The BEST Time to Visit Bali! [June 2024]

Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s top tourist destinations, and the most visited in Indonesia. With its seemingly endless stretches of beaches, world-class surf, rich volcanic landscape, rich culture and delicious food – it’s easy to see why!

You know there’s no shortage of things to see and do, but you want to be sure that you pick the best time to visit Bali for the activities on your wishlist. Here you’ll find a thorough guide for Bali’s weather conditions broken down by month, plus events to consider so that you can confidently make your decision. Consider your options and plan accordingly, and you can be sure to have a Balinese adventure of a lifetime!

When is the best time of year to visit Bali?

As a tropical destination so close to the equator, the temperatures in Bali don’t vary much – so what we consider to be the typical four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), don’t apply to Bali. You can expect an average temperature of around 81℉ (27℃) year-round. In terms of weather, Bali has two seasons: wet and dry. These correlate directly to Bali’s two other seasons: high tourist season and low tourist season!


This is our INSIDER GUIDE for the best times to visit Bali!

If you’ve already guessed that the dry season is most likely the best time of year to visit Bali – therefore, making it high tourist season as well – you’d be correct! Summer (June through August) is Bali’s magical time of year when conditions are the driest. Though tropical storms may pop in and out – often appearing suddenly and disappearing just as quickly – the summer months only see a total of 3-4 days of rain.

Late Fall through early Spring is the wettest time of the year. And, you guessed it, it’s also low tourist season. There’s an average of 13-16 rain days per month, so planning outdoors activities is more problematic – unless you don’t mind doing so in the rain!

For those who want a happy medium – overall dry with some wet conditions and more dissipated tourist crowds – either early fall or late spring will be the best time of year to visit Bali.

What months are the best time to visit Bali?

If having more beach to yourself and avoiding crowds is high on your priority list, you’ll find that the shoulder months are the best time to visit Bali – April, May, September, and October. You can expect an average of fewer than 3 inches (70mm) of rain in April and May – compared to the 3.5 inches (90mm) in the winter months. September and October are drier still with about 2 inches (50-60mm) of rain.

But if you’d rather share the Bali hot spots with more fellow tourists in exchange for the least amount of rain possible, July and August take the award for the best months to visit Bali. As mentioned before, the average temperatures stay consistent at 81℉ (27℃) like the rest of the year, but rainfall drops to 1 ½ inches (40mm).

But let’s dive deeper into the weather conditions and events by month to get a full picture of the best time to visit Bali.

Bali Wet Weather

Read below for information about Bali weather in January (Photo credit –

Bali Weather in January

January is Bali’s rainiest month of the year with an average high of 84℉ (29℃) and low of 73℉ (23℃). There’s an average of 16 days of rain with 3 ½ inches (90mm) of rainfall. But all this rain doesn’t mean you won’t find sunny days – just be ready for 85% humidity and thunderstorms that appear suddenly!

Bali Events in January

  • The Night of Shiva (early January)
    • As one of the most important holy days on the Balinese calendar, this traditional event is a unique one for visitors to observe and get a taste of authentic local culture. Also known as the “longest night of the year,” it’s dedicated to the God, Shiva, aka the Destroyer. Those who meditate all day in his honor are said to be forgiven of all their sins. After this long meditation, “purification” ceremonies take place at villages and temples all around the island. 
  • Kuningan (early January)
    • A colorful event that celebrates the end of the local 10-day Galungan festival, called Kuningan when the ancestors of the Balinese people are said to return to heaven after visiting their friends and family on earth for the festivities. Offerings of yellow rice take place at ceremonies throughout the island with locals dressed in traditional ceremonial clothing. For visitors lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the event, it’s a special treat of local tradition!
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Read below for information about Bali weather in February (Photo credit –

Bali Weather in February

Bali weather in February is much like January’s in terms of average high and low temperatures and amount of rain. Rain may be slightly less, but not by much! Thunderstorms are still common, and sunny days will involve intense heat and humidity.

Bali Events in February

  • Chinese New Year (early February)
    • A public holiday in Indonesia since 2002, Chinese New Year brings a variety of colorful celebrations throughout Bali. Visit a Chinese Buddhist Temple and be awed by the luxurious red decorations, lanterns and incense-filled air as you partake in transitioning mindfully into the new year with the locals.  
  • The Day of Art (mid-late February)
    • Locally known as Tumpek Wayang, blessings are prepared for the traditional performance art of shadow puppetry (Wayang). Decorated offerings are involved as locals present them to the many character puppets that take part in this beloved theatrical art form. You can experience these ceremonies for yourself at several different Balinese temples and villages.

Need more specifics? Find out where to stay in Canggu based on what you want to do there!


Read below for information about Bali weather in March (Photo credit -

Read below for information about Bali weather in March (Photo credit –

Bali Weather in March

March marks the “beginning of the end” of Bali’s rainy season and is thus considered a transitional month. Some seasoned off-season travelers consider this the best time to visit Bali, but the weather is still unpredictable even as conditions start to get drier. Rain is still common, but it’s also very possible that storms will be quick to come and go. March is generally a variable month, so you can never be too sure of what you’re going to get!

Bali Events in March

  • Nyepi and the Ogoh Festival (early March)
    • In Hindi culture, this is the first day of the new year and is celebrated by a day of silence. While only locals are expected to take a day of meditation in absolute silence, visitors are expected to remain indoors. The night before, however, the streets are alive with festivities as bright and scary paper-mâché puppets (Ogoh Ogoh) – that represent bad omens – are paraded throughout Bali’s streets in celebration of their departure.
  • Festival of Smooches (early March)
    • The day after the Day of Silence – as a celebration of love and good luck – young single people between 17-30 years old gather in the village of Sesetan for annual festivities. Ready for the cute part? Couples are pushed together to kiss, while spectators douse them with buckets of water! 
  • Bali Spirit Festival (late March)
    • A week-long festival featuring over 500 sessions in yoga, meditation, healing, music, martial arts and more.
Bali Beaches

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Bali Weather in April

April is considered by many to be the best time to visit Bali, as the island enters the dry season. Average rainfall drops to just over 2 ½ inches (70mm) and humidity levels start to go down; you can expect April humidity levels to be around 65%.

Bali Events in April

  • Gianyar Art & Cultural Festival (mid-April)
    • Known as a famous cultural center, Gianyar hosts this 9-day festival to showcase the region’s best traditional music, performing arts, food and costume. 
  • Ubud Food Festival (end of April)
    • If three days of eating and feasting sounds good to you, you won’t want to miss this one! It’s Bali’s most popular culinary events, featuring top Indonesian chefs, food industry professionals, restaurateurs – along with other culinary greats from around the world.
  • Easter
    • Beloved by residents and visitors alike enjoy a variety of Easter Sunday brunches offered by restaurants around the island. Enjoy the chance to feast on a beachside Easter brunch with an ocean view!
Read below for information about Bali weather in May (Photo credit -

Read below for information about Bali weather in May (Photo credit –

Bali Weather in May

May is one of the island’s top shoulder months, making it one of the best times to visit Bali for those who want to visit right before the tourist crowds hit. The dry season is completely settled in with less than 2 ½ inches of rain, and humidity levels continue to drop.

Bali Events in May

  • Festival Klungkung (early May)
    • As Bali’s smallest regency, this festival aims to promote tourism in the lesser-known area of the island. It includes 3 festive days of cultural dance and music performances, culinary events, a carnival and local business exhibitions. 
  • Buleleng Arts Festival (mid-late May)
    • A lively event that celebrates multiculturalism and the diverse ethnicities that live harmoniously in North Bali. Catch a glimpse of another side of the rich cultural traditions as the North shares and preserves its cultural treasures.
Read below for information about Bali weather in June (Photo credit -

Read below for information about Bali weather in June (Photo credit –

Bali Weather in June

June represents the start of summer – and of high tourist season – as Bali’s sees some of its best weather. Rainfall and humidity reach even lower levels – with about 2 inches (50mm) of rain and 60% humidity. Showers may come and go, but you can expect overall dry conditions.

Bali Events in June

  • Bali Arts Festival (month of June)
    • If you’re looking for the pinnacle Balinese cultural festival, this is it! Bali’s government holds this popular month-long event in Depansar to showcase the distinct culture of Bali’s many regions. The program is packed with dance, music, shadow puppet shows and hundreds of local and international talent – not to mention all the food – that represents each area. It’s one of Bali’s event highlights of the year, and one you don’t want to miss for the ultimate Balinese experience.
  • Tenganan Pegringsingan Festival (late June)
    • A famous ancient tradition, this event is known locally as a coming-of-age rite held annually in East Bali. Dedicated to the Hindu god of war, Indra, male villagers perform friendly, ritual duels with a rattan shield and a spiny pandan leaf. This event is believed to bring prosperity to the locals and the entire village.
Street in Kuta, Bali

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Bali Weather in July

To experience Bali’s driest weather – and its busiest time – July is second only to August as the best time to visit Bali. Average rainfall drops to less than 2 inches (40-50mm) – representing an average of 4 rainy days for the month – and remains at the island’s most comfortable humidity level of 60%.

Bali Events in July

  • Twin Lake Festival (early July)
    • For travelers interested in Bali’s northern areas, this 3-day festival offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience Bali’s Buleleng region. If features its bull parade, fruit arrangement competition, craft exhibitions and a chance to taste the area’s local seafood and exotic fruit.
  • Makepung Buffalo Races (mid-July)
    • If you’re up for a locally beloved tradition in Western Bali, you may want to consider Makepung’s buffalo races! Farmers decorate their prized water buffalo and enter them in a colorful 2 kilometer-race. Participants do not enter for a monetary prize, but rather for a trophy and the sheer honor.
  • Talumben Festival (late July)
    • For those interested in the eastern part of the island, this local event showcases a variety of exhibitions, competitions, Jukung wooden boat races along with an arts and culture parade.
Bali Hubud

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Bali Weather in August

August represents Bali’s driest month with about 1 ½ inches (40 mm) of rainfall with an average of only 3 days of rain the entire month. Humidity levels stay at a bearable 60% – so you’ll agree that August is the best month to visit Bali if you prefer warm and dry!

Bali Events in August

  • Kuta SeaSandLand (mid-August)
    • Tourist-favorite, Kuta Beach, draws even more crowds during this 5-day beach festival which includes parades, a food festival, art and culture exhibitions and some amazing music. 
  • Ubud Jazz Festival (mid-August)
    • Growing in popularity, this lovely festival is also known as Bali’s international jazz fest – featuring local and jazz artists from abroad. A variety of jazz forms are represented and celebrated, so if you’re a jazz fan, this August event is right up your alley!
  • Bali Kite Festival (end of August)
    • An anticipated annual event by both kids and young-at-heart adults alike, the kite festival is always a crowd-pleaser! Enjoy a dazzling display of kites ranging from small and simple to wildly creative and ingenious. Competitions in different categories attract a lovely variety of kite designs – even ones that make a sound!
Ayodya Resort Bali Stuning Sun Loungers

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Bali Weather in September

  • September is another favorable shoulder month to visit Bali, as tourist crowds begin to thin out and rainfall slowly starts increasing – but still quite dry with overall pleasant conditions before the wet season hits. Average rainfall creeps back up to almost 2 inches (50mm) with 65% humidity.

Bali Events in September

  • Balinale (end of September)
    • The 7-day Bali International Film Festival is Indonesia’s biggest and oldest film festival and showcases a variety of local independent and international films. Films from Indonesia and from around the world are submitted in all genres from documentary to feature-length. The jury awards four films as winners in 4 categories: Best Overall Film, Best Feature Film, Best Documentary and Best Short Subject. It’s a special annual treat for movie and film-industry buffs!
  • Lovina Beach Festival (late September)
    • This 3-day cultural event delight attracts visitors to the lesser-known northern coast of Bali, along Kalibukbuk Beach in Lovina. Visitors enjoy this event because it highlights traditional Balinese culture with a parade, puppet performances, bull races, flower offerings, food, dance and live music. There’s even a party at a local beach and a fireworks show to top off the program of scheduled events! 
Wild beach with palm trees and coconuts on south side of Upolu,

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Bali Weather in October

Showers continue to increase as the wet season looms on the horizon! However, you’ll still find sunny days, and October can be a pleasant month to visit Bali if you’re prepared for rain interspersed with sunshine. Average rainfall reaches over 2 inches (60mm) with 65% humidity.

Bali Events in October

  • Festival Nusa Penida (early October)
    • Nusa Penida is a small island just southeast of Bali, known as the Blue Paradise. It’s worth a quick ferry ride to experience this unique event that celebrates nature and the significance of the coral reef and its marine life. Events include musical performances, a photography competition and encourage visitors to engage in a variety of water sports – from snorkeling to sailing.
  • Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (end of October)
    • For true lovers of writing, deep conversations and meaningful cross-cultural exchanges, this festival is one of a kind. Now considered one of the most significant literary and art events in the world, UWRF attracts authors, philosophers, artists and performances from all corners of the globe. Experience 5 days of intellectual exchanges and planned mind-enhancing events that will truly make an impression!
Banana Pancake Trail

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Bali Weather in November

  • The wet season arrives in Bali! Low tourist season coincides with this time, as humidity levels go up to 80% and average rainfall increases to over 3 inches (80mm). By the end of November, you can expect half the month to be rainy, so proper rain gear is a must.

Bali Events in November

  • Bali International Triathlon (early-mid November)
    • Over 2,000 athletes from Indonesia and around the world participate in this popular and scenic triathlon. Located in the traditional village of Sanur, the swim, bike and run racecourse offer participants some of the best possible landscapes! The Race Expo is alive with music, stalls and an epic sundown post-race party.
  • Makepung Lampit Race (end of November)
    • A unique race where buffalos pull a lampit – a muddy board – through the mud of the wetlands! It’s a tradition that locals are trying to revive and preserve, as it’s a special custom to prepare for harvesting season.
  • Bali Clubs
    • Not so much a set event, but you can always count on nightclubs and bars throughout Bali to have parties and events taking place daily – rain or shine. If rainy days are hindering outdoor activities, you can always count on finding something to do indoors at various local hot spots!
Bali Rain Season Lady

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Bali Weather in December

  • The wet season is in full swing as rainfall reaches levels of over 10 inches (270mm) and 85% humidity. Keep in mind that average temperatures are still in the typical 85-90℉ (30℃) range – so even when it’s not raining – weather conditions will be very hot and muggy.

Bali Events in December

  • Depansar Festival (December 28-31)
    • You’ll find festivities aplenty at Bali’s largest open-space festival. An opening parade with traditional masks and dress kicks off the events and continue over the course of 4 days with a fashion show, puppet shows, live painting, art performances, handicraft exhibitions, live music and cultural performances.
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31)
    • The entire island buzzes with end-of-the-year excitement and activities, leaving no shortage of options for your New Year’s Eve plans. For a full-out party atmosphere, Bali’s beach clubs won’t disappoint. For a more formal, sit-down event, you should consider making reservations at one of several restaurants offering New Year’s Eve party specials. Or if you just want to ring in the new year outdoors with no set plans, sitting out on a public beach lets you catch plenty of music booming from nearby parties and views of the fireworks displays!  


What is the best time to visit Bali weather-wise? 

Weather-wise, the best time to visit Bali is in the dry season – which typically runs from May to September. For the least amount of rain and mildest conditions – the months of July and August have the most ideal weather for enjoying outdoor activities. The upside to these months is the relatively low humidity – compared to the rest of the year – and the strongest likelihood of clear, sunny skies. The downside, of course, is tourist crowds and higher prices.

For those who don’t mind some showers and rainy days, but will experience overall pleasant conditions, the best time to visit Bali weather-wise is in May, June, September, October and sometimes into early November. Humidity will be slightly higher, but the weather won’t be so extreme that outdoor events can’t be planned. You’ll find ample opportunities to enjoy Bali’s beautiful nature and idyllic landscape!


Final thoughts on the best time of year to visit Bali

If you’re looking for warm temperatures, gorgeous beaches, marvelous nature and rich culture – Bali delivers! No matter what time of year you decide to plan your visit, you’re guaranteed to find plenty to see and do. The main things to consider are the seasons – dry and wet – and their corresponding tourist seasons – high and low. As long as you’re prepared, you won’t be disappointed by all that Bali has to offer. You can take our word for it!

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