarcelona)


Barcelona Weather in October

Autumn weather conditions begin taking over Barcelona with the arrival of cooling temperatures – but many days remain warm and sunny. In exchange for increased chances of rain, you get the benefit of an even bigger decline in tourists. The average daytime temperatures stay in a comfortable 70℉ (21℃) range.


Barcelona Events in October

  • Color Run Barcelona (early October)
    • A mix of music, running, walking and paint throwing make this 5k live up to its name of a “fun run.” Don’t expect it to take long for your white clothes to become a canvas of splattered paint!
  • Oktoberfest Barcelona (mid-October)
    • Barcelona joins its fellow European city of Munich in traditional Oktoberfest celebrations! You don’t have to head to Germany to indulge in huge steins of German beer, schnitzel and to stand on tables for group sing-alongs. 
  • 48H Open House (end of October)
    • Take advantage of 48 hours of access to over 150 of Barcelona’s historic structures. It’s a not-to-miss opportunity for lovers of architecture and history, as tours and educational experiences provide an up-close glance at the city’s history through its buildings and ruins. 

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in November (Photo credit – aimsun)


Barcelona Weather in November

You can still find warm days in Barcelona in November, but overall weather conditions cool down significantly as low season settles in. Even though temperatures are cooler, the average rainfall drops to very low levels – and so do tourists and prices. For those reasons, many also consider November to be the best time to visit Barcelona. Daily average temperatures range from 48℉ (9℃) to 64℉ (18℃).


Barcelona Events in November

  • Manga Barcelona Fair (early November)
    • Manga and anime fans will want to take part in this annual event if visiting Barcelona in November. Over 150,000 visitors attend this multi-day fair that features over 220 exhibitors, over 20 films, over 45 workshops, conferences, exhibitions and international guests. Don’t miss the chance to rub elbows with well-known illustrators and authors in this genre!
  • Alternative Independent Film Festival (mid-November)
    • This long-standing film festival is a favorite for supporters of European independent cinema. The official categories include Feature Films and Short Films, but you’ll also get access to premiers and projects by up-and-coming directors and filmmakers. For true cinema lovers, this is a unique experience you won’t want to miss. 
barcelona in december

Read below for information about Barcelona weather in December (Photo credit – alux)


Barcelona Weather in December

December days in Barcelona are short with only 4 hours of daily sunshine. Average temperatures range from a chillier 41℉ (5℃) to 57℉ (14℃). But the festive holiday atmosphere also makes for a magical time, so it’s worth packing an extra layer or two to enjoy the holidays Barcelona style! 


Barcelona Events in December

  • Christmas Markets (last weekend of November through December)
    • One of the highlights of visiting Barcelona in December is their festive Christmas markets that get set up at the Barcelona Cathedral and at Sagrada Familia. The largest and most traditional is la Feria de Santa Lucia at the Cathedral that features over 250 stands with artisan gifts, holiday decorations and traditional holiday treats. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit!
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations (December 31)
    • As you might expect in one of Europe’s best party cities, you can find plenty of amazing ways to ring in the new year in Barcelona. For families, the best option is joining the crowd at Plaça Espanya where you’ll find concert stages, a fireworks show and plenty of fun at the Magic Fountain. For more party-going, party-through-the-night folks, you’ll find everything you need and more starting at the Plaça Catalunya Street Party and down along the bar-filled la Rambla in the Gothic Quarter. Then, of course, for the super intense, you’ll want to book tickets ahead of time for one of the many night club parties!

What is the best time to visit Barcelona weather-wise? 

Fortunately, Barcelona’s weather is mild and comparatively warm most of the year. Except for a couple of months of rain and unpredictable weather, pretty much any time can be a good time to book your Barcelona travel.

But the best time to visit Barcelona for prime weather conditions is in the late Spring (mid-April through May), June and early fall (September and October). July and August are considered prime for beach weather but can be too humid for many.

You may find scattered showers in early fall or late spring, but you’ll get plenty of sunshine overall for the city’s many outdoor activities with some of Barcelona’s most comfortable temperatures in the 70s℉ (20s℃). May, June and September are particularly enjoyable as the warm weather is pleasant and rainfall is minimal.


Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Barcelona

The good news is that no matter when you book your trip to Barcelona, you’re in for an amazing time! Whether you decide to go during the hottest months to hit up the beaches and summer nightlife, or you go in the off-seasons to sightsee and eat amazing food, Barcelona won’t disappoint.

Enhance your experience even more by taking in as much of the Catalan culture through local events and traditional activities. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s having plenty of options that will make Barcelona one of your all-time favorite destinations.

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