12 Best Flea Markets In Denver [November 2021]

Traveling to Denver, and want to save money on souvenirs and other cool stuff? Then, make a pit stop to any of the best flea markets in Denver, Colorado.

From one-of-a-kind vintage treasures to mouthwatering local culinary specialties, these open-air markets have a plethora of exceptional finds and goodies offered at bargained prices.

Most of these Denver markets let people sell their extra or unwanted stuff, ultimately helping visitors save money on things, such as clothes and furniture. Plus, these markets let artisans and vendors sell their fantastic creations, whether it’s art, souvenirs, clothing, or food.

Don’t know where to go in Denver for incredible flea market stuff? Check out this comprehensive list of the best flea markets in Denver.

#1 – Horseshoe Market

Horseshoe Market 

A colorful environment full of excellent vintage finds, tasty food, and artistic stuff (Photo credit – westword.com)

  • Check horseshoemarket.com for schedule
  • The best flea market in Denver

The Horseshoe Market, aptly nicknamed as Denver’s Official Home for lucky finds, is, hands down, a can’t-miss experience in Mile-High City. After all, it has been voted by Denver Westworld as the city’s best flea market for five consecutive years.

As you explore this market, you’ll find a plethora of premium quality vintage items, outstanding handmade items, curiosities, and antiques.

What’s more, the market has onsite massage tents, mobile boutiques, ice cream, margarita tastings, and artisanal food. And, did we mention that it has live music performances from the city’s top bands and artists?

All in all, it’s a colorful and vibrant environment that virtually has everything you need.

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#2 – The Cherry Creek Fresh Market

The Cherry Creek Fresh Market 

One of the best flea markets in Denver (Photo credit – bestthingsco.com)

  • Largest farmer’s market in Denver
  • Best place for fresh produce
  • Operating since 1997
  • Check coloradofreshmarkets.com for schedule

Award-winning and celebrated, the city’s largest farmer’s market is one of the best places in Denver to find fresh produce. Here, you will discover dozens of extraordinary local gourmet vendors and Colorado growers.

And, with the finest Rocky Mountain area food vendors around, you may also find yourself having a swell time participating in chef events and gaining some gardening expertise from the masters.

Furthermore, the festive outdoor farmer’s market hosts live music performances, making it one of the best flea markets in Denver.

#3 – A Paris Street Market

A Paris Street Market 

Small, but plentiful (Photo credit – 303magazine.com)

  • Wondrous vintage items
  • Open every first Saturday from May to October
  • A wide array of items

Don’t let its small area deceive you. While the market is a little small, you’ll find tons of hand-picked treasures and unique gems at A Paris Street Market.

Inside the market, visitors will have a chance to score incredibly inexpensive handmade art, clothes, garden ornament, and kitchen items.

While here, spend some time browsing through the new and old jewelry as well as vintage linens. ‘

The antique flea market is, by far, perfect for finding fascinating retro treasures that you won’t find elsewhere in Colorado.

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#4 – Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market

Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market 

Home to a whole lot of unusual and intriguing items (Photo credit – inspirock.com)

  • Quirky yet fascinating merchandise
  • Large indoor space

Love to treasure hunt at flea markets? You’ll definitely love the quirky and unusual items at Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market.

Unlike other flea markets in Denver, Lafayette has a large and sprawling indoor space organized into a variety of themes. As you wander around this Denver flea market, you’ll be surprised and amazed by its vast collection of kitschy and unique collectibles, like ventriloquist dummies.

The market is open regularly, even when the weather is not cooperating, thanks to its large indoor space.

Since it features tons of sellers, flea market treasure hunters and visitors will have a great deal of fun looking through this Denver market.

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#5 – Mile High Flea Market

Mile High Flea Market 

80 acres of fantastic bargains and excellent finds (Photo credit – denver.org)

  • 40 years of operation
  • Year-round flea market
  • Carnival-type ambiance

For more than 30 years, the Mile High Flea Market has been a favorite among bargain hunters, featuring over 80 acres of cool stuff and merchandise. At Mile High Flea Market, buyers will find deals and steals on everything from groceries to home furnishings.

Additionally, it has a carnival-like atmosphere with food up for grabs and thrilling rides, allowing you to make a day out of your visit.

The market is remarkably organized and has a handful of standalone shops for folks who want to head inside and see the goods.

On top of it all, it is open year-round on Sundays, Saturdays, and Fridays, meaning you may easily fit it in your schedule and Denver travel itinerary.

#6 – Denver Flea

Denver Flea

A laid-back and exciting pop-up flea market in Denver (Photo credit – thecrazytourist.com)

  • Open four times a year
  • Check milehighfleamarket.com for schedule and info

This beloved pop up flea market is held around four times every year. The Denver Flea features all kinds of vendors, selling different types of items and goods, such as clothes, food, handmade jewelry, and Colorado whiskey.

It’s one of the best flea markets in Denver for getting acquainted with some of its local businesses. And, like most of the best flea markets in Denver, the ambiance here is laid-back and extremely fun.

The pop-up flea market has a new location every time it opens, making it more exciting for past visitors.

For more information, sign up for the official Denver Flea newsletter.

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#7 – City Park Esplanade Fresh Market

City Park Esplanade Fresh Market

City Park Esplanade Fresh Market (Photo credit – 303magazine.com)

  • Open on Sundays from June to November
  • Sells fresh produce
  • Tons of vendors selling fresh food

There’s no flea market in Denver quite like the City Park Esplanade Fresh Market. Surrounded by the City Park’s majestic and stunning architecture, it is held at the gorgeous and historic Sullivan Fountain.

Stunning and eclectic urban setting aside, the agricultural market also has fantastic local grower selections.

Not to mention, there are a lot of vendors selling fresh food at this flea market.

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#8 – Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market

Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market 

A galore of fresh produce! (Photo credit – localharvest.org)

  • Open on Sundays from May to October
  • Plenty of fresh produce
  • Colorado-grown veggies

Not only is it one of the best flea markets in Denver, but it’s a terrific family-friendly venture as well. For the most part, patrons will find a couple or more food trucks at this market. As an added bonus, it’s absolutely a beautiful place to take a stroll during Sundays.

At this flea market, guests will discover a myriad of accessories, apparel, and fresh produce.

The vendors of food are the star and a highlight, with their organic spices, Amish tomatoes, and Colorado-grown veggies.

The market’s fresh produce comes from a few local vendors, such as Miller Farms, Pope Farms, and Ela Family Farms.

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#9 – Denver Punk Rock Flea Market

Denver Punk Rock Flea Market 

The best flea market in Denver for punk rock item collectors. (Photo credit – mapquest.com)

  • Plenty of items from the 70s
  • Edgy pieces for the aspiring rockstar.

Looking for something edgy? You might want to check out the cool and unique Denver Punk Rock Flea Market.

Managed by the Fox Street Compound, this offbeat and cool market caters mainly to the DIY culture and punk rock. Expect hundreds of jewelry, clothing, vinyl, and other handmade items inspired by the music scene in the 1970s.

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#10 – The BigWonderful

The BigWonderful 

One of the biggest urban marketplaces on earth. (Photo credit – bizjournals.com)

  • Showcases the best products in Colorado
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Eclectic festive vibe
  • Has a small admission fee

The BigWonderful is just what its name says. It’s big and is full of wonderful surprises. Some even say it is arguably the largest and most wondrous urban market on earth, so experience it when you have the chance.

The BigWonderful is a tastefully curated, fun-filled bazaar for everyone. For a small and affordable fee, visitors will experience a jovial marketplace offering the best artisanal goods, beer, and food in Colorado.

In addition, it has live music performances and an assortment of entertainment for all its guests.

#11 – DenverBazaar


Shop and sip at the same time. (Photo credit – 303magazine.com)

  • Happens every first Thursday of the month
  • More than 65 local vendors
  • Teems with drinks and wines

Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace is worth checking out on any day. But, it turns into an even more special affair every first Thursday of the month, thanks to the DenverBazaar.

You can buy discounted goods crafted by over 60 local makers. Moreover, you’ll get wine glasses and drink tokens, so that you can sip and drink at the same time.

You may bring the glass you’ve bought every month for some discounted drink tokens.

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#12 – Capitol Hill People’s Fair

Capitol Hill People’s Fair

One of the longest-running and best flea markets in Denver. (Photo credit – westword.com)

  • Loads of exciting activities
  • A whole heap of local goodies
  • Vibrant atmosphere

Located at Civic Center Park, the People’s Fair is the longest-running and largest block party in Denver. For more than 40 years, this annual gala has been luring locals and tourists with its vibrant festivities, such as astounding musical performances by premier bands.

Of course, the fair has food trucks and vendors selling handcrafted jewelry, tasty food, and local art.

And guess what? It even has a wine and beer garden.

This famous festival in Denver raises money for the region’s non-profit organizations and shows everyone a good time.

Is there something that you want to add to our list of best flea markets in Denver? Don’t be shy. Just feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.

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